5 Best Ladder Stands For Bow Hunting: Worth for the Money

A higher height gives you more advantages as you have a greater view of the target, high scent detention and overall safety from the wild animals. There is less movement hence the prey is undisturbed for good hunting.

Many hunters are now using ladder stands because of the convenience they provide when hunting. The ladder stands are inexpensive, easy to use and also provide you with comfort but you have to pick the best ladder stands for bow hunting carefully!

There are many varieties of ladder stands for hunting that meets any hunting style and standards. If you want to get more success on your next hunting trip, you should find a ladder stand that fits fine on both your car trunk and on the tree. Considering all the facts, We have prepared this 5 Best Tree Standing ladder stand for bow hunting which may help you.

Best Ladder Stands For Bow Hunting - Top 5 Picks in 2018

1. Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand

This tree stand allows you to have a partner who will help you in your hunting activities and comfortably accommodate two individuals.

This unit is good where hunting may involve long hours of operation, burn out may set in hence require a helper.

Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand

Optimal Space

It gives you two enough space to sit, stand or work independently or collectively. It has two seats that offer you a good platform for greater visibility hence more control. Ample space you in setting up all the hunting tools in place ready to kick off your duties.

Padded Bench Seats

These seats are made well to fit all hunters who could be working for long hours and need to sit a lot. Besides, they are very comfortable with straps to hold you in place for your safety.

V-Shaped Design

Hold the two hunters close to the tree for maximum concealment, because as I told you prior, disrupting your prey is what you are avoiding. It the target notices your presence, it will hide; hence no hunting will take place. You can, therefore, work conveniently without the prey spotting you.

Tree Attachment

For the hunters' comfort and safety, the tree stand holds you close together for stability and concealment. This is achieved by the two ratchet straps, safety tie off ropes and a strong stabilizer bar.

2. Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder

This is a bow holder that is a good compliment to many tree stands because it fits well in the unit.The following stand out in this hunting tool making one of the many popular bow holders on sale.

Fast Set Up

It is relatively easy to clamp the stand to the tree safely yet fast. This saves time as you fit the other hunting tools ready to take that desired perfect shot.

Summit Treestands Universal Bow Holder


The tree stand last long thanks to the all metal construction. The seats, platform and all other parts can withstand all weather hence you can reliably use it from one season to the next.

Rubber Coating

As you, all know rubber does not produce sound when rubbed with other surfaces. This material is used in casing the unit so that when holding it, putting it down or working with it, it’s noiseless for calm hunting activities.

Exceptional Height

This bow holder allows you to go to extreme heights safely as it gives you maximum stability and firm hold. This height is a big asset to any hunter as there's greater visibility, less movement and you can get very close to you target as well.

3. Rivers Edge SYCT One Man Ladder Stand

The product is made for bow hunters and gun hunter of different heights and size since they cannot maintain balance on a two man tree stand. These are its distinct features:

Bark Biting Bar

This bar holds firmly the bark of the tree in a way it can never lose grip for the hunter's confidence. Besides, it offers maximum stability the hunter can work for a long hour without any worry.

Rivers Edge SYCT One Man Ladder Stand

Dual Blades

These two blades are opposite each other thus help in maintaining side by side grip for the comfort of the hunter. The surest thing is that you can only optimize your productivity only if, the environment you are in is conducive and friendly for your operation.

Ratcheting Cross- Cross Straps

It has strong well-padded straps for holding the tree stand closer to the tree for more stability and to conceal the hunter from its target. Holds the stand in place to the tree for more stability and hunter's safety.

No Slop Pockets

The ladder uses solid welded pockets and tool less threaded knobs in removing all slack therefore minimizing movements with little to zero levels of noise.

4. Rivers Edge SYCT Wide Ladder Stand

This rivers edge model has an ultra- wide Tear Tuff mesh seat offers ample room for sitting and moving around.


It has an ultra-wide tear tuff mesh seat offers ample room for sitting and moving around. The large space available you can work collectively with your partner in bow hunting or gun hunting.

Rivers Edge SYCT Wide Ladder Stand

Weight limit

It can accommodate much weight of two hunters with all their hunting tools comfortably. It’s capable of supporting up to 250lb while still holding you close to the tree. Do not exceed this limit as you may make the unit wear out faster.

Flip up

This unit has a flip up seat allowing you have enough space and make movements on the stand unhindered. Also has a flip up footrest for easy entry to the stand.


This factor is well engineered in the make with the help of ratcheting criss- cross strap, bark biting stability bar and stability blades for side by side grip.

5. Summit Solo Prerformer Ladder Stand

The solo performer gives the hunter greater visibility of the surrounding without obstruction for perfect shooting. These features make it popular and a good seller in the market:


It's made of long lasting steel metal that is strong and capable of withstanding all-weather elements without facilitating wear and tear. This adds on to leverage making this unit last longer.

Summit Solo Prerformer Ladder Stand


This stand allows you comfortably at extreme heights giving you a clear view of your target, can adjust your tools to bring the prey very close for an accurate shot. Height is always a big asset in hunting, and great height is much better.


This tree stand allows the hunter to feel secure by being protected from fall and wild animals. It is fitted with stability accessories such as ratcheting straps, bark biting tool, two-sided blades for side to side grip its super stable.

Easy set up

Even if you have spotted your prey a distance, you can quickly set up the stand ready to make that shoot not to miss on an opportunity. Similarly, this unit is easy to dismantle and move to another location in case you spot another target that you cannot work on well from your location

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Make no mistake of buying a ladder stand without first having to consider the following for convenience so you do not lose your shot. For a reliable ladder stand factor this very serious before exchanging this product for the money.

Safety and Durability

How safe is the hunter, is a basic consideration. The hunter should feel safe and secure while operating on a tree. The platform, seat, and all other parts should be well made to withstand all conditions and to last from season to season.

Weight Limit

It could be dangerous if a hunter is in extremely high heights and the stand cannot handle weight hence topple. Most tree stands can hold the weight of 250 pounds while others can accommodate heavier hunters up to a maximum of 350 pounds. Care should be taken not to overload the unit which can be chaotic leading to a fall, injury or even death.

Set Up Time

Since a hunter could be hunting in very remote and dense area, majorly late in the evening or at dawn, you obviously require a stand that is easy to set up to save on time and also not to miss the targets.

Hunting Style and Needs

Some hunters like to run and gun these would best operate with portable stands, while there are those that like working in a location hence may use heavier units. Some prefer climbing stands rather than hang on stands and vice versa. Depending on your need and style choose the best working tool for you.

Quiet Operation

For the hunter to get accurate results, he or she should operate in all hunting conditions quietly so as not to interrupt the target or learn of your presence as it will run away. The stand should not produce sound when making small movements or raise from your seat.

Final Recommendation

The bottom line is every hunter has his own preference and you can't miss a stand that suits your needs. The hunter's safety, comfort, stand set up, weight limit should well be looked at before purchase or use to avoid accidents or any unforeseen event.

For me, the definite winner of the best ladder stands for bow hunting 2018 is Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand due to it's outstanding quality and amazing comfort-ability of the seat, moreover it will easily fits within your car trunk.

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