The 11 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2022 & Beyond

Mountain bike riding has become one of the most popular outdoor activities around the world.

Riding specially-designed bikes through breathtaking mountain sceneries let us see how beautiful the world really is.

Whether you’re riding a bike on clear trails or making your way through some of the most unforgiving lands in existence, you Schwinn men’s high timber bicycle will never forget your mountain biking experience.

One thing that prevents people from buying a mountain bike is the thought that these bikes are prohibitively expensive.

That’s not true anymore. Nowadays, you can find good bikes at an affordable price.

We did 40 hours of research and review writing to come up with 11 best mountain bikes under $300.

The mountain bikes we reviewed here are all priced at or well below the target price and considered to be either entry-level mountain bikes or, in some cases, bikes for those with some experience in mountain bike riding.

Out of these bikes mentioned here, if you force us to choose which one we prefer, it would have to be Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle.

We like Schwinn High Timber because of its classic design, overall quality, and durability compared to its counterpart.

Take a look at these mountain bikes and see which one best fits you and your riding style.

Whichever one you choose will be good for you, as mountain bike riding will take you places you have never seen before.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

1. Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle

Schwinn Men's High Timber Bicycle

Founded in 1895, Schwinn is as American as apple pie and synonymous with quality bicycles. They continue to be a market leader in the cycling industry, producing bikes for all ages and rider types.

The Schwinn Men’s High Timber 29er is just one of their many superior quality bikes on the market today.

This High Timber 29er has a steel frame with bigger than average 29-inch wheels for an incredibly responsive and exhilarating ride.

Suspension fork increases complete control regardless of the terrain, while the comfortable and specially designed handlebars keep the rider in complete control at all times.

Offering a vast array of features, this popular mountain bike continues to excel where others fall short. From alloy linear-pull brakes super-strong rims, this mountain bike is capable of handling everything that you can put it through.

Key features:

  • Steel mountain-style frame and Schwinn suspension fork
  • Triple chain rings supplying optimal gearing
  • SRAM 21-speed grip shift shifters
  • Alloy cranks provide steady gearing with less hassle-free maintenance
  • Multi-purpose bike
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • It is a sturdy bike that can handle off-road trails and paths, not just street riding.
  • Easy to assemble within half an hour.
  • Shifting gears is a smooth experience.
  • The front fork absorbs shocks well, which help when riding on dirt roads.
  • There’s a lot of space if you want to install a front or rear rack.


  • Bike frame is not large enough to accommodate taller riders.
  • There is a smaller turning radius due to the larger 29-inch tires.
  • It is difficult to put together.

A great bike for riding around the neighborhood or even dirt tracks, riding this Schwinn bike will bring out the best in you. It offers you comfort and stability with its all-alloy steel adjustable seat post, ensuring a comfortable ride wherever you may go.

Follow the link for more information on an excellent mountain bike that is designed and implemented to give you the riding experience of a lifetime.

2. Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle

Merax 26" Mountain Bicycle

If you are around 6 ft. tall and measure 240 pounds (give or take), Merax 26″ Aluminum 24 Speed Mountain Bike would be an ideal grab for you.

Specification wise, this ride comes with a lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum frame that gives more support for fairly heavy riders.

Heck, it could even accommodate individuals weighing more than 330 pounds as long as it is kept on smoothly paved roads.

Avid riders would give anything for dual disc brakes because of their awesome performance.

This bike features such brakes on both front and rear wheels. In rainy, moist, or sliding surfaces, they still provide sufficient stopping force.

The tires on both wheels are rugged for better traction, but you can swipe them for better ones, anyway.

One of the astonishing features of Merax 26″ Mountain Bike is the gear system. There are 24 shifting options with parts made from the noteworthy Shimano brand.

This should make riding uphill effortless and delightful.

Most of the metallic components are made from aluminum. Assembling is not that complicated, but if you are not sure, then let an expert help you out.

Key features:

  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 26” aluminum rims
  • 24-speed Shimano derailleur
  • Weighs 40 pounds


  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • High-speed gear system for easy and faster shifting.
  • Suspension forks for comfortably riding on bumpy surfaces.
  • Dual disc brakes at the front and rear for safe stopping.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Not ideal for large riders.
  • Braking system can cause minor problems.

