The 7 Best Nike Training Shoes of 2020

Are you tired of replacing your workout shoes every month? It is time you shift to using the best Nike training shoes. Nike does not promise eternity, but you will find trainers that will last several months. The good thing about Nike cross trainers is you can use them to do various workouts on different surfaces.

One of the Nike trainers that stand out is Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer. The shoe has an 85% fitting ratio. Besides, Nike Monarch IV trainer has a Foam Phylon midsole that offers excellent arch and footbed support.

The synthetic/leather upper and the rubber sole provide maximum foot breathability and surface traction, respectively. These and other features make the shoe stand out tall among its workout peers for those who train every day.

Nike has other trainers that meet different needs such as flat feet, people with narrow feet, fallen arches, and many more. Look at this list of 7 best Nike cross-training shoes below:

Best Nike Training Shoes


Made of



Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Leather and Synthetic


Nike Men's Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

Textile and Synthetic


Nike Men's Free Metcon 2 Training Shoes



Nike Men's Flex Control Tr3 Wide Sneaker

Leather and Synthetic


Nike Men's Retaliation Trainer Cross

Textile and Synthetic


Nike Men's Flex Control Ii Cross Trainer

Textile and Synthetic


NIKE Men's Reax TR III SL Cross Trainer

Leather and Synthetic


1. Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

After looking at several Nike training shoe reviews, it is evident that Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV is one of the best. The shoe has a fitting rate of 85%. This means a small fraction of men do not find the shoe fitting. Otherwise, the shoe fits a majority.

With a rubber sole and a synthetic and leather upper, you are sure your training is smooth. Thanks to the combined material on the top, your feet will not swell for lacking enough air.

The shoe is categorized under the semi-low-profile. Because of this, you will not suffer arch pain even if you spend all the days in the gym. Still, on the upper, the shoe has unique leather overlays that support efficient airflow and easy perforations.

The midsole, which is made from Foam Phylon, makes it possible to jump for long sessions without feeling any pain at your arch.

A mesh tongue is another feature you will love. The feature enhances breathability, a significant factor in many shoes for doing aerobics.

The sole is another thing you will love about Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer shoe. While other materials would skid on certain surfaces, Nike Men Monarch’s rubber sole offers excellent traction no matter the surface.


  • Lightweight, making it easy to train for long hours;
  • Easy to clean even with a damp cloth;
  • The shoe enables your feet to breathe;
  • The low-profile style allows for comfort;
  • The Foam Phylon midsole offers excellent arch support thus no pain;
  • A variety of colors to choose from;
  • The shoe is 100% non-slip, which makes it a good fit for all surfaces.


  • The shoe squeaks after a short while;
  • Some colored parts of the shoe colors and discolors the white parts.

This shoe is by no means one of the best Nike has made. You can capitalize on its sterling ability in offering better traction, it is breathable, and provides excellent arch support.

2. Nike Men's Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

Nike Men's Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer

Compared to Nike Men's IV Monarch, Nike Men's Lunar trainer doesn't fit many of its users. According to many men who use the shoe, only 79% of those who purchase the shoe find it fitting. Nevertheless, it is still a significant number.

The footwear's upper is made from textile and a bit of synthetic while the bottom has a rubber sole.

If you have used a variety of rubber-soled shoes, perhaps you have seen that a few leave marks on the ground if you use force when landing. While this may appear to many as inevitable, Lunars don't leave any mark on the surface.

Full inner construction enables the shoe to offer immense benefits to the user. For instance, thanks to the material, the shoe is breathable, lightweight, and is easy to wear and remove.

The shoe uses a dynamic fit Technology, which provides a feel that resembles a glove.


  • The shoe offers maximum breathing of the feet;
  • It is lightweight, making it possible for you to train for long hours;
  • The rubber sole provides excellent ground traction without leaving funny marks on the surface;
  • Built to last;
  • The full inner sleeve offers athletes with the needed comfort.


  • The shoe needs a longer break-in time;
  • It has a small width;
  • The tongue is sewn to the inside, making it difficult to wear for people with wide feet.

Overall, you may find this to be an excellent training shoe in the market because it is comfortable, lightweight, and built to last. However, if you have wide feet, you will need to look for shoes for people with wide feet from this list.

