The 7 Best Shoes After Bunion Surgery of 2022

Have you ever heard of bunions? Swelling at the lower side of your big toe can be very painful, giving you sleepless nights. While non-surgical alternatives such as taking painkillers, ice application, padding, and the use of shoe inserts alleviate the pain, these methods can only be effective before an operation. After undergoing an operation, you need to buy the best shoes after bunion surgery.

One of the shoes that top the list is Orthofeet Chattanooga Black Women’s Mary Jane Shoes. This women’s pump is ideal for use after bunion surgery and good for those suffering from perennial feet pain.

With a lightweight and ergonomic sole that is non-resistant, the pump prides itself on a sure way to eliminate pain from women who undergo bunion surgery.

The pump has anatomical arch support, making it the ideal choice for those with fallen arches.

This list also looks into boots that can be helpful to men and women who have been forced to undergo bunion surgery.

Best Shoes After Bunion Surgery

1. Orthofeet Chattanooga Black Women’s Mary Jane Shoes

Orthofeet Chattanooga Black Women’s Mary Jane Shoes

Thanks to its combination of therapeutic detailing and footwear technology, foot surgeons recommend Orthofeet Proven Heel shoes to those who have undergone bunion surgery. With arch support, the shoe provides you with protection against pressure. To improve stability and enhance movement, the shoe contains cushioning soles and orthotic insoles that are premium.

The forefront of the toe is ¼” thick, and the insole is removable, making it ideal for people with diabetes to enjoy a non-binding yet assuring inner fit.

Orthofeet Proven Heel is available in many sizes. The sizes include wide medium and extra-wide width size hence offering customization according to your feet size. The shoe inserts reduce the impact on your heel and minimize the agony related to plantar fasciitis by elevating the strain in the plantar fasciitis.

The shoes contain a mild rocker and lightweight soles, which reduce the impact of the foot movement. The interior of the shoe is made up of a smooth and soft interior that reduces pressure and provides a gentle contact with the foot.

When you have excessive pronation, your leg rotates internally. Rotation of your leg stresses your knee, lower back, and hip. An orthotic shoe will provide you with arch support, which plays a vital role in reducing the stress in your hips knee and lower back. The shoe will also help with the alignment of your feet and leg.

A strap system with loop and hook elements that is two way on either side of the shoe makes it easy for you to fasten and unfasten the shoe. Using this mechanism, you can also easily adjust the length of the shoe strap.


  • Biomechanical insoles which reduce pressure in the bottom of the feet;
  • Ergonomic soles to minimize stress on the joints;
  • Soft interior lining providing gentle contact with your feet;
  • Stretchable upper part to ease pressure on Bunions and Hammertoes;
  • Lightweight and ideal for those with a diabetic foot.


  • Velcro straps lose grip fast;
  • The outsole is known to last only a few months.

Orthofeet Women Shoe for Bunions and diabetic foot offers excellent support on the footbed and toes. You should beware of the durability and strength of the outsole and the Velcro straps.

2. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

If you have feet trauma or you have undergone surgery, then ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe should be your number one choice. This shoe contains a comfortable and protective cover to keep the foot away from harm’s way.

While spacious and roomy enough, the cast shoe supports your foot; hence, any dressing can foot in the shoe with easy Fitting is made possible by the loop and hook mechanism that is adjustable according to the cast size or the needs of the patient.

At the bottom, the shoe is rigid with a square toe that acts as a bumper. Square toe feature prevents your feet from accidents like collisions with objects hence prolonging your healing. With the ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe, you can be able to fit either foot that is the left and right.

Height around the ankle minimizes further injury. Ankle strapping at the back of the pump also eases ambulation and reduces pressure in your feet.


  • Keeps feet clean and dry post-operation or trauma;
  • High ankle strapping keeps your feet in a proper position;
  • It is very affordable;
  • A rigid rocker sole reduces feet pressure and allows ease of ambulation;
  • It can be worn in both the right and left foot due to the universal fit;
  • The shoe is light;
  • It is the best choice for official/casual wear.


  • The shoe is available in one color;
  • Velcro on the shoe wears out quickly.

Having vast knowledge in crafting post-op shoes, ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe assures you of the perfect shoe in terms of comfort and efficiency. The shoe is easy to wear, and you can adjust it according to your liking.

3. BraceAbility Post-op Shoe

BraceAbility Post-op Shoe

This shoe is designed for both men and women. It can even fit kids with larger feet. The BraceAbility sandal can also be worn on either foot. If you only had surgery on one foot, you can just buy one shoe instead of a pair.

