The 7 Best Heel Cups of 2022

Perhaps, the worst condition you can suffer from is being scared of stepping on the floor while putting on shoes.

Yes, you are not alone; many people also suffer from pains occasioned by a swollen or sore pressure point on the plantar fascia or heel spurs.

Don’t wallow in self-pity; we’ve got done the research to help you out!

We have decided to help you find a lasting solution by presenting this comprehensive breakdown of the heel cups & cushions that will make the pains go away no matter the activity you are engaging in.

Since a healthy body (or feet) is a healthy mind, your “paws” must be well-cushioned and balanced, giving the right posture and gait to keep the pain away always.

ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cups is a forerunner among the best heel cups and cushions that are suitable for all feet conditions.

Does it have contenders; are there others out there that will keep the bounce in your steps guaranteed all day?

You will have a great time reading this!

Best Heel Cups

1. ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cups

ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cups

To have a pain-free heel whenever you put on your favorite pair of shoes, this silicone gel heel cups by Vivesole is the solution.

While reducing strain on your foot, it gives extra support and relieves fatigue on the ankle muscles.

If you have sore heels, pain in your Achilles, or suffering from Plantar fasciitis and Bone spur, the inserts of this pair will soothe the pains and keep you comfortable all day long.

This fantastic pair of shoes reduces stress on pressure points to prevent pain and swellings. The relief it offers will make you uncomfortable.

Top Features

  • Shock-absorbing gel
  • Latex-free
  • Heel pain relief
  • Comfortable
  • Odor resistant
  • Dual-density cushioning
  • Self-adhesive base


  • Cushions and support the feet to ease ankle and foot tiredness
  • Dual-density cushioning absorbs impact when walking
  • Presence of gel in the heel gives shock absorption relief
  • Made to fit in all shoe types
  • The latex-free gel promotes durability
  • Use of non-slip resistant surface aids non-slip fit in shoes
  • Anti-microbial gel inserts prevent the build-up of bacteria that results in unpleasant odors
  • You can clean with ease with water and mild detergent
  • The package is inclusive of a pair of gel heel cups
  • Available in men and women’s sizes
  • Comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee


  • Not durable for heavy use
  • Less support
  • Sticks to dirt with ease

If you are always standing on your feet at work, ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cups is right for you because it lifts the heels and provides exceptional support, thereby reducing weariness to the back, legs, and feet.

Whether you are walking, running, or standing, you are sure of a comfortable feel as it redistributes pressure and reduces pain in your heels.

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2. Dr. Scholl’s HEEL CUSHIONS


Made with the Massaging Gel advanced technology, Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions provide the comfort you need to stay on your feet and heels without pains.

Extra support from the gel advanced bouncier and softer gel waves helps cushion your feet and absorbs shocks from impact when walking or running.

At the ball of the foot area, there is a responsive wave cushioning with softer gel waves that provide energy rebound and cushioning to the feet.

Top Features

  • Slim and tapered design
  • Raised profile
  • Responsive-wave cushioning
  • Massaging gel advanced technology
  • Targeted heel cushioning
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Cushioning from massaging gel relieves heel discomfort and sensitivity
  • Massaging gel advanced waves act to absorb shock
  • Raised profile lifts the heels and distributes weight off it
  • With the slim design and a tapered end, it fits with ease into all shoe types
  • Responsive wave cushioning protects the heels from pain
  • It is a good value at an affordable price


  • Non-sticky
  • Thin Cushioning

For shoes without the right support, Dr. Scholl’s HEEL CUSHION provides the extra support required to stay comfortable and pain-free all day long.

It is a brand you can trust given that they have been in the foot care industry since 1904, manufacturing products that will keep you comfortable on your feet.

To get the best out of it, you must change it every 6 months or at the sign of wear and tear.

3. Heel That Pain Heel Cups

Heel That Pain Heel Cups

If you have heel pains caused by heel spurs, bone spur, high arch, flat feet, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis, relief is guaranteed with the use of Fascia-Bar technology by Heel That Pain as a heel cushion.

The design is well-balanced within the shoe while giving proper support to the feet and heel. This is especially true when walking, running, or standing all through at work.

Made with soft Kraton, it feels firm on the feet and repels moisture, sweat, and the build-up of bacteria, and will not make you slip or slide within the interior of your shoe.

Top Features

  • Fast and natural pain relief
  • Firm inserts
  • A 360-degree heel cup support
  • Fascia-Bar technology
  • Patented and unique
  • Therapeutic Acupressure
  • Anti-slip surface shoes
  • 120-days guarantee


  • It is available in firm rubber, rubber/gel hybrid, and soft gel, depending on the nature of your feet
  • The multi-directional support gives comfort and guarantees good posture when running, walking, or standing
  • Promotes freedom of movement
  • It repairs damage to the nerves without the need for surgery
  • It is available in 4 sizes for men and women
  • Worn with ease in closed-heel shoes


  • Too thick

The Fascia-bar technology makes use of targeted acupressure on the plantar fascia ligament to ease pain and reduce inflammation to the bottom of the foot.