3. Nike Men's Free Metcon 2 Training Shoes

Nike Men's Free Metcon 2 Training Shoes

These superior shoes are designed for a variety of vigorous activities like strength training. The upper material is a canvas. Canvas is breathable and easy to clean. There are hundreds of mesh holes that keep the interior aired. This goes a long way in reducing foot odor due to sweat. The material is lightweight, giving you room for an excellent performance.

Midfoot construction gives you support for better movement. The shoe has a caging structure that wraps around your foot. This keeps your foot intact in the shoe for better stability. The inner sleeve is designed to wrap your foot for a better fit.

The midsole of this pair is cushioned. This padding absorbs the impact your foot gets from vigorous exercise. It also keeps you stable for better performance. The sole is made from rubber. Rubber is durable and flexible. The rubber grooves keep you steady and safe from slipping when exercising.


  • Breathable upper mesh for foot comfort;
  • Padded tongue prevents friction with your foot during exercise;
  • Mesh material keeps shoe aerated and fresh from odors;
  • Cushioned midsole is shock-absorbent and keeps you stable;
  • Rubber grooves on the soles are slip-free and increase stability.


  • Rubber soles may squeak on smooth gym floors;
  • The sneaker lacks enough support for longer runs or heavier lifting in the gym.

The Metcon Free 2 shoes for men are a favorite for people who do high-intensity workouts. The rubber sole with padded insoles will keep you comfortable for better performance. They are also good-looking shoes, fit for any taste.

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4. Nike Men's Flex Control Tr3 Wide Sneaker

Nike Men's Flex Control Tr3 Wide Sneaker

This training shoe is built to withstand any vigorous exercises. It is made from a combination of leather and synthetic material. This combination gives you a durable shoe. The shoe is also lightweight for secure handling. The material is also abrasion-resistant. This means that you will get a lot of use from this pair.

Tr3 is a low-top shoe. This design gives you ankle support without obstructing movement. It also makes it easier to put the shoe on and get it off after exercise. The tongue is padded to reduce the friction between it and your foot.

The midfoot has a saddle that keeps your foot steady and supported. The heel counter on the inside gives your foot the freedom to move. It also sees that you are steady throughout. The sole is made from rubber. The rubber material is durable and adaptable. The deep grooves give your foot flexibility when wearing the shoes.


  • Lightweight construction means you will not be weighed down when doing vigorous exercises;
  • Stylish design makes the shoes suitable for both active and casual wear;
  • Midfoot saddle gives your arch the support it needs for better stability;
  • Heel counter allows natural foot rolling for good movement;
  • Sole grooves keep you steady even on slippery floors.


  • Pebbles get stuck easily between the grooves;
  • They have a tight midfoot area.

The Tr3 shoes give you the right balance between activewear and casual wear. They have a supportive design, able to adapt to different trail conditions. If you want a shoe for all occasions, then this is the pair for you.

5. Nike Men's Retaliation Trainer Cross

Nike Men's Retaliation Trainer Cross

Nike’s Retaliation shoes are designed as all-round training shoes. They are made from a combination of textile and synthetic fabric. This makes them durable and able to withstand vigorous use. The material combination is also lightweight, suitable for a variety of training activities.

They have a breathable upper like the other breathable shoes, which keeps your foot comfortable and fresh for better performance. Even the tongue is made of mesh material. This makes it less obstructive to your foot during the performance. Flywire cables run through the shoe for a better fit.

The sole has spots of reinforced rubber. This gives you support in areas where it is most needed. The rubber tips keep you steady when doing on-toe exercises like planks. The rubber on the heels gives you a good grip when lifting weights.


  • Lightweight construction makes them comfortable shoes for high-intensity workouts;
  • Rubber placed in strategic areas on the soles gives better grip on a variety of surfaces;
  • The Flywire cables enhance the fit, and the shoes do not have a break-in period;
  • Mesh fabric on the upper and tongue enhance foot comfort and reduces odors;
  • Low-top construction is suitable for ankle support.


  • Minimal support for outdoor exercise;
  • The shoe is a bit small. It does not fit many people.

Nike Retaliation is especially suitable for hiking. They give unparalleled ankle and arch support.

