The 8 Best Sandals for Bunions of 2022

Bunions affect people of all genders, ethnicities, and ages, but it’s more prevalent in women. For men, it’s just another condition that they can learn to live with, but for women, it’s more than that.

You see, as a woman, you have to factor in the condition every time you buy shoes. In many ways, it will limit your sense of fashion and taste. However, wearing the right shoes will not only help mitigate the pain, but it will also help slow down the progress of bunions.

And most importantly, wear shoes that keep your feet happy. You want shoes that will distribute your weight evenly and have good arch support. Some of these include sandals but not all types of sandals.

You want the best sandals for bunions as they have better support and ample cushioning. After weeks of research and testing, the top pick is Teva Women’s Verra Sandal.

Best Sandals for Bunions

1. Teva Women’s Verra Sandal

Teva Women’s Verra Sandal

Since their creation in the 80s, Teva sandals have thrived and become among the most popular sandals in the hiking market. One of which is the Teva Verra Sandals. These sandals are rugged, but they have a feminine feel to them.


The most basic feature anyone with bunions wants is comfortable shoes. To achieve the desired level of comfort, Teva Sandals come with a cushioned footbed and countered EVA foam midsole. This combination not only provides the necessary support but also adds comfort.

Once you try on these sandals, you will feel the difference, especially when compared to your regular shoes. The sandals also come with Shock Pads for shock absorption in the heel. You can now hike or run without worrying about heel support or comfort.


Anyone who’s worn these sandals will attest to their durability. You can go for even 3 years without the sandals showing any signs of tear. Their durability is impressive, considering their versatility. You can wear these sandals to the beach, climb a mountain or wear them on the weekend.

Healthy and feminine

A significant percentage of women want shoes that have style are healthy for their feet and are feminine. Teva tries to balance all these by creating sandals that have thin, feminine straps, arch support to reduce risks, and over twenty colors to choose from.

Living with bunions means that you want sandals that will not exacerbate your problem. Thus a wide toe box, arch, and ankle support are essential.


  • The lightweight frame thus you can wear them all-day
  • Has zero break-in time
  • Its versatility is unmatched. You can explore the outdoors with these sandals
  • Impressive durability as it can last for close to 3 years
  • The sandals are supportive even for those with bunions


  • The straps feel a little abrasive
  • Not ideal for women with wide feet and high arches
  • Not as comfortable as the previous versions

The most intriguing feature about these sandals is the versatility. You can use these sandals for almost anything, from hiking to beach sports.

2. Taos Footwear Women’s Gift 2 Sandal

Taos Footwear Women's Gift 2 Sandal

Regardless of whether you have wider feet, bunions, or anything else that could make it uncomfortable to wear certain shoes, Taos Footwear Gift 2 is for you. This is a pair that provides the much-needed orthotic care while still looking fashionable.

These sandals feature a black leather upper and rubber outsole to absorb shocks. Despite not having a fancy design and multiple styles, the Taos Gift 2 is an all-round shoe that you can wear during the day and night.


Each sandal features hand-stitched pleating, which is ideal for women who want more coverage than typical sandals offer. The sandals also have Cool Recovery Foam, which will provide the necessary support and cushioning that you need.

In addition, the sandals have a leather upper which comprises of soft materials that are gentle on your feet.


Taos primary objective is to provide comfortable shoes without sacrificing style and support. The Taos Gift 2 sandals are no exception as they are rated as the best sandals for bunions.

They have support features such as Cool recovery foam and Tarsal Tunnel support.


  • Durable for long-lasting support
  • Hand-stitched leather feels premium
  • Lightweight for all-day use
  • Run true to size
  • The toe box is just right thus it should be comfortable for bunion feet


  • They look clunky and seem to make the feet look bigger
  • The arch support feels weird
  • Distinctive smell that’s irritating

Overall, the Taos Gift 2 provide the needed support and protection, but they fall short in several areas. For most, the sizing will be good, but there are inconsistencies in terms of width. Either the shoe is too wide or too narrow.

3. Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

Birkenstock Gizeh Unisex Leather Sandals

Once seen as ugly footwear by hippies, Birkenstock is now the go-to brand for timeless sandals. Birkenstock sandals are not only classic and fashionable, but they are also functional. For example, the Birkenstock Gizeh Leather sandals are a pair that every man and woman should own.


