The 7 Best Shoes for Fallen Arches of 2022

Fallen arches are, unfortunately, a common foot condition. Fallen arches were once considered a genetic foot condition. Recent medical research indicates that many other physical ailments may cause fallen arches. Overweight individuals are more likely to suffer from fallen arches due to increased pressure on the arches of their feet.

Sport-related injuries or accidents of various forms is often related to this severe foot condition as well. With no known cure, wearing the best shoes for fallen arches helps to alleviate some of the daily discomfort allowing the torn muscles in your foot to heal over time gradually.

For the purpose of this product review, the Brooks Men’s Beast ’16 is believed to be the best shoes for collapsed arches-based on quality, comfort, durability, and arch support, three factors that are mandatory for suffering individuals.

Best Shoes for Fallen Arches

1. Brooks Men’s Beast ’16

Brooks Men's Beast '16

These shoes are built for those with a current overpronation condition. There is a reason that these shoes are called the Beast with a higher level of motion control and cushioning. Moisture-management mesh upper protects from all elements, keeping your feet cool and comfortable. External heel counter aid in the stabilization of your feet from walking to running and more. Other shoes that help people with overpronation walk well are listed in the article mentioned here.

Mesh lining removes moisture quickly, allowing for a more comfortable and reassuring feel. Especially designed DNA midsole delivers maximum energy return with increased arch support. The compounded midsole uses the latest insoles for increased flexibility that is immediately noticeable. These stylish and versatile running shoes are all they claim to be, designed to fit all runners’ individual and specific running needs.

DRB® Accel simulated shank component encourages torsional stiffness in the mid-foot allowing both the midfoot and heel to work independently, an outstanding feature. Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) offers a great dual-density post at your medial arch allowing for ongoing pronation control.


  • Smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Environment-friendly silica outsole
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Ventilated toe box
  • Natural forefoot movement


  • Narrow
  • Authenticity issues
  • Questionable quality

Other Considerations:

Excellent rating on Amazon. The price point is a little higher but remains at affordable levels. Significant variations in the price range with no explanation listed on Amazon. The color selection again is somewhat limited. Color combination is good, yet average with no eye-catching combinations or accents.

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2. ASICS GT-2000 6 Men’s Running Shoe

ASICS GT-2000 6 Men's Running Shoe

Have you ever wondered what makes one shoe better than the other? These preferred running shoes continue to answer these age-old questions in detail. These shoes stand apart from all others with a clean, modern look that is found on all shoes produced by this well-known and respected company.

The pleasing appearance of the eyelets melt-away lace tension permitting the exact fit that you are looking for. Combined with an improved, heel clutching system, the advanced heel counter of these excellent shoes for fallen arches supports and creates a better fit for your heels. Increased comfort levels are a result of the COMFORDY sockliner removes moisture for a cool, dry running experience.

The discovery of the DUOMAX system improves stability and support for those with overpronation. These running shoes not only provide greater comfort but overall reduced weight and exceptional longevity. Stop buying new running shoes every year. Invest in the best for less.


  • Elevated performance
  • Widened forefoot
  • Midfoot structural integrity
  • Breathable mesh
  • Soft, plush tongue and collar


  • There are no negative issues to report at this time.

Other Considerations:

Currently rated on Amazon with an almost perfect rating. A limited number of consumers review available may be an indication of the high rating. The limited number of reviews is also a sign of complete customer satisfaction. Available in all the favorite color combinations, these shoes may be a little higher priced than other competing styles but worth it.

3. Avia Women’s Avi-Union A1439W

Avia Women's Avi-Union A1439W

Comfort and stability best describe these women’s walking shoes. These walking shoes resist water stains with the latest in Scotchgard protection. Midsoles offer outstanding comfort levels for increased walking distance or those that must remain on their feet for the majority of the day.

Worn by nurses in hospitals from coast to coast, the compression midsole EVA with soft gel heel unit keeps nurses moving and comfortable. Molded removable footbed is a common feature found on most of the walking or working shoes on the market today. The additional space provided often differentiates a good shoe from a great shoe.