6. Nike Men's Flex Control Ii Cross Trainer

Nike Men's Flex Control Ii Cross Trainer

This is another pair of shoes from Nike made for cross-training purposes. The Flex Control shoes are made from a textile and synthetic material blend. This powerful combination gives you a highly capable but super light pair of shoes. Your feet will not feel weighed down when you workout.

Unlike other shoes in this review, the Flex Control II does not have sewn-in skins around the toes and heels. This makes these areas less prone to wear and tear. You will use them for a longer time.

The midsole of the Flex Control II shoe features Nike Flex technology. This makes the midsole highly flexible and adaptable to the terrain. Besides, your foot has better freedom of movement due to this feature. The rubber soles give you durability and adaptability needed for a training shoe.


  • Signature Nike Flex in the midsole gives a flexible and adaptable shoe;
  • Meshed upper and heel provides a well-ventilated, comfortable inner;
  • Rubber sole adapts to different terrains without wearing out easily;
  • Treading pattern provides for multidirectional movement when training;
  • Seamless skins around the toe and heel reduce friction and enhance the durability of the shoes.


  • Small stones quickly get stuck in the deep treads when outdoors;
  • Needs breaking-in before fitting to size.

Several training shoe reviews indicate Nike Flex Control II standout as a multi-trail training shoe. The footwear enhances foot comfort using Nike Flex Technology to give your feet maximum room for movement. The lack of seams around the heel and toe means that you are under less risk for abrasion and friction injuries.

7. NIKE Men's Reax TR III SL Cross Trainer

NIKE Men's Reax TR III SL Cross Trainer

This Cross Trainer from Nike features a classic training shoe design. The shoe is made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials. This gives you a pair that is durable, able to endure any terrain. It also gives you a light shoe for better performance.

The tongue of this pair has meshed; this means it exerts less pressure on your foot. Less pressure equals less friction and chance of injury. This also enhances the aeration of the inner shoe. This makes the shoe highly breathable.

The sole of this shoe is made from rubber, which is highly adaptable to different terrains. There are air cushions in the heels that absorb the effect of impact. This gives you a boost for energy conservation and better performance. The treading pattern on the shoe’s sole guarantees traction even on slippery ground.


  • Rubber sole does not wear out easily even with continued use;
  • Deep treading gives you traction for both indoor and outdoor training;
  • Meshed tongue leads to less injury and a more breathable inner;
  • Air cushions in the heels are energy efficient and enhance performance;
  • Lightweight materials make the shoe a good training shoe.


  • The shoe is small especially around the toe area;
  • The rubber sole can be squeaky.

Nike TR III Cross Trainer pair gives you a timeless design coupled with great functionality. The air cushions in the heels of this pair the ideal choice by setting it apart from the rest.

What to Look Before Buying Nike Training Shoes

Because your doctor told you about the need to cut weight, you are not going to buy any shoes you see in the shop. Prudence calls for further scrutiny of the available shoes. To get the best Nike training shoes from a brand that has made thousands of products, you need to consider the following pointers:

Nike Shoes


You are not going to buy a shoe because of its name. You know that you are dealing with Nike, a brand that has been around for many years. However, the first thing that you should be concerned about is if the shoe fits you.

How will you tell if the shoe fits you when you are placing an order online? It should not be hard. For instance, you have seen that Nike Monarch IV Cross Trainer has an 85% fit ratio. That is a good number compared to another shoe with a 70% fit.

A shoe with a higher fit percentage means many people who purchase the shoe find it fitting.


Training requires you to exert much pressure on several parts of the body, the feet being the most significant culprits. If the shoe does not give your feet the necessary support, especially on key areas such as the ankle, arch, and the midfoot, you will suffer a lot of pain.

Nike training shoes offer excellent ankle and arch support, which makes it possible for people to train for long hours without suffering from any foot fatigue.



Does the activity matter in the choice of Nike running boots? Yes, it matters a lot. Take, for instance, what you want to do. Walking on snow and ice will not be the same as doing aerobics inside a house with a tiled surface after undergoing foot surgery.

Some activities, such as running, may require a much lighter shoe compared to jogging or doing indoor exercises for a few minutes.



The Nike training shoes must allow constant and sufficient airflow to your feet. Remember, you are training. When the human body is subjected to intense work such as workouts, running, or lifting stuff, it sweats.

