The 9 Best Durable Shoes for 2022 & Beyond

So you want to get the most of your investment when buying the next pair of shoes, right? The most durable shoe is the answer.

Compiling a product review often involves many hours of research, comparisons, and reviewing the features that fit into a particular category.

All the shoes reviewed here is long lasting, affordable, and designed to fit into even the most restrictive budgets. They can be worn for a variety of uses all day, every day.

For this review, the Adidas Adizero Boston 7 Shoes is a hands-down winner for men based on style, features and of course affordability.

Also, the ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Women’s Running Shoe meets all the qualifications for one of the most durable running shoes for women.

With a higher durability factor, these shoes will make an everyday run or walk one to remember. Without further ado, let’s see what more we have on the lists.

Best Durable Shoes

1. Adidas Adizero Boston 7 Shoes

Adidas Adizero Boston 7 Shoes

Most running shoes have a specific mileage to accomplish before the padding fails. Unfortunately, some of them cost upwards of $200. So the question, would you mind one that costs cheaper and whose padding has a longer lifespan? Of course, you wouldn’t. One such sneaker is Adidas Adizero Boston 7.

Unlike most Boost models from Adidas, Boston 7 features a truly robust yet responsive cushioning ever. In the first few months, it bounces after every step retaining its full padding. As it bounces, most of the energy is given back to your feet-no more overworking.

This durable gear has a lock-down fit that ensures a snug, precise fit for faster runs. The collar and tongue are padded optimally to boost comfort. Adidas Adizero Boston 7 features breathable textile that ensures your feet are cool despite how intense your exercises are. These run a bit large. To fix that, go a half size down.


  • Provides endless energy
  • Sock-like cushioning
  • Designed to last longer than ordinary sneakers
  • Lightweight and supportive
  • Breathable uppers


  • Might be slightly narrow for some people

If your key goal is to enjoy Adidas Boost technology without partying with over $150, Adidas Adizero Boston 7 is the way to go. Unlike most sneakers, it boasts of adequate padding that doesn’t give in to toils too soon.

2. Reebok Men’s CL NYLON Classic Sneaker

Reebok Men's CL NYLON Classic Sneaker

Re-live years passed with the stylish look of one of the most durable sneakers on the market.

Introduced initially as a running shoe and later as a training shoe, the overall quality and good looks of these sneakers may forever remain.

A combination of materials including leather and suede with accented striping, makes these sneakers stand alone.

Delivering time-tested comfort and durability, these shoes also emulate a sophisticated silhouette that represents a higher class of sneakers when compared to similar-looking sneakers.

As a retro-inspired sneaker, these shoes have been tried and tested by millions and remain one of the preferred sneakers on the market today.

Comfortable and extremely durable, these vintage-looking sneakers will provide the comfort that you seek on short walks or worn throughout the day while at work.

Reebok Men’s CL NYLON rated as one of the best sneakers for traction on all surfaces due to the high-abrasion thick outer sole; make it one of the most shock absorbing shoe, capable of withstanding even the harshest of weather conditions.


  • Padded sock liner
  • EVA midsole
  • Lightly added tongue and collar
  • Textile lining
  • Memory tech insole


  • Small and narrow
  • Hard to clean
  • Minor break-in period may be needed

There appear to be many issues with sizing when ordering these sneakers which are not a manufacturer issue.

It got an excellent rating with an affordable price on Amazon. Consumers are advised to pay particular attention to the provided sizing charts when ordering online.

3. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Named after a celebrated American Tennis player of the 1960s, Adidas Stan Smith is a casual unisex shoe. When you are done doing rounds in it, your better half, friend, or roommate can take them for a spin too, and they look just as adorable as you did-probably more. So, yes, this is one of those shoes that will save you some bucks by catering to the needs of those around you too.

Designed to handle the daily rigors of tennis playing, this shoe sports some serious durability. Their casual low –cut clean trim looks mean you don’t need to be selective with clothes-anything from urban dressing to formal wear will do. The fact that Kanye, Gisel Bundchen, and even our old pops wearing this shoe speaks volumes about its allure and quality.

Structure-wise, Adidas Stan Smith boasts of full-grain leather, which is why it holds up pretty well in tough conditions. The sides are meshed to promote air circulation. A sockliner lies to the bottom to help with moisture regulation. The classic Stan Smith logo is etched on the tongue and heel makes the shoe stand out some more.


