The 10 Best Composite Toe Work Boots of 2020

The introduction of composite toe work boots continues to provide options in footwear protection. One of the most important things to consider is how much protection the boots offer to your feet. Compression foot injuries continue to rise every year.

Workers should consider a composite-toe boot. A composite-toe boot protects the foot without the metal. Composite toe work boots are an ideal choice for security and light industrial workplaces. Composite toe work boots offer the same protection as steel toe boots.

The following 10 Best Composite Work Boots of 2020 feature in work boot safety. Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Composite Toe Work Boot comes preferred.

These preferred work boots are quality at its best. Protection from foot injuries and weather conditions is important. Carhartt Men's 6" work boots deliver time and time again.

Best Composite Toe Work Boots


Made of



Wolverine Men's Overpass 6 Composite Toe Boot

Leather and Textile


Timberland Pro Titan 6 Comp Toe Boot



Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot



Bates Men's GX-8 Comp Toe Side Zip Work Boot

Leather and Fabric


Timberland Pro Boondock 6 Composite Toe



Skechers for Work Men's Radford Boot

Leather and Synthetic


ARIAT Men's Rebar Flex 6" Composite Toe Work Boot



Magnum Men's Precision Ultra Lite II Composite-Toe Boot



Thorogood Gen Flex 2



Carhartt Men's 6 Energy Composite Toe CME6355



1. Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Composite Toe Work Boot

Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Composite Toe Work Boot

These six-inch work boots combine innovative technologies for the best in comfort. The composite toe is lighter and thinner. Contoured and motion max allow these work boots to bend and flex as needed.

These work boots are one of the best waterproof composite toe work boots on the market. Work boots are one-hundred percent waterproof. Boots are reliable and dependable in a wide range of indoor and outdoor jobs.

Lightweight lug outsole absorbs shocks. These work boots protect your feet under all conditions. The outsole is a slip, oil, water, and chemical-resistant.

Tough and durable full-grain leather uppers provide extra protection. Abrasion-resistant caps over the heel and toe area are an extra feature not found on other work boots. Your feet stay dry and comfortable with breathable mesh lining.

Multi-layer footbed technology returns energy with underfoot cushioning and stability on uneven surfaces. Non-metallic nylon shanks are lightweight with excellent support from the heel, ankle to toe.


  • Lightweight and non-conductive CarbonMax carbon fiber safety toes
  • Removable multi-layer footbeds for change of comfort levels
  • Advanced PU midsoles remain lightweight and shock absorbing
  • Contrasting colors from uppers, midfoot to the outsole
  • Wicking moisture capabilities prevent foot odor


  • Poor durability lasting only a few months
  • No ankle support
  • Many issues reported of sole separation

Further Considerations:

There appear to be many issues with the sole separation of these work boots. Durability also seems to be decreasing. Affordable pricing is one highlight of these work boots. The manufacturer offers a thirty-day guarantee from all defects.

It only gets better from here. One of the following work boots is the one that you are looking for.

2. Timberland PRO 6" TiTAN Composite Safety-Toe Work Boot

Timberland PRO 6" TiTAN Composite Safety-Toe Work Boot

Confused about which work boot to buy? Consider these ranked most comfortable composite toe work boots in the footwear industry. These composite toe work boots are lightweight. Feel more energized all day during long shifts on your feet.

Look at the full-grain leather uppers designed for all-day comfort. The leather uppers are waterproof, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions. The visual appearance of these work boots is a clear sign of durable quality that lasts.

Increased height at the front keeps dirt and debris out. Extra length padded tongue is comfortable and stays in place. Side venting to both sides of the tongue allows warm air out and cool air in.

These work boots feature extra ankle support due to increased height. Padded collar is comfortable. Collar prevents rubbing, chafing, and blisters at the rear of your foot. Traditional, front lace-up with non-metallic hardware gets you through all security checkpoints.


