Asics Cumulus Vs Nimbus: The Ultimate Review of Running Shoes

Asics is an iconic brand when it comes to running shoes. This is a manufacturer that seems to understand the needs of every runner in every kind of athletic situations. Every athlete understands that this is the brand to go for. However, with a lot of discussion around Asics Cumulus Vs. Nimbus, runners can get confused.

In our review, we're going to try and make things a little easier when choosing the two brands. This review pits Asics gel cumulus vs. nimbus in terms of performance, comfort, flexibility, technology, and many other things that runners look for. This will help you choose the best brand on both the male and female versions.

ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes makes at the top of this review thanks to its popularity, which is fueled by various technologies used in the design. This shoe is true to size, gives a soft feel, and ensures maximum comfort.

1. ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 20 Running Shoes

Asics has been making the Cumulus line for a long time now, and if you've been their buyer for a considerable period, then you must expect huge improvements from their 20th version of the Men's Gel-Cumulus. True to your expectations, this version is lighter, features a more breathable upper, and comes with a FlyteFoam midsole.

All the changes are geared towards making your running easier without interfering with Asics' quality construction. The shoe comes with a good layer of Gel-cushioning on the midsole to provide better shock absorption foam constructed shoes. You will love the traction that ensures you get enough grip on either even terrain or road-slicked roads.

The upper comes with a stretchier jacquard mesh for more breathability and good material that adapts better to the foot. You will also love the new sockliner, which is cozier than the previous versions. The perfect fit and sturdy feel are enough for daily training and maximum comfort.


  • Provides enough breathability thanks to the jacquard mesh upper
  • High-abrasion rubber offers more grip on every kind of terrain
  • Shock-absorbing gel cushioning ensures enough foot protection
  • Durable outsole and upper serve you longer
  • Redesigned stylish upper gives it a more aesthetic appeal


  • Too stiff and sturdy limiting flexibility
  • The upper can fit tighter with a narrower toe box not suitable for those with a wide foot

While you'll notice the shoe is generally lighter than its predecessors, the flexibility is still a challenge. The Men's Gel-Cumulus 20 is somehow stiff and features less cushioning, which may not be very impressive. If you prefer a more flexible Asics shoe, then you may check this list.

2. ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 19 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 19 Running Shoe

This is an improved version of the Cumulus 18, and as usual, you'll expect it to come with some improved features from that of its predecessor. That means if you loved the 18th version, you'd be impressed even more with the improved version. Contrary to your expectations, this version deviates very little from the 18.

The women's Cumulus 19 is a reliable daily trainer built with incredible features for long-distance runs and workouts. The stiffness and the weight might not support this, but Asics signature GEL technology in the forefront and heel ensure you get enough shock absorption for maximum protection.

The perfect cushioning of the FluidRide foam midsole and provides enough protection on any terrain, giving you a crisp ride. You will never go wrong with the size as the Cumulus 19 true to size with a snug feel. The soft ride nature ensures you get everything ideal for long and easy runs even for people with bad knees.


  • Gives a soft and fluid ride for maximum comfort
  • The uppers and midsole are perfectly cushioned for an enhanced soft feel
  • Durable enough to provide value for your money
  • Supremely cushioned to ensure perfect shock absorption
  • Seamlessly constructed upper ensures low friction


  • Narrow toe box construction can restrict your movement
  • Can be stiff and bulky hence limit flexibility

With seamless upper construction and a beautiful color finish, ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 19 Running Shoe is the perfect choice for women runners. It might not have changed much from the previous version, but it still stays true to the Cumulus series with high-performance.

3. ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

Like the men's version, ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 is a very popular running shoe that has stayed true to the Asics tradition of good quality and smooth ride enhanced by perfect cushioning. This amazing running shoe utilizes the same technologies used by the previous versions though it comes with some noticeable tweaks to added comfort.

The Women's Gel-Nimbus 20 is lighter than the men's Gel-Nimbus ensures maximum flexibility for heavy female runners. This is a neutral running shoe designed to tackle various mileage with the newest technologies in the running shoe industry.

Since women love higher heel drop and added support in the heel and the upper, the Gel-Nimbus 20 ensures they get just that. Asics has stripped this shoe of some extra materials to make it lighter and more comfortable. To appeal to women even further, this stunning running shoe comes with a variety of bright and fashionable colors to choose from.

If your feet are wide and you need running shoes, you need to check out other options as well.