Merax 26″ Aluminum 24 Speed Mountain Bike is ideal for medium weight riders. Anyone weighing around 240 pounds can ride on almost any terrain without the bike sustaining serious “injuries.”

If you are a large rider and must have this one, then you must first invest in high-quality aftermarket forks to make it possible for the bike to carry your weight.

If you weigh over 350 pounds, take a look at this list, you might find the ideal bike for big guys that can support your weight effortlessly – and they are quite affordable too.

3. Schwinn Mens Suburban Bike

Schwinn Mens Suburban Bike

Schwinn Men’s Suburban Bike is a real beauty designed for comfortable riding. The bike’s steel frame construction is ideal for between 5’4 to 5’9 riders who weigh up to 300 pounds. 6” tall riders may need to adjust the handlebars a little to create more room for their legs.

This bike’s comfort stems from three things: the suspension fork, the plush Schwinn saddle, and large 26” wheels. You can easily glide over small stones and bumps without feeling the impact.

For speedsters, the 7-speed gear system is good enough for riding uphill without breaking much sweat. The derailleur is made from Shimano units and thus durable and efficient.

The liner alloy pull brakes welcome you to an efficient stop whenever you need to do so. Unfortunately, they are not better than the mechanical disc brakes and don’t last lost as well.

But that should not be a deal-breaker considering this bike is durable and easy to set up. Unlike some bikes, the wheels pop around with fenders above them to contain water and mud splash.

Key features:

  • Steel frame
  • Swept-back handlebar
  • 7-speed gear system
  • Suspension fork
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Pull brakes (alloy)


  • Wider and comfortable saddle.
  • Ergonomic grips that soften all the key touchpoints.
  • The handlebar design promotes upright riding.
  • Front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes provide crisp all-condition stopping.
  • Quick and easy gear changes.
  • You don’t need tools to adjust the seat post.


  • Bears traditional brakes that fail in some weather conditions
  • Pure road bike and thus limited in use

Schwinn Men’s Suburban Bike is one of the few road bikes that foster an upward riding. So if you have back issues, you’ve got to part with this one.

It’s also comfortable, durable, and budget-friendly.

The major difference between it and Merax Finiss Aluminum Mountain Bike above is the mechanical disc brakes that the latter sports.

4. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

Merax FT323 Mountain Bike

For an absolute mountain bike beginner, Merax FT323 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a gem. This ride boasts of medium quality dual suspensions and 26-inch wheels that make for a comfy ride. The ride can be brought to a stop via the traditional linear-pull brakes.

On its lightweight aluminum frame, this ride bears 21 gears options controlled by Shimano components. So when you come across hilly terrains, there will be no reason to fret. At the top lies a quick-adjust seat, although it lacks adequate cushioning. Nevertheless, seats are dirt cheap, and you can get a cheaper replacement easily.

Merax FT323 Mountain Bike’s structural frame can support a maximum weight of up to 330 pounds. Most of its components are designed with durability in mind. However, you could always throw in disc brakes, fenders, and perhaps switch tires to give it a look and feel that you desire.

Key Features:

  • Dual suspension
  • 21 gear options
  • Rides on 26-inch wheels
  • Aluminum frame
  • Available in blue and grey/green colors
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Quick-adjust seat post


  • Dual-suspension design smooths bumps while biking and increases control for fluid riding.
  • High-quality and long-lasting Shimano gear components.
  • Designed to be the most fully featured and economical entry-level mountain bike to meet all of your riding needs.
  • Secured with a 1-year warranty.
  • Lightweight construction.


  • Could use a better seat.
  • Could benefit from minor upgrading of some parts.

Merax FT323 Mountain Bike is a cheaper solution for individuals who are looking for cheaper mountain bikes with plenty of features. The dual suspension shock absorbers and thick tires make it a very cozy ride. However, be ready to replace the seat (and a few other parts) and do a bit of fine-tuning in order to get the most out of it.

5. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

For over 40 years, Mongoose has been producing superior bikes for all users, whether for work, commuting, or simply for the love of riding.

Their R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is a classic example of combining the latest in styling and engineering to produce a mountain bike that has all the necessary features, all under $300 apiece.

