The 7 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes in 2022 & Beyond

It is hardly a matter of dispute that dance, as an activity, has evolved accordingly over time. Changes in the costumes were made to improve the art of dancing better, and further enhance the activity while securing the optimum physical state of all who participate.

One of the ways is to be equipped with the best accessories that are both safe and user-friendly: in particular, today, we are going to take a look at ballroom dance shoes.

Wearing the right dance shoe is vital, as the difference in shoe composition and feel will generally lead to better dance experience.

For your convenience, throughout this article, you shall be presented with the best ballroom dance shoes of 2022, which come in the right sizes, with just the right heel height, while being cost-effective and efficient.

This will help you to choose from the options presented to you according to what suits your style and budget.

Among all the available options, Capezio Men’s SD103 came out highly recommended for men and Bloch Dance Yvette for women as they both have proven records to accentuate the dancer’s elegance, style, and performance for optimal result.

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

1. Capezio Men’s SD103

Capezio Men’s SD103

A rare combination of elegance and comfort, the Capezio men’s SD103 is uniquely designed with a suede sole, a unique feature for shock absorption, which makes them a known perfection for ballroom dancing.

This shoe is designed to comfortably carry the weight of the dancer, holding onto the ankles delicately with its 1-inch heel, which is the perfect length and provides the required solidity and durability.

The lace-up dance shoe feature also provides the dancer with the required balance and grace while in use, lowering the possibility of tripping over your laces to a near zero. This enhances the dancer’s confidence in the footwear, meaning you can totally focus on the task at hand without worrying about a freak accident.

One major negative, however, is in the limited size and colors for which the shoes are manufactured in.


  • Delicate and durable PU upper;
  • Soft suede outsole, which is flexible;
  • Sponge in-sole, with shock absorbing capacity;
  • Solid heels, for supreme ankle support;
  • Proper lace-up technology, designed to stay in place no matter the usage;
  • Very affordable.


  • Limited sizes available;
  • Variety in colors not available;
  • Might be slightly uncomfortable at first.

As stated above, the Capezio SD103 has the needed features to ensure that the feet are well taken care of, while helping to accentuate the dancer’s elegance, both in style and performance for optimal result. We recommend these shoes for an effortless and comfortable dancing experience.

2. Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe

Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe

Are you in need of a pair of elegant ballroom dance shoes for men that offer both balance and solidity? If this is the case, the Bloch dance men’s Xavier ballroom shoe is a necessity.

Wrought from the finest leather, the dance shoe is designed in an exciting oxford silhouette form and is known globally as a customary ballroom dance shoe.

The extremely smooth outer layer of the shoe sits on a comfortable but solid low heel for extreme support, not giving away the flexibility it possesses.

On the inside, the sole is capable of absorbing shock as the dancer glides across the floor, protecting the feet from the otherwise basic effects of such movements. The outer sole provides the necessary ease, which enables you to glide effortlessly as you dance.


  • Classic upper;
  • Full-grain leather;
  • Stumped wide heel;
  • 100% leather;
  • Suede sole.


  • Limited in size;
  • The angle of the heel does not align properly with the rest of the shoe;
  • Not consistent in shape.

The Bloch Xavier has gained its reputation as one of the best ballroom dance shoes for men by proving to be a consistent component of the art of dancing, providing you with the needed grit and precision, coupled with confidence in them.

It is highly recommended for dancers at an advanced level, who have grown accustomed to the feel of their feet being in a dance shoe. Beginners are encouraged to go for other models of ballroom dance shoes. It could be your best pick if you like something formal, like Tuxedo Shoes on the dancing floor.

3. Bloch Dance Yvette

Bloch Dance Yvette

For the female out there, who needs a comfortable, yet elegant and solid dance shoe, the Bloch dance Yvette effectively combines grace and efficiency, which are extremely necessary for the art of dancing.

The heel is covered in leather, as is the upper body, which comprises strong, soft leather. The advantage of this is that it enables the dancer to move freely across the dancefloor without encountering the hold-ups associated with less desirable dance shoes.

The in-sole is properly cushioned in such a way that the heel base is wide and accurately positioned for long hours of use at a time without feeling the aches that would otherwise accompany such activities.

The sole is made from suede, which makes it perfect for angles across floors while maintaining poise and balance. The buckle is self-locking and designed to stay in place when fastened, which would ensure against any form of accidental unbuckling while in use.


  • Flexible sole, extremely useful for aiming and flexing;
  • Provides comfort;
  • Perfect fit;
  • Narrow sole provides balance.


  • Limited sizes;
  • Narrow straps, which cut into the big toe;
  • Average quality.

The Bloch dance Yvette is perhaps not recommended for heavy dancing. Their fragile nature means they should be handled with caution, and should therefore not be used for practice sessions.

