The 7 Best Breathable Shoes of 2020

When summer takes over, your feet are likely to get all soggy. Oh! Spring does not make it any better because the heat will hit your feet undoubtedly. This does not bring the best feeling whether you are hiking or taking a walk to your favorite joint for a cup of some cold smoothie.

Many people battle with sweaty feet, especially after long walks. Some opt to go for moisture-wicking socks to curb the problem. However, that feeling of removing wet socks when you get home is nasty. This is where the best breathable shoes come in. They work exceptionally well to keep your feet dry.

These shoes have saved numerous people from the embarrassment of smelly feet. They feature a specialized construction that enhances the optimal flow of air. This makes your feet feel relaxed due to the ventilation.

You don’t have to let go of your fashionable style because the review below features the most stylish, breathable shoes for work. Have a look at them and glam your closet with a pair or more.

After comparing and contrasting conditions, we recommend the Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford for you.

Best Breathable Shoes


Made Of



Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford



adidas Originals Men's Tubular Dusk Running Shoe

Textile and Synthetic


Skechers Men's Go Walk Max Sneaker



TOMS Women's Classics Alpargata Slip-On



Vince Men's Ace Fashion Sneaker



SWIMS Mens Breeze Leap Laser Loafer



Forucreate Men's Summer Breathable Walking Shoes



1. Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Give your feet the most convenient ventilation with a pair of Cole Haan Men's Zerogrand Stitchlite shoes. Their enhanced innovation comes together to offer a lightweight yet durable footwear that gives you the confidence you deserve.

These shoes feature a unique brogue construction, which reduces weight and enhances breathability. The lightweight will allow you to wear the shoes for many hours and to improve your performance. The breathability keeps your feet fresh; hence, you will not worry about wet feet.

Another feature is the EVA midsole, which takes up the shape you're your feet for supreme comfort. You will love how comfortable these shoes will accommodate your feet as you take every mile.

The upper ripstop nylon materials are attached using extremely high-frequency welding for optimal durability. You can wear these shoes for many months, and they will remain in perfect shape. This design also crowns breathability by ensuring proper in and out-flow of air as you walk.

Besides, the sock lining is padded for utmost comfort. There will be no more pain on your heels or even lower back so you can wear these shoes all day and relish every second.


  • Lightweight for comfort when worn for many hours
  • Breathable upper for air circulation
  • Quality insole for added comfort
  • Nylon material upper for durability
  • Padded sock lining for coziness


  • They are not ideal for official wear so you cannot wear them for all occasions
  • The stitched material does not offer the expected support hence not suitable for long hours of wearing

The shoes are perfect for people who are looking for a classy casual look. The design is impeccable, and breathability will consume your sweaty feet worries.

2. adidas Originals Men's Tubular Dusk Running Shoe

adidas Originals Men's Tubular Dusk Running Shoe

You all know how Adidas does its work with perfection. Taking care of every customer's needs, they also came up with a pair for men struggling with sweating feet. The Adidas Originals Men's Tubular Dusk Running Shoe is the god of all running shoes, and every man should own a pair.

From using a blend of textile and synthetic construction to the sock-like design for perfect fitting, these shoes are the real deal. The quality materials increase their durability; hence, they won't beat up as soon. The proper fitting will keep your feet cuddles up for enhanced comfort.

Besides, the shoes have a Soft molded tpu piece on the heel, which improves the luxury. The ortholite sock line is another feature that enhances comfort. This ensures that you take each step stress-free, and your feet will be protected from any form of pain.

The Signature two-tone knit upper is the master in breathability. You can feel the fresh air as it hits your feet, thus ensuring they are as fresh as ever.


  • Stretchy entrance for easy on and off
  • Sock-like construction for proper fitting
  • Ortholite sock liner for enhanced comfort
  • Well-knit upper for breathability
  • Synthetic upper for durability


  • Most people have complained about the name because the shoes are not the right choice for running
  • Some customers feel the design is too weak for challenging activities

If you want a stress-free experience during your morning runs, grab a pair of these gorgeous shoes. The rubber outsole will take you through the tricky terrain with their optimal traction. With these shoes, You don't have to cut short your running session due to fear of falling.

3. Skechers Men's Go Walk Max Sneaker

Skechers Men's Go Walk Max Sneaker

Finding the most breathable shoes that emphasize style as well is not easy. However, Skechers Men's Go Walk Max Sneaker got you.

If you want a pair that goes well with your favorite workout gear or you are looking to do a casual dress code, these sneakers will sail you through.

The Skechers shoes are super light. If you are staying out for long, you need a pair that won't stress your feet with too much weight. These feel like you are wearing some socks.

Also, these sneakers have a synthetic upper for durability. The upper is also breathable to ensure proper air circulation. This keeps your feet from getting sweaty, thus optimizing comfort.

The responsive 5Gen cushioning is also another addition to coziness. It accommodates your feet enthusiastically, making every step of your long walks luxurious.


