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I’m a writer, blogger at Sportsly.NET. I am passionate about writing sports, sports-related equipment, accessories, tips & guide and more. I am originally from the Big Lake, Texas.

The 7 Best Insulated Work Boots for Winter, Snow and Cold Weather

“Dedicated to those who brave the elements in search for a brighter future.”Winter brings about new challenges for those who must work outdoors. With temperatures well below zero, bare skin will freeze in a matter of minutes. Frostbite damages tissues on the unprotected skin with possible permanent damage. In extreme cases of hypothermia, amputation of […]

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The 7 Best Work Boots for Electricians in 2018

Workplace hazard is a term that electricians are very familiar with. They are exposed to hazardous situations whenever they work because of the nature of their job. It is therefore important that they wear proper personal protective equipment so as to prevent potential accidents. Proper safety starts from the ground up. As an electrician, it is […]

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The 7 Best Work Boots for Working on Concrete All Day

“Dedicated to those who lay the foundations for others to build upon.”Foundations are the beginning of which all things are built on. Foundations come in many forms, from footings for high-rise apartment buildings to foundations for your worn-out driveway. Foundations are made of specialized concrete designed to carry a specific load and those who lay […]

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The 7 Best Pull on Work Boots (Reviewed & Tested) In 2018

“Dedicated to the men and women who pull on their boots every day in search of a better tomorrow.”Work boots are sometimes as unique as the individual who wears them. All work boots are designed for one intended purpose: to protect your feet. Most of the work boots in production today are front-laced with design […]

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5 Handy Tricks On How To Dry Boots Fast Overnight

Boots enthusiasts all over the world love these shoes for a couple of reasons. First, their quality is always outstanding, and they do inspire awe especially when laced with unique nuances. Secondly, anyone with a boot can be sure that their feet and toes will receive less impact in case something falls on them. There is […]

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The 7 Best Farm Boots for Ranchers and Farmers In 2018

Farmers and ranchers are a breed of people who bring value to the world through hard work. Unlike those who work in offices with a roof over them and air conditioners to regulate the temperature, farmers wrestle with harsh elements as they tend to their products. During inspections, they trudge through mud, chemical spills, and tall […]

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