The 10 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet of 2020

Let’s face it; runners differ on many fronts, ranging from the overall body size, stature, shape to that of the various parts of the body, but one part that stands out is the feet. While it may not be too familiar, there are people with considerably wide feet.

If you fall into this category, then you understand how much of a hassle it can be trying to find a fitting pair compared to those with narrow feet. This is especially so if you are a runner and looking for shoes that will keep your daily training as comfortable as possible.

Having wide feet is not the problem; well, sometimes you have no choice anyway, but the issue comes in when you wear a shoe designed for someone with narrow or standard feet. This will mean significant discomfort and, subsequently, poor performance on your training and competitive events.

Luckily for you, we have taken the guesswork out of your search process and reviewed 10 of the best running shoes for wide feet.

Among the best shoes for wide feet is ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe. When you put your money on this shoe, you get 100% sweat absorbency, proper feet breathing, cushioned interior, and ankle and arch supports, among other things.

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet


Made of



ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe



New Balance Men's Nitrel V1 FuelCore Trail Shoe

Textile and Synthetic


Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe



Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe



adidas Originals Men's Ultraboost St



Brooks Men's Beast '18



adidas Men's Galaxy 3 Wide m Running Shoe



ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 4 running Shoe



Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak 3.5 Shoes

 Textile and Synthetic


HOKA ONE ONE Men's Mach Running Shoe



1. ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Men’s Gel-venture 6 is perfect for runners searching for shoes that offer a high amount of support and traction.

The shoes are designed with great attention to detail, making them one of the best running shoes for wide feet. They look stylish and appealing when worn on large feet. Other notable features include:

Superior comfort- They come with a new technology cushioning system that helps absorb shock during the impact phase. The cushioning system also enables you to accelerate to different running paces without causing discomfort to your feet.

Removable sockliners- You can easily remove the sockliners when you want to fit a medical orthotic.

Trail Specific Outsole- They come with reverse lugs to give you downhill and uphill traction on all kinds of terrain. For added durability, these shoes are equipped with a high-abrasion rubber, which is lined in crucial areas of the outsole.


  • The shoes have a strong upper mesh designed to keep the feet secure
  • They have a reinforced midsole for providing great traction on multiple surfaces
  • They have a synthetic mesh material for maximum breathability, keeping your feet dryer and cooler throughout
  • They have a streamlined design and a great amount of color variation, hence making them awesomely stylish
  • The shoes utilize gel technology making them provide a high amount of responsiveness and performance


  • The shoes have a heavy construction making them feel heavy on the feet, but the inner sole can be removed easily to make them feel a bit lighter when running or walking
  • They are a bit pricey in comparison to other models of running shoes, but they are worth the extra price owing to their great comfort and durability
  • The shoes can fray badly when washed in the washing machine. But they can remain in great condition if they are cleaned manually

ASICS Men’s Gel-venture 6 is a nice pair of running shoes ideal for anyone looking for the perfect fit despite their wide feet. You can purchase ASICS Men’s Gel-venture 6 if you a looking for a nice, beautiful pair of running shoes that can guarantee you comfort and durability.

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2. New Balance Men's Nitrel V1 FuelCore Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Men's Nitrel V1 FuelCore Trail Running Shoe

No matter how wide your feet are, New Balance Men's Nitrel shoes are perfectly designed for boosting your outdoor workouts. These running shoes offer amazing flexibility to help you get the most of your outdoor adventures.

They are not only comfortable but also super durable, thus making them good running shoes for wide feet. The lightweight running shoes are best for running, walking, hiking and even for use as aerobics shoes. Here are other notable features:

Trail technology- the running shoes come with a sturdy but lightweight trail technology that features a tread hybrid outsole perfectly designed for road use and trail.

Stylish and comfortable-the shoes are available in several colors and designs, making them rather stylish. You can run for several miles each day and will still appear brand new.

New Balance Men's Nitrel shoes come with mild arch supports designed to make them exceptionally comfortable.

The perfect fit-The shoes are available in various sizes that can perfectly fit in almost all large feet. They also offer excellent traction than tons of expensively priced shoes.