  • Gorgeous design for a fashionable look
  • Lace-up details for perfect fitting
  • Go well with socks so you can invest in a pair
  • Synthetic upper for durability
  • Lightweight for excellent performance


  • Quite pricey hence many people cannot afford to buy
  • The top trends to wear out when washed frequently

Skechers has been at the forefront to offer amazing styles for sneakers. Men's Go Walk Max Sneaker is incredible footwear that not only portrays high-end fashion but also cares about comfort. A pair of these would also be great for people with neuropathy due to their unique cushioning and remarkable comfort.

4. TOMS Women's Classics Alpargata Slip-On

TOMS Women's Classics Alpargata Slip-On

TOMS Women's Classics Alpargata Slip-On are chilled out shoes that take care of your feet for a quick trip outdoors. These slip-on shoes are made for easy wearing because they don't need you to lace up or hook and loop.

The shoes feature a canvas breathable upper for air circulation, especially when the weather is too hot. The canvas material is also durable, so the shoes last longer. The suede insole is also a significant part of this exceptional slip-on. It ensures that your feet have a haven for unbeatable comfort.

Additionally, their classic toe stitch detailing gives room for your toes to move, thus creating a comfy environment as you walk. The Elastic V-panel makes it extremely easy for you to wear and remove the shoes.

Most users have praised the Latex arch insert. This is due to the support it adds for your feet to feel relaxed even after extensive walks.

The outsole is made from rubber, thus heightening its durability. You will be surprised at how long these shoes will stay in good shape. However, don't soak them for long when washing. This is because they tend to stretch a lot, thus making them loose.


  • Elastic V-panel for easy on and off
  • Rubber outsole for optimal durability
  • Latex arch insert for incomparable comfort
  • Lightweight for high performance all day long
  • Stitched upper for breathability


  • They don't fit true to size, so you order a size less than what you wear
  • The upper and outsole separate after using for a short time

TOMS Women's Classics Alpargata Slip-On is excellent for the house as well as outdoor purposes. They are lightweight, and they're easy to wear design makes them perfect to go for while in a rush. Unfortunately, the shoes don't always fit true to size, and they don't look appealing when you wear them with socks.

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5. Vince Men's Ace Fashion Sneaker

Vince Men's Ace Fashion Sneaker

The versatility of these Best Breathable Shoes is incredible. Whether you want to complement your favorite skinny jeans or that khaki trouser you purchased, Vince Men's Ace Fashion Sneaker should come first in your mind.

The sturdy construction is exceptional. The leather upper keeps your feet protected for many years, and they don't seem to lose their aesthetic appearance.

The rubber soles allow you to walk on most surfaces without sliding. This prevents accidental falls, which are hazardous; hence, you can maneuver the terrains boldly.

Wearing these shoes is effortless. Thanks to the elastic gores that stretch out to allow your feet to slide in. Vince Men's Ace Fashion Sneaker also has a double padded footbed. This Improves shock absorption, thus enhancing the comfort of your feet.


  • Sturdy construction for durability
  • Rubber souls for firm grip to prevent sliding
  • Elastic gores for easy wearing and removing when you get home
  • Double padded footbed for comfort
  • Beautiful design for attractiveness


  • The sizing is not correct, but you can solve this by wearing them with socks
  • They are quite expensive, so if you are on a budget, you will have to go for another option

These shoes are gorgeous. Many people compliment their design, which is easy to wear for casual occasions. However, the fitting might need you to order a size smaller. Remember, they don't have laces, so you must get a pair that fits you properly.

6. SWIMS Mens Breeze Leap Laser Loafer

SWIMS Mens Breeze Leap Laser Loafer

SWIMS Mens Breeze Leap Laser Loafer is a favorite footwear for many people during summer. You know your feet must breathe to avoid sweating when the hot weather takes a toll on you.

The shoes are lightweight, and their meshed upper is to die for. If you have longs days outdoor, you should give this pair a try because its performance in keeping your feet fresh is high-end.

Also, their loafer design gives them a cute appearance that goes well with most of the casual outfits. If you are going out for a dinner date, your shoe game will be well complemented by a pair of SWIMS Mens Breeze Leap Laser Loafer.

You can't ignore the lace details. Get the shoes to fit you properly by adjusting the laces, and you won't believe the comfort they will offer to you. The gripped outsole works unreservedly to keep you grounded.


  • Loafer design for a fashionable look
  • Lace details for ideal fitting
  • Meshed upper for endless breathability
  • Gripped outsoles for proper traction
  • Lightweight for all-day wearing


  • Not suitable for people with smaller feet as they feel loose
  • The upper material is not so long-lasting despite its classic look

SWIMS Mens Breeze Leap Laser Loafer has always received great reviews. From its impeccable design to lightweight construction, the shoes are an excellent choice for regular users. People with smaller feet, however, find the shoes, not to fit correctly.

7. Forucreate Men's Summer Breathable Walking Shoes

Forucreate Men's Summer Breathable Walking Shoes

Forucreate Men's Summer Breathable Mesh Casual Walking Shoes comes prepared to take your feet to an adventure. They have a stylish design that cannot go unnoticed. If you are happy with random compliments as you walk around the streets, these shoes will do a great job of earning you some.

