The 5 Best Negative Heel Shoes in 2022

Negative heel shoes have received the most controversial reviews in the market. Some customers call them their shoe-gods, while others claim to experience heightened foot and backaches.

The good old days had less health issues related to wearing the wrong shoes. This is because fashion was conscious of the well-being of the people.

However, with modernized fashion, health risks have increased tremendously. Ailments such as plantar fasciitis have become common, and this has called for people to go back to wearing these shoes.

These shoes are known to elevate comfort and enable relaxation due to their unique design. If you have suffered back pains or just had your ankle surgery, a pair of the Best Negative Heel Shoes will be a good investment.

You now have an idea of this special footwear. If you are in need of a pair, keep reading. The review below highlights the top-most shoes you can buy.

However, If you don’t have the time to scroll to the end, then check out our most recommended product – Earth Womens Solar Kalso.

Best Negative Heel Shoes

1. Earth Womens Solar Kalso

Earth Womens Solar Kalso

Earth Womens Solar Kalso is an all-time shoe for women who choose comfort over fashion. Its simple design does not steal the show as the modern shoes do, but you will love its features and performance.

This womens shoe is made of a leather upper. This makes it durable so you can wear it for many years without worrying about wear and tear. The synthetic sole also enhances the long life as well as stability as you walk. This affirms you of confident steps as you run your errands.

The insole is out of the world. It is constructed using Bio foam, a durable and comfy material. This is to ensure your feet have a great place to stay. You, therefore, nothing to question on the relaxation and cosines that comes with these shoes. Put them on all day, and you will enjoy every minute.

If you are looking to burn calories, the Kalso Negative Heel Technology will help you through this. The arch support climaxes the foot support so you will undoubtedly forget all your foot pains and back pains for life.

Make use of the ankle strap to enhance proper fitting. Therefore, you can wear the shoes all day and experience optimal comfort.


  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Highly supportive arch to alleviate back pains
  • Firm fit strap to keep the shoes in place
  • Incredibly comfortable for high performance
  • Quality rubber outsole for durability and traction


  • The bottom of the sole tends to wear out faster than expected thus compromising durability
  • Most customers feel the design is more manly than feminine

If you need a pair of shoes that are generous in size, Earth Womens Solar Kalso should be your go-to choice. You will enjoy how it feels, especially on people with big feet.

2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Run Ride

Glamming your feet with Skechers negative heel shoes doesn’t need you to spend a fortune. Skechers Performance Women’s shoes are available at an affordable price. Customers looking for great comfort while on a budget can go for this pair as it never disappoints.

These shoes feature a synthetic upper. This is a superior material with enhanced durability. The shoes can be worn daily without getting off shape. The upper is also meshed for optimal flow of air, thus keeping your feet cool for comfort.

Besides, these shoes allow you to hit the road with confidence. This is because of the sturdy outsole, which ensures a firm grip for non-slip walking. The lace-up vamp comes in handy to ensure the shoes hug your feet for perfect fitting.

The lightweight construction and flexibility ensure that you hit your target every day. You will be surprised at how light these shoes feel even after prolonged wearing.


  • Accommodate the feet well thus reducing back pains
  • Lightweight for enhanced performance
  • Fairly price hence people can afford
  • Lace-up vamp for proper fitting
  • Meshed upper for air circulation


  • The first time fitting is quite difficult as the heel always feels too tight, thus not comfortable
  • Some customers find the shoes unreliable for running because they don’t have enough cushioning for shock absorption

Generally, these shoes are ideal for regular users due to their notable lightweight. However, they don’t make a good pair if you will be crossing through wetlands because of their meshed upper. It is likely to allow water in thus causing sogginess.

Find out more reviews of Skechers shoes.

3. Earth Origins Women’s, Rory Slip on Shoes

Earth Origins Women's, Rory Slip on Shoes

A gorgeous pair of Heel Shoes is a must-have for every woman who is always up and about. Earth Origins Women’s Rory Slip-on Shoes are an impeccable choice if you prioritize comfort without looking fashion. These shoes are a gorgeous package that will keep your feet secure.

