The 7 Best Latin Salsa Dance Shoes in 2022

The more Afro-Cuban Salsa music and dance spreads, the more dance aficionados demand excellent shoes that would help neophytes and pros do better on the dance floor.

As a newbie Salsa dancer, a professional dancer, or a simple dance enthusiast, you must have heard or known that the dancer is as good as his/her shoes.

Surely, you will not want the time and effort you spent on the practice ground preparing for your big performance day to be ruined by the inability of your shoes to sustain the high intensity of your dance routine, would you?

To help you out, this article presents the 7 best Salsa dance shoes you can find in 2022.

To quickly satisfy your curious mind, though: The TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes tops the other 6 (six) by meeting and surpassing the set benchmark for a high-intensity Salsa dance.

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Best Latin Salsa Dance Shoes

1. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance

For a rewarding experience from one of the most comfortable Salsa shoemaker of all time, you need to consider the affordable and top quality TTdancewear Women Salsa dance shoe.

These truly fitting and comfortable shoes come in a wide variety of colors from which you can select a pair to match your outfit without compromising on quality.

Irrespective of the pair you decide to settle for, they all come in either 2.5 inches or 3.0-inch heels, offering an enhanced inclined position that allows for great stability around the ankles as well as the easy movement of the hip during fast-pacedSalsa dance maneuvers.

The elegant trademark upper is made of breathable satin straps with rhinestone, which, along with the release buckles, firmly girds your feet while releasing the shine expected of you as a dancer when you take to the floor.

And like the others in the best Salsa shoes category, this darling of the dance floor features a suede sole.

Add all these to its amazing affordability feature, and you’ll have a top-ranking pair on the list of the best Salsa dance shoes.

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Suede Sole adapted for ballroom dance
  • Satin upper + sparkling rhinestones
  • Quick release ballroom buckles
  • 2.5 inch and 3.0-inch heels


  • Firm girding of the feet
  • Elegant breathable satin upper
  • Iridescent upper
  • Adjustable buckles


  • Heels are not super stable
  • Not great for narrow feet

As far as price is concerned, the TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin Salsa Performance Dance Shoesaptly qualify as comfortably affordable shoes for both professional and newbie ballroom dancers.

The myriads of positive reviews across online stores explain why it is in popular demand and a common delight for ballroom dancers.

2. Ellie shoes women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump

Ellie Shoes Women's 254 Lucille Dress Pump

This shoe is up in the ranks amongst the most comfortable Salsa dance shoes currently in demand, showing off its many benefits and style.

Ellie’s shoes adorn a shiny black elegance befitting and suitable for ballroom performances and dance rehearsals.

You can never go wrong with Ellie’s Salsa dance shoes.

One of its alluring features is the fine design that comes along with a fantastic T-strap and meticulous crafting of the 2.5-inch heel giving it that nice vintage look.

Others include the awesome comfort it offers and a simple adjustable fast buckle feature, which helps to keep the feet in proper shape during the high-speed Salsa dance moves.

What you will find most intriguing about this Salsa dance shoe is that either as a professional or a neophyte, Ellie’s Salsa dance shoe always comes in handy to fit the purpose.

It is every girl’s delight and can match, quality for quality, any shoe among the list of 7 all-time best shoes for ladies given the fact that it goes well with boudoir, fetish, and sexy dresses too.

Top Features

  • Leather and rubber sole
  • T-strap with a round peep toe design
  • Adjustable ankle buckle strap
  • Quick drying after wash


  • Suitable for both professionals and amateurs
  • A quality value in terms of the price
  • Very comfortable to dance in
  • Stable heel
  • Foot stability


  • May not be fit for commercial usage
  • Might not come in your preferred color choice since it is always in black

For as many ladies who desire a very amazing Salsa experience, this pair of shoes is definitely right at the top of the rung to look out for. They would bring to life your intricate dance fantasies.

3. SanshaSalsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

Sansha Salsette 1 Jazz Sneaker

The Sansha’sSalsette, as it is commonly referred to, provokes fond memories of Franck Raoul-Duval, the French man who came up with the several adjustments that resulted in this fine masterpiece.

The standout feature of the SanshaSalsetteis that it does not only come in handy for Salsa dance alone as one would find with most other Salsa dance shoes.

You could also adapt it for good use in the gym, yoga, Zumba dance workout, and other forms of dance.

Its lightweight and comfortable features have promoted its ability as a multi-purpose shoe made from top-notch quality materials.

