The 7 Best Shoes for Jazzercise of 2022

Have you been having trouble finding the perfect shoes for your Jazzercise sessions; do you want to steer clear dance-related injuries, or are you confused about which to choose among the many brands and styles you see all over?

You are not alone!

Many exercises and dance enthusiasts have the same problem, which is why we embarked on the most in-depth analysis of the 7 best shoes for Jazzercise of 2022 to help take the stress off you as you find your perfect pair.

Engaging in exercise routines blended with Jazz music while wearing the wrong pair of shoes can end in embarrassment at best, or a disaster at worst.

To enjoy group dance routines as you flow with the horns and drums that make Jazz music so special, you must have the right kind of sneakers that are suitable for cardio exercises.

Our analysis shows RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe is the leader with distinct design and outstanding features that enable you to meet your body-shape goals.

Are there other shoes that match the criteria; which one will light up the dance studio and leave your audience stunned?

Let’s get on board to find out!

Best Shoes for Jazzercise

1. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

RYKA Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe

Considering that Jazzercise is a high-energy form of dance exercise, you need excellent footwear that will give the best protection to your feet at an affordable price.

RYKA’s Women offer these features and more.

It is an expert shoe brand that produces quality and stylish products.

This is a Jazzercise shoe that is comfortable and provides the required grace and balance to help you be at your best during your exercise session.

The material used is lightweight but still provides the support and stability you need during an intense aerobic workout session.

The combined mesh and synthetic materials allow for unparalleled breathability for your feet. This helps prevent moisture build-up during exercise routines.

Top Features

  • Textile and Synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up frontal
  • Flex-foil
  • Precise bouncy insole
  • Foam Midsole
  • Traction Outsole


  • Designed to suit a female foot structure and body shape
  • An anatomical insole gives extra support to the arch and heel
  • Pivot point allows for easy and smooth twists and turns
  • Traction outsole helps to maintain balance when sliding and gliding
  • It is available in various sizes and colors to fit the womenfolk
  • It is affordable and of high quality for its price


  • Not enough support
  • Small sizes

With the padded collar, tongue, and lace-up frontal, you will get the snug fit required to be at your best during intense Jazzercise sessions.

The use of Flex-foil and Direct-fuse support layers is intended to protect your feet from the impact of jumps and other forceful activities. These features ensure that your foot and whole leg is safe from injuries.

Best of all, this fantastic pair is suitable for people that have a wide forefoot, high arch, and narrow heels.

2. Capezio Fierce Dansneaker

Capezio Fierce Dansneaker

With over 130 years’ experience, Capezio is a brand synonymous with comfort and uniqueness in every design it churns out.

The Jazzercise enthusiast will find the specialized sole platform toe construction ideal for aerobics and other forms of dance-exercise.

You can perform toe stands with the flat toe box, padded lining, and premium arch support, which allow you to spin with ease at any dance session using the built-in patented flex points.

It has the right cushioning on the ball and heel of the foot.

Top Features

  • 100% human-made
  • 1″ heel
  • Synthetic sole
  • Tech mesh upper
  • 0.75″ platform
  • Achilles notch
  • Non-marking PU outsole
  • In-built patented flex point


  • Removable cushioned EVA footbed keeps your feet in comfort
  • Lacing system to get a snug fit
  • Split sole design allows for foot articulation and flexibility
  • Available in black or caramel color for children and adult sizes
  • It glides with ease on the dance floor
  • The package includes two sets of polyester laces to glam up your look


  • Looks bulky on the feet
  • Tightness in the toe box area

Even though it has a sole split design, it still offers the needed arch support to make you feel good and keep your feet safe.

The sole split design makes it ideal for Zumba, Salsa, Cardio, and Ballroom dance styles that involve turning and spinning; this is thanks to the forepart spin spot.

Other than tap dancing, this incredible pair can suffice for most high-energy sapping dances.

3. RYKA Women’s Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe

RYKA Women's Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe

Ryka brings to you a Jazzercise shoe that provides extra flexibility and cushioning in the heel area.

Most users say these are their most essential concerns as far as dance shoes are concerned.