This faultless footwear for your busy day features a leather upper for durability. This is why you should make them a great addition to your wardrobe for a lasting experience. The footbed is well-cushioned and features arch support for extra comfort. With these shoes, your up and about days will be catered for without any doubt.

Earth Origins Women’s are easy to put on and off. They are designed to allow you to slip on them effortlessly. The fitting is also magical. Thanks to the adjustable hook and loop straps located on the upper for easier reach. You can, therefore, pair them up with your favorite mini-dress for a day or night out without worrying about relaxation.

These shoes also have rubber outsoles which hold on to the ground firmly. Therefore, you will remain stable with every footstep you take. The heel only measures one inch, thus keeping the shoe low for optimal comfort.


  • Leather upper for durability
  • Adjustable hoop and loop for easy on and off
  • Fabric lining for optimal comfort and durability
  • Cushioned footbed for incredible coziness
  • Rubber outsole for added comfort and durability


  • The arch support could have been better. Most customers find it less impressive as it does not add to the comfort
  • Their sizing is not appropriate for people with narrow feet as they are quite wide

Earth Origins Women’s are a great fit that will impress you from the start. Their comfort and durability are one of a kind, so go for a pair to keep your feet comfy.

4. Amazon Essentials Women’s Moccasin Slipper

Amazon Essentials Women's Moccasin Slipper

Every lady needs a flexible pair of best negative heel shoes women. This is what Amazon Essentials Women’s Leather Moccasin Slipper is made for. They take care of your indoor and outdoor needs when called to.

The slippers feature Genuine Suede Upper with Faux Fur Lining. This adds up to high durability. Therefore, the shoe will give you service for a long time. The fur lining soothes your feet to hence comfort. You will experience zero fatigue when you wear shoes all day or throughout the night.

The outsole is thoughtfully made using high-quality TPR. This makes it durable and crowns the traction hence offering you slip-free steps on various grounds. Does it get any better? Yes, the footbed has fur lining, which keeps the feet warm and creates a cozy environment for your feet.

Wearing shoes does not require any genius. You slip the on in a minute and head out before it’s too late. Therefore, they are a great choice when you are in a hurry. Once you have them on, their lightweight will surprise you. Don’t be afraid to walk in these gorgeous shoes if you have a long day in the outdoors.


  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Inner lining to enhance the comfort
  • Comfortable to wear all day without getting exhausted
  • Easy to wear for unexpected errands while in a rush
  • The price is not as high thus affordable for those on budget


  • Their appearance is not as gorgeous hence most ladies don’t make them an option
  • They have imperfect fitting thus not recommended for people with smaller feet

These shoes are mainly for women with large feet. This is because they are pretty wide; hence don’t fit so well on small feet. You can solve this by buying a size smaller than your standard size, so you get a pair that fits well.

5. Kalso Earth Shoe Faroe Lotus W

Kalso Earth Shoe Faroe Lotus W

If you are looking for the best negative heel shoes that fit true to size, Kalso Earth Shoe Faroe Lotus W will pitch in for you. The shoes are cute for dresses, and the T-strap design is on point. Your feet will dance to the tune of life as you move up and about.

These shoes are made form a leather upper. This assures you of durability. Thus you can wear them continuously without them getting torn.

Also, the outsoles are sturdy and feature an enhanced pattern for high traction. With this, your feet will always remain firmly held on the ground. You can, therefore, walk-on fairly slippery grounds without falling.

The heel is low, to sum up, comfort. So, you can have the shoes on throughout the day, and when you get them off, you will not even notice the difference. That is how relaxed they make you feel.