  • Contoured OrthoLite® footbed for moisture and temperature management
  • High-rebound EVA heel insert supports the heel while providing extra comfort
  • Underfoot electrical protection from live circuits
  • Pro series rubber outsole is slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant
  • Cement construction for flexibility with reduced break-in time


  • Non-metallic lacing eyelets tend to flatten and fall out
  • Reduced quality from previous models
  • Boots stretch out after only a few months of wear

Further Considerations:

These work boots have minor issues with the lacing eyelets or grommets. Quality and durability of these work boots remain high.

Discover other unique features of many different work boots that follow.

3. Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Dependable and durable are only a few of the features of these work boots. One of the most comfortable composite toes work boots available today. The manufacturer continues to provide high-quality footwear for a variety of work conditions.

Stiff work boots that do not move when you move are uncomfortable. The rugged flexibility of these work boots moves and stretches with you, not against you. Feel the difference in the flexibility of the smooth full-grain leather uppers. Uppers are somewhat rigid in appearance but remain comfortable and supportive.

Advanced rubber outsole reduces shock to the feet. Rubber outsole is thicker with channeled grooves. Channeled groove repels water with better gripping ability. Outsoles feature self-cleaning features with no mud or dirt build-up.

Cemented construction is a feature that you will find on many good work boots. These premium work boots go one step further. Cement construction keeps these work boots flexible, allowing feet to bend as needed.


  • Storm Defender waterproofing with breathable membrane
  • Abrasion-resistant heel bumpers for extended wear
  • Extra polyurethane insole layers for higher comfort levels
  • Rubber outsoles with ladder locking channels
  • Full-length EVA inserts with steel shank for support


  • Longer break-in period required
  • Sewed seams on tongue rub on top of feet causing blisters
  • Boots produce an annoying continual squeak

Further Considerations:

These work boots are like many others on the market, including price. One main difference between these work boots is the durable cemented construction. Cement construction lasts longer over similar competitor's work boot styles.

Do not miss the opportunity to review the following work boots. Discover more useful information when buying dependable work boots.

4. Bates Men's GX-8 Comp Toe Side Zip Work Boot

Bates Men's GX-8 Comp Toe Side Zip Work Boot

Law enforcement, first responders, and military personnel prefer these work boots. Take the time to discover the extra features of this footwear. These boots also work well in a variety of everyday work environments, from construction to farming.

Durable metal side zipping. This is one feature of these best composite toe work boots. Ideal for outdoor workplaces in all weather conditions. Wear these well-designed work boots all year with eight inches of comfort and support.

Work boots include a padded collar and tongue for comfort with contrast stitching. Convenient breathable mesh lining. Removable insole. Convenient side zippers with an overlapping top closure.

The inside zip hook-and-loop closure provides for easy on and off with no tying of laces. Adjust the front lacing system only once to desired comfort levels. The non-metallic composite safety toe of these versatile work boots is comfortable. Boots are lightweight with impact and compression protection.


  • Waterproof Gore-Tex® lining keeps feet dry in all extreme weather conditions
  • Removable cushioned insole for adjusting of comfort levels
  • Slip-resistant durable outsole for good traction on all surfaces
  • Cement construction provides a lightweight and flexible platform
  • Durable performance nylon and leather uppers


  • Heel of shoes cause a painful irritation
  • The boot is too large bulky, and awkward for everyday wear
  • Lack of support to the ball area of the foot

Further Considerations:

These eight-inch high work boots are better suited for outdoor employment positions. Eight-inch height may be too high for indoor positions. Boots offer increased ankle support.

You might like our review of some well-designed zipper work boots.

Still cannot find the right work boots.? Don't give up! One of the following is the one for you.

5. Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6" Composite Toe Shoe

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6" Composite Toe Shoe

Timberland recognizes the opportunity to bring premium, durable work boots to professional tradespeople. The design of these work boots offers the best in comfort on and off the job.

Field-tested designs produce one of the best composite toe work boots. Premium waterproof leather with waterproof membrane.

The molded rubber toe protector is abrasion-resistant and durable. Composite toe shaped for ideal non-metallic protection with a remarkable fit. Comfortable composite toe with excellent compression resistance.

