The 7 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 of 2022

If you love to play basketball and want to know what shoes are the best out there for a good value, this is the article for you. You may not have much money, but many of the best basketball shoes cost under $100.

What is the best basketball shoe out there this year? The answer is Under Armour Men’s ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe. This shoe not only has excellent traction on any court but it’s right to size when you order it. Now let’s take a look at the seven best cheap basketball shoes out there.

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Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

1. Under Armour Men’s ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes

This shoe’s material, with its innovative Clutchfit technology, lives up to its name. It clutches your foot for a comfortable fit that allows you to play with no soreness afterward. Another contributor to the comfort of the shoe is it’s excellent cushioning.

The shoe has an external cushion at the heel that provides shock absorption and interior shanks that prevent your foot from slipping around. The excellent shock absorption causes the shoe to be firmer than others because your foot is positioned higher by the thick sole.

This shoe is great for a customer with weak ankles or previous sprains and breaks because it provides enough support to prevent further injuries. The shoe’s excellent support also makes it extremely stable, even if you land on someone after a rebound.


  • Cluchfit technology hugs the foot like a glove for comfort and flexibility.
  • High-top and lacing system provide ankle support to prevent injury.
  • Thick sole and external padding for shock absorption.
  • Internal shanks, padding, and liner provide comfort and stability.
  • The deceptively simple sole provides excellent gripping power.


  • It fits narrow, uncomfortable for wide feet.
  • The material lacks breathability making it bad to use in hot weather.
  • Shoe grip and maneuverability not suitable for some customers.

This shoe is the right shoe for you if you enjoy playing indoors or if you live in an area that stays relatively cool year-round. No matter what position you play, this shoe will give you excellent maneuverability and shock absorption.

If you prefer to play indoors or live in a warmer area, it may be better to stick with any of the previous shoes (except for the NIKE, which is also better for indoor courts). Now for the next shoe that can be considered one of the best basketball shoes for under $100.

2. NIKE Men’s Air Versitile Nubuck Basketball Shoes

NIKE Men's Air Versitile Nubuck Basketball Shoes

These dynamic basketball shoes live up to the name versatile. They are not high enough to be a high-top but not low enough to be a mid-top. The shoe rise allows it to be versatile, giving it both flexibility and maneuverability while providing excellent support.

The material the shoe uses is another feature that shows the shoe’s versatility. This shoe doesn’t use Nike’s Flywire technology. Instead, it returns to their traditional lightweight material, that is both breathable, for a cool fit, and flexible—giving you the ability to make fast turns and weave around defenders on your way to shooting a winning basket.

This shoe refuses to sacrifice comfort in its attempt to be versatile. It has excellent padding that provides you with the support you need when jumping to make baskets without being clunky or bulky.


  • Thick rubber sole and interior and exterior padding provide comfort and bounce for jump shots.
  • Rise level of the shoe provides ankle support while keeping the range of motion for quick maneuvers.
  • Lightweight breathable material offers flexibility and comfort.
  • Good overall appearance for aesthetics.


  • The tread wears off quickly making it better for use on indoor courts.
  • Run narrow in fit so if you have a wide foot you need to buy a larger size.
  • The air bladder pops quickly causing the shoes to hiss or squeak when you walk.

Overall, this shoe is the right shoe for someone who plays on indoor courts and has a narrower foot. If you prefer to play outdoors or have wide feet, you may want to stick to the Spawn or Adidas’ Executioner.

This product is versatile in its design. So a player of any position could find it a great shoe to wear. The next shoe you can look at if you are searching for cheap basketball shoes is much less versatile.

3. adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Shoes

adidas NEO Men's CF Executor Shoes

If you are looking for a great comfortable basketball shoe that is also cheap, this is an excellent pick. This shoe has cushioning called cloudfoam that lives up to its name. Wearing this shoe feels like walking on clouds.

Comfort isn’t the only significant feature this shoe has. It’s also lightweight and sturdy. That’s a combination that’s difficult to find. It provides the perfect balance between excellent ankle support (find ankle support shoes here) and the ability to move, pivot and swerve around the court quickly and easily.


  • A superb fit that is both comfortable and breathable, keeping you from feeling the pain of a long game.
  • These shoes have excellent ankle support for the player that suffers from frequent injuries.
  • They have a fantastic grip to keep you from slipping around as you play.
  • Cloud foam makes the shoe so comfortable it’s nearly unbelievable.


  • Some customers found the material not durable. The stripes came off. The material ripped and the sole separated from the upper material.

Like the shoes before it, this shoe is difficult to criticize. The only major flaw in this shoe seems to be its durability. For that reason, it’s not the right shoe for the customer who plays hard and often. If you are hard on your shoes, this is not the shoe for you.