The shoes have a Slip-resistance Gum Rubber sole. It holds onto the ground firmly, thus ensuring you don't fall. Their lightweight construction gets a thumbs up from every customer. These features make the shoes great for surfing, riding bicycles, driving as well as hiking. If you are a driver, see our review on top 10 driving shoes.

Forucreate Men's Summer shoe's meshed up is fixed onto the sole by hand to boost durability. The shoes, therefore, remain intact for a long time even with regular use.

Besides, they have ventilated insoles that curb smelly feet. This way, you can take every stride with confidence that when you get home, your feet will be as fresh as they initially were when you left.


  • Stylish design for a beautiful appearance
  • Ventilated insoles to prevent odor
  • Meshed upper for enhanced durability
  • Non-resistant rubber sole for a firm grip on the ground
  • Lightweight construction for unlimited performance


  • The shoes run quite large for most standard sizes
  • They get smelly when not properly dried

Classic design, impeccable comfy, lightweight, and durable, these shoes a perfect match for numerous occasions. Make all these a reality by getting a pair for yourself as it will always compliment your casual look all day.

Things to Consider Before Buying Breathable Shoes

Breathable Shoes


The upper part of the shoes says a lot about them. To begin with, it should be made form a durable material. This is because you are likely to come across challenges that can result in easy wear and tear, and you don’t want to walk around in torn shoes.

This part of the best breathable shoes should also be breathable. This characteristic allows the circulation of air in and out of the shoes for everlasting freshness.


Fit is essential for every type of shoe. This is because wearing shoes that don’t fit appropriately lead to discomfort, exhaustion as well as pain on your feet and back. Get footwear that is neither too tight nor too loose for optimal comfort.


Comfort is quite challenging to find if you are not careful while selecting your shoes. Inspect the cushioning and arch support featured in every shoe that you are interested in. The interior should be adequately cushioned, and the insole needs to be soft.

Also, check the outsole and the insole. Do they absorb shock? If yes, you can try the shoes. If not, there are plenty of better options out there.



Whether you want shoes for going to the office or a pair to head out for a walk in the woods, a comfortable and lightweight pair of shoes is a great asset. Considering that you will be wearing the shoes for many hours, it is crucial that you select those that weigh less. As you know, weight matters a lot if you want comfort, so always pick lightweight shoes for any occasion.


This is the main factor that must have brought you here. Maybe you have been working extremely hard to get rid of smelly feet, but couldn't find the best solution, so you chose to try out a pair of these shoes. Well, you are right because, with a breathable upper mesh, your feet will always be fresh.

The main thing that will help you determine if the shoes are breathable is their upper part material. Ensure that the material allows air circulation.


Other than being an embarrassment, sliding and falling can cause injuries. Always inspect the sole to ensure that it has quality grooves. They will keep you firmly held as you walk, drive, surf, or engage in other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are breathable shoes?

A. These are shoes that allow water vapor to evaporate out of the shoes by enhancing air circulation. This keeps your feet dry and fresh all day, especially during the hot season.

Q. Are the shoes comfortable for running?

A. Shoes with a breathable upper are great for running. This is because they enhance air circulation, thus preventing your feet from sweating. You can imagine how uncomfortable running with wet feet can be. However, some of the brands are not designed for athletics, so if you want a pair for running, be sure to check on the brand.

Q. Do they run true to size?

A. Some of them fit properly according to their size. However, some of them run smaller, while others are bigger. You need to try out the shoes when possible before you buy so you can find out if there are any changes you need to make. Most of them are a good fit, though.

Q. Are these water shoes?

A. Some are great for water activities while others will mess you up. Consider checking whether they have features that protect your feet while in water. If yes, then you can go ahead and buy them. Otherwise, you might end up with dripping feet if you wear water-friendly shoes when heading to the poolside.

Q. Are they durable?

A. Yes. Most of these shoes are made from durable materials so they will last long. Also, check how the parts are attached. Glued soles come out faster than stitched ones.

Q. Are these machine washable?

A. This depends on the materials that make up the shoes. Some of them can withstand the process while others can’t. However, many of these brands are easy to clean, so you don’t need to use a washing machine. Sometimes you can just wipe the necessary parts and wash them only when they are incredibly muddy.

Q. How often do you clean them?

A. This depends on you. However, it is advisable that you clean them twice per week if you are a regular wearer. That is why you need shoes that dry quickly. So when you wash them with intentions of using them the following day, they will dry appropriately to prevent smelly feet.


Hot weather calls for a pair of the best breathable shoes. These shoes respond to your feet yearning for freshness by enhancing air circulation. Most of them feature a perforated upper for this purpose, so your feet will never be soggy.

Other than keeping your feet dry and cool, these shoes enhance comfort by offering support. Most of them have impeccable cushioning and arch support; thus, your feet will always be relaxed.

Also, you will love the versatility of the shoes. They are reliable for many occasions, such as driving, walking, running, bike riding, among others. Feel open-minded to treat yourself to some gorgeous footwear for everyday use.

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