The 7 Best Shoes for Hammer Toes in 2022

For those of you who are unaware, a hammer toe is a deformity that causes one or multiple of your toes to bend downward rather than forward.

This deformity can affect any of the toes on your feet and can result from wearing shoes that are not well-fitted for your feet.

Now, because you’ve already clicked on this article, it seems that either you or a loved one is suffering from hammer toes and looking for the best hammer toe shoes available on the market to help them deal with the discomfort and pain caused by this condition.

Well, you have come to the right place. In today’s article, you will introduce to the best hammer toe shoes for men currently available.

You will have a better understanding of what to look for in different hammer toe shoes, so you can make an educated decision even if you end up purchasing a shoe that not covered in this list.

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Best Shoes for Hammer Toes

1. Orthofeet Asheville Mens Orthopedic Leather Slippers

Orthofeet Asheville Mens Orthopedic Leather Slippers

First on the list is the brown leather slippers made by Orthofeet Asheville.

They come in a neutral shade of brown, made with leather, designed to provide you with comprehensive orthopedic support. The support provides from a premium orthotic insole, which is embedded inside the shoe.

The shoe also provides additional arch support and cushioning along the heel, which is made to conform to your foot’s unique shape as you walk.

This unique support system provides relief of pain in your heel and foot and alleviates pain in your knees, even up to your lower back.

This shoe is great for those with hammertoes, but it is a unique solution for anyone dealing with pain anywhere in their foot and can even use it for a neuropathy foot condition.


  • Provides excellent comfort and alleviates pain
  • Light enough so that you can walk without worrying about the shoe weighing you down or affecting your gait
  • Made from premium leather
  • Comprehensive orthopedic support
  • Sturdy Design to help you live your everyday life with less pain


  • Standard Design may not perfectly match your foot shape, as this is unique to every individual
  • Possibility of the shoe getting too warm

The Orthofeet Asheville Men’s Orthopedic Brown Leather Slippers is an affordable option for people dealing with hammertoes that provide comfort and do the everyday things you want to do worrying about the pain holding you back.

2. New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Running Shoe

New Balance Men's M1540V2 Running Shoe

The New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Running Shoe is next on the list. Although they appear to be a regular running shoe, they provide additional features that allow them to work as an excellent option for those suffering from hammertoes.

They are made with 100% textile and synthetic material with a sturdy rubber sole to provide you with support across your entire foot.

New Balance Men’s sole further complimented with padded and breathable mesh that prevents your foot from overheating.

The unique option in this shoe that sets it apart is the insertion of a collar with a Roll Bar support system.

This support system prevents your ankles from rolling in on themselves, allowing you to avoid potential injuries and alleviating pain.

This shoe may not be specifically designed for those with hammertoes, but the unique combination of different materials and strong support can help you be more active and less painful.


  • Looks like a normal fashionable running shoe
  • 100% textile and synthetic
  • Made with quality materials
  • Collar with Roll Bar support system for additional support
  • Excellent fit and comfort
  • Multiple color options


  • The insole has limited durability but can be replaced
  • Many reviewers seem to prefer the support offered by the previous model which has been discontinued

The New Balance M1540V2 Running Shoe is an option for those of you who prefer to wear a shoe that looks similar to a shoe you would wear if you weren’t suffering from hammertoes.

You can even theoretically run in these shoes without worrying about them slipping off.

3. Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Sorrento Comfortable Shoes

Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Sorrento Comfortable Shoes

Orthofeet Outdoor Shoes are the second Orthofeet product included in this list. They’re doing something right.

Unlike the slippers, this shoe designed for outdoor use.

It looks like a typical hiking boot, but it provides orthopedic support throughout the shoe that will help alleviate pain and let you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about your hammertoes holding you back.

They come with the same orthopedic support in the slipper that can help relieve pain not only in your feet but your knees, legs, and lower back pain.

Although they are slightly bigger and bulkier than the slippers, consider the vastly different settings you’d be wearing these in.

Steep mountains and mother nature will do a number on anyone, let alone your feet when you’re already dealing with the everyday pains of having hammertoes.

The shoes have a seam-free interior that provides your toes with extra space that allows them to breathe and move naturally.


  • A sturdy design appropriate for outdoor and everyday use
  • Spacious sizing to accommodate individual differences in foot size
  • Provides comfort and relieves pain
  • Premium insole so you can wear them all day long
  • Total foot support and cushioning from your toes to your arch and heel


  • Can be viewed as a bulkier option
  • Not the best for everyday use due to their size

The Orthofeet Outdoor Shoes are an excellent option for those who are on their feet all day and need a sturdier design to last with them or for those who want to explore the outdoors without worrying about their hammertoes.

4. Propet Stability Walker

Propet Stability Walker

The Propet Stability Walker is a smart option for females suffering from hammertoes looking for additional ankle support in combination with comfort.

Although Propet Stability Walker shoes not strictly designed for those with hammertoes, they are an option that has the necessary features to make this list, and numerous customers have positive reviews on them.

