The 7 Best Orthopedic Slippers of 2022

Everybody needs good support and well-fitting shoes to keep them moving without pain. However, other people still can’t get enough comfort and support even with the best shoes in the market. These are the people who suffer from various foot conditions such as deformity, injury, wide bunions, or neurological disease.

Orthopedic slippers are designed in a special way to accommodate the structure and the mechanics of your feet, ankle, and leg. They have medical benefits and functional features that are different from normal footwear; hence, perfect for those who can’t wear normal shoes.

The best orthopedic slippers come with features such as removal sock liners, a variety of shapes and width, well-rockered midsole and outsole as well as strong torsional.

Orthofeet Charlotte Brown Slippers tops our list thanks to the support and the comfort they provide to the feet. The ergonomic-stride sole, arch support, and adjustable strap features of these slippers are all you need for any foot condition.

Let’s dive into the entire review to see what the rest of the slippers have to offer as far as orthopedic is concerned.

Best Orthopedic Slippers

1. Orthofeet Charlotte Brown Slippers

Orthofeet Charlotte Brown Slippers

If you need supportive shoes that you can wear both at home and outdoors and feel no discomfort, then Orthofeet Charlotte Brown slippers should be your footwear of choice. These are one of the best orthopedic slippers with amazing features.

Charlotte women slippers come with anatomical arch support, adjustable strap, and Ergonomic-Stride sole. All these features work together to ensure you get ultimate comfort as well as ease the pain on the heel, hips, knees, ball of the feet, and back pain.

The footwear helps you say goodbye to all the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, neuropathy, diabetes, and arthritis. The unique ergonomic features used to design these slippers are specifically for them, and you won’t find them in any other slippers of the same category.

The slippers also boast of multiple cushioning layers and lightweight cushioning sole design that softens every step you make to give you the desired soothing comfort. The shoe makeover includes soft leather upper, extra foam padding, and padded interior, all geared towards extra comfort.


  • Lightweight cushioning to sooth every step
  • Comfort feel enhances heel and toe comfort
  • Adjustable hook and loop for a perfect fit
  • Orthotic friendly design that provides ample space
  • Warm, cozy, supportive and soft for all-day comfort


  • The insoles can wear off fast
  • No extra color choices limiting those who want specific colors

Charlotte is made to ensure maximum comfort and support for the arch and heel. They are extra soft and come with additional insoles that add firmness and support. These are great footwear that you can purchase for hammertoes and bunions.

2. Vionic Adilyn Women Round Toe Canvas Slipper

Vionic Adilyn Women Round Toe Canvas Slipper

Vionic Adilyn Slippers allows you to feel the difference of having great slippers on your side for added support and comfort. These ortho slippers for ladies should be your best friend if you have various foot conditions that won’t allow you to wear normal shoes. The slippers will make you feel what comfort means.

When you want supportive, soft, and warm footwear, try none other than Vionic Adilyn. You don’t have to worry if you’re not an indoor person because the slippers are great both around the house and outside. You will have the best fit with the hook-and-loop closure that ensures no foot-hugging feel or snug.

They come with a podiatrist-design orthotic footbed that features Orthaheel technology that will ensure you get the needed stability and support. These are among the best orthotic slippers because they are made with soft, quilted terry material that ensures your feet stay warm and nice all day.


  • Orthaheel technology reduces excess pronation, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis
  • Hook-and-loop closure for easy fit
  • Flexible, lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shock
  • Perfect for medium to wide feet
  • Built-in orthotic footbed for arch support


  • Your feet need time to adjust to the support
  • Not easy fit for a small and narrow foot

Vionic is made to improve the quality of life by providing ultimate support and comfort for the arch/heel regions. These are slippers that define what comfort means for those who cannot wear normal shoes to work.

3. Foamtreads Men’s Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

Foamtreads Men's Extra-Depth Wool Slippers

Foamtreads is all you’re looking for to get lightweight and comfortable slippers that accommodate all kinds of foot conditions and size. From the name, you’re already convinced that this is the shoe for the long-desired comfort.

