The 10 Best Red Wing Boots Reviews in 2022

Red Wing is known worldwide for having a long line of quality footwear. For over 110 years, the company has produced work boots that provide the best protection for workers in construction, factories, and even farms.

Many other companies offer boots similar in style and design to Red Wing work boots. However, no other footwear offers the quality produced by this Minnesota-based company.

We have reviewed the ten best Red Wing boots to give you a better understanding of the quality work boots you can expect to have from this company. We have also provided some boot shopping tips and a Red Wing guide to give you all the information you need to know when buying quality boots.

Based on hours of review, we recommend the Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot as one of the best work boots from Red Wing. It looks great, but it provides maximum comfort and protection, too, for those who need them.

Aside from the Iron Ranger, we have reviewed nine other bestselling footwear from Red Wing Boots. Read on to learn about their features, as well as their pros and cons.

Best Red Wing Boots

1. Red Wing Men’s Iron Ranger 6″ Boot

Men's Iron Ranger 6" Boot

Handcrafted in the U.S., Red Wing Iron Ranger boots are as tough as the Mesabi Range iron miners who wear them. The Vibram 430 mini-lug outsole provides better gripping on all wet surfaces.

The classic Ranger construction adds a rugged, bold look that attracts attention. The contrast stitching adds to the overall quality of these boots with a double layer bump toe cap that provides more wiggle room for your feet with no cramping.

The soft leather interior lining keeps moisture away for dry feet all day, and use in all weather conditions. The leather heel pocket keeps your feet cradled in comfort, reducing aches and pains.

These boots include S.B.Tanning oil-tanned, water-resistant uppers. The uppers are stain- and perspiration-resistant with a natural finished look. As a premium work boot, this pair offers many features you will not find on similar styles.


  • Goodyear welt triple stitching makes it durable.
  • It has an oil-resistant outer sole.
  • Speed lacing hooks make it easy to put and off.
  • It has a comfortable cork midsole.
  • It has strong 48-inch black or brown Taslan laces.


  • Staples may poke up through the insoles.
  • You may have a long break-in period.
  • These boots could be too tight for wider feet.

These boots can be pricey; however, they are worth every dime. Available on Amazon since 2005, these well-made work boots continue to be a top seller.

Smart consumers know quality in a product when they see it. From heel to toe, these American made work boots are a true symbol of American pride and quality. These six-inch Iron Ranger work boots continue the legacy of those hardy Mesabi miners.

2. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic 6” Moc Boot

Men's Classic Moc 6" Boot

The Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic 6” Moc Boots are one of the oldest styles they are selling with record sales year after year.

These good-looking boots were designed for casual use. Built with tough, rough dark briar oil slick leather, it has Norwegian welt construction for additional strength and long-lasting wear.

The white, thick polyurethane outsole is a trademark of the Red Wing Shoe Company. This lightweight, minimal tread design outsole keeps mud from clinging to your boots.

Yet they don’t sacrifice overall comfort, fit, and gripping ability. The crescent-shaped stitching on the toe is a tribute to the North American Algonquian Indian moccasins, hence the name “moc boot.”

This comfortable, casual work boot is the boot of choice of farmers and light factory workers. Red Wing designed these high-quality work boots to exceed the expectations of the consuming public.


  • It has moisture-wicking interior leather linings.
  • Leather footbeds mold to the shape of your feet.
  • Crepe thick outsoles absorb shock.
  • Waterproof upper leathers keep feet dry.
  • Goodyear triple welt construction makes these boots durable.


  • Some customers experienced minor disappointments with the overall quality.
  • Fit may be a bit too narrow and snug for some.
  • It can be hard to get the size that fits.

Red Wing recommends ordering one-half size smaller than your current shoe size for the best fit. When in doubt, always use the sizing charts on Amazon and other leading websites. These boots have also been included in the list of work boots for the summer season.

3. Red Wing Heritage Beckman Round 6” Boot

Men's Beckman Round 6" Boot

The Red Wing Heritage Beckman Round 6” boots are part of a collection in honor of the founder of the Red Wing company, Charles Beckman. These boots have been constructed with the highest standards in the industry.

These Red Wing work boots are not only tough, but they are also attractive, too. The smooth leather exterior is stylish and durable. The dark deep tread outsoles provide traction in wet or slippery conditions.

The leather upper blends in beautifully with the contrasting triple Goodyear welt stitching. The Cigar Featherstone color, which is mid to light reddish brown, goes well with the dark ample laces and eyelets.

These are one of the best-looking and durable work boots in the Beckman collection. It’s built with precision and precise engineering; these work boots stress quality, comfort, and safety with a stylish design.