These work boots last for years. The three-quarter Goodyear welt cement construction provides years of continual wear. Dual-density polyurethane and Thermal Plastic Urethane outsole is slip, oil, and ice resistant.

Oil distressed uppers. Optional levels of insulation for cold weather environments. Select 200g,400g,600g, and 1000g of outsole insulation. Work boots are ideal for continual wear off the job.


  • Fatigue technology absorbs shocks returning energy to key areas of the feet
  • Dual-purpose top hardware for instant lacing customization
  • Lightweight fiberglass shank for improved stability
  • Padded tongue and collar eliminates rubbing and blisters
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Heel cup wears out before the outsole
  • Expect better quality work boots for the money spent

Further Considerations:

These work boots are a little more expensive than the others listed in this review. This company has a long and trusted tradition in producing high-quality work boots. Not all work boots will provide the comfort levels required for every individual. These work boots are a good fit for cold weather conditions.

Get a better understanding of work boot construction. Take an in-depth look at these last five work boots.

6. Skechers for Work Men's Radford Boot

Skechers for Work Men's Radford Boot

Not too many individuals realize that Skechers make a long line of perfect work boots. These work boots go above and beyond this company's history. From sneakers to durable work boots, this company has you covered.

Work boots are one of the most reasonably priced work boots on the market. These work boots include all the features of more expensive work boots at half the price.

Well-made and designed work boots. Boots feature smooth oiled leather and rubber upper with ankle height waterproofing. Temperature insulated to forty degrees below zero. These work boots protect the feet of those working in brutally cold conditions of the North.

Formed rubber toe with side detailing. Seam-sealed rubber shell keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Composite non-metallic toe protection meets and exceeds all ASTM ratings.


  • Flexible nitrile rubber outsole for good traction on ice and snow-covered surfaces
  • Shock absorbing midsole with better arch support
  • 400g Thinsulate™ insulation with optional insulation up to 1000g
  • Soft fabric lining with good breathability for comfortable dry feet
  • Memory foam topped cushioned insole is removable for comfort adjustments


  • Continual sole separation issues
  • Flaws in the seam-sealed rubber shell. Comes loose from the leather
  • Stiff at the ankles creating many sore spots

Further Considerations:

Unfortunate continual quality issues. These are the lowest priced work boots available. Price is not a factor to take into consideration when buying work boots to protect your feet. Cheap work boots do not offer the foot protection that you need. But there are affordable work boots with great durability and comfort.

There are many interesting facts about the work boots that follow. Take a moment to see that you might have missed it.

7. ARIAT Men's Rebar Flex 6" Composite Toe Work Boot

ARIAT Men's Rebar Flex 6" Composite Toe Work Boot

When it comes to quality footwear, this company stands above many others. Manufacturers of a wide range of quality work boots. First responders and professional rodeo athletes rely on these work boots. The features discovered on these work boots are a true representation of the quality.

These six-inch work boots utilize a designed support cage with remarkable durability. Support cage is ideal for continual bending, lifting, and kneeling motions. Feet remain comfortable all day with no foot fatigue.

These waterproof work boots feature an EVA cushioning midsole. These one-hundred percent of non-metallic work boots offer reliable oil and slip resistance. Approved ASTM composite toe rating.

Only these work boots offer 4LR™ technology. 4LR feature EVA cushioning with a moisture wicking sock liner. Work boots and footwear with 4LR technology provide long-lasting comfort and flexibility. Metatarsal support pads protect the top of the foot from heavy falling objects.


  • Waterproof construction keeps feet dry during wet conditions
  • Over lasted construction with premium EVA midsole with ESS extra protection
  • Forefoot flex notch with full-grain leather and mesh uppers
  • Round, comfortable composite toe
  • Leather used in key areas of work boots for more support


  • Boots need stronger laces, break very easy
  • Continual loud squeaking noise
  • Composite toe material too short. Boots rub on top of the foot at the crease

Further Considerations:

Work boots remain very competitive in the footwear industry. Watch for these work boots continue to climb towards the top of the footwear industry.

Stop reading now, and you might miss out on the work boot that you were looking for.