Padded tongue and collar are an essential part of any good walking or work shoe. Providing optional lacing tightness, the perfect and the most comfortable fit lies on personal lacing preferences. Removing moisture, keeping your feet dry and fresh, the breathable mesh lining and tongue of these shoes also reduce odor.


  • Stitched cap overlay
  • FOM® Lite midsole
  • Specially designed tread pattern
  • Breathable toe box
  • Vented heel


  • Narrow
  • Non-supportive
  • Sub-par quality

Other Considerations:

Excellent and affordable price. Available colors emulate where these shoes would typically be worn, walking or to work, on the tennis court, or to social gatherings. These shoes will provide the support needed to keep you on the go throughout the day for those suffering from fallen arches.

Take a moment and review all the additional features that these women shoes have to offer here

4. FitFlop Women’s Superskate Uberknit Loafers

FitFlop Women's Superskate Uberknit Loafers

Meeting street style with a touch of trending fashion, these casual shoes offer a different look for a variety of occasions. The slimline uppers of these shoes hug your feet in comfort. Ultra-comfortable midsoles and built-in arch contour, support your feet with a seamless mesh footbed.

Do not expect any bells or whistles when wearing these shoes. Remaining very simply styled, however ultra-lightweight, these slip-on shoes complete the perfect weekend relaxed look. Easy to slip on and off, the dual side goring allows feet to slide in with little applied effort. This shoe is among our reader’s favorites for everyday wear. Other highly rated everyday shoes include the ones mentioned in this list — Click to know.

The slip-resistant outsole is durable; however, it could have been better designed. This lightweight loafer should be worn only with casual attire.

These shoes are perfect for family outings or taking that new boat out for the first time. Running errands or meeting with friends or colleagues, these shoes will forever be your favorite pair of sneakers. As a lightweight loafer, the softly rounded toe gives these sneakers a look of their own.


  • Smooth leather with textile linings
  • Durable synthetic outsole
  • Uberknit fabric uppers
  • Ergonomic FitFlop® footbed
  • Lace-free


  • Sizes run small
  • Too tight
  • Too big in the heel area

Other Considerations:

The affordable price makes these shoes a desirable purchase for the shop-wise consumer. Little to no color selection, which is disappointing, regardless of Internet site posting. There appears to be no feminine appearance to these sneakers and lean more to the masculine shoe style.

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5. Brooks Women’s Ariel ’18

Brooks Women's Ariel '18

Ready to give 110% on your next run? It’s easier than you think while wearing one of the most supportive women’s shoes. Advanced tech design will give your feet that little extra running start that is always hard to find. These specialized running shoes offer increased cushioning and are much roomier than ever for that hard-to-find perfect fit.

No-sew overlays provide the best midfoot support possible. Highly created and designed mesh uppers allow air to move freely in and out of these shoes for better breathability. Offering a more spacious toe box, structured saddle, and external heel counter, you are granted and assured of a higher level of stability.

These shoes designed with runners in mind who may currently be experiencing continual discomfort in the arch area of the foot.These shoes cleverly place the proper arch support to guide your feet through natural motion. The full-length crash pad absorbs all shocks while delivering a smooth heel-to-toe conversion to your natural stride.


  • Plush in-shoe feel
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great for overpronation
  • Podiatrist recommended


  • Stiff (New shoes often are!)
  • Too big (Did not use recommended sizing charts when ordering)
  • Overall quality concern

Other Considerations:

There are many upsides to these shoes, including a moderate and affordable price point. There is also some downside to these shoes, with virtually limited color selections.

More information is available by the following

6. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

If you are looking for that perfect low-budget running shoe, search no more! Runners on a budget need reliable and affordable shoes that are durable, lightweight, and comfortable for daily running. These shoes fit all your daily requirements and then some from the manicured running paths to the mountain trails.