Ultimately, they are a good pair and are affordable and necessary dance accessories. They not only serve their function: they are also graceful and pleasing to the eye.

4. TDA Women T-strap Glitter Dance Shoes

TDA Women T-strap Glitter Dance Shoes

This particular dance shoe is one that best defines simplicity and elegance in one go. The unique features it possesses help to set it apart from the rest, as it is able to aid your dance performance with minimal fuss.

With an average heel height of about 8cm, it is neither too tall nor short, able to cushion the effects of long usage while providing the needed ease while dancing. The sole is made of suede, which can be changed to rubber soles for easier movement outside. This is a plus, considering the usefulness of the shoe.

The outer layer of the shoe is made from synthetic, punctuated with the right dose of glitter to give your feet a beautiful outlook, whether you are dancing or walking in the shoes. This aids the process immensely, as you do not have to worry about the side effects of wearing one shoe for hours, as may be the case.


  • The heel can be reduced or increased;
  • Comes in a variety of sizes;
  • The heel can be changed to plastic, depending on your need for the shoes;
  • The outer look is beautiful;
  • Very affordable.


  • They could be a bit wobbly, due to lack of proper interior padding;
  • The original sole is not durable and would need changing at intervals;
  • The quality is not top notch.

All in all, this particular shoe has some amazing features, which should make up for a few deficiencies in the pattern and design. Not recommended for beginners.

5. Capezio Women’s SD02 2.5 Flared Heel Sandal

Capezio Women’s SD02 2.5 Flared Heel Sandal

Equipped with 2.5-inch flared heel, the Capezio women’s SD02 2.5 flared heel sandal brings to life multipurpose footwear, which can be of great use in different spheres of your daily activities.

The crisscross straps give your feet some breathing space, ensuring that your toes are not too tightly held together by the sandal, thereby avoiding any form of pain that naturally accompanies the majority of footwear.

Another reason why these shoes are a great choice for the salsa dancer is that the buckle is located at the ankle and is adjustable. This means that you can simply affix the buckle to properly hold at any of your desired angles, taking away the risk of having the footwear slip off while dancing.

The in-sole is properly cushioned, to give allow for greater fit. It is not wobbly and can provide the required fit based on your desired size.


  • Great fit and comes in different sizes;
  • Durable and long-lasting;
  • Sole is perfect for easy movement on the dance floor;
  • Affordable.


  • The heel might become unstable with constant usage;
  • Not very high quality;
  • The base of the shoe is thin, which might pose a challenge to new dancers.

These sandals, though elegant, are also fragile, and should be handled by professional ballroom dancers who are better equipped to deal with a challenge or two.

The design of the heel means that it might not be suitable for beginners to the dance world, so it is advised that they either put in a lot of practice to perfect the footwear or start off with a different, more beginner-friendly pair.

6. YYTing Women Ballroom Dance Shoes

YYTing Women Ballroom Dance Shoes

A pair of the YYTing salsa bachata dance shoes provide a perfect blend of style and beauty. The upper part is made from high-quality satin with sweat immersion suede for the insole. This reduces the risk of being distracted by sweat seeping into the shoes while performing.

The design is simple yet chic. The buckles are easily detachable and can be quickly put on and taken off: ideal for any hasty costume changes. Equipped with a heel of about 2.3 inches, there is no risk of having them fall of either while walking or performing.

This particular shoe is most appropriate for Salsa dance, Latin, Tango, or Rumba dance.

The shoe leaves you with enough room to maneuver due to the unique pattern for which it is made. It increases your ability to focus on dancing, knowing that your feet are in great care.


  • Lightweight and comfortable;
  • Highly flexible;
  • Perfect heel height, which is ideal for many hours of dancing at a time;
  • Affordable.


  • Doesn’t come in bigger sizes;
  • Strap might wear off after being used for a while.

7. Ttdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ttdancewear Women Ballroom Dance Shoes

Fashioned out of satin, this brand of shoes comes in a heel height of about 2.5 to 3.5 inches. It is important that you choose a size and heel which you would be most comfortable in, to ensure you are at your best while dancing.

The sole is suede, which means it has the solidity to carry your weight while dancing in them. The buckles are the famous ballroom quick-release buckles, which are not straightforward but, once properly secured, never unbuckle while in use.

The design is glistening and is pleasing to the eyes, taking nothing away from the grit of the shoes. The weight is light, offering a more effortless and comfortable dancing experience.


  • Absolutely gorgeous pair;
  • Comfortable to dance in;
  • Fit perfectly.


  • Limited sizes;
  • Straps might pose an initial challenge;
  • Wear and tear may occur after a while of using them.

What to Consider When Buying for Ballroom Dance Shoes


The importance of picking the right size cannot be overemphasized. Fortunately, the best ballroom dance shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which make your choice a lot easier. The biggest advantage of choosing the proper size is that the shoes will glue firmly to your feet, reducing the possibility of any slip-ups or accidents while in use.


