The 7 Best Shoes for Doctors of 2022

Talk to doctors from New York to Tokyo, Sydney to Montevideo, and Cape Town to Helsinki. These physicians will unanimously agree that the choice of shoes they wear to work is crucial.

In a recent survey, more than 75% of the doctors we talked to agreed that the footwear they buy plays an important role in their quest to do a life-saving job.

Perhaps, you are asking, what is the difference between doctors’ shoes and those of people who do other jobs?

Physicians’ shoes should, among other things, be lightweight, have a non-slip sole, support the arch, and comfortable all day. One such shoe is Dansko Women’s Mule, designed for women physicians.

The shoe has a high-quality leather top, is comfortable to wear, available in a variety of colors, and comes with excellent arch support, among other quality features. Dansko Women’s Mule may be expensive, but that should not deter you from getting this quality doctors’ shoe.

This write-up delves into six other shoes that are specifically made for doctors. See if you can get yourself a pair from the review below.

Best Shoes for Doctors

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Dansko Women's Professional Mule

When it comes to comfortable shoe wear, Dansko is at the forefront of it all. It is known to make comfortable nursing shoes. The shoes can withstand any climate. What makes the Dansko mule such a sought after product?

Well, the shoe has a really good leather covering. The leather does not crack or flake. It can also be easy to clean since all you have to do is wipe the shoe, and you will get the shiny appearance back. The boots also have a wide heel that offers support to your feet when in motion, which ensures that you do not exert undue pressure on your feet.

The shoes also have a rocker-bottom. This stable bottom acts as a shock absorber and therefore protects your feet from any external harm. The heel also offers support, makes the shoes more comfortable, and can lend height to those who need it.


  • High quality and durable leather;
  • Comes in a variety of colors so you can choose your favorite;
  • Easy to wear; slip them on, and you’re good to go;
  • Easy to clean; wipe the shoe to get its glow back;
  • The heel gives you ultimate comfort and support.


  • Expensive for those on a budget;
  • The enamel exterior might crack.

The Dansko Women’s Mule is a shoe that comes in handy, especially when you have a long day ahead of you. The heel and rocker-bottom will give you the maximum support and make your feet comfortable. You also get the leather exterior that will last you for a long time.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Dynamo Work Shoe

Dr. Scholl's Women's Dynamo Work Shoe

These clogs are the perfect companion for a busy day. The shoes are famous for doctors because of the ultimate comfort that they give. They are light, which means that you won’t feel weighed down by the shoes as you go about your work

The shoes give you comfort and support so your feet can feel well taken care of. They are such a nice fit with lots of room inside. The shoe allows you to walk around without the feeling that your toes are cramped. They also have a padded interior to maximize comfort.

The sole is a comfortable fit and is flexible. The shoes have a platform heel; they are elevated. The heel distributes pressure evenly so that there is no undue stress on one part of the foot. It can also keep your pants clean due to the elevation.


  • Made with leather for durability;
  • Padded interior for increased comfort;
  • Lots of room for your feet and toes;
  • The shoes are light and comfortable for work;
  • The waterproof material is also slip-resistant.


  • The heel might be too high for other people;
  • The sizing of the shoes might be tricky.

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s shoes are great for any working woman. The shoes have a simple design that offers comfort and great support on a busy day. You might find problems with the instep or the fact that its arch support is a bit lacking. Overall, the shoes are very comfortable and are an excellent fit for anyone who walks on a concrete floor.

3. Crocs Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Work Shoe

Crocs Men's and Women's On The Clock Work Shoe

We all know that when it comes to comfortableness, the crocs take the cake every time. These shoes were designed for work. You can work all day and all night long with crocs and still come out of it without complaints. I might go a step further and call them the most comfortable shoes for doctors, and no one will fight that.

Crocs are slip-resistant. With this shoe, you will work without the constant bother of having to slip your feet back into the shoe all the time. The shoes are soft, which gives the most comfort to your feet. They also have a lot of space so you won’t have to deal with your toes being crammed together.