Although the sandals are unisex, they come in three width sizes. There is size N, which means narrow, M for medium or regular, and size W for wide. Size is ideal for you if you have petite legs and prefer a slimmer fit.

The sandals tend to feel a little bit roomy, but the fitting can be customized by adjusting the strap. However, if it still feels roomy even after adjusting the strap, you might want to choose a smaller size- either regular or narrow.


Like most Birkenstock sandals, the Gizeh unisex sandals have a contoured bed whose design accounts for the shape of your feet. The sandals have eight layers of shock-absorbing materials that help improve comfort and support.


  • With time the sandals will mold to your feet, thus creating a custom feel
  • Even without straps, the sandals don’t slip off easily
  • Comfortable enough for travel and all-day use
  • Have a classic design that will remain trendy for years
  • Lightweight yet supportive


  • Since they are unisex, they don’t have that feminine feel that women prefer
  • Features a hard footbed thus it has no padding
  • Takes some time to break-in

Overall, Birkenstock sandals are comfortable and offer great support. They are great for traveling, especially in summer and spring.

4. Vionic Women’s Tide Sequins Toe Post Sandal

Vionic Women's Tide Sequins Toe Post Sandal

Although flip flops are terrible for your feet, some like the Vionic Tide Sequins provide orthotic support that helps reduce foot pain and correct excess foot pronation.


Wearing slip-on style sandals such as Tide Sequins is more comfortable than wearing your regular pair of shoes. This is because they allow your feet more room to breathe. They also have EVA midsoles that provide the necessary protection.


Besides being comfortable and stylish, the Tide Sequins are also durable. They come with genuine leather upper that should go a few years without signs of tear.


  • They are waterproof thus easy to dry off
  • Comfortable for all-day wear although it’s not recommended
  • Provides good arch support
  • Run true to size thus they should fit you just fine
  • Hold the feet in alignment


  • The straps are a little loose thus don’t provide the required support
  • Too much arch support for flat feet
  • The hard sole is uncomfortable

Compared to other types of sandals, flip flops have the least amount of arch support. They are, therefore, not ideal for all-day use. However, you can wear the Tide Sequins for your short trips to the shower, around the swimming pool or the store.

5. ECCO Women’s Yucatan outdoor offroad hiking sandal

ECCO Women's Yucatan outdoor offroad hiking sandal

If you’re searching for a comfortable pair of sandals for hiking, you won’t be disappointed by the ECCO Yucutan offroad sandals. They are lightweight yet sturdy enough for hiking. They also offer insane amounts of comfort and arch support.


Each pair comes with PU midsole foam, which will offer you the comfort you need, especially when hiking on a long trail.

Typically, if you walk for about 3 hours in regular sandals, the footbed is bound to get flattened. Fortunately, the Yucutan Offroad sandals have PU midsole foam, which acts as comfortable resistance and prevents flattening.


Ideally, such sandals will provide support and protection, but since their primary purpose is hiking, they ought to have superior traction. The Yucutan sandals feature a rubber outsole and dual flex channel. They also have forefoot propulsion plates that provide additional torque that is necessary for ascending or descending.

Apart from hiking sandals, there are also hiking shoes for hikers can use during their trips.


  • Stretch fit lining provides the best fit
  • Superior traction for hiking
  • EVA footbed provides ample stability
  • Versatile sandals that are suitable for different surfaces
  • Runs true to size


  • The front strap is non-adjustable thus you can’t customize your fit
  • The sandals tend to stink after a few uses
  • The sandals take longer to dry

Despite its few shortcomings, such as the non-adjustable straps, the sandals are popular, especially among hikers. They offer arch support and hug your foot perfectly without poking your bunions. It’s rated as the best sandals for bunions, especially for women who enjoy hiking.

6. KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal

The Keen Venice H2 sandals feature a comfortable interior and excellent arch support. They are perfect for almost all outdoor activities. You can wear these sandals while on the beach, kayaking, paddling, walking in water, and hiking.

Ample protection

Living with bunions means that you need shoes that are comfortable yet protective. The Keen Venice sandals will wrap your toes in a toe bumper, which allows you to walk freely and relaxed. If you’re a hiking enthusiast with bunions, you should try these sandals as they will protect your toes.