  • It is built with premium leather with a rounded toe style.
  • Its traditional lace-up closures improve fit and comfort.
  • The unlined leather interiors come with leather-covered footbeds.
  • Leather outsoles with deep lug design increase traction on all surfaces.


  • Boots may feel a bit narrow and hard at first.
  • They are more expensive than some boots.

Beckman boots are over 250 consumer comments highlighting praises for this quality footwear. Amazon first presented Red Wing boots in 2009 and now sells hundreds of pairs every day.

Spending a few hundred dollars for superior foot protection is an investment in your most valuable asset, your health. Remember, thousands of workers are injured each year by crushing and falling object injuries while wearing bargain work boots. Avoid injuries by purchasing quality Red Wing boots like these.

4. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Blacksmith Vibram Boot

Men's Blacksmith Vibram Boot

One of the oldest work boots in the Heritage collection, the Men’s Blacksmith Vibram boot from Red Wing is classic American footwear. These all-purpose boots work as hard as you do.

This pair is easy to clean for a night on the town. The extra height keeps dirt out in the summer and snow out in the winter, too. The Blacksmith Vibram boot is made of 100 percent leather.

These tough work boots can protect the feet of blacksmiths and farmers. The Vibram 430 Mini-sole lug keeps your feet comfortable all day with increased support.

The round toe styling allows for more wiggle room in the toe area. The triple stitch Goodyear welt construction rounds out the overall quality of these traditionally-styled work boots.


  • Smooth leather exteriors make for easy cleaning.
  • Heel height and thickness offer better arch support.
  • Extra-long laces provide a tight, secure fit.
  • The outer sole is stitched to boot for longer wear.
  • They can recraft these work boots if necessary.


  • Boots have no insole.
  • These may feel heavy and stiff at first.
  • The soles are hard in the beginning.

Consumers of these Red Wing boots continue to praise the overall quality of this work boot. Red Wing released them on Amazon in 2015 with steadily growing sales every year.

These boots come in five colors so you will have options to choose from. These traditional work boots are dedicated to the hardworking Americans who need the best protection for their feet. You can also check out the other minimalist boots in the market.

5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Work Chukka

Men's Work Chukka

The Heritage Men’s Work Chukka boots are a more traditional-looking addition to the Red Wing collection. This pair has been designed for work or play and will take you through a busy workday in comfort.

The Atlas tread soles clean up easily with warm water and a soft-bristle brush. Stubborn dirt and mud can be easily removed, too. The three-eyelet lacing and lightweight comfort make these good-looking boots comfortable, too.

This pair has a thick shock-absorbing white outer sole that adds a spring to every step. There is also a non-slip traction outer sole for stability on all surfaces, whether wet or dry. The highly-engineered outer sole provides additional support for the arch, a common area where discomfort begins.

As a leader in the footwear industry for over 100 years, Red Wing goes to great lengths to see that their work boots are the best.


  • There is an option for either leather or suede uppers.
  • Footbed linings are full leather.
  • The climate-controlled interlinings keep feet cool and dry.
  • All leather footbed conforms to a customized fit.
  • Its contrast stitching looks great.


  • There are lots of hot spots.
  • Boots may feel narrow at first.
  • There is a lack of inner sole support.

The Work Chukka is one of the most affordable casuals and works boots on the market. It comes in five striking colors to suit individual tastes. From fields to the dance floor, these boots remain the favorite choice of those who want to experience life to the fullest.

6. Red Wing Roughneck Review

Red Wing Roughneck

Hardworking only begins to tell the story behind the Red Wing Men’s Roughneck Lace Up boot. If you’re on your feet for 16 hours a day, your work boots need to stand up to the most brutal conditions.

Red Wing used only the best premium leather in the construction of this one-of-a-kind work boot. The smooth-finish exterior leather resists water, dirt, and the occasional oil gush. The bump out areas of the toes provides additional room for heavier socks, too.

This pair’s full-grain soft leather upper moves with you, not against you, while the EVA midsole adds comfort on those days with no end in sight. The Vibram lug outer sole offers a better grip on places like slippery oil deck platforms.

Also, the soft leather insoles with cork midsoles follow the curve of your feet. Your comfort level will increase each time you wear these work boots. The features on these rustic, classic-looking work boots are far advanced compared to competing styles.


  • Steel shanks provide support and stability.
  • Goodyear welt stitching and construction makes this durable.
  • Strong nickel eyelets with quick lacing hooks make it easy to pull on and off.
  • It is 100 percent waterproof.
  • Its synthetic sole lasts.


  • The toe box could be narrower than you expect.
  • The top edge may wear on your ankles.