The R2780 Impasse uses Shimano gears and SRAM twist shifters, both leaders in the production of the best mountain bike components in the world.

With a full suspension aluminum frame, this bike may be a little heavier than most entry level bikes, but it does provide optimum control and an extremely responsive ride in all conditions.

This Mongoose 29er is the ultimate mountain bike at a very affordable price. Priced to fit perfectly into even the most restrictive budgets, this bike is the beginning of experiencing true riding enjoyment at its finest.

Mongoose builds a bike that is all about durability with a smooth ride that needs to be experienced.

Offering a never-ending array of features that would cost extra on a more expensive bike, you are assured that your money goes further when you choose a Mongoose bike.

Check out these features and compare them to other similar models. The difference will surprise you!

Key Features:

  • 21 speeds
  • Alloy front and rear brakes
  • Three-piece alloy crank for sure shifts
  • Alloy larger rims for lightweight durability
  • Quick release front function for easier transporting and storage


  • It rides very well, even on rough surfaces, grassy fields, mountain trails, and gravel roads.
  • It is a sturdy bike to take on gravel roads, light trails, and commuting.
  • The disc brakes work very well even if they cost way less than premium brakes.
  • It has a double-wall rim and can take on some pounding.


  • Difficult to assemble, as it requires many additional adjustments.
  • It has a short frame not designed for taller riders.
  • The bike parts may squeak when riding.
  • Bike was poorly packaged; the delicate parts were not protected.

The Mongoose R2780 is not for kids. It is only recommended for ages 14 years and above or those riders that are 68 inches or taller.

It surely is an excellent investment on mongoose bikes for the best riding experience possible.

6. Huffy Bicycle Company Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Bicycle Company Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

A dual-suspension mountain bike guarantees exceptional comfort. However, hardtails like Huffy Hardtail Summit Ridge 21-speed MTB may sacrifice a bit of that comfort for faster speeds. But unlike most contemporary single-suspension bikes, Summit Ridge 21 takes on a versatile design.

With a total of 21 speeds, no hill will be too high for you. On your way downhill, you can shift it to lower gears to allow for pedaling. This ride can work with any wheel from 24-26 inches and comes equipped with traditional linear-pull brakes.

Huffy Hardtail Summit Ridge 21-speed MTB sports a stripped-down design with no fenders and other bells and whistles. This is a good thing if you do plenty of road biking, competition, or just value a lightweight ride.

The quality of this bike is way far beyond its pricing-talk of knobby tires, convenient slight-rise handlebar, Top quality Kolo crank, and resin pedals. Furthermore, it picks up speed on Shimano derailleur, and shifters-which happens to be the most trusted bike parts brand.

Key features:

  • 21-speed hardtail
  • Slight-rise handlebars
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Kolo 1200 front suspension
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Kickstand included
  • Derailleur guard protector(removable)


  • Slight-rise handlebars for an upright riding style.
  • Comes with knobby tires that promise better traction.
  • Quick-adjust seat post.
  • Durable parts with affordably priced.
  • A lightweight model.


  • The seat needs additional padding.
  • Some assembling has to be done.

Huffy Hardtail Summit Ridge 21-speed MTB may be designed for beginners, but it’s almost-flawless structural design appeals to seasoned riders as well. Thanks to possessing a single-suspension, it doesn’t get in the way of achieving maximum speed. The seat could use a replacement as well.

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7. RALEIGH Talus 1 Recreational Mountain Bike

RALEIGH Talus 1 Recreational Mountain Bike

This Raleigh mountain bike supports a smaller frame that remains popular amongst consumers looking for a lighter, easier to handle mountain bike.

This bike is sold based on the overall height of the individual that will be the principal rider. Raleigh lists these height requirements from XS (Extra small) to XL (Extra-large).

Designed similar to the Raleigh Talus 1 recreational mountain bike, this RALEIGH Talus 1 member of the Talus family also offers some of the features found on other Raleigh models.

Other than the distinctive color differences and, obviously, the overall size, this steel frame Raleigh mountain bike would be a great entry-level bike for those who are unsure of their riding ability.

