The 7 Best Puma Running Shoes of 2022

Are you struggling to find the right running shoes that will not cause blisters on your feet? You need the best Puma running shoes to accomplish your mission. The good thing about most Puma sneakers is they come with excellent memory foams.

In an era where everybody wants stardom, comfort is vital. A candid look at puma shoes reviews reveals that most sneakers are lightweight, a feature that is crucial for running shoes. After examining several Puma running sneakers, PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe takes the lead.

The footwear weighs a meager 11 ounces, features a lace-up tightening and loosening design, and is available in a variety of colors.

The interior of the shoe features a thick textile lining and heavy memory foam that provide comfort to the ankle and the arch. The Puma logo is placed strategically on the rounded toe area and can be seen from a distance.

Puma has other running shoes you can choose from. This write-up delves into the seven best Puma running sneakers to check out this year.

Best Puma Running Shoes

1. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

One of the reasons why people don’t get the right shoe is when it doesn’t fit. However, that is not the case with PUMA Men’s Tazon. The shoe has a fitting ration of 80%, meaning many people who buy this shoe find it fitting.

It comes with a T-Toe construction design, which ensures the wearer feels comfortable. The toe area is one of the most significant parts of any shoe. If poorly designed, the pump can look fitting, but the wearer experiences excruciating pain at the toes.

Enhanced comfort is also a sign you can see from the shoe’s interior. Midfoot construction makes it possible for the saddle to provide optimum comfort, even if you run the whole day.

After looking at dozens of Puma running shoe reviews, it stands out that PUMA Men’s 6 FM.

Tazon is one of the running sneakers a serious athlete will not miss. The shoe has a rubber sole and synthetic leather top that guard the foot against water.

EcoOrthoLite and breathable sockliner dominate the better part of the interior of the shoe. The result is offering the wearer a smooth and comfortable feel.


  • 100% non-slip sole on most surfaces;
  • The upper is waterproof yet allows for sufficient airflow;
  • Nice design that allows for comfortable and roomy toe area;
  • EVA cushioning at the ankle offers excellent ankle support;
  • Extremely sturdy thanks to the TPU shank.


  • The sneaker is a bit narrow;
  • It is heavy.

This is the right footwear if you are a person who loves doing squats from the gym. Once you have the shoe, the heel, the toe, and the arch are supported adequately.

2. PUMA Mens Axelion

PUMA Mens Axelion

Compared to Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe, PUMA Mens Axelion has a fitting ratio of 84%. However, you will need to be careful when working out on certain surfaces because the synthetic sole does not provide 100% non-slip ability.

You will appreciate the fact that the shoe is available in several colors compared to number one above. Some of the colors available are quite black shade, black/white, red Dahila with a quiet quarry shade, asphalt black, and pomegranate /black.

PUMA Axelion has a close-tight knit top and a lace-up design that allows you to tighten the pump for maximum comfort when running. The toe area is rounded, making it easy for you to enjoy your jogging without a hassle.

The interior of the sneaker features a cushioned insole that combines textile lining to ensure your toes, footbed, and arch are supported adequately.

Make everybody aware you are using a high-end sneaker thanks to the PUMA logo that is displayed vividly at the toe area and at the back of the shoe. Depending on the shoe’s color, the logo will shine all the way until you finish your run.


  • The shoe is lightweight, weighing only 13 ounces;
  • Breathable and waterproof upper ensures no water enters the shoe;
  • Higher fitting ratio;
  • Lace-up design ensures you tighten the shoe once and loosen when you are done with your training;
  • Excellent arch support;
  • The cushioned insole is a plus for those who work out for long hours.


  • May slip on some surfaces;
  • The memory insole doesn’t cover the entire footbed;
  • Different colors seem to have different weights.

PUMA Mens Axelion is a perfect choice of sneakers that support the arch. The shoe features a lace-up tightening and loosening design, which is good for those who work out for long hours. However, you have to contend with a memory insole, which does not cover the entire footbed area.

3. PUMA Men’s Flyer Runner Sneaker

PUMA Men's Flyer Runner Sneaker

The Men’s Flyer shoes by PUMA are optimized for quick movement. They are made from a combination of textile and synthetic fabric. This construction gives you a lightweight shoe. It does not add extra weight to your feet when you are on the move.

These shoes also see to it that your foot is odor-free. The construction ensures that the inner is well aerated. The upper also features mesh construction. The mesh overlay ensures that sweat from inside quickly dries out. This keeps the inside of your shoe fresh and comfortable.