  • Breathable Mesh upper ensures perfect ventilation
  • Firm cushioning gives your feet a soft feel
  • Added support features make it perfect for long runs
  • Added technologies for a modern construction
  • Multiple color options provide aesthetic appeal


  • Suitable for more advanced runners because of the added technologies and high price
  • Only ideal for those who want minimalist fit and feel

This is a good neutral shoe for those who want good cushioning, less weight, and maximum technology use. Nimbus 20 has shown a lot of iterations for this new design ensuring its popularity and performance are not affected.

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4. ASICS Men's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

All Asics Nimbus shoes are known for their classic cushioning, and the ASICS Men's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe is not different. The 20th version, which is supposed to be a great update from the previous ones, provides more room for your forefoot to give you enough comfort and luxurious ride.

Unlike the previous versions, the Men's Gel-Nimbus comes with a slightly softer midsole. You will also notice that it comes with a new mesh on the upper, enabling it to provide enough breathability for your foot. The sole and the upper are adjusted in a way that you'll appreciate the roomie forefoot fit.

The FluidFit technology on the upper part gives added comfort. The padded tongue ensures secure foot lockdown and maximum comfort. The lacing system also comes with some tweaks with the new design featuring discrete eyelets to reduce squeezing and irritation while still ensuring security.


  • Breathable Mesh upper for enough foot ventilation
  • Reliable traction ensures maximum grip
  • Secure foot lockdown enhanced with a good lacing system
  • FLYTEFOAM midsole technology provides good bounce back
  • Perfectly cushioned midsole for a soft feel


  • The shoe is too narrow and tight limiting the wider foot
  • The tongue can slide causing some fitting problems

All nimbus versions tend to move around when untethered, and the ASICS Men's GEL-Nimbus 20 tends to make this worse with the sliding tongue. However, the laces ensure a perfect fit for better performance. The weight is good, and this version is not too stiff; hence, enough flexibility for smooth training.

Comparison Between Asics Cumulus Vs. Nimbus

Asics has carved its place in the running shoe industry and boasts some of the best running shoes available on the market. With a seventy-year pedigree, Asics has decades of experience, with their latest tech allowing for designs that are much lighter than conventional foam.

Some of their two most recognizable and famous options are the Asics Cumulus and Asics Nimbus. Here's a breakdown of each to help wrap your head around, which pair would be a better fit.

Asics Cumulus

The Asics Cumulus is a group of neutral running shoes that offer decent levels of shock absorption. They are reliable as everyday trainers and are also an option for long distance running. They have a great balance between being lightweight and shock-absorbing. Their versatility makes it an all-round shoe.


The upper unit consists of a double layer of mesh, an ortholite sock liner, and several reflective elements. The mesh allows for breathability when your feet get hot during a run while the ortholite sock liner enables moisture management and a comfortable fit.

The material is an important consideration when choosing the perfect running shoes for orthotics.


The foam feature in the design of these shoes makes them ideally light in weight. Their unique fit system, coupled with a light build, makes these shoes easy to run with. Lightweight shoes are essential for riding road bikes, among other physical activities.


They feature a 45-degree full-length foam platform that offers a soft feel for added comfort. The Flytefoam and Flytefoam Propel cushions found in the midsole make these shoes soft to wear. They also have an impact guidance system line that's necessarily a groove that runs vertically from the heel to the toe for added stability and flexibility.

Shock Absorption

Flytefoam propel technology makes these shoes excel at bouncing and energy absorption each time your foot strikes the ground. Additionally, the gel cushioning feature absorbs shock in the heel as well as laterally.


The sole unit consists of a forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning while the midsole has two cushioning foams for a bouncy feel. The highly resistant rubber compounds aim to reduce the wear and tear effect on the areas of crucial impact. The quality build of the sole ensures that you get an incredibly durable shoe that'll serve you for a while to come.

Asics Nimbus

The Asics Nimbus is another group of running shoes that fall under the category of neutral running shoes. The major pro they boast over the Asics Cumulus is their incredible shock absorption capacity that makes them better for long-distance runs. They are still an excellent option for everyday training.


The upper unit of these shoes consists of mesh material that aids in breathability. The build of the shoes ensures a firm fit without making the shoe feel too tight. The mesh allows for excellent temperature control within the shoe as you run. It is an excellent pick for sweaty feet.


The true-fit, coupled with a Flytefoam and gel cushioning in the heels, makes these shoes very comfortable to use. Updated versions such as the Asics Gel Nimbus 22 provide even more cushioning compared to previous versions.