The shoe is designed to make walking after bunion surgery easy. It is an open shoe to enhance breathability. The materials are light so as not to strain your foot. The footbed features an orthopedic insole. This insole cushions your foot and provides shock absorption.

To enhance wearability, the BraceAbility sandal has 3 straps. These are easy to adjust to fit the sandal over bandages or swollen feet. The fasteners are medical-grade. They remain secure once you strap your foot in.

The sandal has a square toe box and rocker soles. This shape protects your toes from bumping into objects when walking. These give you a more natural movement by supporting your arch. The soles also have non-slip traction. You will remain steady even on smooth floors.


  • Adequate arch support to relieve pain that comes from bunion surgery;
  • Expandable fit to ensure even swollen or bandaged feet can be accommodated;
  • Orthopedic insoles provide cushioning and support for the injured foot;
  • Non-slip traction on the soles ensure stability despite injuries;
  • Lightweight construction with materials that are easy to dry and air out;
  • Suitable for both the right and left foot.


  • Adjustable straps may be too long and have to be cut to size;
  • Footbed cushioning may feel to firm for more serious injuries;
  • The sole is a bit flexible and not suitable for people who need to place feet on solid surfaces.

The BraceAbility Post-Op shoe is the best if you have undergone bunion surgery. It is constructed steadily but will not weigh on your injured foot. It is also designed with your comfort in mind to get you through the recovery period.

4. Darco Med-Surg Post Operative

Darco Med-Surg Post Operative

This shoe is designed to maximize your potential for healing after bunion surgery. The shoe is made with lightweight material. The shoe will not weigh your injured foot down when you wear it.

The material is arranged in an open-toe design. This provides your foot with breathability. This is important, especially if your foot is bandaged. The rest of the upper has a meshed construction for better breathability.

The shoe features two kinds of closures. The front closure is simple and designed so that it does not exert pressure on your foot. The ankle strap is adjustable. This way, you can wear the shoe even when your feet are swollen.

The shoe features PegAssist insoles. These hold your weight evenly and absorb shock from movement. The toe box is square. This way, your toes are protected from bumping into obstacles around your home.

The soles of the shoe are steady, which provides maximum foot support. They also have a non-slip treading pattern. This protects you from accidents that can occur on smooth surfaces.


  • Reduced pressure on the forefoot is provided by the closure;
  • Adjustable ankle strap makes the shoe able to accommodate swollen and bandaged feet;
  • PegAssist insoles absorb shock and relieve foot pain;
  • Rigid soles provide support for arch so you can walk steadily;
  • Non-slip soles ensure that you remain stable and protected even on smooth floors.


  • It is usually small thus; many people don’t find their right size;
  • The square toe box is bulky and tends to attract unnecessary attention when walking.

Darco Post-Operative Women’s Shoe is among the few after bunion surgery shoes you can trust for their steady sole. Besides, the pump’s front and rear closure ensure a comfortable fit.

5. Vive Post Op Shoe

Vive Post Op Shoe

This is a versatile shoe designed for both the right and left foot. It has an open box-toe design. The box design protects you from injury in case you bump into an object. The open toe design maximizes air circulation. This is important, especially if your foot is bandaged.

The material of the shoe is lightweight and dust resistant. This protects your healing foot from bacteria. The shoe has a unisex design suitable for both men and women.

To keep it secure, the shoe comes with two straps. These straps are long and adjustable. You can easily fit the shoe over a bandaged foot or one that is swollen. There is padding below the straps. This prevents foot chafing from the straps.

The soles of the Vive Shoe feature a rocker design. This is a steady and rigid sole. This is the shoe for you if your foot needs to be placed on a flat, rigid surface. It provides arch support to reduce injuries.

The soles also feature non-skid treading. This treading pattern gives you maximum traction with the floor. You can comfortably walk steadily even on smooth home floors.


  • Maximized comfort around the toe and upper foot area by padding and cushioning;
  • Versatile and can be worn by both men and women on either foot;
  • Square-toe design protects toes from injury in case you bump into obstacles like chairs;
  • Long adjustable straps allow you to use the shoe even when your feet are swollen or bandaged;
  • Non-skid treading keeps you steady even on slippery surfaces;
  • Rocker sole provides arch support for stability and pain relief.


  • The straps are too long and might need to be cut down to size;
  • Velcro straps need to be tightened for a good fit, and this might hurt your foot;
  • The rigidity of the soles might make the shoe uncomfortable to walk long distances.

The Vive Post-Op shoe gives you a mix of versatility and functionality. With its lightweight construction and breathability, your foot will heal comfortably. You can go about your activities, sure of the support provided by its soles.

6. Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe

Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe

This versatile post-operation shoe is designed for maximum use. You can wear it on either your right or left foot. You do not have to buy a pair if only one of your feet is injured.

The shoe is made from a lightweight, breathable material. The construction is such that the shoe does not weigh down your foot. The mesh construction on the upper allows maximum air circulation. It also makes the shoe easy to dry when wet.

There are two types of straps to keep the shoe firm on your foot. There is a thick Velcro strap just behind your toes. This ensures that the shoe fits despite the wide toe box. The strap around the ankles can be adjusted based on need.

The heel of the shoe is padded to cushion your foot. This makes standing on the injured foot less painful. The toe box is square-shaped. This design protects your toes from bumping into objects in the home.

The sole features non-slip deep treading. You can trust this shoe when it comes to stability on smooth floors. The rocker sole is rigid to maximize support for an injured foot.


  • Two-system straps allow for a better fit even when the foot is swollen;
  • The ankle straps can be cut down and fitted with two-sided Velcro for a better fit;
  • Assured stability even on smooth floors because of the deep treading pattern;
  • The enclosed heel area provides better foot placement and support;
  • The shoe can be worn on both feet.


  • Ankle straps wear out easily compared to the other strap;
  • The straps are too long and might need to be resized if your foot is not swollen or bandaged;
  • The shoe might run a bit small.

The post-op shoe from Mars Wellness delivers on what it promises. It provides a secure and comfortable fit even when your foot is swollen or bandaged. It also has a heel and arch support to help in your recovery.

7. Corflex Orthowedge Bunion Surgery Shoe

Corflex Orthowedge Bunion Surgery Shoe

Corflex Orthowedge is specifically designed for post-bunion surgery. This shoe has a raised heel that runs up to your arch area. This supports the forefoot without exerting pressure on it.

A square toe box design provides a lot of room for your toes to lie in. It allows for better foot movement. It also protects your toes in case you bump into a chair or bed. This facilitates better healing.

The heel is designed so that the weight of your foot is transferred to the back. This relieves the pressure from your forefoot. This maximizes the healing capacity of your foot after bunion surgery.

The shoe is constructed with a low-top design that gives you ankle support. The EVA footbed is also cushioned, so you are comfortable. The foam cushioning has air bubbles that keep the shoe lightweight and comfortable against your skin.


  • Facilitates quick healing of forefoot surgery by transferring pressure to the mid and backfoot;
  • Lightweight material ensures that the shoe does not weigh your injured foot down;
  • EVA midsole provides cushioning for foot comfort;
  • Toes are protected from obstacles by the wide square-toe design;
  • Straps around the heel and behind the toe ensure that the shoe fits securely.


  • The shoe design makes it unsuitable for injuries on the heels and ankles;
  • People with wider feet will have a problem wearing this boot.

The Corflex Orthowedge is a revolutionary shoe. It is specifically designed to cater to your forefoot. The low-lying thick heel ensures that your injured forefoot heals quickly after bunion surgery. That is why it is the best walking boot after bunion surgery.

What to Look Before Buying Shoes After Bunion Surgery

You already know the problem you are suffering from when you are out shopping for the ideal shoes after bunion surgery. Your aim is not to increase the pain but to reduce the burning sensation and the swelling that has existed on your big toe for a long time.

The following pointers will help you make the final and prudent choice of the right pump that will not only help you wear but also give you comfort. In the end, if you make a good choice, you will forget you had bunion surgery.

Wide Toe Box

As you may have seen, most of the shoes on this list are similar in a large toe box. Still, the aim is to help your toes have breathing space. Remember, when you have a bunion, the tissues below your big toe tend to swell on both ends.

However, studies indicate the swelling mainly extends to the second toe. Because of this, manufacturers ensure that a walking boot after bunion surgery should have the same features as those of walking shoes for wide feet, which are known to have wider toe boxes. If the toes of the affected foot were squeezed together, the pain would increase tremendously.


The pump should be able to provide you the needed comfort. Whether you work remotely, from the house, or drive daily to the office, the footwear should be comfortable. It is especially important to consider this point because a bunion leaves you with pain.

Sometimes the pain is excruciating a few weeks after the surgery. Because you also want to cover the wound, the doctor may suggest closed shoes. Alternatively, you may need boots that have an open toe box.

Whatever the case, you should not feel any pain when wearing shoes after foot surgery.

Orthotic Support

Your current problem is the bunion, which is related to your footbed. It is not anywhere above the foot, such as the knee. As such, you have to look for a shoe that can support your footbed completely.