Picking the right size is important, as is getting the right fit for your feet. These shoes come in different shapes and designs, which give you a wide range of options to choose from. A shoe with the right fit gives you that graceful look that should be a trademark of every professional dancer while aiding in making your movements comfortable on the dance floor.


They come in different designs and patterns, which are available in different sizes. The design and feel of a shoe might come naturally to you, while it might be a complete disaster for the next dancer. This makes it vital that you properly check the feel and design of the shoe before purchase. This is to make sure that the shoe you have will not pose a problem to you because of how it was built.

Heel height

The next factor you must consider before purchasing and using a ballroom dance shoe is the heel height. It is crucial that you are as comfortable as possible, and this can be achieved if you dance in shoes that have the right heel height.


Last but definitely not least, the factor is your budget. Being unable to afford proper dance shoes should not be the reason why you fall behind, hence the need to purchase the ones within your means: luckily, there are a lot of top quality shoes that fall within a lower price range, as some of the ones we outlined in this article.

Due to a variety of quality, affordable dance shoes to pick from, it is possible to get a pair that is both affordable and is of the required quality to give the needed comfort and solidity while dancing.

Different Types of Ballroom Shoes

Standard Ballroom Shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes are made for international ballroom dances. For men, they are predominantly black in color, while the ladies’ version is mostly flesh-colored satin.

The men’s shoes are usually in 1-inch heel, which makes it easy for you to move in them, while the female version has up to a 2.5-inch heel.

These shoes are built for taking short steps while dancing, a skill that is highly important, hence the need to have shoes that can easily take off on the basic but fundamental aspect of dancing. They are a great fit for both beginners and pros.

Latin Ballroom Shoes

These set of shoes possess a more flexible sole, unlike the standard ballroom shoes. For men, the most popular color is black, though it can be customized to be in other colors to suit the customer’s own style, with a heel of about 1.5 to 2 inches.

For women, the standard heel is about 2.5 to 3 inches, while the most common color is bronze. This type of dance shoe is designed to point forward, giving the dancer much freedom to explore while dancing the international Latin or American type of dance. This type of shoe is recommended for both beginners and professionals.

Practice Shoes

This category of shoes lives up to its name. These shoes are mainly used for practicing all kinds of dance. They mostly have rubber or suede soles, which are equipped with a 1-inch heel for the male, and 2 to 2.5-inch heel for the female. These shoes are designed to be flexible, which allows for easy movement while rehearsing.

For males, the shoes are often padded and have ventilation holes in them, and are usually black in color, while that of the females are flesh-colored or designed to go with the color of the dress.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What are ballroom dance shoes?

A: In every endeavor, having the right accessory could be the thin line between success and failure. Ballroom shoes are specially designed to provide comfort while you attempt to perform complicated dance moves.

This makes it easier to have confidence in your abilities as a dancer, putting your mind at ease, so you don’t have to worry about any freak accidents that may occur when dancing in uncomfortable or low-quality shoes. These shoes are flexible, yet durable and solid, which make for graceful movements on the dance floor.

Q: Do you need dance shoes?

A: The answer to this is a resounding “yes”! Ballroom dance shoes not only provide the right fit for dancing, but they also make it possible for you to seamlessly glide across the dance floor due to their superior quality over conventional shoes.

Subject to the type of dance you are interested in, there are specific ballroom dance shoes specifically made for different types of dances, which would ensure that your feet are well-protected and cared for.

However, the shoes were made with professional dancers in mind, so if you dance sporadically, then perhaps they aren’t meant for you unless they are affordable to you. On the other hand, it is a vital item for any serious pro to own.

Q: What are the most comfortable ballroom dance shoes?

A: Being in comfort while dancing is an important aspect of the art of dance. The trick is choosing the best fit. There are multiple quality ballroom shoes to pick from, so your comfort must be a priority while picking a pair.

The above-listed shoes offer varying degrees of comfort due to the uniqueness in each design and feel. Furthermore, stores have these shoes in stock and would allow for testing different pairs until you find one that fits properly and will not leave a hole in your pocket.


Ballroom dance shoes are the top pick of any serious-minded dancer, due to their affordability and aid in the art of dancing.

From the above stated, you can argue that these brands of shoes play a prominent role in the comfort and durability of a dancer while on stage. They help eliminate any fear you might have while ensuring that your mind is focused solely on the task at hand: dancing!

They come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors, which would appeal to whatever expectation you might have, and have proven to be one of the most important (if not the most) dance accessories.

There are pros and cons as with all of the shoes listed above, yet they are the best to be found on the market today, so you have to decide which would work best for you, keeping in mind the uniqueness in design and price of each of the ballroom shoes listed above.

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