  • The durable, stretchable upper fabric makes it easier for the shoes to accommodate feet of nearly all sizes
  • They have a sturdily constructed sole crafted to provide an impressive grip on a wide array of surfaces
  • Their high levels of cushioning provide the feet with maximum comfort making the shoes feel super comfortable on the feet
  • They are crafted from high-quality materials making them quite durable even with extended use
  • The synthetic mesh makes the shoes highly breathable keeping your feet dry throughout


  • The shoes get easily wet due to absence of water track features, but you can do just fine if you run on dry conditions
  • They can feel somewhat squeaky but are comfortable when worn with thick socks
  • The shoes have a narrow toe box, but you can easily find a size that best accommodates your toe

Despite their lack of water resistance, New Balance Men's Nitrel is nicely crafted to keep the average runner satisfied. They are ultimately a fantastic and affordable choice for men seeking stylish running shoes that are both comfortable and supportive.

3. Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe

You can never go wrong with Nike shoes. The Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe is made for the passionate athlete looking for a lightweight, minimal no-sew overlays, single-layer mesh, and soft foam shoes.

All these blend in to give you a revolutionary design for maximum comfort. Here are other notable features you will like:

Phylon/mesh foam – This is meant to provide you the much-needed support when taking those strides.

Softfoam Midsole – This feature ensures the shoe is responsive and lightweight enough for running.

Rubber outsole – This helps deliver excellent traction when running.


  • Sole made from rubber for durability and flexibility
  • Upper regions made from mesh for improved breathability
  • The outer sole is sturdy and firmly in place for longer use
  • Stable sole to help those with knee issues
  • Pretty wide to accommodate the widest of feet


  • The padding may be minimal but not to the point that it bothers much
  • Not ideal for long-distance running but works best for training and short runs
  • The shoelaces are a little too thin but can be easily replaced when need be

The Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe is the perfect fit for the gym and short training runs. Get this pair and saw goodbye to strains and aches on your feet after a run.

4. Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Mizuno is here to transform and revolutionize running through its redesigned Wave Technology. This is clearly visible in the Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe that features a softer cushioning to gives you a more responsive and enhanced feel.

If you are a neutral runner looking for that responsive and comfortable ride, then this is one of the best running shoes for wide feet. These other notable features will also tickle your fancy:

Cloudwave technology – this helps improve the heel to toe transition while at the same time providing a smoother landing.

Triple Zone Engineered mesh – This feature helps increase breathability, hold, and movement.

U4IC Midsole Foam - This is meant to keep the shoe durable and more responsive.


  • Made of 100 percent mesh to give you dependable breathability
  • Sole made from rubber to improve flexibility and increase durability
  • Quite light and ideal for long-distance runners
  • Made from a stronger material without compromising on comfort and cushioning
  • Better cushioning and a great fit for all types of runs


  • Can be too narrow for much wider feet and it will help you take the right measurement of your feet before buying
  • The cushioning can wear earlier than expected, but this can be deal with by wearing thicker socks
  • Shoelaces may fall apart after some time, but this all depends on how you tie them

If you experience a nagging foot pain whenever you take to the road, then the Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe will be your remedy. Take this, and feel amazing again.

5. adidas Originals Men's Ultraboost St

adidas Originals Men's Ultraboost St

Adidas is a household name in the shoe industry, and when it comes to running shoes, they never disappoint. This is clearly seen in the Adidas Originals Men's Ultraboost St specifically made for your wide feet.

You will like the fact that they are built with a dual-density boost to help increase its stability. Here are other notable features:

Integrated Midfoot support – This is made possible thanks to the Adidas Primeknit upper. This helps give you a natural and adaptive fit for your feet.

Responsive cushioning – a firmer cushioning under the arch gives you the much-needed comfort and support.

Stretchy Knit upper – This is thanks to the knit-in band that runs across the forefoot to help improve support and offer a lockdown fit.

Rubber sole – The rubber sole not only assures of durability bit also ensures you achieve flexibility even when running on concrete as they make perfect concrete walking shoes.


  • The shoes are light enough to help avoid strain while running
  • Aramis-inspired build to help improve their shoe's fit
  • A responsive fit band that helps keep the foot firm and in place through every step
  • Made from soft and breathable materials for improved flexibility
  • Available in multiple colors and you can pick based on your preference


  • The padding is a little unstable, but it should be useful if you do not run for very long distances
  • The pressure on the arch can be uncomfortable, but you can easily avoid this by buying a pair that fits comfortably
  • Too much insulation that may increase the internal temperatures but this may only happen if running in hot temperatures

If you need extra stability, even on rough terrains, then the Adidas Originals Men's Ultraboost St is one of the best running shoes for men with wide feet, thanks to its firm build.