The shoe has adequate foot support. The inside is lined with a soft material that pads your foot. There is also arch support in the midsole that gives you better stability. The soles are made from rubber. Rubber is pliable, which allows your foot to move more naturally inside the shoe. The sole also gives you better traction on all types of trails.


  • Breathable upper ensures that your shoes are odorless even after intense activities;
  • A lightweight construction gives you better performance and speed;
  • Arch support ensures that you do not experience foot pain due to instability;
  • Spacious and allows for natural foot movement;
  • Rubber soles are adaptable to any trail, giving you better performance.


  • They run on the smaller side;
  • They do not have a versatile color range.

PUMA Flyer Runner sneakers give you both casual and active use. These shoes have great breathability because of the mesh upper, keeping your feet odor-free and comfortable. The padding on the inside will see to it that you are protected even when performing high-intensity exercises.

4. PUMA Mens Speed 600 Ignite Shoes

PUMA Mens Speed 600 Ignite Shoes

tweight material that helps you maintain your momentum. The upper has a mesh overlay throughout the body. Thanks to the mesh, there is enhanced breathability.

The upper has reflective patches around the midfoot and heels. This makes you visible in low-light situations. You will be visible to motorists when you exercise at night. The inside features an ortholite sockliner. This molds to your foot, giving you the perfect fit for better movement.

The outsole features a propulsion zone specifically designed to boost your speed. This ensures that you generate the most speed even at the beginning of a race.

The sole is made from rubber, which gives you excellent traction and flexibility. The Evertrack+ injection-blown rubber is situated in areas of the sole that experience many of impacts. This gives your shoe the ability to withstand a lot of wear and tear.


  • Optimized for long-term use by the Evertrack+ rubber in strategic places;
  • Better breathability due to an extensive mesh upper;
  • Low-light safety is provided by the reflective patches around the midfoot area;
  • High speed at toe-off provided by the propulsion zone on the outsole;
  • Ortholite sockliner gives your foot stability and support.


  • It is a bit pricy compared to the other shoes;
  • The shoe might feel bulky to some users.

As the name says, the Speed 600 Running Shoes give you speed right from the starting line. They have a propulsion zone that boosts your speed immediately after toe-off. They are also long-lasting, with durable rubber placed at points that will otherwise wear out easily.

5. PUMA Men’s Ignite Limitless SR Sneaker

PUMA Men's Ignite Limitless SR Sneaker

This is one of the most attractive sneakers when you read PUMA running shoe reviews. It features the latest street running sneaker design. It has a mid-top shaft. This is a great design that gives you the best ankle support but without any obstructions in the way.

Support is offered through PUMA’s signature IGNITE foam in the midsole. This foam runs throughout the inner layer of the shoe, offering you comfort. It also acts as a shock absorber, returning energy from every step back to you. A sockliner on top of the foam gives you added cushioning plus a better-molded fit.

The outsole is made from rubber. This keeps the midsole intact despite the intensity of use; thus, the pattern keeps you steady on any trail. The protruding treads provide you with extra traction. The depressed footsteps make the shoe adapt to the natural bending of your foot when moving.


  • Mid-top design offers you excellent ankle support when running;
  • Waffle-design treads give you stability and adapt to any trail;
  • The foam in the midsole turns any impact back to kinetic energy for better performance;
  • Molds to the shape of your feet because of the sockliner;
  • Mesh upper keeps the interior fresh and comfortable even when exercising.


  • The upper may have a loose fit because of the mid-top design;
  • The tongueless design may be unpleasant to some wearers.

The PUMA Ignite Limitless SR Sneaker combines a great street design with the best performance capabilities. They have a good fit provided by the foam and sockliner. The treading pattern will keep you stable, whether on asphalt or on a rougher trail.

6. PUMA Men’s Carson Running Shoe

PUMA Men's Carson Running Shoe

PUMA shoes reviewes show that simplicity and comfort are the goals of this shoe. The upper is mesh, and it runs throughout the shoes’ outside. Mesh is a breathable material that provides the perfect fit. It has a solid panel around the midfoot area. This keeps your foot steady when moving. It also helps the shoe keep its structure for a long time.

The midsole of these shoes is fitted with EVA foam. This foam is injection-molded, fitting perfectly to the specific shape of your feet. It also acts as a shock-absorber for better performance.

Besides, the sockliner adds the padding and comfort to your feet. This sockliner converts any impact into kinetic energy. This gives a boost to your performance.