As a good investment and an introduction in exploring all that mountain bike riding have to offer, the listed low price is a good way to experience the true joy of riding on a bike that has unlimited potential.

For the entry-level rider, this bike has features that are an integral part of the sports. These features include:

Key features:

  • Steel frame
  • Large 27.5-inch wheels
  • Wide 2-inch mountain bike tires
  • Alloy V-brakes
  • 21 Shimano drivetrain gear shifters
  • Built-in eyelets for mounting of rear rack


  • Steel frame ensures durability.
  • Seat is comfortable because of the ergonomically designed saddle.
  • This bike can be used on dirt, gravel, and pavement.
  • The wide wheels and tires easily roll over road bumps and potholes.
  • It is easy to add a rear rack and fenders.


  • Plastic levers feel a little flimsy.
  • There is no kickstand included.
  • There were no assembly instructions included so may need to be taken to a bike shop.
  • The handlebars are curved and may need replacement.

This RALEIGH Talus 1 mountain bike is the comparison model to the Raleigh Eva 1 women’s-specific mountain bike.

Indeed, lightweight bikes built for women ought to be strong, and agile, yet crafted seamlessly to carry their curvy frame.

If you are looking for the most amazing Raleigh bikes for women follow this link.

8. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Ready to get moving and experience bike riding never before thought possible? Well, the Kent KZ2600 is the mountain bike that will take you on a ride that you will not soon forget.

The Shogun KZ2600 26-inch mountain bike handles well in all terrains, which is a very nice surprise given how affordable this mountain bike is.

The features found on this all-terrain bike include components that can be found on more expensive bikes. It is definitely one of the best affordable mountain bikes with the following features.

Key features:

  • 21-speed drivetrain
  • Aluminum full suspension frame
  • 36-spoke alloy rims
  • Vitesse wheelset keeps you going straight
  • Padded, easily adjustable, comfortable saddle
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Front disc brake/rear linear pull brake


  • The parts are inexpensive but work as expected.
  • It’s good for a variety of terrain and weather conditions, including snow and ice, muddy puddles, and off-road trails.
  • It looks great, with the color combination working well to make it look nice.
  • The assembly will only take half an hour.


  • Front shocks wear out quickly.
  • It looks cheap with the stickers on it.
  • Seat needs to be replaced for more comfort.

The KZ2600 is priced well below other similar bikes on the market. As one of the most affordable, entry-level mountain bikes, this bike is both stylish and a very good first mountain bike for newbies.

With greater, smoother stopping ability due to the larger than average brakes components, this bike is a joy to ride on the street, trails, or anywhere at all.

Consumers should be made aware, though, that some assembly is required.

Although presenting no immediate problem, those who are less mechanically-inclined are encouraged to have their KZ2600 professionally assembled at a local bike shop.

Damaged parts from incorrect installation application are not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

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For more information on this increasingly popular mountain bike please follow this link.

9. Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Northwoods Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A product of Kent International, this Northwoods Mountain Bike is taking mountain biking to the next level.

A preferred mountain bike for those that like to push the envelope in speed and performance, this bike delivers all of that and more.

With an 18-inch suspension and lightweight alloy frame, this bike will reach maximum speeds with very little effort.

The bike’s 26-inch tires and 36-spoke alloy rims combine to give this great-looking mountain bike a sense of authority when hitting the trails.

With 21-speed micro shift twist shifter and the ingenuity of Shimano rear derailleur, you have options to conquer the steepest of hills or descents.

The Northwoods Mountain Bike remains one of the most affordable mountain bikes in this list of 11 best mountain bikes under 300.

Priced below even the most economical of the models reviewed, this bike requires a small investment that will pay big dividends.

Features of this good-looking bike include:

Key features:

  • Full suspension aluminum frame
  • 21-speed micro shift twist shifter
  • 26-inch tires with alloy rims
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Seat quick release


  • Powerful and lightweight aluminum frame with full suspension.
  • It performs as well as a more expensive bike.
  • It rides smoothly on various terrain.
  • Brakes are great and changing gears is a smooth experience.
  • Easy to assemble as it comes 90% assembled.


