The 7 Best Gladiator Sandals of 2022

Oh! Hello, summer! Said your well-pampered feet taking in the warm welcome while rocking the best gladiator sandals.

When summer knocks in, every person heads out to shop for at least a pair or two of gladiator sandals. You know how comfortably they accommodate your feet as you enjoy sipping on your favorite smoothie at the beach.

These sandals are not only stylish but perform exceptionally well in giving your feet the freedom they need every day.

Gladiator sandals are not new to the market. They have existed since ancient times thus come through for everyone, whether you are looking for a pair for hiking, working, or even some slip-on for your indoor.

Other than the comfort, the gladiator sandals for walking go well with most outfits. Rock that colorful summer dress any day and complete the look with these sandals perfect footwear for a summer enthusiast.

Below is a well-researched list of gladiator sandals you will find in the market. The best of them is the Rockport Women’s Briah Gladiator Sandal. Take a look.

Best Gladiator Sandals

1. Rockport Women’s Briah Gladiator Sandal

Rockport Women's Briah Gladiator Sandal

If you love your gladiator sandals high, this is the perfect choice for you. Rockport Women’s Briah Gladiator Wedge is a blend of comfort, great design, and durability. Check out what is featured by these beautiful sandals.

Quality leather

These comfortable gladiator sandals are made from high-quality leather. The material is soft hence offers unbeatable comfort. You can, therefore, wear these sandals all day or night.

High traction sole

You will walk confidently without fear of slipping off if you pair up your jeans with these sandals. The outsole has enhanced traction that ensures you firmly grip the ground as you walk.

Comfortable insoles

Your feet will never feel pressured if you gift them with a pair of Rockport Women’s Briah Gladiator Wedge.

These sandals have soft, and memory foam infused insoles that adjust to accommodate the shape of your feet. This way, you will experience optimal cosiness as you run your errands.

Different sizes

The wrong size of sandals can ruin your feet. But worry not because these sandals come in different sizes, so there is something for all foot-sizes. The ankle area, however, is quite tight on all the sizes. Thus altering comfort.


  • High-quality leather for durability
  • Reliable traction for the slip-free experience
  • Memory foam infused insole for enhanced comfort
  • Different sizes for every foot-size
  • Wedge heel to accommodate those who want added height


  • Some people complain that the ankle area is too tight, thus causing discomfort
  • The sandals are not ideal for those who love low heels because of their wedge design

Generally, these sandals are a perfect choice for casual and official use. Their unique wedge design makes them stand out in compensating height, so go for them if this suits your needs.

2. FRYE Women’s Blair Side Gladiator Sandal

FRYE Women's Blair Side Gladiator Sandal

They say beautiful things don’t come easily, but what do you think about glamming your wardrobe with these gorgeous sandals?

FRYE Women’s Blair Side Ghillie Gladiator Sandal is a must-have for every summer enthusiast. The sandals not only keep your feet comfortable but also match flawlessly with any outfit. Check out the outstanding features of these comfortable gladiator sandals.

High-quality leather

If you are looking for a durable pair of sandals, this one will be a perfect choice. The upper leather construction makes it resistant to tear; thus, it will remain in shape for long. It has a leather lining that protects your skin; therefore, you will not feel any irritation even after long walks.

Durable outsole

FRYE Women’s Blair Side Ghillie Gladiator Sandal has a durable outsole that features a blend of rubber and leather. This keeps the sole in perfect condition for many years of wearing. This combination is also great for traction; hence, you will experience non-slip walks.

Beautiful design

These sandals come in an asymmetrical design. This design brings out a stylish look without compromising comfort. Unfortunately, the design does not feature arch support. This may result in ankle pains and plantar fasciitis when you wear the shoes for many hours.

Though, shoes provide more ankle support than sandals do. Here is an in-depth discussion about excellent ankle support shoes.