  • Leather construction for enhanced durability
  • Beautiful design for aesthetic appearance
  • Low heel thus extremely comfortable for all-day wearing
  • Fine lining for added comfort for your feet
  • Sturdy outsole for high traction


  • Some people find the design so old-school hence not ideal for those who want a fashionable look
  • The T-strap can be too tight for people with wider feet

Kalso Earth Shoe Faroe Lotus W is an immaculate pair for someone who wants to dance to the memories of the old days. The design says it all, so if you want something modern, you better go for other options. However, these shoes are perfect if you consider durability over fashion.

If fashion is your thing, here is a list of fashionable moccasin shoes that makes you a fashion icon.

Consideration Before Buying Negative Heel Shoes

There are several things that you must consider when buying this type of shoes. This will help you settle for what suits you best, and you will have nothing to regret. Find out more about these considerations below.


These shoes come in various styles. Therefore, you need to select one which suits your taste. You should also check your attire, so you go for the best match of shoes to complete the outfits. The shape and weight also determine the style of shoes, so be on the lookout while shopping.


It is crucial that you buy shoes that fit you perfectly. If you choose the wrong size, you are likely to experience discomfort, and you might get injuries. You should always try the shoes on before buying a son; you can confirm the fitting. This way, you will not go wrong with the size.

Arch Support

This feature greatly influences shoe performance. The higher the quality of the arch support, the better the functionality of the shoes. Arch support also helps alleviate pain, such as back pains, as it improves the posture as you walk.


Shoes that are made from quality material are a perfect addition to one’s outfit. Excellent material will ensure your shoes remain in incredible shape even after a long period of using them. Some of the materials that are durable include leather and synthetic. While they are expensive, shoes made of these materials are worth the price, so don’t hesitate to spend on them.


Comfort is the most important factor to keep in mind when buying shoes. Remember, you will be spending many hours wearing these shoes, so you need a pair that enhances coziness. You need to check on the cushioning, fitting as well as the width of the shoes so you can be sure they are made to offer incredible comfort.


The prices of the shoes vary depending on factors such as design and brand. You need to budget for the shoes so you can select one that is within your budget. This will make it easier for you because you will narrow down to the shoes that don’t surpass your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are negative heel shoes?

A. Negative Heel Technology is exclusive, and shoes are designed with the toes situated higher than the heels.

Q. Can I wear socks with these shoes?

A. Yes, some of these shoes look really good when you wear them with socks. However, you have to consider the design because some don’t go well with socks.

Q. Are these true to size, or do you need to size up?

A. Most of these brands are true to size. However, if possible, it is good to try on the shoes before buying so you can be sure of the fitting.

Q. How durable are these shoes?

A. The durability greatly relies on the material used to construct the shoes as well as the brand. However, most of the shoes will last you as long as five years, depending on how regularly you wear them.

Q. Are these shoes easy to use?

A. Yes, they are. Many brands have slip-on designs, and others have a hook and loop design, which are extremely easy to put on and off.

Q. How affordable are the shoes?

A. The prices range from cheap to expensive. This depends on the brand, design, and materials that make the shoes. Check on your budget so you can decide how much you want to spend on the shoes.

Q. Do these have good arch support for those with flat feet?

A. Yes. Most of these shoes feature great arch support to enhance comfort and help in reducing heel and back pains. Always inspect the shoes before paying so you can confirm the presence of the arch support.


The best negative heel shoes come in a unique design that allows free movement of toes for optimal comfort. Whether you are jogging, running, walking, or standing, you will love the coziness that comes with these shoes.

Over the years, people who suffer from lower back pain have praised the performance of these shoes in relieving their pain. This is because they enhance the posture while walking, driving, among others. They are also a perfect investment if you are looking to shed some extra weight.

Additionally, they feature thin soles that allow a good flow of air in and out of the shoes. This ensures your feet are warm and cool at the same time, thus improving comfort.

Their safety is unquestionable for everyone who will wear them for long hours. If you have back pains and are planning to spend several hours in the outdoor, these shoes will be an incredible choice. Get yourself some negative heel shoes and take every stride with confidence.

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