  • Most problems pointed out in negative reviews have to do with damages incurred during shipping, as well as missing parts.
  • More than basic assembly required, so you may need to look for tutorial videos on YouTube.
  • It seems small for a 26-inch.

Consumers have reported numerous issues with shipping including damaged or missing parts. In any case, all reported incidents were quickly handled by Kent International customer service staff to the complete satisfaction of the purchaser.

Priced well under the $300 target range, this mountain bike is a much better bike than what it seems online.

More information on this very affordable mountain bike can be found at the following link

10. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

What can you say about a Mongoose mountain bike that has not already been said? Known for distinctive styling and specialized color combinations, you will know immediately that this mountain bike is a Mongoose.

This bike looks mean even when standing still, with its beautiful black and orange color combination.

Mongoose has always included the latest and the greatest in new technologies on all their mountain bikes. The Status 2.2, for example, is great for both commuting and flat bike trails.

You can also use it well in extreme weather conditions like snow or rainstorms, and it will not fail you. Shifting gears is smooth, and the brakes are fine.

The following are some of its excellent features:

Key features:

  • Aluminum full-suspension frame with hydro formed tubing
  • Front and rear V-brakes
  • Powerful front shock-absorbing suspension
  • Light durable alloy rims with 26 x 2.125 tires
  • 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters


  • The aluminum full suspension frame is both durable and light.
  • Its powerful suspension fork and rear shock make a comfortable ride even over road bumps.
  • Changing gears is quick and easy.
  • Its strong alloy rims add support to your bike rides.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame, and a 1-year warranty on parts.


  • Have it assembled by a professional to ensure all parts are working well.
  • There were some issues with shipping, arriving damaged for some users.
  • Bike parts seem to be low quality according to some users’ experience.

Using a Mongoose mountain bike is always a treat. This particular model is currently priced well below the top target range of $300. Find out all the details by clicking the following link.

11. Kawasaki K26 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Kawasaki K26 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Kawasaki is one of the most respected names in the production of superior motorcycles. Venturing into mountain bike manufacturing, Kawasaki brings generations of experience in the creation of one of the reliable mountain bikes.

Through product implementation and the discovery of new trends in mountain bikes, Kawasaki stands alone.

Kawasaki proudly brings forth the K26 hardtail mountain bike, its introduction to its long and successful line of bicycles. Built as an entry-level bike, the K26 Hardtail is both quick and smooth and takes on any terrain with ease.

Kawasaki goes to great lengths to produce mountain bikes that are not only dependable but affordable as well.

The integrated features of the K26 Hardtail mountain bike assure you that this bike was built to last for years with minimal maintenance required.

Features found on this bike include but are not limited to:

Key features:

  • Durable steel MTB frame
  • 18-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • 26-in tires with alloy rims
  • Linear pull brakes and quick release seat
  • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty


  • It has a durable steel frame that will last for years.
  • Its sturdy front fork will allow you to race over both concrete and rough trails.
  • The 18-speed drivetrain makes riding hills easy.
  • There is space to attach a toddler seat at the rear.


  • Overall poor quality of the parts according to users.
  • Gears are not what is expected from a well-known company.
  • Seat needs to be replaced for additional comfort.

Priced far below the target price of $300, this mountain bike would be a good entry-level bike for a younger member of the family.

There is more information available that is worth reading on the K26 Hardtail mountain bike by clicking on the following

What to Look for When Buying a Mountain Bike Under $300

Contrary to popular belief, there are good, cheap mountain bikes out there for under $300.

Ideally, new entrants into the mountain biking world target cheap bikes lower than $200 or shoot for bikes priced at a maximum of $500

These affordable mountain bikes, designed for a more casual ride on established trails, are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to experience all that the great outdoors has to offer.

Ideal as a “first mountain bike” purchase, these mountain bikes are an invitation to the exciting world of mountain biking.

Types of Riding

Determining what type of riding you are looking to do is one of the most important factors in selecting a mountain bike that will fit your style and type of riding.

There are basically three types of mountain bike riding: XC (Cross Country) for racing at accelerated speeds, DH (Downhill) for straight out descending mountains at high speeds, and All Mountain or Trail.

(XC) Cross-country: Mountain bikes needed for this ride are usually the lightest of the three categories of mountain bikes.