  • High-quality leather upper for durability
  • Great design for an elegant look
  • Quality outsoles for durability and enhanced traction
  • Padded insole for comfort
  • Inner leather lining to protect the feet


  • Lacing up takes a lot of time
  • Lack of arch support makes it not ideal for wearing long hours

Other than lacing up and the missing arch support, this is such a beautiful sandal to compliment your floral summer dress. Let us find more of such pair for your favorite dress.

3. CLARKS Women’s Kele Lotus Gladiator Sandal

CLARKS Women's Kele Lotus Gladiator Sandal

The CLARKS Kele sandals with arch support should be hassle-free to put on and off. This factor was in the thoughts of them manufacture when CLARKS Women’s Kele Lotus Gladiator Sandal was designed. How about you get a better picture of this comfy footwear?

Zip at the back of the heel

It has an easy-to-open zip at the back so you can quickly slip your feet in when in a rush. You can also get them off after a long day outdoors without any struggles. This matches a great pair if you are always out and about. However, the zipper gets loose as the sandals get older.

Flexible rubber outsole

Forget the pressure experienced when you land on a hard surface. The FRYE Women’s Blair Side Ghillie Gladiator has a great rubber outsole that enhances comfort while landing. This feature minimizes any pain that your legs might be subjected to due to uncomfortable touchdown. You might be required to replace it.

Breathable upper

Enhance your feet’s freshness with a pair of FRYE Women’s Blair sandal. These sandals feature a unique yet gorgeous cut pattern on the top, which allows fresh air to flow in. With this, your feet will never get sweaty, and that foul smell due to wearing shoes for long will be history.

High-quality leather upper

Step out in style with this leather sandal that emphasizes durability without compromising the stylish look. This material ensures that FRYE Women’s Blair Side Ghillie Gladiator lasts long, provided you take care of it.


  • Zipper which makes wearing and removing easy
  • Breathable upper for air circulation
  • Leather upper to enhance durability
  • Flexible outsole for shock absorption
  • Great design for aesthetic beauty


  • The ankle strap feels too tight for people with wide feet
  • Not ideal for people who have large feet as it restricts movement

You definitely should buy these sandals if you want a pair of open shoes that will go well with your summer shorts. Also, don’t be ashamed of tagging along with the sandals for your vacation, especially while going to the beach.

4. Alegria Women’s Kleo Gladiator Sandal

Alegria Women's Kleo Gladiator Sandal

Looking expensive does not need you to spend a fortune. The Alegria Women’s Kleo Gladiator Sandal is affordable and exceptionally comfy footwear, especially for summer.

It has a one-inch heel that compensates for height if you want to feel a little taller. How about you get to know more about this fabulous gladiator sandal?

Removable insole

Alegria Women’s Kleo Gladiator Sandal is designed to perform best and accommodate your feet effortlessly.

They have removable outsoles that are made from a combination of cork, suede, and memory foam. All these ensure that your feet are in a perfect environment for optimal comfort.

Perfect outsole

If you want your toes and heels relived, this is the sandal you should purchase. Alegria Women’s Kleo Gladiator Sandal has a thick outsole that absorbs pressure with every step you make. You can, therefore, enjoy wearing this pair all day without experiencing any pains.

Hand-sewn construction

This means unbeatable durability. Alegria Women’s Kleo Gladiator Sandals with arch support are hand-sewn, thus promising you an elongated relationship.

Three buckling points

Take a few seconds to buckle the three straps. This will keep your feet in place all along, thus crowing the comfort from the perfect fit. However, The buckling does not make the sandals fit correctly, so always buy one size down your standard size.


  • Great leather lining for durability
  • Enhanced outsole for excellent cosiness
  • Removable insoles for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Hand-sewn construction for sturdiness and durability
  • Three buckling points to prevent your feet from slipping out


  • Customers have complained about the sizing, always order one size below yours
  • Not the perfect gladiator sandal for orthotics

The best things about these sandals are the adjustable straps, which will help keep your feet from slipping and at the same time giving them enough movement freedom. It sure is unlimited footwear.

