The 15 Best Shoes For Standing All Day: The Definitive Buying Guide

Let’s be honest for a minute; standing all day is not healthy. We do it because that’s what our career demands of us. We do it because we need money to meet our responsibilities. If allowed to choose, most of us would opt for fancy offices with ergonomic chairs and the next generation of computers.

Standing on concrete floors all day can have severe repercussions to your feet, calf muscles, knees, thighs, waist, back, and neck. Oh, you look startled? Don’t be.

Here is a little high school science that will open your eyes.

Anatomically, the spinal code (that packs motor neurons responsible for sending pain signals to the brain) runs from the neck to the legs and toes. Too much exertion of pressure on the lower ligaments will by association, impact the higher organs.

To cut to the chase, those who spend many hours on their feet are likely to experience strained muscles, swollen feet, varicose veins, back pain, neck pain, immobilized joints, and other scary conditions.

Since you can’t quit your job or adventure, the reasonable option would be to invest in shoes for standing all day. They are impressively designed to make your work day less gruesome and further prolong your working years.

In this article, we will hold your hand and take you through the best shoes for standing all day on concrete and other hard surfaces for long. We will also provide some gold nuggets on how to go about buying these shoes. The essence of the buying guide is to help you make better choices and avoid being duped.

We do understand some of you may not have the time to read the entire article, (although we highly recommend you read everything-there is so much good stuff) so here is our most recommended shoe: Merrel Men’s Jungle Moc.

Merrel Men’s Jungle Moc shoe takes the top sport because unlike the rest, it is ultra-comfortable, durable, affordable, supportive, and is easy to wear. Furthermore, it’s backed by an insane number of glowing reviews.

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

1. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

As the name implies, Merrel’s Jungle Moc is basically a shoe you would carry for a camping or hiking trip. But hey, who said you couldn’t wear it to work. If anything, its design rocks.

From the reviews, we could tell that this is staple footwear for outdoor enthusiasts, metallic workers, concrete workers, industrial employees, and firefighters. Its long-lasting comfort and durability are the two main factors people love. One of the reviewers indicated that even after a year, this slip-on still provides ample comfort.

The unassuming color schemes, coupled with the pig suede upper gives Merrell Jungle Moc a rugged, versatile appeal. It works better with jeans, khakis, and shorts. Thanks to the pull tab and the fabric goring, it takes seconds to wear this kick.

The comfort-enhancing features of this moc include underfoot cushioning and a flexible, rebound outsole that makes it easy to walk. This is a jungle shoe so let’s not even question its traction.

Let’s talk about the few setbacks you might encounter. Be prepared to sustain slight pain until the break-in period is over. Also, if you wade into mud and water often, the color will fade much faster.

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Desirable features

The core features of Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc include:

  • Suede leather
  • Air-cushion midsole
  • EVA nuances
  • Rubber outsole
  • Slip-on moc
  • Elastic goring
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • 10+ color options
  • Heel pull tab

The adequate support and cushioning in Merrells Jungle Moc can help those who stand for long undergo less discomfort at work. Furthermore, it’s lightweight, breathable, and protects your feet against odor and bacteria. What more could you ask for?

2. NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers

Nike Tanjum might be one of the few sneakers out there with the ability to tick many customers’ boxes. A couple of feedback stated that “they feel like wearing socks” and another blurted” they feel like walking on clouds.” These resounding affirmations conclude that Tanjum could be the real deal for those who stand for many hours.

Consisting only synthetic fabrics, this sneaker will undeniably be gentle on your foot. It’s entirely meshed to keep you feeling fresh. That’s a vital factor to consider if you work with machines or in a hot environment.

Besides the fabric being inherently plush, there are extra paddings on the collar and tongue to boost comfort.

Nike Tanjum also happens to get the sole structure right. Walking and standing on concrete is taxing to the feet. That’s why this kick’s outsole is marvelous in absorbing impact.

Aesthetically, Tanjum is a real eye catcher-something you won’t mind showing off. No matter how burdensome a day is, we can all get some satisfaction from knowing we look good-especially when delivered as a compliment from someone we value or admire. So if you wanna look good at work, this is the sneaker for you.

Desirable features

The top features of NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers include:

  • Fits as expected
  • 100% synthetic
  • Breathable textile upper
  • Lightweight injected unitsoles
  • Cushioned foam midsoles
  • Impact-absorbing rubber outsoles

There are, of course, a few things that drag this shoe behind. For instance, it’s massively meshed, and that could be problematic for those who work where spills abound. It does feel cold in chilly surroundings as well.