  • A timeless design
  • Versatile styling for practically any activity
  • Minimalistic design
  • Very sturdy to endure the daily rigors
  • Goes easy on the pockets
  • Multiple affectionate colors


  • This is a well-made old-time shoe with little to no flaws

Adidas Stan Smith Shoes is one shoe that never gets old. Thanks to its timeless design, you will always feel fashionable. Looks aside, this shoe is designed to stand tall to hard times-no matter what. Thanks to its versatile style, this could be your go-to shoe for any event-workout related or not.

4. Skechers for Work Men’s Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Synergy Ekron Work Shoe

Are you confused about all the hype associated when looking for a pair of durable work shoes?

If so, then read on. With sporty good looks, these work shoes designed for those who work day in and day out to make this country what it is today!

The relaxed fit keeps your feet comfortable all day while at work on even the most challenging jobs.

Resistant alloy safety toe meets all safety and electrical hazards standards established by OSHA. On your feet all day, these work shoes help to eliminate strains on your feet, legs, and lower back with proper support.

With stitching overlays and accents, these work shoes are not only good-looking but also one of the most durable shoes that you can buy today.

Smooth, soft Tru-buck leather is easy to clean and expands to duplicate the movement of your feet.

OSHA compliant rubber traction thick outsole allows for sure footing on all surfaces. Stabilizing heel overlays will give you better balance when walking on smooth surfaces or while climbing.


  • Lace up front
  • Ample padding on tongue and collar
  • Memory foam cushioned comfort insole
  • Soft fabric shoe lining
  • FlexSole shock absorbing midsole


  • Poor durability
  • Insoles wear out quickly
  • Comfort levels need improvement

There are no perfect work shoes on the market. These shoes may not be ideal for work but are better than the majority of shoes that are self-proclaimed to be the best. These shoes have one of the best rankings on Amazon while remaining very affordable.

5. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Advantage Sneakers

adidas Men's Cloudfoam Advantage Sneakers

Great for a variety of uses, these tennis court-inspired classic appearance shoes remain popular with those that take exercising seriously.

Rubber outsole provides sure-gripping ability on slippery tennis court surfaces. The correct set of tennis shoes can prevent foot injuries, and these sneakers are among the best shoes you can wear if you have problems like plantar fasciitis.

It’s a rounded toe, brought back from the ’70s truly adds to the overall good looks that will continue well into the future.

Cloudfoam comfort-cushioned insole keeps your feet relaxed and in the correct posture when returning long volleys. The cloudfoam sockliner includes memory foam the conforms to the shape of your feet for comfort levels that the manufacturer is well-known.

These sneakers remain one of the most durable sneakers on the market. Classic three striped accents are easily recognizable as a symbol of quality and dedication to the manufacturing of quality sneakers for generations.

Lace-up closures complete one of the most durable sneakers available.


  • Breathable fabric lining
  • Vulcanized construction
  • Padded tongue/collar
  • Extra strong/durable laces
  • Ortholite float for superior comfort


  • Sloppy stitching
  • Not for wide feet
  • Stiff

Above-average ranking with an additional “Amazon’s Choice” for excellent quality and consumer satisfaction.

Be aware of replica because of this very classic American appearance with a styling that is often duplicated due to the overall popularity.

Very affordable still listed at or near the 70’s price range. Available in black or white with reverse three stripe accents, it is clear to see why these sneakers continue to set sales records.

6. Under Armour Men’s Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

Under Armour Men's Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

Initially designed for the athlete, Under Armour running shoes are a perfect combination for a variety of uses.

Look good and feel good while wearing these durable shoes. Lightweight and responsive, these shoes deliver the ultimate in performance on shorter or longer runs.

The unique styling of the one-piece Micro G foam midsole keeps your feet comfortable regardless of the running terrain.

From the mesh uppers to the rubber outsole, you are assured of a running shoe that is highly crafted with an incredibly perfect fit.

Leather overlays lock your feet in place at the midfoot without additional stress, binding or rubbing.

Die-cut EVA sock liner creates a soft, comfortable feel that will keep your feet relaxed and ready to go that extra mile.

Designed as a neutral shoe for those who are concerned about balance and flexibility, these shoes will meet and exceed all your previously set expectations.


  • Lightweight, breathable mesh uppers
  • Fabric lining
  • Lace-up closure
  • Padded footbed
  • Solid rubber outsoles


  • Lesser quality than the Assert 6
  • Poor fit
  • Uncomfortable

Originally listed on Amazon since January of 2016, these running shoes continue to be one of the top-rated shoes on Amazon and other leading Internet sites. Near perfect ranking on Amazon with an additional “Amazon’s Choice” featured.