The outsole is made from rubber. The EVA gives your better ground traction and provides a smoother landing when running. The sole is lightweight and flexible. It adapts to the natural movement of your foot when on the move. The rubber is also abrasion-resistant. It will give you long-term use without wearing out.


  • The mesh upper keeps your foot fresh due to its breathable capacity;
  • The side panel provides steady construction for foot stability;
  • Shock-absorbent midsole protects your foot from injury from impact;
  • The injection-molded midsole provides an excellent fit;
  • The abrasion-resistant rubber sole gives you a shoe that will serve you for a long time.


  • They do not have any arch support;
  • Treads wear out easily and can cause injuries.

If you are looking for a beautiful shoe for exercising, then the Carson Running Shoes are the ones for you. They are optimized for a great and comfortable fit on the inside. The sole will give you a lot of use for both casual use and exercise.

7. PUMA Women’s Osu Running Shoe

PUMA Women's Osu Running Shoe

With a PUMA logo placed on the lower front and the left of the shoe, PUMA Women’s Osu Running shoe stands out as one of the best for jogging. The shoe features a semi-fabric cum synthetic top with seams that depict durability.

Although the shoe does not have lace-ups, it doesn’t mean you will be uncomfortable wearing it. The shoe fits perfectly. Over the mesh top, there is a layered strapping, which provides the shoe with a distinctive look.

EcoOrtholLite sockliner that is breathable takes a larger part of the upper of this female running shoe, which in part hosts the hook/loop closure mechanism.

PUMA Women’s Osu is one of the puma running shoes that features a dominant flex groove that is attached to the carbon-rubber sole.

The heel side is padded with enough cushions to help alleviate any pain that might be caused by the friction on the back of the heel. This is especially important to those who may prefer to wear the shoe without socks.

The shoe’s body’s geometric design makes it easy for the wearer to attain the freedom that anyone can crave for when on the move. The straps on the upper part crown everything when it comes to starting to jog. You fasten the hook to the loop, and you are ready to go.


  • The low-top profile makes the shoe ideal for jogging;
  • You can wear the shoe without socks because it has enough padding;
  • Easy to wash using water and soap thanks to the fabric upper;
  • Laceless top makes it easy and quick to wear when you are late for a workout;
  • Flex grooves at the bottom of the shoe make it easy for ground-traction;
  • The sneaker has a roomy interior for natural breathability during workouts.


  • The toe area is narrow;
  • Grooves at the bottom make the shoes a bit high;
  • The shoe emits a musty odor.

Every woman wants comfortable workout footwear. Osu is one of these shoes. It will be easy and quick to lace-up and start to workout. However, beware of the strong messy odor after working out.

Consideration Before Buying Puma Running Shoes

Before you decide these are the best puma running shoes to spend your money on, here are some of the factors you have to put into account. These considerations indicate several things that differentiate one shoe from the other.


Unlike other types of shoes, such as boots for farmers and rangers that require a waterproof and heavy material, running shoes should have content that supports and facilitates running. If you follow puma shoe reviews keenly, one thing comes on top, fabric material.

The material is closely-knit but comes with mesh parts to provide proper aeration. There would be isolated parts that are covered completely, such as the heel and the area just above the sole to cover the two sensitive parts of the foot.

Otherwise, the rest of the body of the best Puma training sneaker should be made of a mesh fabric that allows sufficient airflow when running.

Sole and Fit

You are using these shoes to run. Although you might be careful where to step, it is not an easy thing when you are running. Your speed and concentration will not allow you to focus correctly on where your feet steps.

Ideally, a good running boot should have a sole that can withstand the pressure your foot exerts on the ground. Although non-slipping soles are the best on any shoe, it is not a necessary factor on Puma running sneakers.

The most important thing is a material that cannot wear out after running for a few miles. A synthetic sole is also good. The shoe should fit you properly. After ascertaining your foot’s exact size, it is easy to find the right shoe.

Puma training shoe reviews reveal crucial information that will help you find the right shoe. In most of these reviews, users tell if the shoe fitted them or not. Some reviews show fitting ratios such as 78%, 80%, or even 84%. According to studies, a sneaker with a higher percentage is likely to fit you without problems.


All puma running boots should be lightweight. Although lightweight is relative and depends on the weight of the wearer, the occasion warrants a lightweight sneaker. Heavy female runners may not go for lightweight shoes, but that does not mean it is a rule.

