The 7 Best Oil for Leather Boots of 2022

For generations, leather has often been considered one of the most subtle materials that provided a level of comfort that rarely matched. Today, leather boots have become a symbol of generations who used leather as a protector during harsh, brutal conditions.

Leather, today, is used in a wide range of applications and has a tendency to increase the price of products that were once covered with other materials. Car, furniture manufacturers, and footwear manufacturers have realized the additional quality that leather adds to basic products.

Leather products are expensive and need to be protected from decay, deterioration, and discoloration. Using the best boot oil for leather boots of 2022 will keep all your leather products, including your boots, looking like new for many years yet to come.

Through great thought and deliberation, Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Oil comes highly recommended based on the protection offered and the ability to polish and shine shoes after application.

Best Oil for Leather Boots

1. Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Natural Oil

Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Oil

This heavy-duty boot oil was developed by firefighters under the harshest of conditions. The unique Beeswax/Propolis Suspension formula protects leather against chemicals, heat, water, and abrasions.

Natural oils in this premiere boot oil are gradually released into leather pores for longer lubrication. Flexing of your foot releases oils, providing additional protection even while on the job. This boot oil waterproofs naturally while allowing the leather to breathe and relax.

This heavy-duty boot oil also provides protection and restores saddles, motorcycle leathers, baseball gloves with a never-ending variety of application uses. Restore your dried and sun-faded leather to new condition in less time with better results.

Besides Beeswax, this boot oil features Propolis, an antibacterial resin from trees that resist mold and bacteria. The application is smooth, with no mess. For wet conditions, two applications are recommended. Allow ten minutes to one hour between treatments for the best results. This technic is much better for protective wildland firefighting boots.


  • Resists premature cracking in flex areas keeping boots looking good, longer
  • Resists, scuffing, abrasions and stitch tear with 24/7 protection
  • Prevents dry rot on boots that are only worn occasionally
  • Odorless after application with no residual smells
  • Safe to use on all leathers with no petroleum or solvent base


  • Noticeable darkening of leather after each application
  • Not recommend for boots or shoes with decorative stitching
  • A very thin liquid which requires more than one coating to get boots looking good.

No doubt, this is an excellent boot oil, but wait and see what other options are available by scrolling down.

2. Red Wing Heritage Mink Oil-U

Red Wing Heritage Mink Oil-U

Anyone that wears boots immediately recognizes the name of the Red Wing Heritage manufacturer. Specialized leather in the production of leather boots requires protection from a specialized boot oil.

It is using a blend of pine pitch and mink oil results in one of the best oil for leathers, mink oil. This all-natural mink oil contains a waterproofing agent that is derived from mink skins. Combined with pine pitch, this mink oil creates a natural water barrier allowing the leather to breathe and remain subtle.

This boot oil is designed explicitly for oil-tanned leather. The use of this oil on Nappy leathers such as suede and nubuck is not recommended. Caution should be used when using this mink oil as this boot oil does not allow leather to be shined or polished afterward.

This oil for made by this manufacturer, but can be used in other boots. This boot oil also works great on boots that need waterproofing and protection from the elements. Application on leather dress boots or shoes is not recommended.

Talking of Red Wing Brand, try out these red wing boots not only make you look good, but also great for a range of outdoor activities.


  • Works very well on any colored leather with amazing results
  • Brings old leather back to life and protects new leather
  • Ideal for breaking in new boots makes the leather more comfortable
  • Makes scuffs, scrapes, and scratches virtually disappear
  • The mink oil on the market with protection that lasts


  • Need to apply daily to keep up shine and sheen
  • Oil tends to darken leather after each application
  • Takes a long time to dry and soak into the leather

Still undecided? There are five more boot oils listed below, one just for you.

3. Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil Leather Conditioner

Bickmore 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Proudly made in the USA, this combination of leather conditioner and wood finisher has multiple uses. This conditioner works on not only boots and shoes but belts, wallets, baseball gloves, and even expensive equestrian equipment.

Containing no harmful additives or animal fats that could result in deterioration and color changes, this 100% pure conditioner is ideally suited for all smooth leathers and works equally as well penetrating all-new leather goods.

This fashionable leather conditioner naturally repels water. This wax and silicone-free formula will keep all your leather footwear and accessories from drying and cracking. This is one of the most versatile leather conditioners on the market with many uses around your home.

Upon application to leather, a noticeable darkening of the color may first appear. This is common with most leather conditioners. Upon drying, the color will return to the approximate original color with some distinguishing characteristics of color shading.


  • Ideal for exotics such as ostrich, and other expensive leathers
  • Cleans, polishes, and conditions with one easy application
  • Perfect for darkened leather brings out the true beauty
  • Restores leather to near mint original condition
  • Easy to apply, not oily or greasy as other similar conditioners


  • The very unpleasant smell when applying
  • Does not work on the leather interior of cars
  • More expensive than others that do the same thing

An excellent leather conditioner for sure, but there are others that you might want to review that can be found later in this review.