The shoe is designed with a wider forefoot and heel base, providing you with a higher level of stability.

The design will keep your foot snug with additional padding along the collar and tongue to provide you with even more ankle support.

Unlike some of the other larger shoes previously mentioned in this list, the Propet Stability Walker is lightweight and soft, meaning they are great for everyday use.


  • Lightweight and soft design
  • Fashionable compared to other models
  • Great for everyday use
  • Additional ankle support
  • Multi-directional tread to provide traction on various surfaces
  • Removable insole


  • This shoe runs a little smaller. It is recommended that you purchase a ½ size larger than what you usually buy
  • Can wear out more quickly compared to other models with prolonged wear

The Propet Stability Walker is an excellent option for women who are dealing with hammertoes but want the opportunity to wear shoes that won’t be too heavy on their feet.

The lightweight design will provide you with support across your entire foot with additional ankle support, so you can be active and do all of your daily activities.

5. Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Strike Sneaker

Skechers Sport Men's Afterburn Strike Sneaker

The Skechers Afterburn Strike Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker is a more recognizable name only due to the brand.

Does that mean they lack in any way? No. Like other products already discussed in this article, they are not designed specifically for individuals dealing with hammertoes.

Even so, they have multiple features that can help you with your pain, and they are great value for their price compared to other shoes on the market.

They made with 100% leather and synthetic material with a synthetic sole to provide you with additional comfort and support.

The feature that makes these shoes unique and helps them stand out amongst the bunch is the memory foam insole. Just like a memory foam bed, this material will adjust and shape itself to the unique contours of your foot.

Put that together with a padded tongue and collar, and you have the potential for excellent comfort and support.


  • Unique memory foam insole
  • Sturdy and fashionable design
  • Multiple colorways
  • Affordable price
  • Durable for long-term wear


  • Less flexible than other models
  • Not specifically designed for those with hammertoes, can cause variance in comfort based on foot shape

The Skechers Afterburn Memory Foam Sneaker might not be designed with you specifically in mind, but it is a viable option if you’re looking for exceptional value.

They are cheaper compared to other products on this list, so if that is a big concern for you, they will do their job and help relieve your pain.

6. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe

 HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe

The HOKA ONE Men’s Clifton 5 Running Shoe is the option that most resembles what you think of when you imagine a running shoe.

It designed for speed and comfort. This shoe does not mean that it is inappropriate for those suffering from hammertoes. On the contrary, it’s an excellent option for those of you who want to be active.

Don’t let your hammertoes hold you back and prevent you from running or enjoying other sports and activities.

Although the design is not made specifically for those with hammertoes, it does have a design that has space that can adapt to your curved forefoot and toes.

Unlike other shoes on this list, this shoe is specifically to run, more adapted for long-distance running. It means the design has your comfort and durability in mind to ensure that you can wear them on those long runs without dealing with unnecessary pain.

The clean mesh upper is created to provide your foot with additional breathability and comfort.


  • Lightweight design
  • Explicitly designed for running but can be used for everyday life
  • Adaptive forefoot feature to help mold along your hammertoes
  • Durable for longer wear
  • Comfort across your entire foot


  • Does not provide additional ankle support
  • Customers state that the previous Clifton 3 model is softer (can be both a pro or con depending on your experience)

The Clifton 5 is a light and comfortable shoe designed to help you run, and run for a long time. Just because you have hammertoes doesn’t mean your run should be even more uncomfortable.

It is an excellent option if you have other shoes for everyday wear and want additional shoes for your active lifestyle.

7. Spenco Women’s Siesta Slide Mule

Spenco Women's Siesta Slide Mule

The Spenco Women’s Siesta Slide Mule is a unique option on this list, as it doesn’t have a conventional heel. It more closely resembles slip-on shoes that are gaining popularity for their comfort.

Like all Spenco shoes, they have a complete system to support your entire foot, from Orthotic-grade arch support, metatarsal dome, and heel cupping.

It is made from 100% fabric or textile materials with a rubber sole to provide you with comprehensive support.

The soft linings across the shoe will allow your foot to breathe, and these shoes are great for casual wear.

Although they are not designed for hammertoes specifically, the front portion of the shoe has enough room to adapt to your foot shape while the nearly non-existent heel makes it easy for you to move your foot around while wearing the shoe.

The compression-molded Eva footbed ensures that your foot is not only comfortable but also supported.


  • Easy to put on due to slip-on-like design
  • Total foot support despite lack of heel
  • Designed for comfort and support
  • Compression molded Eva footbed
  • Fashionable with multiple color options


  • Fabric can be hot in the summer
  • Lack of breathability compared to other options

The Spenco Women’s Siesta Slide Mule is an excellent option for those of you needing a more casual shoe.

It is not precisely running shoe, hiking boot, or typical sneaker, so if you need a shoe that you can wear like a slip-on, they are for you.

What Should You Look For in Hammer Toe Shoes?