They offer a rigid suspension, often referred to as hardtails with suspension upfront only.

DH (Downhill): Bikes meant for this kind of riding offer full suspension and are designed to go downhill at high speeds.

A great bike for pedaling, these mountain bikes take an incredible amount of abuse. It should be noted that these mountain bikes are for experienced riders only.

Trail bikes: They are the most common bikes used by novice users and casual mountain bike riders. This mountain bike is also typically under $300, which makes it a great introduction to the sport.

It is recommended that you do not choose a fully rigid design for your first mountain bike, as it may feel uncomfortable for you.


The most common wheel size of mountain bikes offered today is either 26 inches, 27.5 inches, or the 29-inch. These wheels sizes have replaced the once common size of 26-inch, which is found on under $300.

Larger wheel sizes may be found on less expensive mountain bikes; however, they offer a distinct disadvantage in increased weight and overall handling of the bike on rough terrain.

Frame Material

Frame material is in direct correlation with a bike’s weight, strength, durability, ride quality, and of course, price. Aluminum alloy is the most common material used for mountain bike frames.

Other frames may be steel, titanium, or carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber, due to its lightweight composition, is commonly used on cross-country, fat, and high-end trail bikes. Carbon fiber bike frames are expensive due to labor-intensive production and normally found on higher-end bikes.


Founded in 1987, SRAM is a leading manufacturer of some of the most sophisticated cycling components found on mountain bikes today, including Grip Shift.

SRAM introduced the first mountain bike derailleur in 1995, which brought about a new revolution in gear shifters.

In 2005, SRAM developed new fork dampening technology, “Motion Control,” that allows users to adjust compression and rebound of suspensions while riding on increasingly difficult rough terrain without stopping.


Shimano sales constitute over 50 percent of the global bicycle component marketing. Shimano is well-known for drivetrains, brakes, wheels, and pedals components for road and mountain bikes.

Shimano continues to set higher standards for the production of the best mountain bike components that remain in production today.

From cranks to gear and brake shift levers and everything in between, Shimano continues to develop and produce components for all bicycles.

Types of Mountain Bikes

Undecided on which mountain bike is right for you? Look no further. The following is a brief description and classification of all mountain bikes. You can choose one that is right for you.

Trail Bikes

These are commonly used bikes for leisure rides with friends on local trails. It places emphasis on fun combined with a mixture of controllable climbs and descents and is a perfect bike for beginners and weekend riders.

Prices may range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the model selected.

Cross-Country Bikes

For experienced riders who take riding to the extreme, cross-country bikes are the best choice.

These bikes can be ridden for long distances from a few miles to over 25 miles. These bikes tend to be lightweight.

This is a great mountain bike if you are looking for a racing experience on local trails.

Fat Bikes

Oversized tires from 3.7 to 5 plus inches denote the name so implied. It is great for traction on sand, snow, and other rough, unforgiving terrain.

Appropriate fat tire bikes may be a good mountain bike for beginners. However, the overall cost often is a final determining factor. These mountain bikes, like electric bikes, often sell for thousands of dollars, depending on the model.

All Mountain Bikes

These mountain bikes are designed for riding in mountains with bigger, leg-burning climbs and longer perilous descents with a more predicted outcome at the end of the trail.

They are built to perform well on steeper-than-average descents. Their lightweight composition makes it easy to pedal uphill.

Downhill/Park Bikes

Often ridden in well-constructed bike parks, those looking for an adventure in experiencing mountain bike riding will do best to choose this bike.

Downhill bikes are big and tough, requiring all riders to wear the proper protection, including helmets for adequate protection.


Connecting with nature is what mountain bike riding is all about. It brings back into focus all that is symbolic of life in general.

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Regardless of your biking experience from novice to expert, mountain bike riding is getting an opportunity to “get away from it all,” even for just a day.

With fresh air blowing in your face and the smell of mountainous terrain, rekindling your inner spirit is easier than ever with this list of the best mountain bikes under 300 dollars.

Read more about Bike Size Charts to know your size before choosing a mountain bike.

Choose one that you seem the best fit for you and get on the bike to rediscover and reconnect with everything that’s beautiful nature.

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