The slippers are designed fully adjustable for high steps and extra depths. You don’t have to worry if you have an injury, swelling, or post-operation sensitivity since Foamtreads will get you covered. Their wool uppers, slip-resistant soles for both indoor and outdoor wear, and cushioned insole ensure everything works as desired.

Regardless of your condition, Foamtreads will ensure you get the comfort and support needed. The slippers are lightweight and flexible. They are plush slippers featuring deep footbeds that accommodate extra-large or swollen feet.


  • Perfect for any foot condition thanks to their support and comfort
  • Comes with hook and loop closure for easy on and off
  • Strong and soft rubber provides perfect traction for both indoors and outdoors wear
  • Gentle wool uppers and cushioned insole for comfort
  • Available in whole and half shoe sizes for men


  • Velcro straps may not be adequate to hold the slippers
  • Too large for those with small feet

If you’re looking for comfortable feet protection, then you shouldn’t go past Foamtrends. The company has shown love and support for its customers with foot discomfort or injuries to ensure they live a comfortable life. The lightweight feature and flexibility of these shoes are exactly what you need.

4. Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule

Spenco Women's Supreme Slide Mule

Just a glance at these slippers and you’ll immediately fall in love with them. They come in casual slip-on style, luxurious faux shearling collar, and premium suede upper. Now, who’s going to resist a product that features all that goodness?

Spenco Women’s Supreme Slide Mule features a technically inspired footbed that will ensure you get the perfect support and comfort you need. You can choose the size you want, your ideal color, and the style to match all your desire and expectations in perfect orthopedic slippers.

The slipper has gained much of its popularity from the stylish colors, ease of use, and perfect arch support. They ensure you get great fit, warmth, and comfort to help you wear them all day without feeling any pain. They are great for high arches and tendonitis. For flat feet, spenco slippers are a great pick.


  • Guaranteed comfort with luxurious faux shearling collar
  • Deep heel cupping and arch support ensures stability
  • Roomy toe box for a comfortable fit
  • Padded arch support relieve foot pain
  • The size and the width of these slippers run true to size
  • Durable enough to ensure value for money


  • Takes time to get used to the slippers
  • Not long-lasting as the fur lining can wear out easily

These are the perfect slippers for those looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis pain. The size fits perfectly for those with medium to wide feet. They also give sufficient comfort and support.

5. Vionic Women’s Gemma Mule Slipper

Vionic Women's Gemma Mule Slipper

Vionic Gemma gives you the chance to slip into define comfort and forget about any pain you may have experienced before on other slippers. The easy on and off with the perfect hook-and-loop adjustability gives you the flexibility needed to wear these shoes and move around.

The comfort you get when you slip your feet into these slippers makes you want to stay on them forever. They ensure you get a spa-style comfort with a soft feel perfect for any feet condition. The Vionic technology used in these slippers gives them the active closed-in styles that ensure you get everyday support.

Gemma features a podiatrist-designed, heel cup for perfect stride and biomechanically contoured arch support. All these features ensure you get the comfort, support, and protection from moderate to excessive pronation.


  • Covered with 100% polyester and terrycloth for durability
  • Easy on and off thanks to the adjustable hook-and-loop closure
  • Flexible EVA midsole perfect for shock absorption and reduced stress on the knees, ankles, and feet
  • Eco-friendly slippers as the footbed are treated with anti-bacterial odor-resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean as you only need to dirt and dust off


  • Needs time to get used to as they are not easy to break-in
  • The lining over the footbed can wear off quickly

It doesn’t matter if you have feet problems or you’re healthy. Vionic Women’s Gemma Slipper provides all the comfort and support needed for all feet types. They are recommended for everyone and approved by specialists for various foot problems. Additionally, they are durable, so they’ll serve you for long.

6. UltraIdeas Women’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

UltraIdeas Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Ultradeas is another orthopedic slipper you’ll fall in love with at first glance. They come with high-quality manmade fluffy plush fleece lining to ensure you get the warmth and the soothing comfort you’ve desired for decades. Slipping the slippers on and off is a no brainer, and the fit is all you need to keep you going with ease.