5. Cobb Hill Women’s Gabby

Cobb Hill Women's Gabby

Cobb Hill Women’s Gabby has built its name as an ideal gladiator sandal every woman should have. Its beautiful straps that are fashionably patterned bring out its gorgeousness without a doubt.

You will like the heel as it doesn’t stand too high, thus retaining comfort. Here is everything else that you need to know about these outstanding sandals that will come in handy for your casual or professional wear.

High-quality leather

These sandals will take care of your outdoor errands for years. The leather outer ensures that they withstand harsh weather conditions. Hence they will not wear out any time soon.

Adjustable lace-up

Cobb Hill Women’s Gabby sandal has an adjustable lace-up, which allows you to keep them as tight as you feel comfortable. However, don’t tighten them too much because they will ruin your feet movement resulting in pains. The lace-up also requires quite some time for you to do it properly.

Available in different colors

Many huge brands forget to consider color and end up manufacturing a single one for everyone. However, Cobb had this in mind, and these sandals come in different colors. Choose your best colors that are likely to blend well with your preferred outfits.


  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Stylish to enhance class
  • Zipper at the back for easy on and off
  • Different sizes to fit most foot sizes
  • Adjustable lace-up to improve comfort


  • Not ideal for people with wide feed to the narrow width
  • Does not suit people who do not like heels

Cobb Hill Women’s Gabby is mostly worn with a formal outfit. Matching them for a casual look can be extremely difficult.

6. Ollio Women’s Shoe Gladiator Sandal

Ollio Women's Shoe Gladiator Sandal

If you are picky with gladiators, you must find it challenging to find a pair that pleases you to the core. However, this one should come to your rescue. The comfort is magical. How about the stylish look? Lets us see what more to expect from these sandals.

Synthetic upper

You need a pair of the best gladiators sandals that will last long enough. The Ollio Women’s Shoe Gladiator does that as it is made from synthetic, which enhances durability. The material effortlessly beats the challenges posed by the environment, thus keeping it sturdy.

Breathable strappy sandals

Sweaty and smelly feet suck. You need to invest in breathable sandals such as these for your feet to experience top-notch freshness. The straps are well spaced to ensure enough air circulates in your feet to prevent odor and sweat.

Comfortable heel

The heel is 0.31 inches, which improves the arch support. Therefore, you will wear the sandals comfortably without fear of ankle or even back pains.

Available in various colors

Get spoilt and grab every color that goes well with your favorite outfits. Ollio Women’s Shoe Gladiator sandal is available in different colors, such as black and brown. You, therefore, have options to get your best choice.


  • Breathable upper for feet freshness
  • Low heel to enhance comfort
  • Different colors for one to choose their best
  • Beautiful design for a posh look
  • Zipper back for easy wearing and pulling out


  • People with small feet find the sizes too big
  • The straps are not adjustable, thus ruining the fitting for people with smaller feet

You can pair any of your outfits with the Ollio Women’s Shoe Gladiator Strappy Zip Closure Multi Color Sandal. However, the firing might disappoint you because you cannot adjust the straps. However, they are gorgeous footwear that will steal glances out there.

7. Rampage Women’s Santini Cutout Gladiator Sandal

Rampage Women's Santini Cutout Gladiator Sandal

Thoughtfully made to take care of your summer needs, the Rampage Women’s Santini Cutout sandals are among the best gladiator sandals in the market. They come in different sizes, thus accommodating several feet. The design is exceptional with a rear zipper so you can quickly wear and remove them.

Micro wedge heel

The heel is perfect for those who don’t like flat sandals. This heel improves arch support. The heel is comfortable, and you can appreciate having the shoes on for many hours.

Synthetic sole

The synthetic soles hold your feet firmly to prevent them from slipping out of the sandals. This ensures that your cosiness granted as you walk. Most people don’t like synthetic material because it sometimes slides, especially when wet.