The shoe is available in various colors such as red, black, charcoal, white-black, fuchsia, and a host of other fancy displays.

Also, the distinctive sole offers you arch support that would propel you upright while making those amazing bends during a Salsa dance session.

Top Features

  • Suede sole
  • 100% mesh
  • Highly breathable
  • Quick drying after wash
  • Cute laces for a custom fit


  • It comes with a full sole
  • It can fit for more than one purpose
  • It is light and comfortable
  • Comes in different colors
  • Highly breathable
  • Can dry quickly


  • Might not be comfortable for heel lovers
  • Difficult to get a fitting size

The Sansha’sSalsette might not come with that fancy look like other Salsa shoes with heels, but one thing is guaranteed, it will masterfully keep you comfortable while you make those stunning moves during your Salsa dance session.

The heel, which measures about a ½ inch, makes it almost impossible for you to twist your ankle since it makes the user stay closer to the ground.

This might be a good choice for neophyte dancers nursing a phobia of twisting their ankles. Safety and fit are now well guaranteed.

4. YYTing Women Shoes Latin Salsa Shoes

YYTing Women Ballroom Dance Shoes

The YYTing class of Salsa shoes is another product you should try when considering a fitting dance shoe. As a newbie or professional Salsa dancer, you will always enjoy its open and easy nature.

As a top-class choice, it features high-quality satin with a robust capacity for sweat absorption. Its soft, breathable linings also allow for flexibility and comfort, which would give you a fine balance during the fun moments.

If your male dance partner is going to sport any of these wonderful Tuxedo shoes, then the YYTing Women Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin SalsaBachata Performance Dancing Shoes is just the perfect complement for a really special evening on the dance floor.

If you are looking to save cost without compromising on quality, the YYTing might just be the best option among all the top class Salsa shoes to work with.

Top Features

  • Excellent for multi-dance styles like Rumba, Tango, ChaCha, and Latin Salsa
  • 2.3 inches heels
  • Narrow toe area
  • Thick durable suede outsole
  • High elastic latex midsole


  • Used by professionals
  • Comes with a heel
  • Can be suitable for competitions or practice
  • Can be quickly worn
  • Absorbs sweat
  • It has a significant lightweight


  • Can be uncomfortable for those who dislike heels
  • Might be uncomfortable for those who like covered shoes

The stress of carrying extra pounds on your legs is one of the challenges dancers do not like to deal with.

With TTYingSalsa dance shoes as an option, you can rest assured of a lightweight dancing shoe that can be worn quickly with a heel height of 2.3inches that makes the dancing experience a memorable one.

5. Capezio E-Series Jazz Oxford

Capezio E-Series Jazz Oxford

Simply known as the Capezio, these dancing shoes are some of the very best sleek covered shoes in the market.

This is an awesome choice among the best Salsa dance shoes that you can never go wrong with.

The Capezio has dazzled the entertainment and performing art industry for about a century.

And now, with are inforced eyelet and durable leather material coupled with fine padding designed to fit your feet perfectly as you dive into your Salsa dance maneuvers, nothing more would beat this.

Whatever the intended maneuvers, the CapezioSalsa dance shoe is designed to withstand the high intensity.

For beginners, there is less to worry about because the Capezio dance shoes have got you covered, the very same way it works for the experts.

If you happen to be amongst those who take pleasure in having your legs covered, you would never want to settle for anything less than the Capezio E-Series Jazz Oxford that has stood the long test of time.

Although this wonder of a Salsa dance shoe is designed to support the Achilles heel, you may want to read more here about the finest footwear designed for people suffering from Achilles Tendonitis.

Top Features

  • 100% leather and fabric blend
  • Synthetic sole with a neoprene arch insert
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • EVA forefoot patch
  • Available in children sizes


  • Adjustable lacing for better fitting
  • Provides free and easy movement
  • Synthetic sole
  • Comes with a foam-padded insole
  • More comfortable than wearing a heel
  • Available in black and caramel


  • Lacing might be a problem
  • Might not be comfortable for heel lovers.

Capezio E-Series Jazz Oxford would remain a favorite choice for so many because it’s also affordable.

Little wonder it ranks among the top 7 Salsa dancing shoes of 2022 and still remains top amongst the all-time best.

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6. Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

Akanu Women's Latin Dance Shoes

The glittering appearance of the Akanu women’s Latin dance shoe, as well as its ability to fit in for various purposes, makes it a dancer’s delight.

The Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoe has a 2.3 inch flared heel and an adjustable ankle strap on its upper.

