The 5 Best Nike Hiking Shoes: Top Choice for 2020

Hiking is not only an exciting adventure but also good for your health. it rejuvenates you and stimulates your brain and soul. It's a holistic and vigorous physical activity. But as you enjoy the bliss of long walk in the countryside, will your feet be enthralled?

Without a doubt, Nike needs no introduction. By seeing its logo, consumers get instant knowledge of what the brand offers. The brand has used many techniques to ensure they manufacture crème de la crème shoes for hiking buds.

The continuous innovation, use of modern technology, and considering consumer needs are some of the strategies the company uses to remain at the competitive edge. Nike shoes come in different sizes, colors, styles, and technologies.

However, not all Nike sneakers are recommended for hiking. Thus we spent hours doing research and consulting connoisseurs to compile a list of the 5 best Nike hiking shoes.

The top pick in the list is Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes. This long-lasting hiking shoe has a gusseted tongue to keep dirt and debris out of the shoe for unmatched support. This hiking shoe finds itself providing more functionality than other shoes in the market. 

Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes is also recommended for walking, standing, working on concrete throughout the day.

Best Nike Hiking Shoes


Made Of



Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes



NIKE Men's Lupinek Flyknit Hiking Shoes



Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Women's Trail Running Shoe



Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Women's Running Shoe



Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot



1. Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes

Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes

It has been approximately 6 decades since Nike took the sneakers industry by a storm. Today, Nike is a giant brand that commands respect in all aspects. Furthermore, the company designed Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoes back in 1992, which still outshine other sneakers in the industry.

The versatile sneaker can handle various activities like trail running, walking, and hiking. It comes with a thick rubber outsole for excellent traction on rugged terrain.

It keeps out debris and dirt out. With a large TPU heel cage, the shoe provides protection and support. The thick rubber outsole and durable rubber toe cap offer stellar traction and protection, respectively.

The model features extra cushioning for excellent trekking on the mountain trail. It also utilizes Nike's Huarache technology that provides a supportive and snug fit.

The Nike ACG Air Revaderchi has a captivating design that demands undivided attention. It comes in three bold colors that give the shoe a boost on its look. More so, the sneaker can go well with a multitude of activewear.


  • Rubber toe cap for added protection
  • Versatile cleat for multiple uses
  • Rubber outsole provides for secure grip in rugged surfaces
  • Roomy and extremely comfortable for free toe movement
  • The rubber sole also offers a more significant base for support and stability


  • The model is not waterproof
  • It's a bit expensive
  • Its poor breathability will make your feet sweaty

The Nike ACG Air Revaderchi Men's Hiking Shoe is built to last. It's a stable and comfortable sneaker that's ideal for anyone who is on the go. The combination of its chic design and style makes it versatile to be worn with various outfits.

It's also recommended for people with plantar fasciitis and lower back pain.

2. NIKE Men's Lupinek Flyknit Hiking Shoes

NIKE Men's Lupinek Flyknit Hiking Shoes

If you want to attain excellent aesthetics without compromising comfort and functionality, then Nike got you covered with Nike Flyknit hiking shoes. It's one of the best Nike shoes for hiking in 2020.

Nike designed the Flyknit with a simple yet crafty design that demands attention. It comes in various colors so you can pair it up with different outfits.

Although it's not a cheap purchase, its quality makes it worth every coin. The one-piece upper is designed with a tongue, seamlessly infused with the upper part for comfort. The Flyknit mesh on the top is engineered to give you a lightweight and snug fit.

One great feature of Flyknit is the Flywire lacing that provides a supportive and tight fit. It ensures your feet do not slide during hiking. The midsole is armed with soft Lunarlon foam cushioning. The combination of the firm and smooth cushioning helps in absorbing the impact while walking or running.

The cushioning will make the walk or run seamlessly. The firm rubber outsole allows you to hike faster and still maintain flexibility and comfort. They look simple, yet they have a stunning design.

The dual-density midsole is a combination of EVA and Lunarlon foam, which delivers ultimate responsiveness and softness.