When ordering crocs, it is recommended that you order a size or a half smaller than your usual size. Ordering a small-size shoe will prevent the rubbing and blisters that might occur when you get a bigger size for your feet. Once you get a perfect size, the shoes can be a Godsend with the comfort that comes with them.


  • Excellent tread, even on wet surfaces;
  • They are lightweight;
  • Cushioning on the interior for added comfort;
  • Easy to clean; wipe the shoe to disinfect;
  • Give great support.


  • The instep might be a little tight;
  • They might get wider with constant use;
  • The shoe lacks ventilation.

Crocs are very comfortable shoes for anyone who works on their feet for a long time. They have the most comfortable interior that makes your feet feel like they are in heaven. They are also easy to wear and to clean so you can put them on easily even when you’re in a rush.

4. Skechers for Work Men’s Rockland-Hooper Slip Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Rockland-Hooper Slip Shoe

Skechers is one of the renowned shoe brands in the world for everyday use. The brand’s reputation precedes, and they do not disappoint. The shoes have a smooth leather upper for durability. Thanks to the leather top, the shoe looks more presentable.

The shoe lining is made from soft fabric. Thanks to the lining, that there is no friction between your foot and the shoe.

Skechers Rockland-Hooper Slip-On Shoes also have a padded collar so that they do not rub against your ankle and cause blisters. The midsole has shock-absorbing properties that will protect your feet from any damage. The shoes also have a removable insole, just in case you need more space in your shoe. They are slip-resistant, which adds comfort.


  • Non-skid rubber outsole;
  • Shock absorbing properties in the midsole;
  • Cushioned insole for added comfort;
  • Great stitching to ensure the shoe lasts for a long time;
  • Padded collar and soft lining.


  • Might not be comfortable if you stand in them all day long;
  • The shoe lacks arch support.

Skechers are the shoes to go for if you want a comfortable shoe, especially for men. However, you should beware that they have minimal arch support. With minimal arch support, it will be uncomfortable to work in an environment that requires you to stand for a long time.

To know more about fantastic Skechers Shoes, click here.

5. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog

Dansko Women's Pro XP Clog

Here is yet another perfect shoe for working women from Dansko. They give the kind of support that you dream about. The shoes allow you to go about your normal work without feeling weighed down.

They give your legs and back the most support out of any shoe. They allow you to work the whole day and still come out of it pain-free. They have a lot of room on the inside giving your toes wiggle room. A roomy interior ensures you will feel comfortable wearing them for long hours.

The clogs have a rocker-bottom that don’t give room for fatigue. The bottom distributes your weight evenly for great support. It also acts as a shock absorber. The outsole is made of rubber that has excellent traction. Internal rubber makes the sole slip-resistant for those who work in wet areas.


  • Removable insole and the shoes accept orthotics;
  • Excellent arch support;
  • Comes in a variety of print and colors;
  • Slip-on design and easy to clean;
  • Lightweight;
  • Soft interior.


  • Takes some time to have them broken in;
  • The shoes are a bit expensive.

If you are tired of wearing the Dansko mules, the Clogs are a better alternative. The shoes are lighter than the mules and have a much softer feel. The clogs are slip-resistant and give you exceptional back support. The shoe is ideal for any woman doctor.

6. Merrell Women’s Encore Breeze 2 Fashion Sneaker

Merrell will never stop making comfortable shoes for all types of people. This time, the company is bringing you Merrell Women’s Encore 2 Fashion, a sneaker with a closed front but open back.

You will love the shoe sole that is made of rubber. Most doctors indeed prefer closed shoes, but the main foot area that needs to be closed is the front part. According to the medical profession, the toes need to be closed.

The top part of the shoe is made of 100% fabric with the side embedded with the brand name, Merrell. Currently, the show is available in three colors, Lavender Lustre, Autumn Glaze, and Deep Tan.

With Aegis antimicrobial lining, the wearer is sure of putting away any infection that might come her way.

The shoe is ideal for those doctors who are always on the move. Merrell Encore 2 Fashion’s fabric has spores that allow for quick and sufficient air penetration.

Whether you are busy attending to patients or running a few errands here and there, Encore 2 Fashion is best shoes for female doctors. With a heel measuring 1 inch, any female doctor can walk comfortably up and down the facility without feeling any pain at the heel.