The Keen Venice sandals come with an AEGIS Microbe Shield combined with SBR lining to ensure that the polyester doesn’t irritate your skin, especially when wet. According to the manufacturer, these sandals are made for water as they don’t shrink, nor do they take longer to dry.

The sandals feature a bungee lacing system, which is more efficient than Velcro. You can walk or run without worrying about the sandals loosening up. For most women, these sandals for bunions you can buy.


  • Impressive comfort that allows the wearer to spread their toes out
  • Extreme versatile as they are great for hiking, kayaking, walking and traveling
  • Impact-absorbing compression for impact protection
  • Thick sole that protects the underfoot
  • Fast-drying polyester


  • They don’t run true to size especially for women with narrow feet
  • The straps aren’t durable

Keen Sandals are your go-to sandals for hiking. They are comfortable, and most users seem to love their versatility. They are, however, a few issues regarding sizing and their durability.

7. Dunham Men’s St. Johnsbury Sandal

Dunham Men's St. Johnsbury Sandal

If you’re in search of the best sandals for bunions and flat feet, you might want to try the Dunham St. Johnsbury sandals. They are rugged, lightweight, comfortable, and functional. Their sleek design provides the ideal cushioning for your feet.


The Dunham St. Johnsbury sandals have a rugged strap system that is adjustable for a customized fit. Once adjusted, the strap system provides a snug and secure fit. In addition, the sandals are stylish and will feel good on your feet.


Each pair comes with a padded heel strap and soft textile linings. All these features ensure that your feet are protected and comfortable. In addition, the padded heel strap is removable in case you prefer wearing slide-on sandals.

The sandals have memory foam footbeds that are breathable and cushioned to support your feet all day.


  • Removable heel straps for those who prefer slide-on sandals
  • Durable rubber outsole with incredible grip
  • Comfortable and breathable footbed
  • Runs true to size
  • Durable soles that hold up well over time


  • Poor construction considering the price
  • Footbed wears out quickly
  • The strap system is not sufficiently long for bigger feet

Overall the Dunham Sandals are comfortable for bunions, but the sizing isn’t perfect, especially for women with big feet. They are also complaints about the quality of materials and construction.

8. Wellrox Women’s Santa Fee-Sedona Casual Sandal

Wellrox Women’s Santa Fee-Sedona Casual Sanda

The Wellrox Fee-Sedona Casual Sandals are an excellent choice for women with bunions. They have stunning designs and a wide toe box. They also have stylish leather straps and ample cushioning for support and comfort.


These sandals feature a unique design known as grabs technology. Its primary purpose is to separate your toes, thus providing you with much-needed relief. These sandals have a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The grabs technology comes in handy in many other ways. For example, it spreads your toes, thus redistributing your weight evenly. It also improves balance, grip, and support.


Aside from having grabs technology, these sandals are versatile. There are so comfortable that you can wear them to almost any occasion. These are the kind of sandals you want after spending an entire day in your work shoes. They are more of relaxation shoes.


  • Comfortable arch support
  • Padded toe separators provide relief
  • The design allows for even weight distribution
  • Improve overall foot health according to the APMA
  • Almost perfect fit especially the width


  • They are functional especially for daily use
  • They are not quite as durable as they start to show signs of wear in a few months
  • May not be the perfect fit for women with bunions

Although they are among sandals for bunions, they are not ideal for all-day use. They are the kind of shoes you wear after a long day at work to help you relax.

What to Look Before Buying Sandals for Bunions

If you are having trouble with bunions, you should visit a podiatrist who will advise you on the best sandals for bunions. However, if you have knowledge of what you are looking for, then this buyer’s guide is for you.


If you’ve ever had bunions, you have an idea of how bad it gets when you wear the wrong shoe size. You don’t want sandals that are too tight or too loose. You need the right fit. These are sandals that are snug but still have a little space for your toes to breathe.

You see, wearing tight sandals will most likely inflame your big toe.

Wide toe box

Typically bunions are hereditary, and the kind of shoes you wear will determine how the bunions will develop. For a woman with bunions, you want shoes that have leather-reinforced toe boxes. The toe box should also be wide and offer extra depth.