The Re-Zorb responsive cushioning protects your feet from impact and absorbs shock also.

The shoes come with a pivot point for spins, twists, turns, and quick transition changes.

With the RZX technology in the rubber outsole, pressure on the forefoot can reduce during Jazzercise.

The use of padded tongue and collar, supportive overlays, sock liner, and the Re-Zorb cushioning heel makes the shoe to hug your feet well – as snugly as gloves hug your palm.

Top Features

  • Human-made materials
  • Rubber sole
  • Precise-return footbed
  • Ultra-flex forefoot
  • Re-Zorb high impact cushion
  • Breathable mesh


  • It has a comfortable fit due to the quality of materials used
  • It has the needed support for multi-directional moves
  • Perforated upper promotes breathability and ventilation
  • You can adjust the lace to fit your foot shape
  • It has the right amount of grip on hardwood floors


  • No cushioning in the forefoot
  • Soles come off with extended use

You can add insoles for extra support and cushioning, considering that it has a roomy toe box to accommodate that and give better arch support.

If you want to call attention to yourself during a dance session, putting on a pair of RYKA Women’s Vida RZX Cross-Training Shoe will help in achieving that.

This brilliant make is a mixture of appealing colors designed to match your outfits.

4. Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker

Bloch Dance Women's Canvas Boost Dance Sneaker

Bloch offers a flexible and springy feel required in a Jazzercise shoe.

This is achieved by the use of lightweight, high-performance materials in its manufacture.

You can make 360 turns with ease using the four-part high-density outsole, which also has a spin spot.

The innovative use of Dri-lex lining keeps the feet ventilated and keeps bad smells away.

Whereas the best fit is achievable with the variable lacing system, the built-in elevation increases the arch support gotten from the Split-sole design.

Top Features

  • Canvas upper
  • Rubber sole
  • DRT cushioned heel
  • EVA sock liner
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Dri-lex lining


  • Use of suede heel grip and human-made midsole with an air cushion to give comfort and absorb shock
  • It is a versatile dance shoe for a range of dances
  • It has a non-sticky outsole which is ideal for sliding and gliding on wooden floors
  • Its flexible nature allows you to perform lateral movements with ease
  • Lace-up frontal for a snug fit
  • Exceptional quality at an affordable price


  • No ankle supports
  • No arch support
  • Small sizes

Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker is one of the best shoes for Jazzercise.

However, to get the right support and cushioning for the arch, you can insert insoles.

If your Jazzercise routine involves a lot of squatting, lunging, and quick dance movements, you will find this design to be the right choice to execute the routines without stressing your ankles and knees.

5. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Puma has put comfort, quality, style, and durability into this women’s shoe to make it a great choice among the best shoes for Jazzercise.

The upper looks classy and sleek, given that it is made from synthetic leather and perforated to allow for aeration.

With the use of Puma T-toe and leather construction techniques, your feet will enjoy stability and balance as you swerve and turn on the dance floor.

Using EcoOthorLite liner makes the shoe to be breathable and odor-free because of the anti-bacterial materials present in it.

Top Features

  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Midfoot saddle
  • Cushioned midsole
  • EVA heel
  • T-toe construction
  • TPU shank
  • Lace closure
  • Rubber outsole


  • Lace closure system guarantees a comfortable and secure fit
  • Use of perforation on the upper to aid aeration and prevent the build-up of sweaty moisture
  • TPU shanks make it easy to absorb shock on impact and also stabilizes the feet
  • EVA heel provides cushioning and comfort
  • The dark and sleek design makes it attractive and the right choice for casual wears
  • The upper and the midsole protects the feet
  • Use of rubber soles promote traction since it has a good grip on most surfaces
  • Available in 5 variants of colors
  • Great value for money


  • Narrow toe box
  • Stiff cushioning
  • Insufficient ventilation

Manufactured to provide excellent fit and comfort, PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe is a suitable choice for dance workout, considering that it is lightweight and flexible.

With its amazing features, it will serve you for Jazzercise and as everyday footwear because it is durable.