The interwoven straps for the forefoot also provides amazing support during those fast dance maneuvers while the buckle on the side allows for proper girding and flexibility.

Apart from your performance, this shoe might just help you in wowing the audience with the sparkling shine that is iridescent and would surely hold the audiences’ gaze while you are on the dance floor.

To complement your variety of dresses and offer you more choice, the Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes comes in various colors like red, blue, silver, and black.

Top Features

  • Perfect 1-inch heel
  • Synthetic sole with a foam padded footbed
  • A light toe box that guarantees a snug fit and super comfort
  • Glossy finish
  • Available in children sizes


  • The heels are comfortable enough for dancing
  • Allows space for the toes
  • Very flexible
  • Simple buckle towards the ankle
  • Can be used by those who like to open their toes when dancing


  • Not suitable for covered shoe lovers
  • Might not be pleasing to those who are not fashionable

Whatever dance step you choose, be it a quick one, Viennese waltz, Tango, or Salsa, theAkanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoe is a favorite choice for the ballroom as you aim to dazzle your audience.

7. TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata Performance Dance Shoes

TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Dance Shoes

Salsa Bachata dancers finally have the pair of shoe they’ve been waiting for!

The TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata Performance Dance Shoes have been specially crafted for this form of dance and you should consider having a pair when preparing your performance.

Its peculiar satin material and suede outsole feature give it that alluring look.

Added to that are intelligent ballroom release buckles that allow for fitting and comfort that you need as a dancer.

The TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa shoe comes with a heel of about 2.5 to 3.0 inches which presents you with options when considering the height you may want on the dance arena.

However, the best part is that the TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata Performance Dance Shoes can also suit the flexible legs of amateurs, just like it fits professionals who wish to have a great experience with Salsa dance.

With over 7 dazzling colors and glittering stones embedded, no dress would be too fabulous not to desire these shoe’s company.

Top Features

  • Finished with dozens of silver-colored sparkly stones
  • Floor-gripping suede soles perfect for ballroom dancing
  • An option of 2.5 or 3 inches heels
  • Quick release buckle
  • Super lightweight and comfy


  • Can be used for other kinds of dance styles
  • Easy and steady balance
  • Can be used by professionals and amateurs.


  • Might be uncomfortable for people with narrow feet
  • Can be unsuitable for lovers of covered shoes

With the aid of the quick release buckles, your feet can be properly secured while doing the Tango, Latin, or Salsa dance twirls and turns.

The TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa dance shoes will enhance your delivery of an amazing display.

What to Consider When Buying Salsa Dance Shoes

The right fit

Your shoes should fit as gloves fit the hands. In effect, the perfect fit should be one of your most important considerations when making a Salsa dance shoe choice.

Bearing in mind that Salsa shoes also have the ability to stretch and shrink would enable one to get a pair that would stay snugly fit and needing little or no adjustments.

Having the right fitted Salsa dance shoe would enable optimum stability and a solid grip on the ground. This can be encouraging for one’s dance partner and the people watching at large.

Heel heights

One experience that you will never want to have as a Salsa dancer is falling during a performance. This might be embarrassing and worse off, put you in an ugly health situation.

A 1.5 to 3-inch heel for anyone, however, is the recommended height for a Salsa dancer. Your gait and strides should be subjectively convenient and safe within this range.

And if you are a neophyte who is yet to gain mastery in the intricacies of stability during the dance drill, stay very close to the lowest heel height.

This is even more crucial for teens and children just entering the mesmerizing world of Salsa dancing

Just in case you feel confused, ask your coach or instructor or professional Salsa dancers for guidance.

For other kinds of shoes for your teenage child while away from the dancing room, click here to find the most recommended options.


Smooth and easy movement can only be achieved with flexible dancing shoes.

Whenever you are buying a Salsa dance shoe, you should do away with the sentimental attachment conventional shoes attracts because Salsa demands very unique maneuvering and high-intensity moves.

A flexible dancing shoe with a smooth sole is a must for your pleasurable dancing experience.

Suede Sole

Suede sole is one of the recommended features for a good Salsa dance shoe.

Its ability to give a fine balance and traction on the dance floor while offering a firm grip when falling out of balance is something to always look out for.

It is important to understand that brushing your dance shoe and keeping the suede well maintained would give it a lasting ability to serve you better.

The next time you are out with the excitement to buy a Salsa dancing shoe, a suede sole shoe might just be something you don’t want to pass by.