This shoe is a perfect choice for someone who plays infrequently and wants a light, comfortable shoe.

The next basketball shoe you can find for under $100 has no problem holding up under pressure. Let’s take a look.

4. Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Curry 5 Basketball Shoe

This shoe is one of the best basketball shoes for under $100 for many reasons. One of the main reasons it’s one of the best cheap basketball shoes is its excellent traction on a clean indoor court.

The traction improved by the square pattern with a circular underlay and a ball grip on the front of the shoe. The square design provides a good grip for quick stops, and the underlying circular pattern gives seamless maneuverability to quick pivots and turns.

Another reason it makes this list is its unique material. It has internal stretchable material that conforms to your foot’s unique shape, providing a close fit that feels like it was made just for you while the overlying material offers enough support to keep you from being injured.


  • Has a firm cushion that is good for bouncing on the court for layups and other shots.
  • Lateral containment and lockdown are excellent in this shoe, keeping you from slipping or sliding on the court.
  • The material is breathable with proper ventilation to keep your feet from getting too hot.
  • The platform of the shoe is low and wide in the front, which creates a stability that prevents you from rolling your ankle, even though the shoe is low rise.
  • Flexible internal material that provides it maneuverability.


  • The arch on the shoe rubs painfully against the foot causing blisters. It can be solved by taping the arch or wearing good socks.
  • The traction isn’t good on a dirty or dusty court. It tends to slip as well as pick up a lot of dirt in its tread. A quick swipe won’t work, you have to scrub hard to get the dust off.
  • The cushion on the sole tends to rub making the color on it flake off almost immediately.

This shoe’s overall comfort, durability and good general traction make it an excellent buy despite its few poor features

5. adidas Men’s Ball 365 Inspired Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Ball 365 Inspired Basketball Shoe

This shoe is not only a good value but has excellent traction. This shoe has an excellent grip on the court for both forward and lateral stopping, pivoting, and moving power. Not just on clean courts but on dirty and wet ones as well.

Its lightweight, woven mesh gives it the same flexibility and breathability as the other shoes on this list. The breathable material will keep your foot cool even during long games.


  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Mesh upper gives the shoe flexibility and proper ventilation.
  • The rubber sole gives the shoe excellent traction.


  • The fit runs narrow so not good if you have wide feet.
  • It takes at least three weeks to break in.
  • The shoe’s tongue poorly designed, and customers complain of discomfort when wearing them.
  • The shoe doesn’t have enough cushioning.

Although this shoe’s low price makes it an excellent buy, its cons far outweigh its pros. It may give you a good grip on the court, but is a good grip worth sore feet? Why put up with sore feet when the Under Armour Spawn gives you just as much traction and comfort too?

A large amount of time it takes to break the shoe in, its lack of cushioning, and poor tongue design make this shoe a poor decision despite its low price. This shoe may be more durable than the Adidas Executioner, but do you want a durable shoe that you hate wearing?

6. Jordan Mens B.Fly Round Toe Lace-Up Basketball Shoes

Jordan Mens B.Fly Round Toe Lace-Up Basketball Shoes

Apart from Under Armour’s Men’s Spawn Low Basketball shoes, these Jordan’s are the best basketball shoes for under $100 out there. The custom weaving on these shoes makes them stand out. However, they don’t just look good. They fit like a dream and are super comfortable.

The custom weaving is not just beautiful but functional. The material molds to your foot, clasping it and flexing as you move. The weave also gives the shoe breathability that ensures proper ventilation, so your feet don’t feel hot.

If that wasn’t enough comfort for you the shoes also have incredible cushioning. The extra padding in the heel absorbs the shock from high jumps and leaps. This makes the shoe a good one for the jump shots and slams dunks that Jordan was famous for.


  • Woven upper material provides both flexibility and support.
  • The cushioning is excellent. Providing proper shock protection without affecting the responsiveness of the shoe.
  • Good traction for clean courts.
  • The broad shoe base, lacing, and other designs give you excellent support preventing blisters from foot slippage.
  • The height of the shoe gives you excellent ankle support without restricting movement.


  • Traction goes down on a less than pristine court.
  • The fit is a little narrow. You can solve this by ordering a ½ size larger than your normal size.

This Jordan is a dynamic shoe with great support, flexibility and shock control. A few slight flaws put it below Under Armour’s Spawn.

Unlike the Spawn, it doesn’t have excellent traction on any court. However, it outshines the Spawn when it comes to ankle support. The higher rise of this shoe makes it a better one for customers who have struggled with ankle injuries. Let’s take a look at our next selection.

7. Under Armour Men’s Spawn Low Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Spawn Low Basketball Shoe

This basketball shoe is not just a good value. It’s also amazingly comfortable. It comes in a variety of eye-catching colors and has a sleek, streamlined style that is perfect for any player on the court.

