The 7 Best Merrell Hiking Shoes of 2022

When Randy Merrell, John Schweizer, and Clark Matis started Merrell in 1981, the trio did not know how big the company would be. Although several changes have occurred, the company is one of the most successful footwear and clothing factories in the world. If you need the best Merrell hiking shoes, the only choice before you is to select from the seven below.

When your fellow hikers are crying of blisters, unsteady, and uncomfortable shoes, you should be smiling with one of the shoes below. The exciting part about Merrell is, the company produces shoes for women and men hikers alike.

Take, for instance, Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe. The shoes stand out as the best Merrell hiking footwear. The boots are made of a suede leather top, rubber sole, and the interior is filled with cushioned lining. Merrell Alverstone fits your foot perfectly because the footbed has shock absorption. With these few features, you might want to try the shoe.

Merrell makes hiking shoes for women too. In this list, you will find the best Merrell hiking shoe for womens that you may want to try.

Best Merrell Hiking Shoes

1. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Moab has been the hiking shoes of choice for thousands of hikers globally for good reasons. These hiking boots will serve you through all seasons and all trails. The shoe has huge counters at the outsole, which makes it perfect for slippery ground.

It is essential to note the difference between Merrell Moab 2 and Merrell Moab Ventilator. The latter is a bit pricey, available in many different colors, and unlike Moab 2, Ventilator has a toe bumper that is 100% leather.

The footbed is a comfortable cushion with air cushioning around the heel area. It means that the air cushion will absorb the pressure exerted by your foot and reduce the strain on your foot. The Vibram soles designed for maximum comfort and stable traction so that you do not have an accident even on slippery trails.

While the leather exterior is waterproof, moisture can get into your shoes when you walk on wet grass or swampy areas. The upper part of the shoe has meshed so that moisture can quickly escape and leave the interior dry. Thanks to the mesh, the foot gets proper aeration, something that helps reduce swelling.


  • Leather exterior for durability;
  • Meshed fabric fastens drying and keeps the interior free from moisture;
  • Air-cushioned footbed for maximum ankle support;
  • Vibram soles give the shoes maximum traction;
  • Made sustainably using recycled materials.


  • The interior of the shoe is stuffy;
  • It is hard to find the right size.

Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes are for the ultimate hiker who wants comfort, stability, and reliability when on the hiking trail. The high-quality leather will give you long-term use with the air cushion footbed and Vibram sole giving you all the comfort and traction you may need.

2. Merrell MQM Flex Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Mqm Flex

This hiking shoe is a hybrid variety that is designed for the person on the move through any terrain. The shoe is made from synthetic textile fiber that withstands all sorts of rugged use. The material is breathable so that you can comfortably use the ​hiking shoes for flat feet in any weather.

MQM has contours on its outsole, but they are not as big as those of the Moabs. Besides, the show is perfect for hikers with small and slender feet. Compared to other Merrell hiking shoes, MQM wears out fast.

The removable footbed has a TrailProtect pad that gives your foot the needed support when you walk or run on hard ground. The Air Cushion padding is a shock-absorbent that protects your feet from the impact on the train. The EVA midsole gives support to your foot’s arch, giving you stability as you move through any terrain.

The soles of the MQM Flex are made from a synthetic material that makes the shoe light for fast-moving through mountains. The heel is made from TPU film that is hyperlocked for added heel protection. The outsoles are packed with M Select GRIP technology that makes the shoes have maximum traction with the trail, minimizing accidents.


  • Made from synthetic fiber that makes it light;
  • Outsoles made with GRIP technology for maximum traction with the ground;
  • Shock-absorbent air cushion padding protects feet from impact;
  • EVA midsole supports the foot’s arch and gives you stability;
  • Removable footbed to replace with orthopedic footbed varieties.


  • No all-around padding, making the shoe uncomfortable for users who need more support;
  • The shoe is not waterproof;
  • Not suitable for dry hikes.

MQM Flex Hiking Shoes are made for moving quickly in the mountains. They are light as a result of the synthetic textile fiber and have excellent footbed support to protect you from injuries. Couple this with the GRIP traction technology and heel support, and you get one of the best Merrell hiking boots for men.

3. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker

Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiker

Siren Edge Hiking Boots is specifically for women. These hiking boots entirely made from mesh fiber that enhances their breathability and lightweight capabilities. Merrell Siren is available in 15 colors. The shoe has sharp contours, making it possible to walk anywhere without the fear of skidding.

Unlike other Merrell shoes that cost as high as $159, you can get Siren Edge at $40. However, you can also buy this shoe at a higher price.

The interior of the boots has a mesh lining, with an arch shank made from nylon. This shank molded so that it gives maximum support to your foot arch so that you will remain surefooted even on uneven ground.

These hiking boots feature Merrell’s signature air cushion. The air cushion is highly shock-absorbent. This way, you can move as fast as you want without worrying about hurting your ankles.

The footbed also packed with organic compounds that absorb odor from sweat and moisture, keeping you fresh and comfortable. The soles of the Siren Edge are Vibram soles, which have the needed traction to keep you on your feet even on slippery ground.


  • Made entirely from mesh for lightweight and breathable capabilities;
  • Organic odor control in the footbed keeps the shoe fresh;
  • Air cushion footbed for shock absorption;
  • Vibram soles with maximum traction provide maximum ground grip for stability;
  • They have a molded arch shank that supports the foot’s arch and keeps you stable.


  • Not waterproof;
  • The toe width is usually smaller.

Merrell Siren Edge Hiking Boots are inarguably the right hiking shoes for women. The mesh fabric, heel support, and molded arch shank ensure that you have the support and stability any woman hiker needs when out on the trail. They also come in a wide range of colors to suit the taste of any female hiker out there.

4. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Another one from the Mother of All Boots line is the Ventilator Boots. They are made from high-quality leather that withstands any rugged use on off-road trails. The leather is laid in a lattice-like design to offer maximum foot support and protection.

Do not confuse this shoe with Moab 2. Merrell Moab Ventilator has many colors than Moab 2. The shoe is also well-built with bigger contours to enhance ground stability; its ventilator is more durable compared with Moab 2.

The upper exterior side of the boots also has meshing that gives the shoe breathability for odor control. The toe bumper and heel counter are made from high-quality TC5+ rubber. The rubber is wear-proof and absorbs the pressure from the impact of your foot with the ground.

For those who are wondering whether this shoe can be used during dry seasons, the answer is yes. Merrell Moab Ventilator Hiking boots are ideal for summer. The shoes have large pores on the upper part, which enables air to pass through.

The Moab Vibrators have Vibram Multi-Sport soles, which give the shoes maximum traction with the ground, giving you the stability and grip you need even on a slippery trail. These shoes are so comfortable; you will feel well-rested even if you spend the whole day out on the trail.


  • Leather material in lattice-like design for support and durability;
  • Meshing to increase breathability;
  • The material of the shoe increases interior dryness;
  • Rubberized toe bumper and heel counter for durability and shock absorption;
  • Vibram soles give feet maximum traction with the ground;


  • The shoes are not waterproof;
  • They might be heavy.

Moab Ventilators are boots designed for the strong hiker who wants to take full advantage of the summer months. The lattice leather and mesh design give the boots equal parts comfort and breathability, plus durability for long-term use. These should be your go-to shoes if you are always on the move but desire comfort at the same time.

5. Merrell Men’s Alverstone Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Alverstone Hiking Shoe

From the look, it is easy to tell Alverstone is a good shoe, with an attractive, timeless design that will not make you feel odd if you wear them to a grocery store.

The good looks are majorly from the suede leather material, which takes 98% of the shoe. This material makes these boots highly durable and able to withstand use even on the most rugged of trails without tearing.

Many hikers say this shoe can last for many years. Remember, the contoured footbed is removable. This means you can decide when and where to use the outsole footbed.

The shoe is interspersed with mesh fabric made from textiles. This meshing aids fast drying of the interior when it comes into contact with moisture and aids in the shoe’s breathability.

The footbed is made of Merrell’s air cushion, which acts as shock-absorbent padding around the heel. The removable footbed molds to the foot to maximize your stability. The soles of the Alverstones are made from rubber for durability and comfort as you navigate the trail.