These athletic training shoes have never claimed to be the best; however, they have proven to be the best through a continual approval rating of runners that know quality running shoes. These shoes are basically a no-nonsense running shoe with no added bells, whistles, or giant promotions to attract attention. Quietly, but continually, these premiere running shoes continue to climb the already crowded competitive ladder slowly to the top.

These are the perfect running shoes for off-road running with a cushioned comfort collar to provide increased support to your ankles and arches. XT-600™ high abrasion rubber outsole is well-designed with deeper than average symmetrical cross-cut grooves for excellent traction on all surfaces, wet or dry. These non-slip shoes are consistently ranked high among our list of best non-slip shoes for the year. Check out the other sturdy grip shoes here.


  • Lighter than previous models
  • No break-in period required
  • Reflective elements for night-time running
  • Comfort grid heel system
  • Abrasion-proof rubber toe bumper


  • Thin/weak/short laces
  • Arch shifts feet forward
  • Material quality issues

Other Considerations:

Excellent rating on Amazon. Currently listed as “Amazon Choice.” The affordability factor is also excellent even with maximum upgrades. In addition, color selection is exceptional, with a wide range of colors that are stylish but trendy.

Look at all the other features that these low-budget running shoes have to offer here:

7. New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Running Shoe

New Balance Men's M1540V2 Running Shoe

Those suffering from overpronation (the movement of your feet inward) will appreciate these shoes designed for stability and control. Advanced ROLLBAR technology reduces rear-foot movement for better in-motion control. Sturdy and durable EVA in the midsole combines with an even tougher polyurethane rim in the ENCAP to cradle your feet in superior comfort.

Compression-molded elements of these shoes for collapsed arches, maintain the lightweight configuration, and allow for greater flexibility during longer runs. Synthetic mesh uppers and lace-up front complete these already trendy running shoes.

Proudly made in the USA, these running shoes provide for the ultimate in both lateral and medial rearfoot stability, essential for those with fallen arches. Lightweight upper mesh construction promotes adequate breathability to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. Roomier toe box with soft, no-sew material prevents blisters and keeps you focused on the task at hand.


  • Generously padded collar
  • Dual-density foam at collar
  • Removable footbed
  • Soft, comfortable fabric lining
  • Wider platform


  • Durability issues
  • Uncomfortable
  • Hard soles

Other Considerations:

As expected, an excellent strong rating on Amazon. The price point appears to be a little higher than expected, but the overall quality of these best running shoes for fallen arches remains excellent. A few color choices in which most men have little concern, staying focused on overall performance, not color.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Shoes For Fallen Arches


Lack of support may well be one of the reasons for your fallen arches. Wearing any shoes that do not offer you the proper support from the heel to the toe is leaving yourself vulnerable for many severe other foot conditions.

From walking to climbing or running to make that last train, your feet support your entire body weight all day. Overweight walking shoes, specially designed for those with fallen arches, including the latest in design and engineering to provide/replace arch support giving your feet a chance to heel.


Waiting for your shoes to “break-in” is like waiting to win the lottery. It is probably not going to happen. Although some shoes proclaim to have a better fit when worn for a few days or weeks, the pain and discomfort during this “break-in” period cause more damage to your feet that you may realize.

Proper fitting shoes should immediately be noticed the first time that they are put on. Purchasing shoes that are too tight or too narrow with little to no toe room place additional stress on your already over-burdened feet. Those with fallen arches or flat-feet need to pay special attention to properly fitting shoes.


Everyone wants their shoes to last longer than which they were designed for. Specialized shoes for those with fallen arches often are more expensive than regular shoes. Buying a pair of shoes more than twice a year should be a good indication of the poor durability of your shoes.

Depending on the intended use of your shoes, shoes that are worn for leisure walks around the neighborhood are going to last longer than those that are worn and then thrown in the closet until the next time. Granted, shoes made of premium leather may cost more but have a much higher overall level of dependable durability.