  • It's ideal for winter weather
  • The sole tooling is excellent for lightweight cushioning
  • Dual-density midsole for optimal responsiveness and comfort
  • Breathable upper for keeping the legs fresh throughout the day
  • The lug pods on the rubber outsole provide superior traction and grip


  • Debris and dirt might get stuck on the laser cuts
  • Some reviewers claim that the shoes might feel tight and narrow

NIKE Men's Lupinek Flyknit Hiking is a great shoe that will make your hiking a thrilling adventure. The sturdy outsole, responsiveness, and flexibility make it suitable for running. It’s also a breathable shoe ideal for sweaty feet.

3. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Women's Trail Running Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Women's Trail Running Shoe

With its lightweight, comfort, locked-in racing, and lower drop, the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Women's Trail Running Shoe is suitable for hiking, running, and technical trails. The perforated mesh upper provides breathability to keep your feet dry and cool, making it ideal for people with sweaty feet.

This great women model is engineered for neutral pronators. Terra Kiger 5 has a modified upper that gives it a chic look and a satisfying performance for hikers. The shoe delivers a soft feel without compromising durability and breathability.

The outsole has a high-abrasion rubber for a firm grip and to keep the feet in the right place. This is to ensure your feet don’t slide, limiting your hiking speed. The rubber compound provides grip.

The model uses a gluey rubber pod, which adds grip on wet terrains. Multi-directional lugs deliver excellent traction on any given surface. The Phylon foam midsole delivers enough cushioning to protect your feet when landing.

There is a segmented rock plate that protects the feet against sharp debris and rocks.


  • The shoe has a great cushioning ideal for short distance runs and hiking
  • Lightweight for a seamless hiking adventure
  • The insole offers enough cushioning for superb shock absorption
  • Incredibly lightweight Flymesh for a smooth hike
  • The sticky rubber outsole is excellent for multi-surface, multi-directional traction


  • Some users claim that the heel is stiff
  • The model is non-waterproof

Nike Air Zoom Women's Trail Running Shoe Terra Kiger 5 is recommended for neutral pronators. More so, the lightweight feature makes it easy for the hiker to take the long trail in one go.

4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Women's Running Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Women's Running Shoe

Pegasus 36 signifies the prowess of Nike and satisfy the fans who desire of having a durable hiking sneaker. The combination of a stunning look and excellent performance makes it lead the pack. A moderately padded tongue adds a touch of softness.

With Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Women's Running sneaker, your trekking will be seamless.

The heel color runs high over the Achilles. This provides a secure and comfortable fit. It also adds stability and control. The simplicity of the mesh upper will leave you drooling over the model. It's incredibly breathable and soft.

The midsole is engineered with soft air pods that cushion your feet when landing. There is a thin, flexible rock plate for ultimate protection.


  • Breathable upper for easy airflow
  • Midsole with soft air pods for cushioning and shock absorption
  • Double zoom air cushion is suitable for a smooth flight
  • Simple upper for reducing chances of chafing
  • Superb rubber coverage on the outsole for ultimate traction


  • Pricey
  • There are complaints that the shoe is sized stiff and tight
  • Fabric tends to fold around the heel oddly

For those who want to conquer hills seamlessly, then Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Women's Running Shoe may be the ultimate choice. It's among the most comfortable running shoes for high arches.

5. Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

The Nike Men's Manoa Leather Hiking Boot is one of the long-lasting shoe by Nike. It's engineered for those who desire worry-free and enthralling hike. It offers a great combination of durability, protection, and superior grip on rugged terrains.

This Nike hiking boot has received praise for quality construction, comfort, arch support, and durability. The full-grain upper leather is treated for repelling water making the boot waterproof. It ensures you're safe in a thunderstorm.

But ensure you keep treating it with a silicone spray to maintain its waterproof feature. The beautiful part of Nike Men's Manoa boot is the stylish and robust eyelids that help in tightening the shoe.

The gusseted tongue, made of Vinyl material, is comfortable and soft. It keeps water, debris, and dirt out of the boot. You don't have to worry if you trek through dirty spots or worry about water leaking in the tongue area.