  • Available in three different colors;
  • No heel pain at all;
  • Helps the wearer get rid of foot infection;
  • Lightweight thus no foot fatigue;
  • Fits over 75% of all feet;
  • No slipping on any ground.


  • Hard to clean especially if the shoe catches mud;
  • Lack of back cover exposes the wearer to many microorganisms present in a hospital setting.

If your work is to move around the hospital talking to patients, Encore 2 Fashion is ideal for you. The show is light, comfortable, and allows enough air to penetrate.

7. Crocs Crocband Clog Comfortable Slip Shoe

Crocs Crocband Clog Comfortable Slip Shoe

Are you looking for semi-professional yet comfortable shoes for your work and other things? Think about Crocs. They are perhaps the most comfortable shoes for doctors. The shoes are specially made for men. However, the shoe is also a common gem among women doctors.

You cannot go wrong with this shoe when it comes to the price. Most online shops will sell this shoe for as little as $30. If this is what you will pay, you will remain with a few bucks for another pair, possibly a different color.

The shoe is 100% synthetic from top to bottom. It is available in three colors, namely black, navy, and white. Because the shoe features a sporty design, many male doctors prefer wearing the shoe during weekends.

You will also like the idea that the shoe is lightweight, buoyant, and friendly to all types of water. To ensure your feet get the required air, Crocs feature sizeable holes that allow air to pass to the feet.

Even if you wear Crocs for many hours throughout the week, there will be no bad odor. The insole is insulated with foam, which absorbs the sweat, leaving your foot dry throughout the day.


  • All-weather friendly;
  • Allow air to pass to the feet;
  • No bad odor;
  • Comfortable;
  • Comes with superior gripping;
  • Unisex, semi-professional, and sporty;
  • The shoes are lightweight.


  • The glued band gets off fast;
  • The synthetic sole doesn’t last for long;
  • Beware of the show featuring a narrow design thus may not be ideal for wider feet.

If you want a shoe that does not discriminate against your sex, Crocs Crocband is the right shoe. You can wear it whenever and wherever you want. However, beware it might be narrow than your foot.

Consideration Before Buying Shoes for Doctors

Physicians perform a very crucial role in ensuring they attend to patients. It takes a long time to get the correct diagnosis for a single patient. At times, the conversation takes several minutes. A doctor needs the right pair of shoes.

Here are things to look for when you need the best shoes for doctors:


During the consultation period, the doctor may stand, sit, or move about on several occasions. If you wear heavy shoes, chances are you can move for a long time. You need extra energy to pull heavy shoes.

The right shoe for a doctor should be lightweight. With lightweight shoes, it is not a problem to visit the pharmacy or the laboratory, when need be to give personalized advice on what should be done on the patient.


Everyone looks for comfort when they buy shoes. Whether you are out in the field playing with family or colleagues, you need a shoe that makes you feel comfortable. Because the role of a doctor is weighty and at times requires you to be at your station for long, you cannot wear tight or wide shoes.

The shoes need to fit you properly, come with sufficient interior pudding to allow you to move freely. Good doctors’ shoes should not cause blisters or bring fatigue to your feet.


The purpose of manufacturers’ including a footbed in doctors’ shoes, is to ensure these professionals find the necessary comfort. A shoe without a perfect footbed is not different from a flip-flop.

With proper footbed material, your foot will not feel any pain or swell even if you are forced to stand or sit for many hours each day. Some shoes feature an antimicrobial lining, which in part, forms the footbed.

The good thing about such a footbed is the doctor will not carry any infections from the facility to the house. However, most importantly, the footbed should have enough padding to enable the doctor to work without limping.


Must all doctors’ shoes be non-slip? The best shoes for doctors should be non-slip. A medical facility is full of activities. An emergency unit, for instance, can have a pool of blood when people involved in an accident are rushed to the hospital.

Can you imagine what will happen if the doctor skids on the blood on the floor? Going for a non-slip sole, especially rubber, is not only wise but also live-saving.