Leather upper

Rampage Women’s Santini sandals have a leather upper. It enhances durability and keeps the sandal in impeccable form for years. You will relish every experience when you wear the sandal.


  • Handmade construction for optimal durability
  • Low heel to increase the comfort
  • Leather upper to help withstand harsh conditions
  • Great sole for non-slip walks
  • Back zipper for easy wearing and coming off


  • Lacing up consumes time
  • Some people feel like the back is too high thus reducing on the comfort

Don’t let summer go by without gifting your feet with this pair of gladiator sandals. They are cute and comfy. The price is also affordable, and it beats other sandals that come with a similar price tag.

Consideration Before Buying Gladiator Sandals

There are various things you have to consider before investing in gladiator sandals. Check them up below


Think about the style that suits your needs. The most common styles available in the market today include high heel gladiators, lace-up gladiators, low heel sandal, zip back gladiators, ankle-high gladiators, and wedge gladiators.

There are more styles, so you are free to explore more for optimal satisfaction. Some of these styles are perfect for various foot sizes, so it is worthy if you go for a style that accommodates your feet without problems. So be keen on style because it influences your comfort in the end.


Different gladiator sandals feature varying upper. Do you like it synthetic or leather? Remember, material impacts durability so choose the best.

Also, you need to check the pattern of the straps on the upper. Does it please you? If yes, you can go ahead and purchase the sandals. The upper needs to enhance breathability, so select a pair that will keep your feet fresh and dry.


Both the inner and outer sole should be made from high-quality material. The inner sole should also be removable for easy cleaning after wearing the sandals for long.

On the other hand, the outsole should be thick enough to enhance shock absorption. It needs to be durable and sturdy enough to ensure traction is at its best. This will ensure that your feet remain footed on the ground to prevent sliding.


Non-fitting shoes are problematic. If you get a loose one, your feet will keep slipping out. Sandals that are too tight cause discomfort, and you will not enjoy wearing them. Go for a size that fits you perfectly if you want a great experience with sandals.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider. Without comfort, gladiator sandals are useless. Ensure that you are okay with the heel size. Look at the inner lining as well because it contributes to comfort. The weight of the sandals should not ruin the comfort as well. Sandals that have laces are mostly preferred because you can adjust them for superior comfort.


How well will the gladiator sandals perform on different occasions? Consider the effectiveness of the choice of sandals because you might need to use them not only for summer but also for your office meetings or a weekend getaway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do they “click clock” when walking?

A. No. Gladiator sandals barely make the noise when someone is walking.

Q. How do you clean them?

A. It is quite easy. If you have not worn the sandals for long, use a damp cloth with some soap to wipe the dirt off. If worn for long, you can use soapy water and a piece of cloth to wash them.

Q. Are they comfortable for walking around all day?

A. Absolutely yes. However, you might consider the gladiator sandals that have low heels for this purpose.

Q. Do all the gladiator sandals have arch support?

A. Not really. However, most of them feature arch support to enhance comfort. Be keen while buying the sandals so you can go for those with arch support.

Q. What outfits are best for the sandals?

A. Gladiator sandals go well with either casual or official outfits. But it is good you check the style of the sandals, so you don’t ruin the look.

Q. What are gladiator sandals?

A. They are mostly flat sandals that have straps holding the sole onto the foot. New models such as wedge gladiator sandals are coming up as well to suit the needs of customers who want some height.

Q. Are gladiator sandals expensive?

A. The price depends on the brand. However, there are many affordable gladiator sandals, so don’t shy away from looking for a pair or two. You will always find something within your budget.


The best gladiator sandals come in handy to offer you the comfort you need in footwear. You don’t want to lose out on the fresh feet, superior durability, and versatility that comes with gladiator sandals.

Whether you want to put on your jeans or that pretty little black dress, a pair of gladiator sandals will come through for you.

The buying process will be easy now that you know the things to consider. So get ready to grab a pair, and with the above reviews, you will settle for the perfect fit for you.

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