Chances of dehydrating oneself are high; thus, you require water and oxygen to replace the water the body loses when it sweats. Nike training sneakers come with a mesh upper that allows for easy breathability.

However, a few Nike shoes have a waterproof material that does not have enough holes to allow sufficient airflow. 

Chances of dehydrating oneself are high; thus, you require water and oxygen to replace the water the body loses when it sweats. Nike training sneakers come with a mesh upper that allow for easy breathability.

However, a few Nike shoes have a waterproof material that does not have enough holes to allow sufficient airflow.

Upper and Sole

The top and the sole should be able to help you achieve what you want. When training, your feet move a lot. Occasionally, you will make reckless moves that, if you are not careful, you may injure your foot.

A nice sole, such as rubber, will offer you excellent traction, which will prevent you from falling. Depending on the surface, some synthetic soles also do better. The upper should also provide the needed comfort without compromising the flow of air to the foot.

On the other hand, an excellent upper does not allow water to penetrate to the feet.


A Nike training boot is nothing if it does not last. You are not going to buy training shoes every month as if you do not have other things that require money. Using Nike training shoe reviews online, you can know if the show you are about to buy will last or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I need a Nike training boot?

A. You do! While there are several brands out there, such as Clarks, Merrell, and others, the brand has the Nike training shoes around. Most Nike boots are versatile. The sole and the upper are designed to offer proper traction, comfort, breathability, ankle and arch support.

You can use Nike training sneakers for different workouts, such as weightlifting, running, and cross-training.

Q. How can I be sure my Nike training shoe is original?

A. You can check the originality of the Nike training boot using several ways. The first test is to bend the shoe’s sole. If the shoe is original, it will return quickly to its shape even if you repeat the process severally.

The second test is to check the shoe’s Size/Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), which indicates where the Nike training shoe was made. The details on the SKU tag will help you clear any doubts about the originality of the shoe.

The third way is to use the barcode, which will help you monitor the inventory.

Lastly, an original Nike cross trainer has unique stitches and seams that make the shoe stand out from the crest. Thanks to the stitches, Nike training boots last longer.

Q. Can I use my Nike trainer for running?

A. Many Nike sneakers are designed to help people do all sorts of training. You can use your Nike training boot for running whenever you want. However, you should beware of the size and type of your feet. Some people have flat feet, while others have narrow feet.

Upon ascertaining the size and type of your feet, you can pick a light Nike training shoe, which you can use for running. The other exciting thing about Nike training sneakers is that they are constructed to withstand any surface.

It does not matter which surface you will run on. Many people run on pavements, roads with extremely dad terrains, or hike on ice.

Q. Can I place an orthotic sole inside my Nike training shoe?

A. Yes! Most Nike training shoes can be customized to fit what you want. If you suffer from ankle pains or have fallen arches, your doctor may advise using customized inserts on Nike trainers. If you are forced to use inserts, choose a trainer that is slightly bigger to accommodate the orthotic.

You can decide to place the orthotics on top of the shoe’s insoles or remove the insole and replace it with your customized arch support insert. This way, you will carry on with your training without exerting any pain on the arch.

Q. When do I know it is the right time to replace my Nike trainer?

A. You may consider replacing your Nike trainers every 180 days (six months) if you workout every day. However, fine Nike cross training boots may last longer than that, forcing you to take time before you replace them.

If your Nike trainer is still reliable, you can decide to change only the inserts to extend its life.

Remember, too, that where you workout is a crucial factor. Some surfaces tend to wear out the sole and the upper faster than others do.


Replacing training shoes every month is not only an expensive ordeal but also tiresome. You are not going to spend your valuable time to research which are the best Nike training shoes every time you sit in front of a computer.

Fortunately, you can now trust Nike has several workout trainers you can depend on. Some of the trainers highlighted above will last a few months, while others will go for years. Whatever the time the Nike training shoe takes, you will be happy if it provides you with the comfort, breathability, and ankle and arch support all the time you use it.

In case you need to customize your trainer to fit what your doctor advises, you will still find enough room in the shoe. After purchasing the shoe, you will need to take care of it by ensuring it is clean before and after workouts. This way, your quality Nike cross training shoes will last several years.

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