6. Capezio Women’s Rockit Dancesneaker

Capezio Women's Rockit Dancesneaker

With Capezio, you have a practical shoe suitable for Hip Hop, Zumba, Jazz, Aerobics, and the likes; and it delivers on its promise of optimal performance.

Made with 100% mesh, synthetic, and suede materials, it is lightweight and breathable, features that make sure you can achieve your moves when on the motion.

The use of a speed looped lacing system allows you to adjust the shoe to fit your feet as needed.

A cushioned, removable EVA footbed, padded tongue, collar, and Achilles notch provides comfort and protection to the ankle and foot.

Top features

  • Mesh and suede upper
  • Flat toe box
  • Rubber split sole
  • Spin spot
  • Padded linings
  • Built-in flex points
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • Perforated arch
  • Non-marking sole


  • Split sole design aids foot articulation and flexibility
  • The flat toe box guarantees the comfort when performing toe stands
  • Patented in-built flex points and a spin spot in forepart helps with smooth pivoting and spinning
  • Contoured EVA footbed absorbs shocks from impacts
  • Adjustable lace system
  • Perforated arch promotes airflow to the feet
  • Great fit for a flat foot
  • Affordable price


  • Small sizes
  • Slippery for side to side movement
  • Available only in black color for children and adult

Capezio Women’s Rockit Dance sneaker is usable with ease on a carpeted floor for the fact that you can glide and twist without worrying about losing your balance.

With that much comfort assured, you can dance long hours without experiencing pain in your feet or knees.

7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Fit Tempo 3 Cross Trainer

ASICS Womens Gel-Fit Tempo 3 Cross Trainer

Despite being a cross-training shoe, it is an excellent option as a Jazzercise shoe.

This wonder of a dance ensemble has a superior interior that protects the feet from blisters and calluses.

The Gel Cushioning System offers adequate support and absorbs shock very well, thereby breaking the impact of high-intensity movements.

The lightweight nature of the materials used makes it almost weightless on the feet and allows you to move without hindrance.

Top features

  • Synthetic upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Seamless construction
  • Outsole pods
  • Gel cushioning system
  • Lace-up frontal


  • Removable insole and cushioning system promote comfortability
  • The rubber outsole allows for excellent traction on the gym floor while building up your strength or kickboxing in a ring
  • Lightweight synthetic upper keeps the feet aerated and well ventilated
  • The flexible fit system gives a lock-in feel to the feet which are vital for lateral movement
  • Great value for its price
  • Available in a variant of different color mix


  • Not much support for the ankle
  • Not suitable for wide feet

You will get extra comfort from ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo 3 Cross Trainer with its soft mesh lining, cushioned insole, and padded tongue and collar.

Top Key Features of Shoes for Jazzercise


To prevent the build-up of moisture, thanks to a sweaty foot, it is advisable to opt for a Jazzercise shoe made with materials that are well aerated to keep your foot cool and dry always.

Do go with a selection made with mesh or canvas that has holes at the top and side for air to flow in and out.

A dry foot prevents friction and makes you comfortable throughout your session.

Your best option must be flexible, supportive, and well ventilated shoes to keep your feet from infection caused by fungi or bacteria.

The use of lining or linen for the insole and inlays also helps with breathability.


Staying comfortable while trying to get in shape gives you the boost to keep going on with your workout session.

The best of Jazzercise shoes offer adequate cushioning and padding to keep the feet, ankle, knee, and back as comfortable as possible.

The cushioning level required for dancercise depends on the type and shape of the foot of the wearer.

Your workout shoe should give you the option of a cushioned insole, outsole, heels, padded collar, and tongue, to absorb shock from impact and keep you safe during your routines.

This cushioning can be in the form of Foam, EVA, or gel.


Jazzercise is a routine filled with kickboxing, pilates, jumping, etc. and you need to be springy and flexible to do well.

As such, your footwear should be made from light materials for this to happen.

It is preferable to buy a sneaker made with mesh upper and light rubber sole so you can lift your body with ease.

Being lightweight will promote flexibility in movement such that you will be able to pivot, spin, and slide on your feet as you may desire.