A lightweight shoe will help the wearer to avoid swelling, foot fatigue, or developing blisters. In specific incidents, lightweight running shoes are ideal for those who prefer walking long distances to running.


Personal comfort is vital when running. Whether you decide to wear the shoes without socks or not, running footwear should give you the comfort you need while running. With a comfortable shoe, you will not stop a mid your rum to tighten or loosen laces or to nurse your aching toes because it is too tight.

A comfortable shoe should also not be bigger than your foot. A sizeable shoe with sufficient padding on the footbed, ankle, and toe area will enable you to cover several miles without feeling any pain on your feet.

Shock Absorption

Should a running shoe have the ability to absorb a shock? Yes! Without the ability to absorb shocks that might come from the running terrain, you will not live to run again. Quality running sneakers must have enough cushioning.

Major areas on the shoe that must have enough padding to prevent emerging shocks include the arch area, the ankle area, and the sides of the shoe that support the tongue. The toe area is also sensitive, especially if the shoe has a small area, or you have longer toes.


It is useless to buy a shoe that will last a few days. A quality running shoe should be able to last a couple of months for those who run every day on bad terrains and a few years for those that run a few days in a week on the same ground.

Some puma running boots have a track record of serving athletes for several years. For you to determine whether a shoe can last long, you have to use the same conservative method – reading as many puma running shoes reviews as you can.

In the reviews, you will see what other people who use the shoes have to say. The way is to look at each part separately. Different shoe parts are made using different materials. If the material used is durable, the footwear will last.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I get the right size of the shoe after reading puma shoe reviews?

A. Yes! Most people who buy puma running shoes are trying them for the first time. After reading several puma shoe reviews from trusted sites online, they go ahead to buy the shoe, and they don’t regret it. The shoes fit them properly.

You can also get the right size of Puma running sneakers if you look diligently. However, it is also advisable you know the size of your foot and let the rest follow. Knowing your foot size helps you deal with one problem – finding the right shoe size.

Q. Can I use my Puma training shoe to do aerobics, or they are only designed for running?

A. The excellent puma running shoes are versatile. After buying puma boots, it is up to you on how and where to use them. Most people who buy puma running shoes often use them to do other chores such as walking, jogging on pavements, and doing high-velocity indoor workouts.

While you have the liberty to use your puma sneakers the way you wish, you must use prudence. It may not be ideal to use puma sneakers that are designed for running to do roofing. If that is what you want, look at this review of perfect shoes for roofing.

Q. I have plans to reduce my distance from long-distance to doing short-distance running sessions. Can Puma shoes still help?

A. Puma jogging shoes are designed for any distance. You can use these shoes for long distance running as well as running short miles. There is a chance when you cut your running distance; the shoe will last several more days.

Puma sneakers are designed from quality materials that last. Whether you use the shoes on the worst terrains or you prefer to work out from a gym with tiled floors, the shoes will last.

Q. Can I wear Puma running sneakers without socks?

A. Reports of people wearing puma jogging shoes without socks are not new. Many people decide to wear puma footwear without socks, and they don’t complain about any problems at all.

While no complaints have been raised so far, choosing to wear puma sneakers with or without socks is a matter of personal choice. You can rest assured that your feet will not suffer any blisters or any discomfort if you decide to wear puma shoes without socks.

It is good to note that most Puma training footwear comes with a thick textile lining and enough padding that makes it easy to wear sneakers without socks.

Q. Is Puma the right choice for running, or there is a better alternative?

A. After looking at various puma training footwear reviews, it is no exaggeration to say Puma is one of the best brands that create suitable running sneakers. Of course, other brands produce excellent running shoes. The wearer has a right to say which brand of running does magic to them.

However, if you were to grade the best to the worst running sneakers, running shoes from Puma would feature the top positions. That tells you why many people would buy the shoes.


After looking at the seven best puma running shoes, there is no doubt you have the solution to your aching feet. You don’t have to develop blisters on your feet even if you run daily on bad terrain.

While finding the right running footwear is a good thing, real work starts after the shoe has been delivered to your door. Thankfully, most running shoes from Puma do not require special attention. However, learning a few tricks on how to maintain the shoe is not a bad idea.

Upon receiving your sneaker, it is a good thing to ensure it is clean all the time. This will help minimize the time you take to make it ready for the task the next time you want to go out running.

In the end, your feet comfort, pleasure from jogging, and the satisfaction that you are keeping fit will depend on the choice of a lightweight, comfortable, and durable Puma running sneaker.

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