At times, the floor will be cleaned several times a day to remove any dirt, such as blood. When this is done, there is hardly enough time to let the floor dry. You can imagine how wet the floor can be most of the time. There is a need for non-slip shoes. See a full list of the non-slip shoes here.


Like other human beings, different doctors have different arch sizes. If your arch is higher, you need a shoe with higher arch support. Because of the nature of their work, hikers prefer a shoe with high arch support.

Perhaps, you might want to ask a colleague about the kind of shoe they find comfortable. Alternatively, look for a shoe that features arch support.

Air ventilation

Air ventilation on any shoe is key. A shoe with proper air ventilation has many health benefits than a shoe without air ventilation. If a shoe does not allow air to pass through, the inside gets hotter. Once the inside of the shoe gets hot, it is possible your foot to swell.

Your veins might also begin to ache. Whether in socks or not, there is also a possibility of your shoes smelling.

PS. Don’t go for shoes with big holes. The aim is to allow enough air to pass through to the feet, not water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is there a difference between women doctors’ shoes and men’s?

A. Basically, there is no difference between male doctors’ shoes and those of women doctors. Some doctor’s shoes, such as Crocs Crocband, are unisex. However, you need to understand that women are sensitive to things such as color, pattern, and flowers than their male counterparts.

A majority of women have narrow feet compared to their male counterparts. Therefore, it is always prudent to go for a shoe that is designed for your sex.

Q. I prefer slip-resistant shoes, but I’m not sure which material to choose from. Any help?

A. It is increasingly hard to find a completely non-slip sole. While many doctors’ shoes in the market come with writings, ‘100% SLIP RESISTANT,’ it is crucial to conduct further scrutiny.

One of the things you can be sure of is if the shoe is 100% rubber-soled, chances are it is slip-resistant.

The other thing you can do is to check whether the physicians’ shoes you intend to buy have ASTM and SATRA stickers. The bodies have high non-slip standards.

Q. Can I use custom orthotics on my shoes?

A. Yes, you can. However, it is not always the case. While personal preference plays a big role in deciding whether to use custom orthotics on your work shoes, you might want to conduct a case study. There are also shoes for orthotics where you don’t have to add any custom orthotics.

Before you use custom orthotics, it is advisable to try first. When trying, you will have a chance to see if the shoe can fit you with the orthotics.

Q. Which is the best upper material for a doctor’s shoe?

A. No single material is perfect for a doctor’s shoe. The world offers a variety of materials for doctor’s shoes. If you find a shoe with the following materials on the top, you can consider it ideal for your work:

  • Rubber;
  • Leather;
  • Polypropylene;
  • Suede;
  • Synthetic leather;
  • Patent leather.

The materials are arranged from what is considered the best quality to the less quality.

Q. How do I clean my hospital shoes?

A. There is no difference in how you clean doctors’ shoes and any other shoes. However, you need to remember a few things. Because you want your shoes to last, NEVER put them inside a washing machine. Even if you do not have the time, do not put your hospital shoes inside a drier.

Depending on the material on the upper part, you can wipe the shoes using a damp piece of cloth every other week of wearing.

If the top is made of fabric, you can wash the shoes using water. However, it is not advisable to sock the shoe inside water for long hours, especially if the shoe is made of leather and rubber.

If the insole is removable, you can pull it out; clean it using water or a damp cloth, depending on the material, before you let it dry in the sun. You can do the same for laces, if any.

Do not keep the shoes on the shoe rack unless they are clean.


Each day, physicians working in various hospitals encounter different challenges that include standing, sitting, or walking for long hours. To help doctors perform their duties comfortably and without straining a lot, shoe manufacturers continue to design the best shoes for doctors.

To this end, it should not be hard to find the right shoe, whether you have an arch or not. For now, your priority is your feet. A shoe that has proper arch support, lightweight, and 100% non-slip is the right shoe for you.

Consider this: you are in the hospital to help save the lives of your patients, not the other way round. Since your work is of utmost significance, make the right choice. Don’t miss to attend to your clients because you chose a shoe that later caused you to foot fatigue. If you have a flat foot, you can find the right shoe here.

To save you money, look for quality, affordable shoes. Make sure your hospital shoes are professional and look clean all the time.

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