  • Made from suede leather for durability;
  • Textile mesh on the upper part for breathability and quick-drying;
  • Air cushion in the footbed’s heel area for shock absorption;
  • Kinetic Fit footbed molds to the foot for maximum fit and stability;
  • Rubber soles for comfort and durability.


  • The shoe does not usually fit. You might find it too small or too big;
  • Waterproof capabilities may make the interior too hot on warm days.

Alverstone is an ultimate waterproof shoe from Merrell. The shoe is designed for comfort, with a footbed made from Merrell’s Kinetic Fit technology. Thanks to the technology, your foot can absorb shocks as a result of impact with the ground.

If you are a serious hiker who also wants to remain stylish when running errands in town, then these are the shoes for you. Also superb waterproof shoes essential need for hikers.

6. Merrell Women’s Chameleon 7 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Merrell Women's Chameleon 7

It is easy to say that all hiking shoes are good, but the fact is that not all shoes are the same. Chameleon 7 is one of the best hiking shoes womens today. The shoe has, among other things, a synthetic sole, 100% leather top, and an additional Vibram TC5+ fabric in the outsole.

The shoe is flexible, thanks to the removable contoured insole. Apart from giving the wearer adjustable support, the insole is removable. A removable insole plays a significant role in cleaning the shoe because you do not have to spend much time.

However, if you prefer a shoe with different colors, Chameleon will not get a good deal for you. Chances are, you will settle for Siren Edge.

There is a Kinetic fit at the bottom of the shoe. The Kinetic fit idea is to enable the user to hike comfortably and for a longer time. It is evident that Chameleon 7 is much stronger and more flexible, giving the wearer ankle support and stability than Siren Edge. You are free to try the two shoes.

From the foot’s arch upwards, the shoe has a low top. The manufacturer ensures that most of the women’s shoes have low tops to help minimize any foot aches and fatigue. You should not worry about the shaft because it might look bigger from the offset, but indeed, it is low.

Merrell Chameleon is lightweight, and you can be sure the shoes will last longer. When Merrell designs this shoe, experts in the company ensure it is adaptable, stable, and offers the needed arch and foot support.


  • Lightweight;
  • Durable;
  • Available in an attractive Olive color;
  • Offers the foot with arch support;
  • Maximum and additional outsole support;
  • Easy to clean;
  • It does not cause or facilitate foot fatigue.


  • No colors to choose from;
  • The shoe is a bit narrow;
  • Small toe area.

Many of the shoe features are so good. However, the fact that it is only available in one color bars many from purchasing the shoe.

7. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Vent Hiking Shoe

It is not always easy to find a quality hiking shoe with a leather top and a synthetic bottom. Expert hikers believe the shoe to be labeled ideal for hiking; it has to be made of a leather top and a rubber sole.

One of the best Merrell hiking boots for men is Merrell All-Out Blaze. The hiking shoe is available in black, grey/multi, tan, olive, and burnt maple colors. The other important thing about Merrell All-Out Blaze is it has an over 86% fitting ratio. It means many men who buy this shoe find their right size.

You have seen that the top part is made of leather. The good thing about the type of leather used on this shoe is that it does not allow water to pass through. Nowadays, it is not easy to find the kind of leather that is 100% waterproof.

Quality mesh and lacing make a part of the leather top. The two features add value to the top, making the shoe look attractive. With the mesh, it is easy for air to circulate to the foot, something that experts say helps in halting any swelling.

The shoe’s footbed is integrated with a non-movable insole. Because of the integration, it is much easier for men to wear the shoe for a long time without feeling any pain or fatigue. Besides, the footbed integration makes the shoe more stable.


  • Lightweight;
  • The shoe has a variety of colors;
  • Comfortable interior;
  • Roomy toe are;
  • Does not allow water to reach the foot;
  • Lacing and footbed integration allows for stability when hiking;
  • Additional outsole enhances durability.


  • Sole is not durable;
  • The material inside the shoe is of poor quality;
  • The ventilations are not enough.