4. Sof Sole Mink Oil for Conditioning and Waterproofing Leather

Sof Sole Mink Oil for Conditioning

This mink oil is another waterproof boot oil that creates a barrier to repel water with deep penetration of the pores of your leather boots. Formulated to condition, preserve, and protect a variety of leather goods, this mink oil works the best on smooth underlying leather surfaces.

For decades mink oil has proven to be one of the best preservatives for leather products. The softening effect of this mink oil increases the flexibility of old neglected boots bringing back the hidden beauty to near new like condition.

The mink oil used in the production of this product lubricates the tough fibers of your leather boots, extending the durability for more extended wear under all conditions. This mink oil conditioner restores, protects, and renews leather quickly supplementing the lost oils from regular wear.

Apply this mink oil with a clean cloth working the specialized restoration properties of this oil deep into the pores of your once-favorite leather boots. Apply a second coat if needed. Wipe off excess. It is that easy.


  • Easy to apply and dries within minutes
  • Long-lasting protection for up to three months for all leather products
  • Penetrates deep and fast restoring essential oils of damaged leather
  • Covers scuff marks, scrapes, and scratches
  • Conditions restore weathered leather to original condition


  • Darkens leather considerably with color change after drying
  • Dries out the glue and causes separation of outsoles
  • Can not be used on oil-tanned leather without damaging consequences

Not for you? Take a moment and discover some interesting facts about the following boot oils.

5. Jobsite Premium Mink Oil Leather

JobSite Premium Mink Oil Leather

Job sites can be hard on boots. Boots worn on job sites need to offer the protection from a variety of the harshest conditions. From scrapes, scratches to harmful chemicals, boots worn on job sites need to protect while remaining flexible and comfortable.

Mink oil has a long tradition of protecting boots that are worn on a variety of job sites. Besides protecting and waterproofing, this mink oil-based paste repels oil and stains with the preservation of leather in all conditions.

The unique formula combines the attributes of silicone, lanolin and Neatsfoot oil for a protection that cannot be compared to any other similar mink boot oil. This product has a mild fragrance which might be objectionable to some users.

Makes old leather shoes and boots pliable again with the use of one of the 7 best oil for leather boots of 2022. Application is easy and competed in a few minutes, providing up to one year of around the clock protection.


  • One bottle will last for several years depending on the frequency of application
  • Multiple uses on all leather products from boots to purses and more
  • Prolongs the life of weather-beaten boots
  • Heals, repairs and protects all in one easy application
  • Provides a higher level of waterproofing without harmful chemicals


  • Unpleasant smell that is noticeable even after boots dry
  • Leaves a white residue which is hard to remove
  • Hard to apply with many large white clumps of paste

Don’t give up, and there are a couple more that need your attention.

6. Huberd’s Shoe Oil

Huberd's Shoe Oil

Huberd’s Shoe Oil is backed by a company with over eighty- years of experience, outperforming all other competitor’s brands going one step above the rest. Designed for use on new or old leather shoes, this tried and trusted shoe oil was formulated based on rugged mountain loggers.

This is an excellent shoe oil for leather shoes that may not require a heavy-duty shoe wax. Defending against moisture, mildew, and rotting, this shoe oil protects from the drying and decaying of leather pores from work-place fuels, chemicals, and mild acids.

As a shoe oil for general maintenance of leather, this product stands above the rest. Formulated with no animal fats, solvents, or additives, this shoe oil continues to withstand the test of time and remains one of the preferred products for the protection of all leather products.

This product can be used on boots or shoes that need to be shined or polished after treatment.


  • Ideal for boots or shoes that are subject to cracking
  • Lasting effect and protection for years without additional applications
  • Works equally as well on joints and stitching for added protection
  • Recommended for care and restoration of work boots
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA


  • Messy application with a smoky smell that lingers
  • Inconvenient packaging that makes the product hard to use
  • Shipping costs are almost equal to the price of the product

Huberd’s Shoe Oil comes as one of the top-rated leather boot oils on the market, so it’s worth a try.

7. Kiwi Mink Oil

Kiwi Mink Oil

Kiwi Mink Oil has been a staple of the footwear industry for the protection of a variety of leather. A rich combination of mink oil, silicone, and lanolin deeply penetrates, conditions and waterproofs smooth leather making stiff, old boot wearable again.

A natural by-product, this mink oil-based boot oil prevents salt stains in the Winter, keeping boots looking like new. Used by hunters, hikers, and camping enthusiasts, this product protects not only your feet from damp conditions but protects leather exteriors regardless of conditions.

It is preferred by construction workers, cowboys, railroads, and standard combat military boots who rely on their boots for the performance of their duties. This product will extend the life of all leather products backed by a company with over one-hundred years of experience in the production of quality products.

Application is easy working this mink oil product deep into the leather. Dries in only a few minutes, allowing for additional applications as needed.


  • Works well on sport boots/shoes leather or vinyl
  • Recommended by qualified shoe professionals
  • Restores old stiff shoes from the back of your closet to new like condition
  • Completely dries within 24 hours after application
  • A trusted name for generations with a name that is well-known


  • This is an expensive product. At least one-hundred times more costly than any other that is available anywhere.
  • One-hundred dollars? Are you kidding me? Is the tin-gold lined?
  • Not worth the money. There are other boot oils out there that also work and a lot cheaper.