Try to avoid toe boxes that have pointed toes or any ill-fitting toe boxes. Such shoes will either worsen your condition or lead to arthritis but only in extreme cases.


Also known as the insole, footbed plays an important role in your overall foot health. Some come with extra layers of construction to improve fit and comfort. Others barely have any cushioning and require aftermarket insoles. Preferably, choose a pair of sandals that have good cushioning and support in the footbed.


The type of sole you choose is dependent on the intended use. For example, if you hike a lot, you will want sandals that offer more traction while others prefer impact protection or waterproof features.


Foot problems such as bunions have become prevalent. However, some of these foot problems can be avoided by wearing shoes that provide arch support. Sandals with arch support will alleviate your pain and distribute pressure evenly across your feet.

Like the name suggests, arch support will support your arches to prevent them from collapsing.


Breathable sandals will contain breathable fabrics that repel water while allowing water vapor to escape. Owning such sandals is an advantage, especially when living in hot areas.

Breathable sandals also prevent the growth of foot fungus such as Athletes’ Foot. This is a fungus that thrives in warm and moist conditions. Such conditions are common in sweaty non-breathable shoes.


Living with bunions doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sense of style. You can find cute sandals that hide bunions and offer ample protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are flip flops good for bunions?

A. Although flip flops are comfortable and trendy, they are not recommended for the bunion. In fact, most doctors will advise against wearing them. This is because flip flops are strenuous to wear. Also, the adductor hallucis muscles have to work extra hard to keep your flip flops on your feet.

This will most likely exacerbate your bunion.

Q. Which is better high heel sandals or flat sandals?

A. If you insist on wearing high heels, make sure that they’re not more than 2 inches tall. However, try to avoid wearing high heels and instead opt for shoes that have arch support and enough room for your toes.

Choose sandals with padded soles and wide toe boxes that can accommodate your bunions.

Pointe shoes and high heels will most likely exacerbate your bunions; thus, you should wear sandals that are comfortable and have arch support.

Q. Are there non-surgical ways to prevent or reverse bunions?

A. Surgery is always the best option, especially if the bunions are interfering with your daily activities. Other methods, such as wearing the best sandals for bunions, will not reverse the condition. They can’t stop bunions from developing, but they can slow the progress.

You can also modify your shoes or sandals by cushioning them with gel pads. This will prevent friction. You can also use night splints or toe spacers to alleviate pressure from the joints while holding your toe in place. This will significantly reduce the progress of bunions.

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Q. What accessories do you need for your sandals?

A. If you’re going to wear socks, make sure that they are thin and loose. Tight socks will only cause more pain by putting pressure on your bunions.

A toe spacer would also be nice as it will separate your toes and keep them in alignment. You can also add orthotics as they will put your feet in comfortable positions by relieving pressure from them.

If these are not enough, you can add bunion pads to cushion your bunion. The pad will prevent the bunion from becoming inflamed or irritated from rubbing against the sandal or shoe.

Q. How to avoid Bunion pain?

A. Since bunions develop over time, you can avoid or slow the development by taking good care of your feet. You ought to be more careful with the kind of shoes you wear, especially if there is a family member with bunions.

Exercise your feet and learn to accomplish a few tasks with your toes. For example, pick up small objects with your toes. Also, wear shoes that are comfortable regardless of the occasion. Avoid shoes that have high heels.


Wearing proper shoes will make a huge difference, especially in how the bunions affect your daily life. And although the condition will limit the kind of shoes you wear, it does not have to limit your sense of style and fashion.

You can wear any sandals as long as they are comfortable and offer ample protection. In case you wear tight shoes, be sure to change into more comfortable shoes after the event.

Also, remember to buy shoes after midday as your feet will be bigger. This is because walking all day will enlarge your feet. Buying sandals at such a time will ensure you get comfortable and snug sandals.

Although bunions are hereditary, they are often triggered by the shoe you wear. This means that wearing supportive shoes will relieve pressure from your toes, thus slowing down the development or progression of bunions.

If you’re not sure about what to buy, you can always consult a doctor. They will measure your feet as they check the extent of your condition. Afterward, the doctor will recommend the best shoes for your problem.

Preferably, look for sandals with shock-absorbing soles, underfoot cushioning, smooth internal seams, wide toe box and soft leather upper.

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