Merrell All-Out Blaze for men is a lightweight, comfortable, and well-built shoe with close-tight lacing. Beware of the sole wearing out fast if you use the shoe on rough terrain such as concrete.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Merrell Hiking Shoes

Before you decide to put your money on the above shoes, you must know what you are going to get out of the shoe. Merrell is indeed a big brand, a company that is continuously designing high-quality hiking shoes. But what you are looking at right now is not what works for you.

To ensure you have the best Merrell hiking shoes, look at the following areas of interest. You can consider other parts of the shoe, but these seven parts play a significant role in determining the kind of shoe you need.


You must agree that the upper part of the shoe is what you see first. The upper part takes the biggest space. Before choosing any Merrell shoe, examine the top area. What will you look at?

The upper part of the shoe consists of the shoe-fastening mode. Many of Merrell’s hiking shoes, whether for men or women, have laces. When buying a shoe, check if the shoe has holes where you will intertwine the laces.

Examine from the toe area to the back of the shoe to determine whether it is the right size. The material of the upper part is also critical. Leather, for instance, tends to be ideal for hiking. If the upper is not leather, then you can use your experience to figure out if the type of material used on the top can last.

One more thing – the upper material should not allow water to pass through to your foot.


Most Merrell shoes are lightweight. However, depending on your weight and preference, you may need to scrutinize the shoes further. After some time, you will realize some shoes are just a few ounces while others weigh up to 1.6 pounds.

Wearing a light shoe when hiking is beneficial not only to your foot but also to the whole body. When a shoe is light, your body does not use a lot of energy to carry the shoe. Also, a lightweight Merrell shoe lessens foot fatigue, swelling, and it is rare for your foot to get bruises.


Climbers will tell you they need comfortable shoes. How does a comfortable shoe look like? What it is that makes a shoe comfortable? The first thing about comfortable shoes is that they will fit your feet perfectly.

Of course, when you are wearing comfortable shoes, you do not miss a target when stepping on a stone or any other surface. Comfort also comes when you walk on any terrain. No matter the surface, a comfortable Merrell shoe will not pinch any part of your foot or cause any bruises.


A quality shoe should have a sole that does not wear or tear out after a week. Thankfully, most hiking shoes have quality outsoles. However, some soles are not as sturdy and comfortable as others are.

Expert hikers agree that a rubber sole goes a long way when you want to enjoy your hiking. Nonetheless, some Merrell shoes come with synthetic soles. These, too, last, but you cannot compare the quality of synthetic with that of leather or rubber.


Having a classy and costly Merrell shoe is one thing, and the condition in which the shoe will leave your foot is quite another. It is easy to ruin your hiking experience if you buy a shoe that does not have support, especially at the footbed and the arches. That will ruin your hiking.

Studies indicate that 45% of hikers who purchase shoes without ankle and arch support have ankle problems later in their lives. It is crucial to ensure the Merrell shoe you are settling on has a proper ankle and arch support.

If you are looking for ankle support shoes with better support and stability, then you should check it out.


One of the reasons why many hikers stop on the way to rest is having a swollen foot. What brings swelling? Many reasons contribute to feet swelling, such as trekking for long hours or walking through bad terrain.

However, if you buy a shoe that does not have proper ventilation to allow enough air to flow to the foot will make your foot swell. It is not necessary for air ventilation to be big. As long as your foot gets sufficient air, you are good to go.


A leaking hiking shoe is a no! If you do not want your shoes to have a bad odor, you need to look for a waterproof top. Many people, who complain of having an Athlete’s foot, wear leaking shoes. It will be detrimental if you are ready for a hiking expedition, but your shoes are filled with water.

The sides of the show, too, should not have big holes that will let water in.

Type of Hiking Shoes

When it comes to hiking, the market offers a wide range of shoes. However, three types of hiking shoes stand out, namely, trail running shoes, day hiking boots, and day hiking shoes. What is the difference between these hiking shoes?

Trail running shoes

As the name suggests, these are shoes for running up and down the trail. The shoes come with grippy lugs that provide traction; most have breathing spores but do not have ankle support.

Day hiking shoes

The main feature is low cut, which enables the wearer to feel more stable. The shoes have little ankle support. If you are a type that prefers hiking on a groomed trail, this is the right type of shoes for you.