8. Magnum Men's Precision Ultra Lite II Composite-Toe Boot

Magnum Men's Precision Ultra Lite II Composite-Toe Waterproof Boot

These hard-working boots keep your feet protected under all extreme working conditions. The durable leather uppers feature a gusseted tongue. Tongue prevents dirt, water, pebbles, and sand from getting into your boots.

I-shield wraps around the middle to the upper part of these work boots. I-shield provides added protection from water and oil penetration. ASTM rated composite safety toe with electrical protection from live circuits. Durable and comfortable M-P.A.C.T contoured footbed with memory foam. Footbed wicks away moisture with increased shock absorption.

Slip-resistant, flexible rubber outsole. The outsole provides toe traction, heel brake zones, and ladder grips for a variety of uses. Constructed in a one-hundred percent waterproof bootie style.

These work boots are great all-around, all year work boots. Composite toe rating to an f-2413. ASTM F2413 contains guidelines that evaluate footwear for performance in impact resistance. Guidelines test compression resistance and metatarsal protection. Comfortable work boots with lower than average durability ratings.


  • Well built, lightweight, and fit the first time
  • Comfortable in all outdoor conditions at work or at home
  • Feel great right out of the box with little break-in time required
  • Composite toe not as heavy as standard steel toe work boots
  • Extra pair of laces included


  • Hard, non-flexible outsole
  • Plastic lacing hooks do not last
  • Boots taper down towards the toe causing toe discomfort

Further Considerations:

These work boots remain very affordable. Currently priced below other similar styled work boots. These work boots are durable and dependable with quality construction that deserves consideration.

Getting near the end of this review. Decision time is right around the corner.

9. Thorogood Men's GEN-FLEX 6-Inch Lace-Toe Composite Work Boot

Thorogood Men's GEN-FLEX 6-Inch Lace-Toe Composite Work Boot

These work boots are another in the long line of dependable work boots. Composite toe of these work boots is lightweight. Composite toe is capable of withstanding three hundred pounds of compression force.

Anti-roll bar heel of these electrically rated work boots will keep you on your toes and focused. Outsole crated with the latest in dual-density slip resistance. Outsoles prevent on slippery surfaces. Goodyear storm welt construction makes these work boots very durable for years.

These work boots will save you money. Outsoles are completely replaceable when needed extending the life of these work boots.

Brown tumbled; oiled full-grain leather stands up to any work conditions. Outsoles feature various cuts of leather and stitching patterns. Stitching patterns look good but fall short in foot protection.

Interior mesh spacer lining provides good air movement in and out of these work boots. Compression-molded, removable EVA footbed with 300 gel heel inserts for adequate comfort.


  • Interactive 300 VGS cushioning system technology
  • Multi-layer cushioned insole with good shock absorption
  • Gen Flex II dual-density rubber outsoles
  • Meets CAN/CSA-Z195 electrical shock resistance up to 18,000 Volts
  • Reinforced composite toe cap deflects impacts to the toe area


  • Poor durability
  • Reported issues with sole separation
  • Leather seams tear and separate after only six weeks of wear

Further Considerations:

The quality of these work boots is very disappointing. These work boots may look good, but looks can and often are deceiving. Consider work boots from another manufacturer.

Last boot in this review follows. Is this the one for you.?

10. Carhartt Men's 6" Composite Toe CME6355 Industrial Boot

Carhartt Men's 6" Energy Waterproof Composite Toe CME6355 Industrial Boot

These work boots are for the working individual — engineered footbed with over 120,000 3D footprints. Footprints ensure the best possible form, fit, and comfort.

Oil-tanned smooth brown exterior durable leather with abrasion resistance composite toe cap. Two unique layers of foam provide matchless compression. Layers of foam provide rebound abilities preventing midday foot fatigue.

Waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry. Better airflow and circulation on all interior areas. Thick rubber outsoles with deeper than average deep lugs. Lugs are oil, chemical, heat, and slip-resistant. Outsoles provide live electrical circuit protection up to 18,000 volts.