Its uniqueness makes it one of the remarkable heel cups for people wanting relief from various feet disorders faced by men and women.

The positive side to Heel That Pain Heel Cups is that it offers relief to you within a few days of trying it on for a few hours.

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4. ProFoot Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain

ProFoot Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain

Using the motto of its company, “the better your feet feel, the more you can do,” this product is designed with a heel cushion that gives support to the entire length of the plantar fascia to relieve pain and stress.

If you have been struggling with aching pain and inflammation because of plantar fasciitis, the orthotic insert will give you soothing relief at the exact spot of the pain.

Despite the affordable price, it has the right heel and arch support, which makes it acceptable and popular among users that want extra heel cushions.

Top Features

  • Vitafoam RXD
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned heel
  • Arch support
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Unique design cradles tender heel for molded support
  • Use of gel heel inserts to absorb shock and protect the heels
  • Right support on the plantar fascia helps reduce pain and stress
  • Deep heel cup gives stability and support which helps in pain distribution when moving around
  • The patented arch design removes pressure from painful spots in the heels
  • The insole helps to fight the symptoms of plantar fasciitis


  • Slippery, sticky point after few weeks of use
  • Narrow support area
  • Not durable

No matter how long you stay on your feet, ProFoot Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain gives the right support.

Profoot inserts, insoles, wraps, and pads work together to keep your feet in top shape while going about your daily activities.

5. Sof Sole Gel Heel Cup Lifestyle Insoles

Sof Sole Gel Heel Cup Lifestyle Insoles

Sof sole has grown over the years to become an expert in the production of quality and innovative high-performance insoles for athletic and sports shoes.

The heel cup provides relief and protection to the heel during high impact sessions such as exercising or dancercise.

Made with a revolutionary lightweight polymer gel, you can get optimal comfort and ease from heel pain and heel spurs.

Top Features

  • 5mm heel thickness
  • Double-layer gel
  • Tapered front edge
  • Lightweight Sof gel material
  • Reinforced heel cushioning
  • Gel heel cup insert


  • Dual-density cushion gives extra stability to the heels
  • It helps relieve imbalanced pressure on the heels
  • Use of design wraps all over the heel to promote consistency
  • Multi-versatile insert for different types of shoes
  • Gel cushioning helps in cradling the heels
  • Flexible and tapered edges make it fit into any shoe with ease
  • Available in men, women, and children sizes
  • Pricey insole but worth the price


  • Slimy texture

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a footwear lover, Sof Sole Gel Heel Cup Lifestyle Insoles has unique features that offer you the needed support, while staying comfortable no matter the terrain.

The insert also serves well to augment the differences in leg length without any further discomfort.

6. Pnrskter Heel Cup

Pnrskter Heel Cup

Made with high-quality gel, which guarantees superior comfort, it contains vitamins that soothe the skin, and it is a one-size-fits-all design too.

It is one of the best heel cushions for treating sore feet, cracked heels, stress fractures, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and sprained foot.

With this on your feet, you can go about your daily activities without worrying about swelling, soreness, or discomfort to your heels and knees.

Top Features

  • Comfortable and soft gel material
  • Instant heel pain relief
  • Wearable insert
  • All-day comfort
  • 3-years post-sale guarantee
  • Unique design
  • Anti-odor
  • Toxic-free


  • Unique cellular design keeps you comfortable on your feet daily
  • The relief from all forms of heel pain is instant
  • Flexible to fit into all shoe sizes
  • Reduces friction and absorbs shock from impacts
  • Suitable for all shoe types, e.g., dress shoes, sneakers, high heels, ballet shoes, etc
  • Perforated all over to aid aeration
  • Serves as extra support to the arch and heel
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Good quality at an affordable price


  • Not easy to put on
  • Thin support

To keep the feet safe from blisters, calluses, and feet sensitivity, Pnrskter Heel Cup is a good option considering the moisturizer and superior protection it offers to keep your feet fresh at all times.

You can wear them with or without socks around the house to keep the pressure off sore and swollen joints.

7. Foot Petals Fancy Feet Back of Heel Cushions

Foot Petals Fancy Feet Back of Heel Cushions

Fancy feet back of the heel pad for shoes is a fantastic product from Foot Petals, which you are supposed to stick to the back of the heels to protect against rubbings that will lead to blisters.

Your feet will remain dry and cool, thanks to the use of high performance, breathable foam materials for the inserts.

Since the insert is about ¼” thick, you can insert it into a big size shoe to get a tighter fit.

Whether worn with or without socks, it prevents the feet from slipping or sliding within the shoes.

Top Features

  • Synthetic sole
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Invisible design
  • Hi-performance
  • Made in the USA


  • Keeps heels from slipping out
  • Helps with sizing and fit
  • Suitable for flats and heels
  • Takes the pain away from the pressure points
  • The invisible design gives lasting comfort
  • Available in black and khaki colors
  • Ultra-fresh anti-bacterial technology protects your feet from sweat and friction
  • The innovative cushion offers support that aids shock absorption
  • Affordable price


  • Too thin

If you have a narrow heel, you will find Foot Petals Fancy Feet Back of Heel Cushions, a comfortable fit for all your shoes to help keep your feet from moving around.