Now that you’ve gone through this list, you might be wondering, “what if I want to do my research and find a different shoe, not on this list?” Well, there are a few important factors that you should consider before making a purchase.


The order of importance of these different factors will vary from person to person, but the first thing you should consider is comfortability.

The shoes need to be comfortable on your feet for you to wear them every day. If they’re not comfortable, why would you want to wear them?


Another factor is fit. Shoes come in different designs, and unless you buy custom shoes, your feet will not fit perfectly in different shoes.

This is why you need to try them on before you purchase shoes because generic size does not guarantee that they will fit snug on your foot.

They might be too loose, tight, or different parts of your foot, including your hammertoes, might be uncomfortable.


The next thing you need to consider is support.

Do these shoes support your foot’s needs to relieve pain and keep you on your feet despite your busy schedule?

This support is associated with the fit, as the design of different shoes emphasizes support on different parts of your feet.


You also need to consider durability. You might have found the perfect shoe, but if they don’t last long-term wear, you’ll be stuck having to buy numerous pairs to keep up with your life.

Durability varies from person to person. If you’re on your feet all day vs. running a marathon every day, it’s obvious that your shoes will go through best walking shoes for overpronation the natural wear and tear process much quicker the more you use them.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is another essential factor to consider here.

It is a factor that depends significantly on your arch even if you and another individual both have hammertoes.

It is associated with your gait pattern, so when considering different options, take the time to see if there is an opportunity for you to try on the shoe and walk around in them.

Just because they’re comfortable while you’re standing doesn’t automatically mean that your foot will be comfortable after walking around in them all day. If you have overpronation, here are the best walking shoes for overpronation.


Now, the last factor is the price.

It can be a big deciding factor. Even if you’re super-wealthy, you might not want to spend several hundred dollars on a hammertoe shoe. That’s reasonable; however, remember that a right hammertoe shoe is an investment.

Just because a shoe is cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad, and the same goes for an expensive shoe; that doesn’t mean it’s better than a cheaper option.

You need to take all of these factors into consideration when compiling your list of different options.

Depending on your unique situation and feet, the pros and cons of each shoe will vary in importance to you, so do your research before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before concluding this article, it is important to go over some frequently asked questions about hammertoe shoes.

Q. Why should I buy hammer toe shoes?

A. It seems like a silly question, but it is a reasonable one.

The curvature caused by hammertoes can cause great discomfort and irritation. This curvature can rub against footwear based on the design, and prolonged use of footwear that is not appropriate for one’s feet can cause extreme pain.

Q. Do I need to buy custom shoes?

A. Unless you have a ton of money lying around that you can use on shoes, you don’t need to go through the hassle of buying custom shoes.

As previously mentioned in this article, there are different factors that you should consider, even if you weren’t looking for shoes designed explicitly for hammertoes.

Another important thing that has not mentioned yet is to give your feet time to get accustomed to your new shoes.

You’ve tried them on and notice that it is taking some time to “break-in” your new shoes. That’s a natural process. Give it time. But at the same time, if you notice that your shoes are no longer comfortable, there are a few questions you need to answer before making a decision.

How long have you been wearing these shoes? What have you been doing while wearing these shoes? Do I need to buy new shoes? Do I need to replace the insole?

Also, consider whether or not you need to purchase multiple shoes for different purposes. Just like you wouldn’t wear dress shoes to the gym, you shouldn’t buy one comfortable pair of shoes that expected to everything.

If you’re a runner, slip-on shoes are probably not the best idea. If you need to go hiking, running shoes might not be appropriate.

With this in mind, you may need to buy a sneaker that you can wear casually, and if you are also active with outdoor activities, you may need to purchase additional shoes that you can wear for those purposes that will help you with your hammertoes.

Take these different things into consideration before automatically assuming that your shoes are faulty.

Q. I can’t afford any of these shoes. What should I do?

A. First of all, don’t panic. Even though some of the options on this list are incredibly affordable, it does not mean everyone has the luxury of being able to buy new shoes.

This article discussed a few of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying shoes for hammertoes to help you do your research.

The market for hammertoe shoes is growing every day, and that means an increasing number of products are being designed and released for this purpose.

If anything, you can always take the pair of shoes you are already wearing that are comfortable and make them new again by buying a robust set of new insoles for additional support.


This article compiled a list of the best 7 shoes for hammertoes currently available on the market and provided additional details on different factors you should consider when purchasing hammertoe shoes.

Each of the different options discussed in this article varied from one another from design, color, price, intended purpose, and support, but they are all great options if you’re considering buying new shoes for hammertoes.

Living with hammertoes can be difficult, especially when you don’t have shoes that are appropriate for your lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You can keep doing the activities you love to do by simply doing your research.

Don’t let your hammertoes hold you back from spending time with your loved ones and keeping you in a life of pain.

Find a pair of shoes that mold to your hammertoes while providing you with the support and comfort you need to live your life to the fullest.

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