Comfort is what shoes are all about. If your shoes are uncomfortable, the rest of your body is as well. Today, many manufacturers continue to introduce the latest technology to bring comfort levels to the highest possible standards. Shoes for collapsed arches are designed to provide extra comfort in the arch area of the foot.

Those afflicted with fallen arches often require the insertion of customized orthotics. Removable footbeds offer the extra room needed and are common on most styles of shoes. Take your time and find the most comfortable shoes that are just right for you.


Feet need to breathe. In warmer climates, the temperature inside your shoes often reaches extreme temperatures. Your shoes should allow proper air movement in and out of your shoes. Wet, sweating feet are the breeding ground for other foot conditions such as athlete’s feet.

Breathable upper mesh on most sneakers is an excellent way to dissipate heat build-up. Those already afflicted with fallen arches should take note that heat will build-up faster in your shoes. Wearing thin socks during warmer weather may also help to keep your feet cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a fallen arch?

A. Without going into a professional medical diagnosis, fallen arches are a condition that affects your calf muscles attached to the bones on the inside of your feet, the arch area.

When these muscles get inflamed or torn due to injury or overuse, these muscles no longer support your calf muscles, resulting in what is termed” fallen arches.”

Most cases can be treated by wearing shoes for fallen arches and medical care. Millions of individuals have fallen arches and are living, full and productive lives.

Often painful, fallen arches may require surgery in sporadic cases (minimal cases). Check out our review of the shoes to wear after foot surgery if you are one of them.

Q. What are the causes of fallen arches?

A. The most common causes of fallen arches are accidents or sports-related injuries. Those suffering from acute obesity, diabetes, and hypertension also have a higher risk of fallen arches. Pregnant women also have a higher chance of fallen arches due to increased weight.

Q. What are the symptoms of a fallen arch?

A. Symptoms of fallen arches are often hard to detect. Tired and aching feet is the most common symptom, which is a common symptom of millions of hard-working individuals. Perhaps, the most common and noticeable symptom is a pain when walking, running, or standing still for long periods.

Pain on the outside of the ankle or on the back of your feet are also symptoms of fallen arches. Ankles that have a tendency to “roll-in” when walking are also a clear indication of fallen arches.

Q. What should I be looking for when buying shoes for fallen arches?

A. Look for shoes with either a steel shank with a heel counter and a firm sole. Shoes designed for fallen arches should also be able to accommodate orthotic inserts for additional support and comfort. Shoes with high heels are not recommended. The medium or flat heel is a better choice, which still offers the needed support.

Q. Is fallen arches serious?

A. Fallen arches is not a life-threatening condition. This is a severe foot condition and affects the lives of millions of individuals daily. Seeking specialized medical advice is always recommended. Wearing the shoes for fallen arches is another way to combat this severe foot condition.

Q. Are there other health risks associated with fallen arches?

A. There may be some other health risks that may or may not be related to fallen arches. Cases of the hip pain, back, reported knee, and sciatica along with neck pain and increased headaches may be connected to fallen arches.

Although there has been no direct correlation to these symptoms and fallen arches, seeking medical advice is always recommended.


Fallen arches of your feet are manageable, depending on the degree of instability. Aligned with proper medical care, wearing one of the best shoes for fallen arches will reduce inflammation and discomfort. Your doctor may recommend specialized exercises to manage the symptoms, which should be followed as deemed necessary.

Extra-wide fitting shoes often provide some relief from fallen arches. A higher level of comfort can be achieved and certainly welcomed, allowing for more room for fitted insoles or orthotics.

Insertion of a specialized wedge along the inside edge of an orthotic insert also may relieve pressure on the damaged tendons of your feet. Here you can find more details about peroneal tendonitis running shoe for making your foot problem away.

Miraculous medical advancements continue to show positive solutions to the elimination of fallen arches. With a proper diet and maintaining healthier body weight, reported cases of fallen arches would be significantly reduced. From infants to senior citizens, the cure for fallen arches is only a step away.

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