What to Look for Before Buying Oil for Leather Boots


The oil for leather boots should protect the natural beauty of the material. Protection should be in the form of all-weather conditions and should be based on the extent of wear as well as where your boots are worn.

Boots worn in the construction or in other harsh conditions will require a higher level of protection than those worn for casual events.


There are many products currently on the market that are designed for application on leather boots. Looking for a quality product is easier to find that one might imagine. Product reviews are often a good source of valuable information from actual consumers using boot oil products.

Look for boot oil products with trusted, well-established names.


Waterproofing leather provides a temporary coating that will help to repel water and snow for a certain amount of time. Application of any boot oil product is not a permanent waterproofing method and may require additional application depending on where your boots are worn.


Boot oil effectiveness is often based on how the product is used and the intended application. The effectiveness of boot oil products is clearly marked on the container, although it may be difficult to read due to the small print.

Consumers may be disappointed in the effectiveness of a specific boot oil product expecting results that were less than produced.


You may experience some darkening of the color when applying boot oils. This is due to the absorption of the oil into the pores of the leather, which creates a reaction that brings back a slightly darker color when purchased. The boot oils will not restore the exact original color.

Be aware of the leather of your boots before applying boot oils. Some boot oils will darken the tone significantly.

If you like to darken your boots regularly, here are effective tips for darkening leather boots to give them a new look or an antique feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is boot oil?

A. Boot oil is a type of leather conditioning that is used on leather boots and shoes. Boot oil is designed to restore the natural beauty of leather with restoration to “new like” conditions. Boots that lack the luster and pure beauty of leather can be brought back to life in a few simple steps.

Boot oil restores moisture to leather replacing the precise level required to make old weather-beaten, sun-faded shoe and boots wearable again with a new appearance that disappeared many years ago.

Boot oils can be applied to all leather in liquid or paste. Application of any boot oils should be based on the specific leather to which the boot oil is to be applied.

Q. What are the different types of boot oils?

A. There are two types of boot oils, paste or liquid. Boot oils are specially formulated to penetrate the pores of leather boots. Leather boot oils should not be used on any other leather surface for which it is not intended. Damage to leather surfaces may result.

Take into consideration the present condition of your leather boots. Boots that have been subjected to many years of abuse and neglect may require additional attention to restore to good condition. For boots with excessive deterioration, a liquid boot oil is advised.

Boot oil paste is typically used to protect leather boots from further damage that is in reasonably good condition. Boot oil paste may be warmed or melted to make application easier, however, is not recommended. Boot oil paste may be applied with a clean cloth or applicator.

Q. How do you put oil on leather boots?

A. Boots should be thoroughly cleaned before applying boot oils. Test the boot oil of choice in an inconspicuous area to see how your choice of product will penetrate the leather of your boots. Not all boot oils work the same or should be applied the same.

Boot oils tend to darken the leather. Testing on the side of your boots is often the best area. Use the applicator that was included with your boot oil. If no applicator was included, the clean, dry cloth would work equally as well.

Apply a thin coat to all the boot surface. Application of the boot oil should cover all surfaces and be consistent. Do not over apply the boot oil. Wait for one hour or until the boot oil has a chance to dry. Apply a second coat if needed. Rub or brush out when fully dry.

Q. How often should you put oil on your boots?

A. Application of the boot oil often depends on the weather conditions where you live. The weather has the most significant effect on the longevity of leather boots. If you live in cold conditions, you should apply the proper boot oil at a minimum of 3-4 times per year.

This may seem like overkill; however, cold weather takes a more significant toll on leather boots than any other weather condition. Brutal cold conditions tend to crack leather on boots restricting any absorption of boot oils.

Wet weather also has a harsh effect on leather boots. Leather boots that are subjected to continual wet conditions tend to retain water if not appropriately protected. The boot oil used should contain a waterproofing ingredient that is designed to protect the leather of your boots.

Q. What are the necessary tools you need to put oil on boots?

A. Obviously, the first tool that you will need is your preferred choice of the best oil for leather-based on the type of your boots. Keep in mind that leather boots may look the same but vary in composition such as suede and nubuck.

Place your leather boots on a piece of cloth to prevent damage to carpeting or hardwood flooring. Use the applicator brush supplied by your choice of boot oil. A soft cloth will work, as well.

Depending on the condition of your boots, more than one application may be required. Let dry for at least one day and then rub out or brush out the surface of your boots with either a clean rag or a soft horsehair brush.


For centuries leather continues to be one of the most beautiful and protective materials known to man. Leather defines and outlines some of the most beautifully crafted pieces of workmanship with intricate details that are specifically designed for comfort and durability.

Leather is also considerably more expensive than other materials. As a soft and subtle material, leather is used in the production of items that are used daily.

Leather tends to fade and discolor over time. Restoring leather to the original beauty and luster has brought about the introduction of boot oils and leather conditioners that are designed to protect and revitalize the authentic smooth, soft texture that leather is known for.

The boot oils and leather conditioners outlined throughout this product review are the 7-best oil for leather boots of 2022. Tried and tested, boot oils and conditioners restore what Mother Nature once took away.

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