Open Toe vs. Closed Toe

There is a general school of thought that dancing shoes with open toes are perfect for rhythmic dances such as Rumba, Swing, and Salsa.

On the other hand, it is believed that closed-toe shoes are suited for dances like waltz, foxtrot, and others classed in the same category.

If you are recently registered at a Salsa dance club, the open toe option would be a good consideration given its ease.

On the other hand, the professionals can settle for closed-toe shoes and enjoy their breathtaking dance experience.

Whichever choice is made, one is bound to have a memorable experience with an open or closed-toe Salsa dancing shoe.


Understanding the price you should pay for these important pair of shoes is crucial and cannot be overlooked in any way.

The price is a special consideration that should be a top priority when thinking about a perfect dance.

This varies, though, based on the texture and quality.

Ideally, the possible range that these pairs of shoes go for would be from $80 to about $300.

Although there are cheaper or even far more expensive designs than those in this range, one can rest assured of getting a standard dance tool in that price range.

Do you think these are expensive? Well, compared to Salsa dance shoes, simple everyday shoes might be cheaper but you definitely cannot dance professionally in them.

So, save up and buy the correct dance shoes for a truly rewarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose the perfect Salsa dance shoe for myself?

A. Several factors would determine the type of Salsa shoe that would best suit you as a dancer.

Some of such factors include flexibility, the specific style of dance, the foot shape, and height of the heel, in some cases.

Wearing a heel of about 2.2 to 3.5 inch would be advised if you are already comfortable with high heeled shoes while 1.6 to 2.2-inch heel would be better if you are a beginner or not comfortable in stilettos.

Other factors like the price, firm grip on smooth dance surfaces, and fit should also be considered before choosing a perfect Salsa dance shoe (click here for the study).

Q. How many Salsa dance shoes would I need?

A. Salsa dance shoes are not regular street shoes that you wear outside the dance floor. It is strictly adapted for ballroom dance moves and exercises which could last for a couple of hours.

However, you can dance once, twice or just thrice a week, a rate of recurrence one good Salsa dance shoe with good management can sustain – even at high intensities.

Nevertheless, a quality Salsa dance shoe can last for quite a while if you manage it well and use it appropriately.

Q. Do I really need a Salsa dance shoe?

A. Many often ask this question and feel their feet on the ground would do the magic since most Salsa shoes are flat.

This has led to some trying the dance with regular shoes.

The catch, however, is that aside from the risk of twisting your ankles, you can never get the needed balance and sturdiness that a fine Salsa dance shoe manufactured with suede sole brings.

If you think you can have a pleasurable experience without a Salsa dance shoe, a trial of a proper shoe with suede sole would blow your mind and lay bare that which you have always missed.

Q. How can I manage and keep my Salsa dance shoe in good conditions?

A. Just as referred to above, Salsa dance shoes are tools for an eventful Salsa experience and while it supports you greatly while making those mesmerizing moves on the Salsa dance floor, it needs good management to effectively offer its good service.

Drying them after use in a proper manner would do a lot of good (especially those with suede sole).

Also, be sure to restrict the dance to standard Salsa dance floors.

Using this shoe on a beach or rocky floors would shorten its life span due to the wear and tear it will suffer in the process.

Even while resting during breaks or around the dance venue, try to remove your Salsa shoe and give it a break.

In its place, you can choose from any these simple house shoes so your feet can relax too until when ready to rock the dance floor again.

Q. Can I wear high heels if my dance partner is way taller than I am?

A. Your basis for using taller high heeled shoes should never be predicated on the height of your partner under any circumstance.

Higher heels are difficult to manage than lower ones, especially for neophyte Salsa dancers.

Higher heels should only be considered after one has mastered the art of Salsa dance in all its ramifications.

So, while you may be intimidated by the height of your dance partner, perfect Salsa dance steps can blend even with the obvious height differences.

Bottom Line

When looking for that extraordinary experience on a Salsa dance floor, you might be inclined to get the perfect pair of Salsa shoes with the right features in place.

These list of 7 best Salsa dance shoes in 2022 would be handy enough when ready to make a choice.

The ability to stand comfortably on the ball of your feet as you meticulously carry out the dance maneuvers on the floor is the basic priority for you as a dancer.

Thus, it is important to have the right shoes capacious enough to gird your feet and give you that needed support all through the high-intensity maneuvers.

From the myriads of colors, designs, and styles among the best Salsa shoes readily available in the market, there certainly is something for everyone – including you!

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