Day hiking boots

They are known to offer excellent ankle and arch support. Most of these shoes are waterproof, have exemplary stability, and durable outsoles. They are, however, heavy than the other two types. Most of the day, these hiking shoes do not allow enough air to hit your feet.

Cleaning Tips for Hiking Shoes

After each hike, you may need to clean your boots. Remember, you will reduce foot disease and bad odor if you ensure your shoes are clean all the time. Besides, even what may seem simple cleaning can help lengthen the shoe life.

Here is how to clean your Merrell hiking shoes or any other hiking shoes for that matter:

  • Knock off the dust and any other debris the shoe might have picked;
  • Turn the shoes upside down to remove any debris that might have entered the shoe;
  • Remove any mud off the sole;
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe the shoe, first from the inside than the exterior;
  • Rinse the piece of fabric and repeat the wiping process until the show is clean;
  • Leave it to dry under the shade before putting them on the shoe rack.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Should I care about the type of hiking shoe I wear?

A. Yes! Although the type of shoe should be the last thing to decide on, it is essential to choose wisely the kind of shoes you will wear. The first thing should be the terrain you are planning to trek. Then, of course, the amount of luggage you plan to carry should also determine the kind of shoe you should wear.

While one person may prefer to wear trail running boots, you may feel comfortable wearing something lighter and sleek. Most importantly, though, you need to consider trail conditions, as well as the amount of luggage you plan to carry as you trek.

Q. How do I prevent my feet from getting blisters?

A. Sometimes, getting blisters is inevitable. However, it is not a must that every time you go hiking, your feet must suffer blisters. One of the common causes of blisters is wearing the new shoe.

On numerous occasions, blisters are likely to develop when a hiker wears a newly-acquired shoe to a trekking expedition that takes long hours. You can minimize the problem by trying out your shoes on shorter trips.

Additionally, you can apply a light coat of Vaseline on your feet every time you plan to go out before you put on your socks. You may help prevent any rubbing that may occur between your foot and the stockings.

Q. Must I wear socks before putting on my Merrell shoes?

A. Not really! However, the best advice anyone can give you is to look for the right hiking socks. Such socks will not be long but short, to prevent your feet from getting blisters.

Hiking socks also help when it comes to water and sweat absorption. Hikers who wear shoes without socks have more blisters on their feet than their counterparts who, apart from wearing socks, apply a little gel to reduce foot-shoe friction.

Q. My shoes leak from the sides. What should I do?

A. ​Leaking shoe is an agony, especially if you are hiking during winter. If you carried a pair of shoes that is leaking, you might minimize the problem by putting on socks.

After some time, you need to change your shoes because the more your feet continue to be lodged in water, the more dump and numb they will get. If this continues for long, your fit will get blisters, fatigue, and the result is you cannot enjoy your hiking.

If you’re looking for perfect shoes to wear without socks, you’re at the place. This article is meant to help you walk home with the right product.

Q. Must hiking shoes be snug?

A. ​​​​Absolutely! The foremost thing hikers look for when purchasing hiking shoes is a comfort. Quality hiking shoes should be cozy, flexible, and offer needed stability. An appropriate hiking shoe for wide feet provides the wearer room for wiggling his/her toes.

If you are buying the shoes before you try them on your feet, it is advisable to read client reviews on the shoes. Most of the people who use this shoe are your fellow hikers. By reading their honest reviews, you will know if the shoe is snug or not.


After looking at those seven Merrell hiking shoes, it is evident that Merrell, the footwear company, is stopping at nothing to provide you with hiking shoes. It is now time you make the best-informed decision on the type of shoe you will buy.

Just remember, before you settle on any hiking shoe, look at the features. Start with the essential elements such as comfort, support, and breathability, before you stretch to other factors.

Your general body health is equally important. Do not just buy shoes because your colleague has them or asks you to. Consider things such as your weight, the trekking terrain, the season you plan to hike, the amount of luggage you plan to carry, and the length of time you intend to wear the shoe.

In the end, you are going to use the best Merrell hiking shoes for as long as you want if you choose wisely.

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