Its textile material is lightweight and breathable so that your feet will stay cool throughout the game. This shoe has a fantastic grip keeping you from sliding no matter how you move. Whether you play indoors, outdoors on a clean court or a dirty one, this shoe won’t let you down.

On top of that, the shoe cushioning provides enough support to prevent injuries without restricting mobility. Your foot won’t slide around inside it either.


  • Sole made of a soft, durable rubber that provides excellent traction and isn’t affected by dirt and dust.
  • The Micro G cushioning absorbs shock making landings comfortable
  • The thin mesh material makes the shoe both breathable and flexible for comfort and maneuverability.
  • Great internal support for comfort.


  • The shoe may be a little long on some people, causing discomfort in the toe area.

An essential feature in a basketball shoe is traction. Does it grip the court well? The answer, for this shoe, is a resounding yes. You can’t find many negative things to say about a shoe as well made, durable and comfortable as this one. The next shoe you should consider is.

What To Look When Buying Basketball Shoes Under $100

Proper Size

Fitting a basketball shoe is a bit different than fitting a typical shoe. This is because the shoe is meant to provide a certain about of support and adapt to help you play the sport better. If shoes don’t fit properly, you could have a wealth of issues.

These issues could be anything from blisters to ingrown toenails. Yes, those are caused by improperly fitting basketball shoes.

Be sure that your shoes fit snugly from toe to heel. Your toes should have room to move and not feel crushed, but it should still be tight.


This is important because it can help keep you light and able to move across the floor. Too heavy a shoe can put a strain on the ankle, especially when running or jumping or turning quickly. Excellent breathability can prevent injury.


Keeping your feet cool is an essential quality for a shoe when playing basketball games. Whether it is outside in the heat or more severe on the inside court, your feet need to stay cool.

Overall proper ventilation can keep your feet from growing problems like fungus and prevent them from swelling up and interfering with your play.


What your basketball shoes made of is a huge part of the shoe as well because they provide the most real part of the comfort and stability. They should be comfortable and robust so that you don’t feel sore from wearing them and working hard.


Traction has a significant role in a basketball shoe. You want to be able to move without slipping and sliding, but you don’t want the tread to hold you back from your ease of movement. Basketball is a game about flexibility and speed, and the shoes should contribute toward that.


If you’re looking for outdoor basketball shoe, you want one that holds up to the trials and tension you put them through. They shouldn’t fall apart after the first couple of games and should be able to hold the sport’s rigorous activity.


The risk of injury is always possible if there isn’t proper support. Too quickly, ankles can become damaged or swollen, and toes can be bent. Support keeps your moneymakers safe and prepared to keep working hard.

You can find the top shoes for swollen feet who are suffering from foot swelling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Overall what is the most important part of the basketball shoe to look for when purchasing?

A. When it comes to buying basketball shoes, many factors go into the ultimate choice. You should most likely pay attention to the fit of the shoe because the fit can change everything.

If the shoe is too large, you risk slipping in and out of it. When you need to pivot or jump, this could interfere with that. On the other end of the spectrum, it shouldn’t be too small because you can have blisters, bruising, or pain.

When a basketball shoe doesn’t fit properly, you could risk hurting your ankles which would put you out of commission. That’s why fit is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a basketball shoe.

Q. Why is the durability required in a basketball shoe?

A. As stated earlier, durability is necessary because they wouldn’t last through all the work that goes into practice and playing games. Whether it’s on the court or concrete, they go through a lot of intense exercise and training.

If the tread were to wear off too easily, a player could slip or fall while running full tilt. If the sole were come to loose the same could occur. The durability makes sure that the player stays safe and is able to keep playing without needing to replace the shoe regularly.

The type of tread or grip can also change how a shoe responds when you pay while wearing them. People prefer different levels of grip depending on their height, weight, and how they like to play.

Q. Are basketball shoes suitable for your feet?

A. Basketball shoes can be useful for your feet, especially if you are active and often participating in those types of sports. If you have flat feet or arch issues, there are types of basketball shoes which targeted toward those issues.

There is never a reason for basketball shoes to be uncomfortable or bad for your feet. They should do their job properly and keep your feet feeling great.

If for some reason your basketball shoes hurt your feet, or you find them feeling stretched or strained after wearing them, then they might not fit correctly or not be a proper shoe for you.


The shoes that you see in this article are the best basketball shoes out there for under $100. Although each one of them is different, they all have good points, and your preferences should determine bad points and which shoe you buy.

This article is meant to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each product so that you can make an informed decision. An informed decision is essential when buying a shoe that is supposed to support you in your success.

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