It is advisable to use shoes that have a smooth interior lining so the adhesive can stick well to it.

You won’t have to worry about irritation to your ankle or heels after surgery if placed well in your shoe.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Heel Cups


Heel cups fit the heel to help absorb shock and keep you comfortable all day long.

You have to shop for a heel cup or cushion that molds to your heel and also fit your shoe well.

This is to ensure you do not have blisters or sore feet after your daily activities.

The right fit will give support and stability to your feet while helping with the correct alignment for the foot bones.

A well-fitting heel cup will fit into any shoe type and size, and that will provide a snug fit for your feet.

Orthotic cushion

You get support and comfort when you protect your heels with the best insert that has orthotic cushioning.

The orthotic cushion is rigid, soft, or flexible, especially if manufactured with either carbon fiber or compression materials.

The essence of having a heel cup with proper orthotic cushion is to ease all kinds of pain in your foot, leg, thigh, and lower back.

It also serves to take the pressure off sore or swollen areas that may have been as a result of having heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, etc.

An orthotic cushion often helps in correcting the painful situation and reduces your exposure to surgery to fix the issue.

In summary, the best Heel Cups & Cushions should have orthotic features.


The material and technology used in producing the heel cup are vital to the convenience of the user.

To get optimal comfort, the heel cup must have the right amount of cushioning to shock absorbing from impact, whether when walking, running, or exercising.

A comfortable heel cup will aid your mobility no matter the type of footwear you have on and the terrain you are walking on, considering that you can maintain a good foot posture.

Heel support

When you need extra support in your shoes, having heel support in your heel cup helps in relieving heel pains, provides support, keeps your feet comfortable, and also help you recover from injuries that may have caused discomfort to your daily living.

Proper heel support means freedom from back, leg, ankle, and arch pain.


Heel cups with the right amount of traction helps with the grip required during high-intensity sessions such as in sports and dance exercise where there is a lot of sliding, twisting, and turning.

Sliding and slipping of the feet is not ideal, because it will make you prone to injuries from falls.

Depending on the terrain you are walking, running, or standing on, this heel cup should give you the necessary grip to stay stable and comfortable.

Every good back of heel pads for shoes must have good traction, just like we see in the list above.


To get the best out of your heel cup, it should be able to serve you for long; it must be durable.

Those made with gel and solid materials tend to last longer even though it depends on how often you wear them.

You can opt for those with anti-microbial elements that repel bacteria and odor, which will make it prone to damage from moisture.

Always wash and dry it after use to make it long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why do You need Heel Cups?

A. Insoles or heel cups under the foot and inside the shoe helps give support, protect your heels from blisters or rubbings, and ensures the right fitting, especially when wearing a big size shoe.

You need it to correct the positioning of the foot bone if you have issues with plantar fasciitis, heel or bone spur, sprains, swollen feet, etc.

You won’t go wrong with owning a pair or two of heel cups since it keeps you stable and comfortable on your feet while going about your daily activities.

Q. How long should a heel cup be on the feet?

A. Since it may take time for you to get familiar with having extra material within your shoes, you should get used to it by timing yourself.

It can be from 30-60 minutes a day to 4-5 hours as the days roll by.

The activities you partake in or the number of hours you have your shoes on your feet will also matter.

You can decide to wear it with socks or without socks or shoes within the house all day long, depending on how intense the heel pain is because heel cups offer immediate relief from pain to the user.

Q. What is Heel Cups made of?

A. Most heel cups are made with medical-grade silicone gel, memory foam, carbon fiber, and other compression materials. They may also have inserts with layers to provide extra cushioning and support to the feet.

The materials are lightweight, flexible, and moldable to fit into different types and sizes of shoes.

Q. How do you care for your heel cups?

A. You should handwash with a mild detergent in cold water.

Do air dry it and not sundry to reduce damage to those made with gel.

Q. What If You have pains on one heel?

A. It is advisable to wear your heel cup as a pair so as not to throw your body off-balance.

To stay safe and not disrupt the body biomechanical balance and healing, please use the right and left leg separately at all times.

Q. How Often Should you replace it?

A. Daily users of heel cups should get a new pair every three months, depending on the durability.

The activities you perform with it will determine how often you will change it.

Whenever you begin to feel pain on your feet, do check for a reduction in padding (which is a sign of wear and tear).

If you don’t wear it often, give it up to six months before changing it.


Having a foot condition should not be a limiting factor to putting on that special pair of shoes that you have been peeping at in your favorite footwear store.

There are orthotic inserts that ensure your feet speak to others around you.

It does not matter how intense the pain level you are experiencing is, there is a heel cup that will take the pain away and also remedy the underlying factor to prevent a reoccurrence.

Whether you want to stick to Dr. Scholls, Foot Petals, Pnrskter, Sof Sole, ProFoot, Heel That Pain, and ViveSole, your comfortability, support, and stability must be at the fore in taking a buying decision.

The above review on the 7 best Heel cups & cushions of 2022 will not fail you as you decide to take a step to keep your heel healthy always.

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