The 7 Best Birkenstocks of 2022

As warm weather approaches, many people find themselves in search of the perfect sandal. Birkenstocks are highly sought after because they are fashionable and comfortable.

Birkenstocks come in a variety of styles, such as classic Arizona. This style is considered by many to be the most comfortable Birkenstock. Currently, their wedge/platform heel and waterproof styles are also very popular.

In addition to their many styles, Birkenstocks are also available in a wide variety of colors. Right now, bright white and metallic shades are some of the most popular Birkenstock colors available.

These sandals are known for their comfort. They have several types of materials to choose from, making it easy to find your perfect sandal.

A top contender for the most comfortable and most popular Birkenstock Arizona Sandals by Birkenstock. It is a comfortable, stylish, and lightweight shoe pick.

Best Birkenstocks

1. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

This sandal is the top choice for the most comfortable Birkenstock.

It is lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Because they are made of soft suede, these sandals naturally fit the shape of your foot. A lightly cushioned insole provides comfort.

These shoes fit the classic Original Birkenstock Footbed, which provides proper support to the entire foot.

Made of cork and leather, the simplicity of this sandal has stood the test of time for over 200 years.

Their classic look makes them perfect for travel, work, formal events, and nights out on the town, depending on your fashion choice.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Classic straps for comfort
  • Soft suede to enhance the appearance
  • Original Birkenstock Footbed for foot comfort
  • Layer of foam to increase comfort and stability


  • Just that they are a sandal, so not appropriate for all weather
  • In addition, the suede doesn’t always hold up to rain or mud

Overall, this shoe is recommended for people who are searching for the classic Birkenstock look and comfort.

2. Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

This is a stylish, cute leather sandal with a lot of great features. These shoes are made with quality materials, including 100% synthetic leather with cork soles. They are chic and suitable for a variety of activities, from formal events to casual outings.

They are thong sandals with a cute medallion pressed in the center and a classic buckle along the side.

These sandals, which have been given high Birkenstock ratings by many customers, come in a variety of colors. These sandals have many solid-colored leather options, as well as several options with textures.

The classic slight platform and foam beneath the sole set these shoes apart from other styles. The heel adds a touch of sophistication, while the high edge ensures a custom, comfortable fit with each wear.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • 100% Synthetic Leather
  • Suitable for both formal and casual wear
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor wear at a variety of types of events
  • Cork midsole


  • Leather might require a bit of breaking in at first
  • No arch support
  • Do not fold or roll for portable travel

These are some of the most comfortable Birkenstocks on this list once they have been broken in. These thong sandals will carry you through a wide variety of events and social engagements. They are of good quality and modern style.

3. Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal

Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal

These shoes have been given excellent Birkenstock reviews by consumers. They come in a wide variety of colors, including black, gold, pink, and many more. They are a slip-on style with a classic look meant to stay in style for many years.

These shoes come in many different colors and have a variety of buckles to match made from different materials.

With a soft lining and solid, these shoes are lightweight and portable. These sandals are perfect for people expecting to be around water and handle well under various weather.


  • Lightweight fit
  • 100% Synthetic Leather
  • Stylish and suitable for a variety of indoor events
  • Available in many solid colors to fit the mood or theme or your outfit
  • Perfect for being around water
  • Generally run true to size


  • Has a strange split at toe and strap
  • Open-toed so not a lot of protection

These shoes would be a great fit for people who are looking for a compact, lightweight shoe for that they want to be able to wear around the pool or in the rain. They are a great buy for their price point.

4. Birkenstock Women’s Rio Birko-Flor Sandals

Birkenstock Womens Rio Birko-Flor Sandals

These shoes are some of the most comfortable Birkenstocks available, and they are a classic style that was first begun in the 1980s. They come in black, and their unique designs add a trendy twist to the sandal we all know and love.

These Birkenstocks are lightweight and suede with a cork-latex footbed. This is designed to help fit the foot even more comfortably made with either real leather or patent leather, depending on what color you choose.

These popular Birkenstocks would look great at casual events and are most suitable for indoor use.

These shoes do happen to run a little big though so be sure to order a half size or so down just in case.


  • Very trendy buckled style
  • Comfortable for indoor use or light outdoor use
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Run a little big
  • Some customers have received low-quality or poorly-made items
  • No arch support and have been known to cause blisters due to strap placement

Because there have been some issues from other customers regarding the quality of these shoes, it would be advisable to be prepared to run these through a trial before committing to a long day of wearing them, just in case there is some discomfort when it comes to consistent use.

5. Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Oiled Leather Sandal

Birkenstock Women's Mayari Oiled Leather Sandal

These are some of the most popular Birkenstocks available on this list. They are super cute and have a modern style. They are a true Birkenstock with a cork sole, and they are a slide sandal with a crossing toe ring strap that is quite stylish.

These shoes are made with 100% synthetic leather for those who are environmentally conscious and are looking for vegan options which might be a turnoff to some customers.

However, they come in several different colors, some of them very bright and fun so that they are super appealing to those looking for the perfect sandal.

Though these might not be the best Birkenstocks, they are a good option. They are some of the most comfortable Birkenstocks on our list because of the suede lined footbed that molds to your foot shape. Their material allows the shoes to mold to fit your feet comfortably with each wear.


  • Overall true to size
  • Vegan because they use manmade materials
  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Some of the best Birkenstock reviews
  • Straps make for a solid fit


  • Little to no arch support
  • Made with synthetic materials
  • Difficult to clean
  • Can be damaged if exposed to heat

These are some of the best Birkenstocks on our list because of how comfortable they. These shoe ideal for someone who needs a cute, stylish shoe for a casual indoor event.

6. Birkenstock Women’s Gizeh Thong Sandals

Birkenstock Women's Gizeh Thong Sandals

These sandals are genuinely some of the most unique on the market. They have been given high Birkenstock reviews by other consumers because of their comfort and unique materials.

These shoes are available in multiple colors and styles, including beautiful snakeskin designs in different colors and textures. The leather is oiled develops a natural patina over time, which makes the shoe more comfortable and keeps it looking bright and new.

They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They have both arch support, a deep heel cup, and roomy toe box that is lined with suede.

These sandals are a great outdoor option on days with good weather and no standing water on the ground as it can wick away moisture and provide excellent support.


  • Stylish and unique designs
  • Moisture wicking
  • Minimal sweat and odor
  • Lightweight option
  • Great support overall
  • True to size options


  • Toe strap isn’t always comfortable for everyone.
  • Not as versatile as other styles

These are some of the most comfortable Birkenstocks available on this list. The colors and mean that anyone can find a match to what they wish to pair the sandal with.

The oiled leather of the shoe adds a nice little change to the feel and overall look and style of the sandal so that you can feel unique while still rocking a classic sandal.

Want to shine your shoes more glossy? You might be like our guide about oil for leather to keep your shoes like new year to year.

7. Birkenstock Women’s Daloa Sandal

Birkenstock Women's Daloa Sandal

With a thinner style sole and a suede-lined insole, these are some of the best Birkenstocks available. They are perfect and breathable to wear in hot weather and should stay comfortable and add that easy look of elegance you were searching for.

These sandals are a classic, stylish option and come in a few solid colors. They are a versatile shoe because they would look great with a variety of styles of outfits. They are meant to work with the natural movement of your legs and support you fully even though they are more minimal and strappy.

Because these shoes are so comfortable, they are ideal for days when you plan to be on your feet a lot. These are appropriate for the workplace and for attending more casual weddings, as well as dinner dates and other such outings.


  • Breathable leather liner
  • Raised toe bar to help with gripping
  • Classical feeling style
  • A few good neutral color choices
  • Versatile colors that will go with your whole wardrobe
  • Shock absorbing material


  • Do not run true to size
  • Do not accommodate wide feet well
  • No support, especially through the arch

These shoes have several positives, but overall, you would find a better shoe for outings if you were to buy our first pick on this list, as the styles are very similar.

What to Look for Before Buying Birkenstocks

When you begin your search for the best Birkenstocks available, it is important to consider the following topics:


Because they are so popular now, Birkenstocks come in many different styles. Sandals, clogs, wedges, low shoes, lace-up shoes, boots, and waterproof shoes options are all available to customers. It is essential to consider what type of activities you will be doing while you are wearing your Birkenstocks.


The style of your Birkenstock will reflect what you want to use the shoe for. Some people may choose lace-up shoes or low shoes for activities such as nursing or teaching. Clogs and sandals are popular for everyday wear, as well as for casual activities like walking, sightseeing, and gardening.

Upper Style

Birkenstock sandals come in a variety of styles with different upper configurations. The classic Arizona style has two large straps that cover your feet, and many people find those to be the most comfortable Birkenstocks.

However, some more modern styles have a thong type fit or have a loop to fit your toe through. You need to decide if you want your toes free, or if you are okay with something between your toes.


If you are someone who needs a lot of general foot support, especially arch support, Birkenstocks will be some of the most comfortable shoes available to you.

Upper Colors

Birkenstocks come in a wide variety of colors as well. It is important to decide if you want your shoes to be a statement piece, or if you want them to be a neutral option that will fit in with a lot of your wardrobe options.