It is one of the lowest priced running shoes available with the top-of-the-line features. Good to outstanding color selection with attractive contrasting colors that add to these already beautiful running shoes.

7. New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe

Combining the athletic design with a trusted legacy, New Balance Men’s MW877 Walking Shoe will provide you the comfort and stamina to reach your destination in style.

When there is a long road ahead, you will want to be wearing one of the best long distance walking shoes available.

Walking Strike Path® aids in the stabilization of your feet through natural walking stride for proper posture.

Equipped with the same durable outsole as its predecessor, the 577, New Balance Men’s MW877 shoes offer a breathable suede and mesh upper lining to keep your feet comfortable regardless of outside temperatures.

A generous higher cut and padded topline add stability where needed. Premium cushioned footbed with ABZORB midsole absorbs shocks and minor imperfection of all walking surfaces.

Accommodation of specialized orthotics provides additional comfort and support for those with foot conditions such as flat feet, overpronation and plantar fasciitis.

These shoes are perfect for those whose feet tend to sweat while walking with more air movement in and out of these very durable and dependable shoes.


  • Large toe box
  • Higher arch for increased support
  • Lightweight
  • Resilient to dirt and abrasions
  • Lower heel


  • Wide front
  • Little arch support
  • Unattractive

Granted, these versatile and durable walking sneakers may not be the best-looking shoes that you will ever own.

Yes, they are offered in only one color, a rather drab grey, but the overall styling of these shoes remains in step with the latest trends.

Highly rated on Amazon will indicate that not all consumer is concerned about appearance but quality and price.

8. ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Women’s Running Shoe

ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Women's Running Shoe

Designed for increased daily wear, ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Women’s Running Shoe hold to the standards of superior crafted footwear.

For moderate mileage runners, these shoes for women that continue to set trends and styles. The will keep you comfortable, relaxed, and in focus on reaching your overall objective with comfort and durability for smaller feet.

Rear and forefoot gel cushioning is the latest in design styling that provides support and higher comfort levels to all areas of your feet.

The rugged and durable outsole targets high impact zones with the alleviation of sharp blows to your feet.

The ASICS Gel-Excite is also an excellent recommendation for a running shoe for people suffering for feet issues like plantar fasciitis. Check out our other recommendations for feet-trouble-friendly running shoes here.

These shoes are perfect for entry-level runners who are looking for quality shoes with moderate cushioning that does not require a bank loan.


  • Removable sock liner
  • High abrasion outsole
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lace-up closure
  • Plush EVA midsole


  • Narrow
  • Inadequate support
  • Quality issues

As one on the top-selling women’s shoes on Amazon, These women’s shoes are continually high ranked on Amazon.

They are currently listed as “Amazon’s Choice” above hundreds of other similar women’s shoes. Women are attracted to the many color variations offered, which are unique while setting new trends in styling on their own.

You may have to scroll the Internet for many days looking for comparable running shoes that offer the same quality at an incredibly affordable price.

9. Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Nike Revolution brings about a new definition of running shoes.

Often labeled as minimal in design, there is nothing insignificant about these shoes. On the contrary, the design of these most durable running shoes is what sets these shoes apart from all others.

Using contrast materials that elevate the overall appearance is a bold yet welcoming approach to the traditional and often dull one material shoe.

The breathable mesh upper and the sleek knit styling work together gives this running shoe stunning looks.

These shoes include specialized “pods” which flatten out impacts and spring back to create a responsive cushioning effect that is unlike any other running shoe on the market.

The soles of these running shoes incorporate flex groves, allowing your feet to move naturally and comfortably.

Providing increased traction on all surfaces, the premiere sole of these shoes is very durable and adds to the overall appealing looks, making these shoes one of the most durable running sneakers that you can buy.


  • Molded foam insole
  • Underlays in the toe for additional support
  • Fabric lining
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable front lace-up


  • Squeak
  • Non-removable insoles
  • Narrow

Highest ranking on Amazon. These shoes are also an “Amazon’s Choice” a recognition earned, not given. These shoes are currently listed at a price on Amazon, that you will not find anywhere across the Internet.

Things to Consider Before Buying Durable Shoes


One of the most overlooked aspects of buying durable shoes is the size. Getting the correct size that allows for the comfort and support needed remains one of the most common mistakes by the majority of individuals looking for durable shoes. Forget about the looks, price or the latest in trending styles and focus on the proper fit.

Durable shoes should above all else be comfortable. When ordering online, pay particular attention to the sizing charts provided by many providers. This will ensure that your new durable shoes will fit correctly without repeated return efforts to find the fit that you are looking for.