ASTM rated for live electrical circuit hazards. Perfect work boots for electricians and linemen.

Comfortable EVA midsole with dual foam Insite Technology. Footbed Molded toe bumper protects composite safety toe exterior from abrasions and cuts. Cement constructed outsole with a wider composite toe box for more room and comfort.


  • Midsole formulated for rebound and energy recovery
  • Warm in the winter and cool in the summer for year-round wear
  • Minimal break-in period required. Wear right out of the box
  • Soft, comfortable sole with excellent support
  • Heel bumper prevents scraping and damage to leather exterior


  • Exterior leather cracks in cold weather allowing moisture to enter boots
  • Leather stretches and sags after a few months of wear
  • Interior seam in heel area rubs on feet causing blisters

Affordable work boots with a higher-quality rating. Take another look at one of the best waterproof composite toe work boots you can buy.


The work boots in this review are the best in the footwear industry. Take a moment and go back and review these ten work boots again. What you missed before may help in arriving at a final decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying Composite Toe Work Boots



Leather exteriors protect your feet from all weather conditions. Look for premium composite toe work boots that offer a soft leather exterior. Leather should be flexible and easy to maintain. Premium leather work boots allow your feet to breathe.

Composite toe leather work boots are available in a variety of styles and materials. Work boots are available with a smooth or roughout leather exterior. Roughout leather work boots need less care. Roughout leather is capable of taking on the toughest of job requirements.

You can use oil for leather to protect your leather work boots from decay, discoloration, and looking like new.


Tight-fitting shoes often lead to a variety of other foot conditions. Selecting work boots that are the wrong size is a common mistake made by many. Leather composite toe work boots will stretch. Boots conform to the shape of your feet the more you wear them.

Waiting for a pair of work boots to break-in is like waiting for your winning lottery numbers. Incorrect fitting work boots will cause more discomfort in the toe box. Work boots should fit snug, not tight.



Composite toe work boots are more comfortable due to the lightweight construction. Steel toe work boots are heavy but comfortable in ideal conditions. Steel toe boots are a conductor of cold temperatures. These boots have little insulation in cold weather environments.

Lightweight, thin construction composite toe work boots are not bulky. Composite toe work boots are fifty-percent lighter than steel toe boots. Composite toe work boots offer increased comfort levels.

Here is a review of some comfortable, lightweight work boots which are ideal for all-day wearing.

Toe Protection

Toe Protection

The two most common types of toe protection are steel and composite toe. Both types of foot protection are OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) approved.

Steel toe work boots are the original safety toe work boot. Steel toe work boots offer protection from punctures. These work boots are less expensive than composite toe boots.

Composite toe work boots are a relatively new introduction to toe protection. Composite toe work boots are lighter with better electrical resistance. For this reason, composite toe is mostly used on work boots for electricians. Composite toe work boots regulate temperature controls better.

Compression Resistance

Compression resistance is the ability of a material to withstand a load. Excessive compression tends to reduce the size of a material. Composite toe work boots offer higher than the standard ASTM compression ratings.

Compression resistance is the number of loads a composite toe boot can withstand. Compression resistance relies on compression ratings. Work boots with a C/75 compression rating are capable of providing foot protection of up to 2,500. Pounds.

C/50 compression resistance rating is capable of withstanding loads of up to 1,750 pounds of force.


Your work boots should work as hard or harder than you do. Work boots need to be durable. Good work boots must withstand all job requirements and weather conditions. Durable composite toe work boots cost more. Composite toe work boots offer an increased level of durability. Wear composite toe work boots for indoor or outdoor job positions.

Walking through rain, mud, or snow, you need a work boot with durability.Composite toe work boots withstand all the fury of Mother Nature.

Composite Vs. Steel Toe: Which is Better?

Both composite and steel toe offers the required foot protection. The type of foot protection required is often dependent on your employment position.

Composite toe protection is common for everyday wear. Composite toe boots are often used for hiking or for walking long distances. This protective footwear is a blend of plastic, carbon, or Kevlar aramid fiber.