While choosing lightweight and flexibility as essential features, the shoe should also have the right support to absorb shock and help you maintain balance, so you don’t slip off your feet.

This is a feature that is important in a pointe or character shoe.


Getting the right support to the arch, ankle, and knee is of utmost importance in the course of choosing the perfect Jazzercise shoe.

If you have a flat foot, it is your arch that will absorb shock from low and high impact jumps.

To prevent ankle and knee injuries, you will need shoes that offer more arch support to keep safe.

Because you have a high arch, you need a pair of shoes that have cushioned spread on the sole to keep impact away from your ankle and knee.

Having the right support will also enable you to perform lateral movements with ease.


Jazzercise comprises of various dance moves to get the best from your workout session.

You need footwear that will be able to accommodate all these moves without stifling or stalling your movements.

As you are jumping, you will be pivoting and sliding, which should be precise and timely. This will only be possible if you have the right choice.

Whether you are moving to chasse, grapevine, or slide step, your shoes must be flexible and versatile enough to allow you freedom of movement.

The essence is to prevent you from injuring yourself during if you fall.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Why do you need to put on jazzercise shoes?

A. There is a shoe suitable for every dance style, and this principle applies to Jazzercise too.

With Jazzercise, you need a pair of shoes that are lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and has the necessary spin spot, split sole, and rubber outsole required to pivot with ease.

The shoe must also offer you stability and the right amount of traction, which will make it easy to perform all the routines Jazzercise demands.

Q. How do you know the right jazzercise shoe for your feet?

A. You must know your foot type, especially your arch.

This will help in determining the features that you will consider before making a choice.

Whether you have a high-arched, neutral-arched, or flat foot, the right support, size, sole, and cushioning are essential to consider when making the final decision.

Q. What is the lifespan of a jazzercise shoe?

A. The durability of your shoe depends on your choice of sole and support for the quality of the material used.

Besides these considerations, you need to contemplate the number of hours you will spend and the intensity of your workout.

It is advisable to keep your shoe for the gym in a bag and put on something else till you get there.

Your maintenance culture will also be a factor concerning how long they will last.

It is a good idea to get more than a pair to alternate with if you have the finances.

Q. How flexible should your jazzercise shoe be?

A. Jazzercise is all about diverse movements that the body must respond to with precision; as such, you need a pair of shoes that are lightweight and allows you to flex your feet with ease.

With the adoption of technology such as flex point, it is better to perform workouts with shoes that keep you safe.

Make sure it is bendable before paying for it.

Q. How fitting should your jazzercise shoe be?

A. You should go for a snug fit but not too tight to the point of crushing your toes or give you cramps.

Do not opt for a pair that is not the right size; it will make you prone to falls.

Since most of the best Jazz shoes have an adjustable lace-up system, you can adjust the lace to meet your comfort level.

Use professional fitters to get your size, not depending on the street shoe size, given that it is a size or two smaller.

Q. What is the best brand in jazzercise shoes?

A. Every professional brand in dance footwear has a range of designs of Jazzercise shoes from Ryka, Bloch, Capezio, Puma, ASICS, etc., and they are brands of choice.

To make your selection, you need to consider your feet’ unique features and which one fits them well.

The intensity and time you will spend on your workout with the quality of material used and the price on each design and pattern.

Taking a peep into the reviews left by users of each brand will help you in making the best choice.

As far as most reviewers are concerned, the best Ryka shoes for Jazzercise rank among the very best!


No injuries, no embarrassment, and no worries – just breath-taking dance steps that will leave the audience wanting more!

We know that you will need to kit up in the right outfit to keep up your vibe while staying safe on the dance floor too. You won’t want to go home with a swollen foot, broken toes, and a sprained ankle.

So, there you have it.

The best Jazzercise shoe must be weightless, comfortable, versatile, and have the needed support in the right places to be of value to you.

Follow our guide; definitely, there is a pair of shoes that will serve you well, made with the right design, shape, color, and quality.

With the task of finding out the different qualities of the 7 best shoes for Jazzercise of 2022 done for you, go ahead and shop with peace of mind, whether online or offline.

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