The slippers feature a warm and cozy plush construction on the outside. It comes with memory foam to offer the best comfort and perfect insulation for the feet. They also come with a durable and anti-skip rubber sole that is lightweight and durable enough for both indoor- and outdoor- wear.

The anti-slip outsole is quite enough to let you walk freely in the bedroom without waking up your partner. They offer steady and slip-resistant texture on the outer sole for comfortable wear even on slippery floors. The insoles do not disappoint because they are lined with high-density memory foam for comfort.


  • Easy to slip on and off for perfect wear
  • Lightweight and durable rubber sole for both indoors and outdoor use
  • Slip-resistant bottom texture for comfortable walking
  • Different color options to choose from and available design for men
  • High-quality materials for durability


  • You need to buy a bigger size as they run too small
  • Can be a little snug for the first few days; hence, needs time to loosen up

These slippers come with a simple looking design but assure you of quality. You can wear any color you want and match your pajamas, loungewear, and robes. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

7. Acorn Women’s Moc Slipper

Acorn Women's Moc Slipper

When your foot is undergoing some kind of healing from injury or surgery, you need something kind enough to ease the pain and quicken the recovery process. Acorn Women’s Moc Slipper is the footwear you should get.

The shoe is made with a moisture-wicking liner made to keep your feet dry all through the day. The upper of the slipper is cozy enough to ensure your feet get all the needed warmth on a chilly day. The slippers feature Cloud Cushion insole that ensures your feet get the softness for premium and long-lasting comfort.

You get value for your money thanks to the durability of the skid-proof sole both from the inside to the outside. The raised heel is unique for these orthopedic slippers and provides enough support and stability for your feet.


  • Lined with cozy microfleece that wicks moisture away from the skin
  • A memory foam midsole and lightweight EVA foam for comfort and flexibility
  • They are perfect for wearing all day thanks to their non-slip feature
  • Waterproof soles make them perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Quality material ensures durability


  • Can run wide; hence, not perfect for small feet
  • It takes weeks to get comfortable in the slippers

Acorn is unique for its craftsmanship. It is handcrafted to create the best shape and fit. They serve you for years, thanks to the premium materials and high-quality footbeds. You can wear these slippers both indoors and outdoors, and the long-wearing cushioning and the arch support will ensure stability and comfort.

What to Look Before Buying Orthopedic Slippers

Today, orthopedic slippers are not only meant for people with severe medical conditions. Problems resulting from exercises and wearing unfit shoes have contributed to the rapid rise of this footwear. All the same, orthopedic slippers are an excellent investment, particularly if you are suffering from heel spurs, bone spurs, or arthritis.

If you are thinking of getting these healthier slippers, then there are some things you need to consider before you make a purchase. Some of them will include the following.

Flexible Upper

Uppers are designed to hold your shoe on your foot. They are usually made of leather, mesh, or synthetic materials. So, the right orthopedic slippers should come in a flexible upper to avoid exerting pressure on your painful foot.

In respect to that, you should try out mesh material because it is lightweight, and it allows optimum ventilation.

Orthotic Insole

Regular shoes tend to have less cushioning and arch support. So, almost everyone’s footwear has a flat and non-supportive footbed, which is not healthy for your feet.

However, with the right orthopedic slippers, your problems could come to an end. The sandals feature orthotic insoles, which are essential in correcting the alignment of your foot. It also protects your feet from excessive pounding.


Any orthopedic friendly footwear should support your foot’s arch, and also leave adequate room for your toes to move around. Space is vital because tight shoes can cause blisters, joint issues, irritation, and calluses, among others.

To find out whether the footwear you are about to buy can offer enough support, check for torsional stability. It will assist you in establishing how fast the slippers can twist. The right orthopedic footwear should have some flexibility but should not bend too easily.

Torsional stability prevents the slippers from being twisted or turned during the movement. As a result, it helps in reducing muscle fatigue.


Comfort is one of the essential factors to consider when you are shopping for orthopedic slippers. How your feet feel immediately, you put them on matters a lot. Do not go for something that will put pressure on your toes because it can worsen your medical condition.