These Roughneck boots come in three colors to match individual tastes. You will find over 150 reviews on Amazon with additional comments from those who wear these boots daily. They released these Roughneck boots on Amazon in 2009 and continue to be one of the top-selling work boots in the Red Wing Heritage line.

7. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Moc 8″ Boot

Men's Moc 8" Boot

Harley-Davidson riders – take note! This Heritage Men’s Moc 8″ Boot is the riding boot you have been looking for. For over 30 years now, this popular style boot has been the preferred riding boot across the United States. They offer superior protection from hot exhaust pipes and road debris.

The russet colored leather from the sap of the Sequoia tree produces a deep, rich, pleasing finish. The crescent-stitched moc toe eliminates cramping while the lace-up closures provide an adjustable fit without pinching.

The eight-inch height provides ankle support for those long cross-country rides while the thick white outer sole keeps the bottom of your feet comfortable. These boots offer non-slip soles with a better gripping ability.

These 8-inch boots are also abrasion- and water-resistant. While riding across the country or heading for the Sturgis rally, these boots make a long, tiring ride more comfortable. Red Wing designed these boots with features for endurance, too.


  • This boot has a nickel polished 10-eyelet lacing system.
  • It features 63-inch tan or gold Taslan laces.
  • Lightly padded footbeds provide comfort.
  • It is lightweight, weighing less than two pounds per boot.


  • The moc toe stitching could come apart.
  • The soles may not last long with daily, rough wear.
  • It is uncomfortable at first.

Amazon first offered these boots in June 2004, selling over 50,000 pairs of them. These boots often sell out and have long waiting lists.

The Men’s Moc Boots remain one of Red Wing’s most popular styles across the globe. Available in two colors, these premiere riding boots provide a new riding adventure every time you ride. Whether going across town or the country, these 8” moc heritage boots bring the joy of riding to new levels.

8. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Weekender Chukka Boot

Men's Weekender Chukka Boot

Sit back and relax in one of the most comfortable leisure boots on the market, the Men’s Weekender Chukka Boot. Put on these Red Wing work boots and slip into a new feeling of total comfort.

When spending time on boats, these Chukka boots are your best bet. The outer soles firmly grip slippery boat surfaces while the lightweight construction and waterproof uppers keep your feet comfortable and dry.

This Weekender Chukka boot is also perfect for a date night with your partner or for that romantic walk along the beach.

Lightweight and stylish, these boots are great whether for work or leisure. These are one of the top-selling boots in the Heritage collection with many advantages over competing styles.


  • It’s strongly stitched down construction makes these boots durable.
  • It has comfort force footbeds.
  • There is more room for toes with the rounded toe construction.
  • It has semi-flat outer soles for greater mobility.
  • The reduced heel heights provide good arch support.


  • There are no weaknesses noted for these boots so far.

Available in five colors on Amazon, these Red Wing boots have been available since 2012 and continues to sell well year after year. Lightweight, these Weekender Chukkas can soothe your aching, tired feet. Whether at work or play, wearing these boots will always make it a great day.

9. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Cooper Boot

Men's Cooper Boot

The Men’s Cooper boot offers the perfect combination of sleek design and rugged wear. Red Wing built these using traditional methods, giving it a timeless style that is an instant classic.

The full-grain water repellent leather uppers are comfortable and flexible. The leather footbed and smooth leather lining keep your feet dry and free of bacteria. The footbed conforms to the shape of your feet, too, giving increased comfort each time you wear them.

This pair’s Vibram 430 Mini-lug rubber sole provides traction on slippery surfaces, while the attractive contrast stitching makes these work boots look great. They also have a flexible outsole to reduce shock and vibrations for maximum support and stability.

The four-eyelet lacing with three gilt hooks creates a tight, customized fit. The padded collar also reduces rubbing and skin irritations, making this pair very comfortable to wear.

Red Wing designed these boots for those who are concerned about foot protection on the job. The features on these rugged work boots are better than similar competing styles.


  • Triple stitching for years of carefree wear.
  • Its embedded shafts provide arch support and less stress.
  • The boot’s longer tongue keeps dirt and debris out.
  • Adequate laces pull and stay tight for a secure fit.


  • Some boots arrived without shoelaces.
  • These boots feel narrow and tight at first.
  • The right boot could feel bigger than the left boot.

These boots are a major part of the Red Wing Heritage collection and continue to excel year after year. They are affordable when you look at their overall quality. They seem to be a little heavier at first, especially when worn on extended walks.

If you are walking for hours every day, check out this list of the best boots for standing and walking on concrete.

10. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Round 6″ Boot

Men's Round 6" Boot

Simple construction with clean lines is the basis of this Heritage Men’s Round boots. They look more like an expensive classic Oxford than work boots.