The collar is lined with soft polyester, which also has a moisture wicking feature. It ensures your feet are fresh and cool throughout the day.


  • Moisture-wicking property for fresh and dry feet
  • Full-grain leather upper for comfort and added durability
  • Rugged rubber outsole for superior grip on rough terrain
  • Gusseted tongue for keeping debris, dirt, and water out of the boot
  • Upper is made of mesh for ultimate breathability


  • The boot is bulky and might not be ideal for those who want a lightweight hiking shoes
  • It might not keep your feet warm during winter

Nike Manoa serves as a great transition from hiking shoes to gym and work boot. It's ideal for mechanic and security guys. However, this is not a heavy-duty boot to wear to a construction site.

Consideration Before Buying Nike Hiking Shoes

Nike Hiking Shoes

Considering that there is various kind of Nike shoes, choosing the right footwear can be daunting. Styles, features, and functionality make the entire process taxing. But if you understand what to put into consideration, you will get the right pair effortlessly.

Here are some considerations to check when buying Nike hiking shoes;

Upper and Outsole

When it comes to hiking, the upper and outsole are the most exposed parts. These parts work he hardest to protect your feet against debris and sharp rocks. The upper keeps your feet from dirt and protects your toes.

The friction and high impacts endured by the outsole will determine the durability of the hiking boot. Nike design their shoes with different features and treads for traction. As a hiking fanatic, you need to ensure that the boot you want to buy has deep lug to maintain a firm grip in wet, muddy, and rugged surfaces.

However, be careful about the lugs not to run too deep as this will make the boot lose its grip and stability.


Hiking is a rigorous exercise that requires you to walk miles and miles in a single day. You, therefore, need lightweight shoes that won't feel like a burden. Lightweight hiking shoes are easy to wear and feels comfortable.

The weight of your boot determines the hiking momentum. With heavy shoes, you will quickly lose the ankle support. Sturdy but thin materials make trekking much more manageable. Choose a shoe that weighs less than 2 pounds.



Comfort is all you need, whether running, walking, hiking, and working. It's easy to get enthralled about the features of an item and ignore the fit. If you want comfortable hiking shoes, ensure you give then a fitting test.

When buying online, use the size chart to determine your correct size. The boot should also be roomy for free toe movement and ensure your heel stays in place. While in the store, try fitting the shoe while wearing socks to get the precise feel of fit and comfort.

Avoid floating heel as it's the primary cause of blisters. Lacing design is a significant determinant of comfort. The insoles should be cushioned enough for superior comfort. Lacing systems are easily overlooked.

Eyelets and hooks play a vital role in comfort and fit. Weak lacing systems will see you readjusting the shoes regularly. The up and down motion is prone to creating hot spots and blisters.


Shoes designed with lots of mesh and thinner fabrics boost airflow and wick moisture away. With sweaty feet, it will be challenging to climb the hills. The feet will also slide which can strain the ankle

Breathable shoes will keep the feet dry during hot weather. Perforated upper offer optimized ventilation for those summer and warm days. It also prevents odor and fungal infection.

Water Resistance

Most reliable hiking shoes are engineered with a water-resistant membrane. Opt for shoes designed with mesh and moisture-wicking material. Mesh lining and EVA foam cushion will pretty do that.

Although not all hiking shoes are water resistance, the majority of them are.



Regardless of the type of a hiker you are, you need a supportive boot. The stiffness offers you comfort and stability you need to keep yourself balanced and safe on rugged terrain.

The stiffest boot provides more support. However, more rigid shoes will allow less flexibility and freedom. Stiffer boots are mostly made of leather. Although they're not suitable for much flexibility and breathability, they're ideal for bulky backpacking.

Nylon, mesh, and leather make the most flexible boots with enough stiffness for top-notch support and breathability.

Regular Hiking Shoes Vs. Nike Hiking Shoes

The long-distance walks, rugged terrain, and different weather conditions render hiking a demanding physical activity. The choice in footwear can make or break your hiking adventure.