Your feet need to breathe. Walking or working for hours on end wearing shoes that do not allow air movement in and out of your durable shoes in uncomfortable and annoying. Sweating feet have a tendency to produce other additional foot issues such as athletes’ foot. During warmer weather conditions, foot temperatures may often rise to very uncomfortable levels.

Mesh uppers often provide the best air movement in and out of the most durable shoes. Small perforations on both sides of your new shoes allow heat to escape, keeping your feet cooler and drier.


Buying shoes that last less than a year are throwing your money into the wind. Depending on how and where your new shoes will be used, should determine a basis for looking for shoes that will meet and exceed all uses. Leather shoes have a tendency to be the most durable; however, they may also be the most expensive.

There are many shoes on the market today that offer increased durability. Where the Internet is often a useful tool when looking for durable shoes, it can narrow your search down significantly saving time and additional confusion.


No one likes to wear uncomfortable shoes. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is like wearing no shoes at all. When looking for the most durable sneakers, look for midsole cushioning that will allow your feet to be wrapped in a comfort level that you are expecting. Tired and aching feet are not only uncomfortable but distracting.

Comfortable and durable shoes should move when your feet move with no restrictions, pinching or binding. When wearing for the first time, your new durable shoes should feel right the first time with no break-in period required.


Proper support is essential in all shoes, especially in durable shoes that are typically worn more than other your other shoes. Wearing to work, on casual walks or for long distance running, shoes that do not offer adequate support are doing more damage to your feet than you may realize.

Arch support is one of the main features to be looking for when buying a good pair of durable shoes. Poor arch support of lesser quality shoes is often a leading contributor to other more severe foot conditions including plantar fasciitis or flat feet. Good arch support should be flexible and allow your feet to move in natural gait or motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I seem to go through many pair of shoes each year. Is there a reason for this?

A. There could be many reasons for burning through a pair of shoes. The first one that comes to mind is the quality of the shoes that you are buying. Cheap inexpensive shoes are not going to last as long as you think.

The second reason for your dilemma may be what you are using these shoes for. Putting shoes through unusual conditions such as mud, extreme trail walking and other similar conditions are not going to last very long. Buying higher quality durable shoes that adapt to your lifestyle will undoubtedly produce the results you are looking for.

Q. Are running shoes just designed for running?

A. The answer is no. It can be worn for any occasion. As one of the most durable and versatile shoes on the market, your running shoes should serve many purposes such as working out in gym and jogging and you buy them confidently without spending additional funds buying three to four pair of extra shoes.

Q. Why are the leading brand of sneakers made overseas?

A. That is a question that you should be asking the manufacturer. Typically, the labor costs are much less overseas where consistency of quality remains the same. With a reduction in labor costs, manufacturers are inclined to offer their footwear at a lower price in a very competitive and growing footwear industry.

It should also be noted that the entire shoe is not made overseas. Specific parts of the best durable shoes may be made overseas and then assembled in the United States, thus keeping overall costs to a minimum. Keep in mind with a domestic value less than 70-percent; manufacturers are entitled to label their shoes “Assembled in the USA.”

Q. Are there one brand of shoes that are more durable than others?

A. Perhaps. Higher quality shoes tend to be more durable than others. In reality, it is a matter of how you wear your shoes and what you put them through daily. Proper cleaning, depending on the exterior composition, will make your new shoes more durable over a more extended time.

Be aware of the “hype” and smart marketing strategies that are often associated with any product, especially shoes. The footwear industry is one of the most competitive industries in existence. Do your homework when looking for durable shoes with a proven record of longevity. What you read may be something different from what you receive.

Q. Are more expensive shoes more durable?

A. Maybe to some degree but not in excess. More expensive shoes are usually made with better materials, thus the rise in overall costs of production. Taking into consideration the brand of expensive shoes that you are considering may also be misleading. Stylish shoes with the latest design often have a higher price tag; however, may not be more durable.


Unfortunately, all shoes will wear out eventually.

Finding a good pair of durable shoes that will replace the inevitable end to your favorite pair of shoes is often time-consuming and frustrating.

With more styles being introduced daily, patience is a virtue that may be required to find the most durable pair of shoes that is perfect just for you.

To coin an old phrase: “haste makes waste” is often the outcome in buying shoes that produce less than the desired results.

Select shoes that best matches your contemporary lifestyle.

The amount and frequency of wear will often determine which pair of durable shoes you should be looking for.

When ordering online, customer reviews offer insights that are proven to be helpful.

Through patience and due diligence, the perfect pair of the most durable shoes are out there waiting to be discovered.

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