These boots are soft, full-grain, smooth, leather exterior resists moisture and scratches. They have a thick, white Traction Tred outer sole to give extra traction on wet, slippery surfaces.

It has a smooth inner moisture-resistant leather lining, too, that keeps feet dry and healthy. Meanwhile, the thick wedge heels reduce shocks while increasing upright stability.

The eight polished lace eyelets make putting on these boots quick and easy. The six metal polished lace hooks add a finishing touch to these sharp-looking work boots. The length of the laces secures a comfortable but tight fit.


  • It is triple stitched for years of carefree wear.
  • The leather footbed molds to the shape of your feet, providing comfort.
  • Contrast color stitching makes the boots look great.
  • It has a double layer round toe cap.


  • Boots are too narrow for some at first.
  • Sizes run larger than some boots.
  • Boots could squeak when walking.

Red Wing suggests ordering their Round boots one-half size smaller than your current shoe size for a better fit. Consult their website for additional questions on sizing. You can find clear to read and understand sizing charts on the Red Wing company website.

Amazon first offered these boots in 2010, and they remain a popular choice for consumers.

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What to Look for When Buying Red Wing Boots

When buying Red Wing boots online, it is a must to consider a lot of factors. After all, you are not in a physical store holding the boots in your hand. While it is easy to return boots that are not satisfactory, it is much better to get it right immediately.

So before you hit the “Add to Cart” button, here’s what you need to look for in your next pair of boots.


Steel toes prevent crushing from heavy falling objects and other foot injuries. Select work boots that allow your toes to move. The price of Red Wing safety work boots may be slightly higher than others, but they offer greater protection to your feet.


Buying work boots that last for a few months is like throwing money down the drain. Rugged work boots may cost more, but they offer you more for your money. Also, consider the environment. Working outdoors requires different work boots than working indoors.


Your feet carry the weight of your body. Look for good work boots for flat feet or any other types that are moisture-resistant with evaporation abilities. Sweat-resistant leather insoles are common on all Red Wing work boots.


Style may or may not be an issue when buying boots. If a style is essential to you, look for good work boots that are both good-looking yet offer the protection you need.


Quality and durability often go hand in hand. Check out companies that have been in the business for years. Chances are, the quality of their work boots is the main reason they are still in business.


There are many features built into work boots, and most do not very much from one another. A side-by-side comparison is a good way to see the different features each company puts into their work boots.

Note, though, that not all work boots are made alike, even if they have similar features. Some work boots, for example, are best for firefighters, while others are good for farmers and ranchers. If you are a lineman, you have different needs, too, so you need work boots for linemen.

The bottom line is that when it comes to choosing work boots, impulse buying is never a good idea. Prioritizing price over quality is another bad idea, too. Protect your feet with a pair of specially-built Red Wing work boots that fits your needs. The extra dollar you will pay is more than worth it when it comes to keeping your feet injury free.

A Red Wing Boot Buying Guide

This Red Wing boots buying guide should help you when ordering your work boots. Sizing charts, color options, and buying tips are effective ways to make sure your new work boots arrive exactly as you ordered them. Here’s what you need to know when ordering new boots from Red Wing.

Sizing Charts

Sizing charts are a quick way to make sure your new work boots will fit perfectly. Red Wing suggests all consumers order new work boots one-half size smaller than their current shoe size. They make every attempt to see that your work boots fit perfectly. Many sizes are available, including sizes for wider feet.

Color Options

Red Wing boots offer some unique color options, ranging from Briar Oil Slick to Black Harness, and many more. Check this page on the Red Wing website for your favorite color. This is a well-organized website that is easy to navigate. Be sure to explore all the currently available color options.

Buying Tips

Many work boot websites carry a large selection of Red Wing Work boots. Most websites offer deals on these well-built work boots with reported discounts from 10 to 70 percent off the list price. You can look for Red Wing boots on their official website, on Amazon Nat Sheplers.

Websites change daily, so be sure to check all related websites, especially those that offer large discounts. They apply discounts for a reason, so use caution when ordering work boots with large discounts.

In Conclusion

Have you chosen a pair from this list of the best Red Wing boots reviews? Proper work boots are crucial in protecting your feet and keeping you injury-free so you can work more for your family. Where would you be without the ability to use your feet?

Do not take chances on the job site with work boots that are not designed to protect your feet. Hundreds of workers are severely injured each year wearing work boots of poor quality. Don’t be a statistic!

Red Wing builds its work boots to protect your feet from foot injuries. They design them with the latest in technology, too. If you need footwear that looks good and gives the maximum protection, chooses any of these Red Wing work boots reviewed here.

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