Here is the difference between Nike hiking shoes and regular hiking shoes.


Nike engineer hiking shoes with both minimal and ample cushioning. This is to ensure you get the support and comfort that you need. Unlike other regular brands, Nike has a variety of hiking shoes and boots that enable the hiker to choose footwear that meets his/her needs.


Hiking shoes by Nike are explicitly designed to handle various terrains. These boots and shoes do boost not only comfort but also enhance performance. Compared to other regular shoes, Nike hiking shoes maintain a simple yet stunning design.

The design from Nike encourages unique cushioning and stability for seamless and comfortable cruising.


Nike provides hiking shoes with a sturdy but flexible outsole for excellent traction. This makes hiking a worry-free activity.

Unlike other brands, Nike offers boot and shoes with an unmatched grip to allow hikers to have seamless hiking adventure.


A hiking shoe's pattern and lug play a vital role in determining its performance. Hikers, who frequent rocky surfaces, would perform great with shallow lugs. Unlike regular brands, Nike design shoes with various lug designs to tackle all types of terrains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are Nike hiking shoes or boot suitable for gym workouts?

A. Nike hiking shoes are designed with lugs that provide ultimate grip on rugged on uneven terrains. A firm grip is excellent, but it might hinder your workout routine. Some boots are bulky, which might slow your workouts.

Fortunately, Nike constructs workout shoes that are suitable for indoor activities.

Q. Can Nike hiking footwear be useable as trail running shoes?

A. Both hiking and trail running shoes from Nike have the same structure, which enables then to handle outdoor activities with efficacy and ease. Both footwears are constructed with lugs on the outsole to offer a firm grip.

The insoles are cushioned enough to ensure you feel comfortable. Well-cushioned insoles also absorb impact as you land. In this way, hiking shoes can be used in trail running and vice versa.

However, Nike has shoes for both activities. This is to ensure you get the right footwear for the right purpose.

Q. Does Nike manufacture waterproof shoes? And are they essential in hiking?

A. Yes, they do. Waterproof shoes wick the moisture away and leave you with fresh and cool feet. However, waterproofing shoes depend on the condition you frequent. Wet and muddy grounds warrant having waterproof boots.

But you should also note that waterproof shoes have poor breathability. Therefore, avoid wearing such shoes during summer as you will have sweaty feet.

Q. How do hiking shoe from Nike Fit?

A. Nike has a comprehensive pattern on the fitting of their shoes. However, other factors can affect the fitting. They include cushioning, the fabric used, and the support you need.

But based on reviewers, Nike shoes run small in size. If you're buying online, ensure you use the size chart for the perfect fit. If possible, a brick-and-mortar store will do you good as you’ll be able to get the right fit.

So, when ordering the best Nike hiking shoes from online stores, purchase one size up compared to regular fitting.

Q. Can women fashion Nike hiking shoes?

A. In most cases, hiking shoes are perceived as aggressive footwear associated with masculinity. The good news is that; these shoes have no limit on what women can pair them with.

Hiking shoes from Nike come in a variety of designs, styles, and colorways. During summer, you can pair the boost with leggings, flowy blouse, or denim shorts.

You can also tuck in skinny jeans with a basic shirt for a flawless look.

Q. How do I clean my hiking boots?

A. The best thing about hiking footwear is that they need low maintenance. For daily care routine, dry-brush using a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt. For cleaning, use mild cleaning buy using water and mild detergent.

Clean the laces and let them air dry. Avoid machine washing the shoes as it can ruin the fabric, color, and shape.


Statics shows that approximately 44.9 million people participated in hiking in the United States in 2017. This is a clear indication that people are embracing the trail life. But having the right footwear will only help you enjoy the benefits of hiking.

Nike has delivered excellent services when it comes to designing hike boots and sneakers. The shoes reviewed above may last you for years. You will also enjoy the breathability, arch support, comfort, and stability they offer on various surfaces.

Although these Nike shoes are not your regular cheap footwear, the excellent features they possess make them worth it. Sacrifice a few bucks and enjoy unrivaled comfort.

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