6. Brooks Men's Beast '18

Brooks Men's Beast'18

Brooks has always been known to make dependable running shoes. With the Brooks Men's Beast '18, they have once again portrayed their experience in using smart technologies to offer you the best fit and function for your wide feet.

These shoes feature a roomier fit to give you much protective comfort. Some of the notable features include the following:

Special cushioning: With its revolutionary soft material, the shoes give you the right cushioning that can withstand the daily runs.

Biomechanical support: The shoe is specially engineered for running and walking. This gives you the liberty to use it through all weather; rain or shine.

No-Sew Overlays – The shoes focus on the comfort of your mid-foot and thus made to offer just the right support for this area.


  • A specially engineered air mesh to help improve the breathability of the shoes on every step
  • A spacious toes box to help avoid your toes from crumpling
  • Expertly structured heel counters to help improves the shoe's stability
  • Its Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is extended to help streamline your body to its natural order
  • Made from a synthetic sole to help improve on flexibility


  • The cloth fabric used at the toe box is a little too thin, but it will help if you get a pair that gives you a few inches of room at the tip
  • The footbed can be too narrow for some wide feet, but you can enhance it with another insole
  • May be considered too expensive if you are on a budget, but the price is worth it

If you are looking for wide toe box running shoes that will give you the right support and comfortable breathability, then the Brooks Men's Beast '18 is just what you need.

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7. adidas Men's Galaxy 3 Wide m Running Shoe

adidas Men's Galaxy 3 Wide m Running Shoe

Are you a professional runner and looking for the best running shoes for wide feet that will energize your steps? Well, look no further as the Adidas Men's Galaxy 3 Wide m Running Shoe offers just that.

You will love its air mesh upper that lets air circulates all around the foot. This gives you much-needed comfort in every mile. You may also like these other features:

Cloudfoam technology – This will provide you with that float-on-air feel even as you tackle those tough terrains.

Adiwear Outsole – This helps increase the lifespan of your shoes so you can enjoy them much longer.

100% Synthetic - This is a sign of quality. Adidas has always used synthetic, and this has kept them on top of the game for long.


  • The rubber sole helps improve flexibility, increase stability and offer durability
  • The air mesh upper help improve air circulation
  • Features a supportive cage wrap around the midfoot to ensure a locked-down fit
  • Much wider than the standard shoes thus offering enough toe wiggle room
  • Made from soft but sturdy materials for more comfort, flexibility, and stability


  • The insoles are not removable but will work just fine for almost all users
  • Available in one color only (black) but this should not be much of an issue since black is neutral
  • No ideal for wet conditions but works fine under normal running circumstances

These are the perfect running shoes if you are looking for stability, high arches support and flexibility. However, you may need to find other alternatives if your runs also include some walking as these do not do so well with walking.

Here is an in-depth discussion of excellent walking shoes for wide feet.

8. ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 4 running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 4 running Shoe

Asics has always come up with comfortable and durable running shoes. This is seen in the ASICS Women's Gel-Excite 4 Running Shoe that takes advantage of the brand's signature Forefoot and Rearfoot gel cushioning technology.

This revolutionary system helps soften the brisk impact. In addition, it ahar outsole focuses on the high impact zones to help increase resistance wear and tear. Here are other notable features:

Removable sockliner – This feature comes in handy when in need to accommodate a medical orthotic.

High Abrasion Rubber – These are placed in specific parts of the shoe to help increase the lifespan of the shoe.

Reflectivity - Made from a reflective material that helps improve visibility at night during low light weather.


  • Made from 100 percent synthetic for increased durability
  • Laces can be easily loosened to create more room for wide feet
  • More room at the toe box to avoid cramped toes
  • Catchy and attractive colors that improve the overall look
  • Sturdy build to help offer support around the ankle and the arch


  • The sown plastic to the side of the shoe can be a little uncomfortable for wide feet but can do pretty well with thick socks
  • The gel support may decrease with prolonged use but will do just fine for short runs and moderate training
  • The glue binding may easily come off if exposed to water frequently

These shoes are ideal pair for women looking to improve their Crossfit training regimes or take part in competitive athletics. They are made to create a happy lifestyle of fitness and comfort.

9. Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak 3.5 Shoes

Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak 3.5 Shoes

Altra doesn't play around when it comes to running shoes. In fact, is you have used its 3.0 version before, then the Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak 3.5 Shoes will be your darling.

This is especially so considering its updates look, fit, and feel. The following are other notable features you will like:

Drainage holes – these are mean to help avoid your feet getting soggy, especially if you sweat a lot or running in wet conditions.

4-point Gaiter trap – This is a revolutionary feature that helps keep rocks and dirt out with every step and stride you make.

Upgraded mesh upper – This helps improve the durability of the shoe to withstand long distances.


  • Improved functionality from the 3.0 to help eat up those technical descents and climbs
  • The fully cushioned Zero Drop Platform gives you the confidence to go through those rough terrains
  • FootShape toe box and TrailClaw outsole mean to give you maximum comfort and excellent fit
  • Specially designed to offer natural foot positioning and toe splay
  • Made from 100 percent synthetic and textile for more durability


  • The toe box is narrower but only for those with wide toes
  • The ankle cutout not well padded but you can improve this by adding another insole or better go for shoes with ankle support
  • A little tighter at the mid-foot but you can ease these by loosening the laces

Looking for a dependable show for the long haul? Then look no further, the Altra AFW1755F Women's Lone Peak 3.5 Shoes offers just that. You will be glad you did justice to your wide feet.

10. HOKA ONE ONE Men's Mach Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Mach Running Shoe

It is high time you burnt up those miles, and what better way to do this that using the HOKA ONE ONE Men's Mach Running Shoe. This trusted brand has come up with responsive running shoes perfect for your wide feet.

Right from the heel to the toe, the HOKA ONE ONE Men's Mach Running Shoe is made to appeal to your running regime and give you the much-needed comfort.

Here are some features you will fall in love with:

Rubber sole – This is a sign of durability and flexibility on every step you make.

Plush tongue – This helps offer the right cushioning to the base of your feet, thus acting as a shock absorber.

Knit mesh Upper – This helps improve the flow of air all around your feet.


  • Collar padding for better cushioning at the forefoot
  • PROFLY midsole cushioning that helps offer a forgiving landing and gives you a responsive toe-off
  • Elastic shoelaces for ease when putting them on
  • Available in multicolor or plain colors for your choice
  • Quite affordable without compromising on quality


  • Not as durable, especially for daily use but works best for short runs and workouts once in a while
  • May cause blisters especially if tied too tight but can avoid this by loosening up and getting the right size
  • Not as supportive but you can improve this by adding some soft sol arches

The fact that you can lace them up as tight as you want makes these shoes the best fit for your long runs. They are also ideal for heavier users; that's it its sturdy build.

Consideration Before Buying Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Running Shoes for Wide Feet

We understand how much you value your training regime. Whether you are a professional athlete or simply running for fun or health, getting the right shoe for your wide feet is paramount. The same would also apply when looking for shoes for flat feet.

So before you pick that shipping cart, there are specific factors and features that you need to take into consideration to find your perfect fit. This will not only help you get value for your money but also ensure you do not spend endless hours trying to figure out what will work best. So here are the factors to look out for when buying running shoes for wide feet.


Running for several kilometers daily is not a mean feat. As such, you need to have shoes that are comfortable enough to keep you going. When it comes to runners with wide feet, this becomes even more critical as you will be looking for something unique that may not be found in conventional running shoes.

In this regard, you are better off going for shoes that have the wide allowance right from the toe box to the heel. This ensures that you do not strain much when putting them on and removing them.

It will also help offer enough room for your feet to splay naturally in the shoe. You want to go for a shoe that can easily adjust to your constant movement.



As a runner, you realize how challenging it can be trying to keep up with your timer. Sometime, it may lead to trips and slips along the way. In this regard, you need to go for a shoe that gives you maximum stability while on the road.

For durability, therefore, you will need to look at the shoe’s cushioning, the support beams, lugs, and rock plates. These should be sturdy enough to keep you balanced and steady on the road. When looking for stability in a shoe, you also ought to consider the terrain you will be running on.

This feat will help you not only find a shoe that fits your shoe but one that can withstand the uncertainties of your terrain. Go for a shoe that poses solid construction and good threading for ultimate stability.


What is the point of buying a good-looking shoe only to tear apart after a few weeks of training? Runners with wide feet tend to experience a short lifespan for their shoes. As such, you want to go for a shoe that will not only fit your wide feet but also made from a durable material.