One of the most appealing aspects of this shoe is the footbed that comes with gel cushioning for excellent shock absorption capability. The Flytefoam, coupled with the gel cushioning, offers superior flexibility and responsiveness.

These two features combined provide sufficient protection for your feet from any debris along your running trails. The traction provided by the treads makes these suitable for running on snow, wet, or icy surfaces with ease.


The shoes have a thicker midsole that adds to the responsiveness of the shoe, allowing you to maintain great balance. The rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning also absorbs shock during your impact and toe-off cycles allowing for smooth transition support through gait cycles. The energetic foam offers excellent bounce capability owing to its unique elastomer compound.

In a nutshell, the Asics Cumulus and the Asics Nimbus are two fantastic options if you're looking for running shoes. Both are neutral trainers that offer versatility in terms of short distance and long-distance running.

The main differences come in when you consider certain features, such as the upper. With the Asics Cumulus, you get a simple upper without the Asics logo, which makes them slightly more flexible than the Asics Nimbus.

When you consider their sole units, the Asics Cumulus comes with soft cloud-like cushioning that's great at shock absorption while also being more durable than the Asics Nimbus.

The one point where the Asics Nimbus outperforms the Asics Cumulus is in terms of versatility. The Nimbus is excellent for both long-distance running and shorter runs or even gym workouts. With the Asics Cumulus, you get a pair of shoes that are ideal for shorter runs, say, a morning jog around the block.

The Asics Cumulus running shoes are perfect if you're looking for a beginner's running shoe while the Asics Nimbus is designed for more versatile runners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Asics is a well-known company that manufactures footwear for sports. The company produces high-end athletic shoes of different types. The most common types are Cumulus and Nimbus.

Therefore, questions that are being asked by many users who want to learn the differences between these shoe types. Here are the frequently asked questions about Asics Cumulus and Nimbus.

Q. Which shoes offer more cushioning?

A. Cumulus is all about cushioning and padding. The shoe type has been made using comfortable materials that hold the feet in a sturdy position. Therefore, you can use this shoe for long runs.

Cumulus is instilled with the cloud-like shock absorption property. Thus, its cushioning is incredible. Its midsole material is incorporated with FluidRide that makes it possible to run at any ground.

Nimbus is also a good shoe type that offers excellent cushioning. This shoe is manufactured using the new technology midsole of Asics known as FLYTEFOAM system. This system uses foam materials that weigh more than 55% less than the average foam, meaning that the foam used offers extra cushioning.

Combining the FLYTEFOAM system with the old GEL system, Nimbus is the current Asics shoe that has ultra-cushioning. Moreover, the sole is made using a spring transition, which allows you to run without any difficulty.

Q. Which one is durable?

A. The uppers of Nimbus are sturdy. Thus, the shoe can serve for long without being repaired. The shoes are made using durable materials, and therefore its lifespan is extended. Cumulus is also made using strong materials, which makes it also last long.

Q. Which shoes offers more support?

A. Nimbus shoe type has been made using supportive materials on the heel, which allows it to give more support.

Cumulus is also strong, as its arch offers excellent support on your heels. The materials used give a bounce back sensation, which allows you to do any sporting activity with the shoes.

Q. Which type is attractive?

A. Many people love fashion, and thus they love colorful shoes. Nimbus shoes are more colorful than Cumulus. Therefore, if you love color, buy the nimbus type and have fun with it.

Q. Which shoes can I wear when not running?

A. Both Nimbus and Cumulus shoes have excellent traction. This means that they are sturdy enough to be worn even when you are not running. These shoe types are fashionable, meaning that you can even wear them when running your errands. Thus, both of them can be worn when you are not running.

Asics Cumulus and Nimbus are both good shoes. Read these questions to learn the difference between these two types of shoes.


Concluding Asics Cumulus vs. Nimbus is not easy following the fact that all these shoes come from the same manufacturer. They both employ perfect construction, good design, and good employment of various Asics technologies. Both the designs are extremely popular running shoes.

The most noticeable difference between the two is that the Cumulus is a neutral trainer that features great cushioning for maximum feel. Nimbus, on the other hand, comes with a softer feel to give you a plush ride.

As you'll have already noticed, Asics Cumulus vs. Nimbus running shoe review will not tell you exactly which brand to choose. What you buy depends on your preferences, needs, and the features that you find suitable for your foot type and running situation.

If you have a wide foot, the Cumulus will not do for you as they are a little stiff and tight. The Nimbus offers more flexibility and comfort but may not be great for those who want a tighter fit.

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