Composite toe work boots are often more expensive than steel toe work boots. Steel toe work boots are the most common work boot worn.

Steel toe work boots are the most common footwear protection used today. Steel toe work boots have some disadvantages that are not found on composite toe work boots.

Steel toe work boots worn during cold winter months tend to make your feet colder. Work boots will often set off metal detectors in airports due to the metal construction. Steel toe work boots protect against punctures and toe injuries. Steel toe work boots are heavy and less comfortable than composite toe work boots.

So, which one is better? Steel toe work boots are best for hazardous employment positions such as construction. For construction workers, steel toe boots for standing, walking & working on concrete all day might be the right choice. Composite toe work boots are better suited for light industrial work. The choice is yours.

To know more about the difference between composite toe and steel toe, check out our review here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Q. How do I know when I should replace my work boots?

A. Some visual cues will be a clear sign that it is time to replace your work boots. Steel or composite toe component beginning to show through? Replace your work boots immediately. Visible separation of seams, including the outsole, is another sign. Pay attention to the shoe's tread. Worn down tread reduces slip-resistance.

Another obvious sign that your boots need replacing if your feet get wet. If your boots leak, your feet remain exposed to the buildup of bacteria. Leaking boots also expose your feet to possibly dangerous chemicals.

Q. How can I make my work boots last longer?

A. Increase the life of your boots by rotating them with another pair. This allows materials a break from wear and tear. Rotating work boots also provide some relief to your body. One pair may provide a different support system than another.

Try wearing different boots each day, which might prove best for long work shifts. Shoe rotation helps during the break-in period. Rotation reduces the chance of developing blisters and experiencing other foot pain.

Allowing layers of mud to build upon work boots is hard on exterior leather materials. Be sure to wipe off dirt daily. Take special care during winter months to remove snow that treated with salt.

Q. Why should my work boots be waterproof?

A. Waterproofing protects your feet from wet conditions. Waterproof work boots keep your feet more comfortable. And cut the possibility of bacteria buildup. Bacteria can grow on the dark interior of your work boots.

Bacteria buildup causes other foot conditions. Dry interior of work boots does not allow bacteria to grow. Good work boots have features that keep feet fresh all day with limited odor.

In cold conditions, boots with waterproofing feature also helps to keep your feet warmer. Wearing boots that are not waterproof is asking for foot conditions that you may want to avoid.

If you spend most of your time working in cold weather and need to keep your feet warm, then well insulated winter work boots are the right choice for you. Being water-resistant, they will keep protecting your feet from getting wet.

Q. Should my employer pay for my work boots?

A. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), governs workplace hazards. Specialized work boots required for your position are the responsibility of the employer.

Employers must provide the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to their workers. PPE equipment includes – steel-toe boots, metatarsal foot protection, and rubber boots with toe protection. Ask your employer about the requirements for your work position.

Foot protection from crushing injuries is required when there is a possibility of crushing foot injuries. Large companies provide protection of foot needed at no cost to you.

Q. What is the direct-attach or cementing method?

A. This method creates lightweight, comfortable boots that mold to the shape of your feet. The Direct-Attach or Cementing Method is, fastening the upper part of the boot to the outsole. This method uses a durable and flexible adhesive like a molten rubber. Cementing method secures the outsole to the rest of the work boot.

Work boots using the Direct-Attach or Cementing Method are comfortable and lightweight. These work boots are durable and affordable.


At least sixty-thousand-foot injuries occur each year. Foot injuries can result in permanent disabilities with life-changing consequences. Wearing the proper composite toe foot protection reduces serious injuries to your feet.

Safety toe protection is now required in all commercial employment positions. Steel toe work boots are often selected based on a lower price. Composite safety toe work boots may be higher in cost. Composite toe work boots offer many advantages over steel toe work boots.

Composite toe work boots remain better suited for a variety of work environments. Composite toe caps consist of fibers for better protection from compression foot injuries. Look for work boots with a composite toe cap and a puncture-proof composite fiber midsole.

Consider for a moment the life-changing consequences without the use of your feet. Look down and see two good reasons for wearing protective work boots.

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