Many of the shoes in the above list come with a thick insole that ensures you have the proper support on your footbed, which stretches from the heel to the end of your big toe.

Besides, it is a good thing to look for a boot that will give you a chance to put inserts if needed. As may be recommended by your surgeon, these orthotic inserts may help you alleviate the pain around the surgery site fast.

Velcro Straps

Why is a Velcro strap important to consider when buying bunion shoes? Remember, the aim is to look for boots that help you do the walking after bunion surgery. Velcro straps are among the few premium shoe fasteners in the market today.

Although they offer strong and uninterrupted closure of the boots, Velcro straps are also very easy to loosen. In the event, you feel excess pain, warmth, or to tickle the injured part, you simply hold one part and pull away. That way, you access your big toe instantly.


The outsole is seen as the engine of many shoes, no matter their function. For instance, if you were looking for boots for mechanics, you would probably look for a higher shank and a non-slip outsole.

It is the same thing with walking sandals after bunion surgery. They should be 100% non-slip because if you fall before you heal completely, your doctor may recommend a second surgery. That would be adding pain on top of the other.

Rubber makes one of the best outsoles because of its renowned non-slip resistance. However, you can also find good shoes for bunions with a synthetic sole.


There are times you would feel to tickle or scratch a little bit on the surgery site. This is normal and happens from time to time. To help you do this fast, some manufacturers design the shoe in a way that allows you to find the right size, but with some room for emergencies.

Earlier, when speaking on the advantages of Velcro straps, there was the point of accessing your big toe faster. An adjustable shoe carter allows you to put inserts and wear warm and comfortable socks without injuring the big toe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I wear a shoe after bunion surgery?

A. Yes, you can. However, much depends on the choice of the walking boot after bunion surgery. For those who take bunions for granted, and go ahead to buy any shoe, the problem is likely to get worse.

Shoes on this list are designed to help alleviate the pain after bunion surgery. History has it that some bunions come back even after a successful surgery. Manufacturers are doing all they can to design shoes that will do exactly that to prevent the coming back of bunions. It is a prudent thing to buy the right boot.

Q. Can I buy inserts and place them inside my beloved sneakers to reverse a bunion?

A. Some shoes have an extra room you can put inserts. However, not all inserts are friendly to bunions. Different orthotics work for different deformities. If you buy an insert over-the-counter, ensure it is meant for a bunion.

Besides, a bunion that has not been removed is different from the bunion after the surgery. Your doctor will advise whether you need an insert inside normal shoes or a special boot that will aid you in walking after bunion surgery. Also, inserts do not reverse the bunion. They help alleviate the pain.

Q. Is it possible to avoid bunion surgery?

A. Yes, it is possible. Bunion surgery is the last option. Before you go for bunion surgery, you should try other non-surgical means to try to reverse the effects of the problem becoming bigger. Of course, one important way is to do X-ray examinations.

These probes help evaluate the level of the bunion. If it is not threatening, a few things can be done, such as changing your work, taking painkillers, using orthotic devices, injection therapies, and icing. In case your condition advances to an operation, then you need the best shoes after bunion surgery.

Q. Will I walk, jump, and work normally after bunion surgery?

A. The surgery intends to help remove the bunion, resulting in you going back to your normal routine. In most cases, people who have undergone bunion surgery go back to their normal life.

They can walk, jump, and work as usual. However, you have to be careful with the affected toe. Before you engage in any vigorous activity that involves the use of your feet, especially the affected foot, take time to heal.

Q. ​How long will I take before I fully recover from bunion surgery?

A. The recovery period is not known. However, it should not take long. Depending on the procedure(s) done on your toe and expanse of the area, many people attain full recovery a few weeks after the surgery. To recover faster, you need to heed the counsel given to you by your foot surgeon.

Chances are the surgeon will suggest you buy excellent shoes after bunion surgery. These boots that are specially made for you will help facilitate your recovery.


Bunions are painful, but endless pain should be a thing of the past after the surgery. As you have seen, manufacturers and experts are doing all they can to help you get rid of that excruciating pain. This article has explored the shoe alternative, but you can spend some money on a good mountain bike as you wait to recover fully.

If your foot surgeon suggests that you use orthotic devices to help you alleviate the pain, take the advice seriously. Even so, orthotic devices will only come in handy after you have made the right choice of shoes.

Many best shoes after bunion surgery in the market come with added features that ensure you do not feel any pain that you had before the surgery. For you to recover faster, you need to be diligent in ensuring you have the right boot all the time, especially when you get out of the house. That way, you will recover faster and go back to your normal pain-free life.

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