Upper Materials

Birkenstocks are available in oiled leather, nubuck, metallic leather, smooth leather, and fabric. Birko-Flor is also an option, and it is probably the most comfortable one that Birkenstock has to offer because it is so soft and supple.

Each option has benefits, so it is important to decide which finish you find most visually appealing, and which would be most comfortable to your skin.


Birkenstock footbeds are made with many layers. These layers include cork, latex, and suede. The top layer is very soft and delicate. This is partly what makes Birkenstocks so comfortable.

If you are worried about damaging the footbed of your Birkenstock, consider learning how to clean them properly. Exquisite footbeds are also available in some select styles, and those have different cleaning requirements than other types of footbeds.


Birkenstocks use a different sizing than most brands of shoes that you might be familiar with because they are in European sizing. Please be sure to read sizing charts very closely before selecting the size that will fit you best.


Just like with other types of shoes, you need to make sure that the style of Birkenstock you wish to purchase is available in your foot width. Some styles come in narrow, regular, or wide, while others are only available in regular.


While Birkenstocks are not necessarily the cheapest shoe brand on the market, you have to consider how well-made they are. These shoes are durable, comfortable, and beneficial for people with foot pain or issues.

You need to decide if they are worth the investment. Also, consider keeping an eye on websites because it is relatively easy to find at least one style on sale if you check back often.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t I find my favorite style on the Birkenstock website?

A. If a style isn’t displaying on the website, that means it is out of stock or unavailable. If it is simply out of stock, you can request to be notified if and when it becomes available again.

If it is completely unavailable, it is likely that that style will not be returning as an option again. Also, some styles are seasonal, so they might not be available depending on when you seek them out.

Q. How do I decide which width is right for me?

A. When you are selecting your width, you need to remember that Birkenstocks are not meant to be as narrow as a lot of other shoe brands. Their width allows your toes to spread out more so that your feet and toes are properly aligned instead of crushed together.

Birkenstocks might feel a bit too wide at first, but as your feet adjust, they will begin to feel normal. If your feet are touching the edges of the shoes, they are too narrow for your foot.

For narrow feet people see our guide walking shoes for narrow feet.

Q. How long do the shoes take to break in?

A. Because the footbed contains cork, these shoes require a bit of breaking in before they become truly comfortable. The length of time it takes will depend on how often and how long you wear them for.

If you find it uncomfortable at first, start by wearing them for short periods of time and then gradually increasing the length of time until they are fully broken in.

One tip is to flex the footbed by putting one hand under the heel and gently bending your shoe several times. This will help begin the breaking-in process.

Q. How do I clean the upper of my Birkenstock shoes?

A. The answer to this question depends on the type of material that your upper is made of and how soiled it is. Fabric upper can be gently wiped off with a slightly damp cloth. Sometimes, Birko-Flor can be wiped off with a damp cloth as well, but you can use a dry one, too. Smooth leather often requires a dry cloth.

Nubuck and oiled leather often require special brushes. Always consult the Birkenstock website before attempting to clean your product.

Q. How do I clean the footbed of my Birkenstocks?

A. All you need to do is lightly scrub the footbed with a gentle cleanser, such as baby wash, and water. Once it has fully dried, you can brush the footbed with a leather brush. The Exquisite style of footbeds should never be fully wetted. Only use a slightly damp cloth to gently clean Exquisite footbeds.

Q. Are there vegan options?

A. Yes, Birkenstock offers a wide variety of vegan options. Most Birko-Flor styles are vegan. Microfiber options are generally vegan as well, and there are a few nubuck options that are made with vegan suede instead.

Q. How do I know what size to buy?

A. First, start by accurately measuring your foot and having a good idea of what your current size is. Then, you can look at the sizing guide on the Birkenstock website.

The chart will tell you exactly what size you should get. If you are in doubt, size up slightly. It is also important that you try your shoes on when your feet are dry so that you don’t damage the footbed while you are still determining your size.


Though there are many things to consider before purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks, there are ultimately many things that set these shoes apart from other options.

The options in this article are some of the most comfortable Birkenstocks available on the market. Birkenstocks have multi-layered footbeds with a soft finish, ensuring comfort for the wearer.

Birkenstocks also promote excellent foot health and are a good choice for people who are on their feet a lot during the day.

Because Birkenstocks are also stylish, they are a great option for people who need a comfortable shoe for social engagements and outings.

Birkenstocks come in many colors that are seasonal, trendy, and fun. Because there are so many options, you are sure to find one that fits your wardrobe appropriately.

Overall, there is no wrong choice when selecting a Birkenstock. You are sure to be pleased with their relaxed fit and trendy style.

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