Apart from the material, consider shoes with strong construction. Remember, the durability of your shoes will also be determined by your terrain, how frequent you use them, and the distance covered daily. Take these into consideration to enable you to pick the right running shoes for your wide feet.


If there is one major aspect that runners will have to deal with regarding their shoes, then it has to be the fit! Finding a pair that perfectly fits wide feet can be a hassle, and you will need to keep this in mind to avoid falling prey to narrow or standard shoe sizes.

Talking of fit in regards to wide feet, you will appreciate the fact that people with wide feet also have different feet structure. For instance, some runners have feet that are much wider in the forefoot compared to the heel.

In this case, you will need to find shoes of the same structure rather than one with a wide build from back to front.

Cushioning and shock absorption

Running shoes are meant to feel comfortable. This cannot be possible without the right cushioning and measures to increase shock absorption. Go for a shoe that gives you a plush ride through such features as the use of foam, and soft clothing.

While you're running, your forefoot absorbs a lot of shocks from the ground. Too much pressure on forefoot may cause you some severe foot injuries. That's why shoes for forefoot strikers are beneficial for preventing shocks on the forefoot.

This will help put a spring to every step you make. A well-cushioned shoe easily adapts to your stride while at the same time protecting your legs from the shock on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What causes wide feet?

A. A variety of factors can cause wide feet:

Genetics: Some people will follow their family lineage and will be born with wide feet. Genetics may also lead to swollen feet, in which case you may need special shoes for swollen feet.

Age: As you advance in age, your tendons and ligaments loosen, thus rendering you foot longer and wider.

Foot deformities: common foot deformities like calluses, bunions, or hammertoes can make your foot wider.

Swelling: Sometimes, your feet can swell, leading to a medical condition called Edema. However, this swelling may be temporary and can heal with the right treatment. Arthritis can also cause wide feet. In this case, you may need special shoes for arthritic feet.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy also causes relaxation of joints and ligaments around your feet, thus ending up wider.

Q. How do I determine when to go for wide running shoes?

A. The best way to go about this is to have the current measurements of your feet. You can then use these to compare with the various size charts from different manufacturers. If you notice most of them do not have your specific size, then it is high time you sought for wide feet running shoes.

Q. How different are wide shoes?

A. Usually, the toes box will be roomier. This ensures that all your toes get in place comfortably while remaining sturdy. Some are made with a wide forefoot, while others are made to fit those with wider heels.

Q. How do I know the shoes are fitting for my wide feet?

A. The best way to do this is to try them on. While in the process, ensure your toes do not get cramped up. There should be an allowance of about 3/8” or ½” of space between the tip on the shoe and your longest toe.

Additionally, take your time to examine the depth and shape of the toe box. In most cases, a deeper and square toes box works best for runners with wide feet.

Q. How can I make my wide feet narrow?

A. Usually, there is nothing much you can do to make your wide feet slimmer. This is especially so if the cause is genetic. Do not wear tight or narrow shoes as this will only worsen the situation.

However, you can take other measures like using special insoles that will not only give you support but also make your feet appear thinner. In other instances, treating swellings and reducing weight is all it takes to make your feet slimmer.

Q. Can I modify my current shoes to fit my wide feet?

A. In cases where a short term factor-like pregnancy causes the wide feet, then you may consider remodeling your current shoes to fit your feet. This may involve including some special insoles or avoiding the use of shoelaces through the period.

However, in most cases, the best remedy would be to go for new shoes specified for wide feet. This will not only help you remain active but also give you the much-needed comfort for your training and running regimes.


Getting the right running shoes can prove to be the difference between comfort and a nightmare for your sport. Whether you are running professionally or for fun, getting the right running shoes for wide feet should be a priority.

It may take some time before you get a pair that truly matches your wide feet, but when you do, it will be worth your time. As a rule of thumb, go for the fit and comfort first before anything else. However, you also do not want to compromise on quality, as this will determine how durable your shoes will be.

Notably, different manufacturers will have their size versions. So do not simply take the size charts at face value. Instead, take the specific measurements of your feet and compare them to the various size charts available.

With the various reviews above, you no longer have an excuse not to get yourself a befitting pair. We have made your shopping process hassle-free as you do not need to go through the thousands of shoe models and types available online.

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