If the footwear is too tight, do not pay for it, hoping that it will stretch once you reach home. Your foot health should always come first, so never overlooking shock-absorbing properties.


When buying orthopedic slippers, ensure that you go home with the right size. Squeezing your feet into too-tight footwear can cause discomfort and even deform your feet if not well checked. Do not assume that your slippers will fit you just because they bear your shoe size.

Your foot size could remain the same, but the shoe length may vary from one brand to the other. So, Pick your orthopedic slippers based on how you feel when you first wear them.


Examine the cushioning before you buy orthopedic slippers. Cushions are fabric or synthetic padding inside the footwear, which are important for teachers looking for good shoes as well. The cushion prevents your feet from straining. As a result, they protect your foot muscles from overworking.

There you have it. Now you know what to check when you want to buy orthopedic slippers. If you follow the above guide, then you will never make the wrong decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the leg are treated by surgery. Therefore, after surgery, as a patient, you need to watch the slippers that you put on to stay away from complications. Orthopedic slippers have been made special to offer support to your feet.

Therefore, many people who have gone through this treatment usually have a lot of questions to ensure that they shop for the best orthopedic slippers. This guide highlights the frequently asked questions about orthopedic slippers.

Q. Do they have extra width?

A. Wearing the size of your standard slippers is not wise if you are an orthopedic patient. You need to purchase orthopedic slippers that have extra width to allow your fit to breathe. Your feet should not be tight in the slippers.

Q. Are they comfortable?

A. The orthopedic slippers ought to be made using high-quality materials that have extra cushion to give your feet comfort. The material should be thick enough to ensure that your feet are not feeling the hardness of the ground.

Q. Do they have arch and heel accommodations?

A. The perfect orthopedic slippers have a small heel to support your arch. A flat pair of slippers will make your feet absorb all the weight of your body. However, the heels will work as the absorbent ensuring the feet do not feel any pressure from the weight of the body.

The heel should be small-sized as it is not wise to wear slippers that have high heels. Arch support is one of the significant considerations that you should make when buying orthopedic slippers.

Q. Do they provide traction?

A. Wearing slippery orthopedic slippers is dangerous. Therefore, it is crucial to look for slippers that provide plenty of traction and sturdiness. The slippers should firmly hold the ground to allow you to walk around the house freely without the fear of slipping.

Q. Are they stylish?

A. If you believe in being fashionable even at home, then you don’t have to stress about finding good orthopedic slippers. Many styles of orthopedic slippers exist in the market. Therefore, you can choose one that suits your preferences.

Luxurious fabrics have been used to make orthopedic slippers. This means that your sense of fashion will be expressed through your slippers.

Q. Are they light?

A. Orthopedic slippers must be lightweight that you may move around the house easily. Straining to raise a heavy pair of slippers will make your feet hurt. Get light slippers to avoid increasing the pain on your feet.

Q. Will they keep my feet dry?

A. Moving in slippers all the time in the house makes your feet sweat. Therefore, choose shoes that have an insole lining that absorbs all the moisture keeping your feet dry.

Q. Are they easy to wear?

A. If your feet hurt that you cannot wear a complicated pair of slippers, you should choose orthopedic slippers that allow you to slide in and out easily.

Q. Do they maintain the shape?

A. Nothing is as stressing as wearing a pair of orthopedic slippers that have lost shape. Therefore, it is vital to buy slippers that are made of strong materials that will not lose shape in the long run.


There is no universal pair of slippers that are going to fit the unique needs of everyone. The perfect one will depend on your condition, lifestyle, and preferences. From the review, it is evident that every pair of slippers comes with certain features that introduce you to various factors that you must keep in mind when shopping.

Some of the things to consider are the comfort, support, material, and durability. You need to ask yourself, what are the inner soles made of, what material is used for the upper part, and if the outsoles are strong enough? Don’t forget to consider the flexibility and weight of the slippers you’re buying if you want to feel comfortable throughout.

The choice of your orthopedic slippers will determine whether you will ease the pain and walk comfortably, or you will go back to get a refund. You need to do enough research to avoid the hassle of returning your product. However, after reading this review, you’re all set to choose the best orthopedic slippers.

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