Having said that, we can agree that Nike Men’s Tanjum Sneakers are ideal for those who need massive comfort, shock absorption, and breathability. You must have healthy feet too as they don’t offer top arch support.

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3. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

Rockport Men's World Tour Classic

Not all companies or organizations will allow you to don sneakers to work. If you work in such a company or you are not a fan of sports shoes, a better alternative could be Rockport World Tour Classic.

It is widely recognized as a classic walking shoe with top-level cushioning. The immense padding is excellent in absorbing impact, which means you can stand on your feet longer without sustaining severe muscle strain.

Thanks to the vast existence of different sizes, anyone can get their perfect footwear. Other topline features that put World Tour at the top include EVA footbed, grippy outsole and the proprietary Walking Platform Construction.

Unfortunately, Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic received a good number of lackluster feedback in 2017. Most of them complained that the quality had started to dwindle. Thanks to those red flags, the latest models are almost faultless.

Desirable features

The top features of Rockport World Tour classic include:

  • Full-grain leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Padded color and tongue
  • Breathable polyurethane cushioning
  • EVA midsole footbed
  • Odor resistance
  • Fits as expected
  • Multiple color options

“Ready when you are” is the motto of Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic. This insanely comfortable footwear provides a relaxed fit and needs no break-in period. Thanks to the full-grain leather, you can squeeze a couple of years out of it. It’s a commendable purchase.

4. Dansko Women’s Paisley Fashion Sneaker

Dansko Women's Paisley Fashion Sneaker

Dansko Women’s Fashion Sneaker has got the sleekest looks and design. An absolutely mind-blowing construction that is backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Its feminine looks sport a narrow design that (rightly) assumes women ‘don’t have wider feet. But there are different sizes and dimensions that ensure every buyer gets their best pair.

Smashing looks aside, Dansko Women’s Paisley Fashion Sneaker seems to boast a daringly robust construction that incorporates suede topping and Vibram outsole. If you ‘didn’t know, Vibram is the most durable outsole material on the market.

The suede topping and other membranes are waterproof to keep your feet comfortably dry. For supreme performance, Dansko Paisley further integrates moisture and odor management. ‘Isn’t that amazing?

Desirable features

Dansko Women’s Paisley Fashion Sneaker features the following:

  • Full-grain leather
  • Durable vibram outsole
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Suede upper(waterproof)
  • Scotchgard protector(to rebuff stain)
  • Moisture management
  • Odor management

There are many shoes that can hold their own in extreme weather. However, Dansko Women’s Paisley Fashion Sneaker is a different kind of beast that goes far beyond. ‘It’s comfortable, super-durable and maximally breathable.

Who is it for? ‘It’s ideal for nurses, firefighters, c, sales ladies, and anyone who loves chic sneakers.

5. New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's Walking Shoe

Not the best-looking shoe but if you are a die-hard fan of New Balance kicks, then you might love New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe. The fact that it is postal-approved means postal workers have another better option to consider.

This lace-up beast is robustly built to the best professional standards. It’s actually in the nature of New Balance to exceed its customers’ expectations. There are two good reasons why this shoe is bulky.

The first one is to allow the inclusion of custom orthotics. This will enable you to meet the specific comfort needs of your feet. Secondly, this kind of design appeals to those circulatory problems as it provides ample breathing room.

Desirable features

The mentionable features of New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe include:

  • Walking strike path
  • C-CAP midsole
  • A mixture of leather and synthetic
  • Rubber outsole
  • Mesh openings to the front and sides

New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe may lack stunning looks, but it’s totally comfortable, breathable, and relatively water-resistant. The rubber outsole has a good rebound effect for promoting effortless motion while the surface sports enough grips to keep you stable.

6. Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Clog

We have never come across a more versatile shoe that crocs. These slip-on sneakers started a comfort revolution that saw them spread throughout all corners of the world. They even have a catchphrase, “if you ain’t Crocin, you ain’t rockin.”

Crocs are for everyone-men, women, and kids alike. They are pretty fun and can take you anywhere from the gym, beach, garden to the market. The croslite material (foam-resin) they sport is as light as foam, and you can barely feel the shoes’ weight.

These classic slip-on clogs offer a premium level of comfort that could come in handy for those with sore or painful feet. Additionally, the large ventilation ports make them optimally breathable. They are easy to clean. Just toss them in the water, add detergent and scrub them with a rug. They take a few minutes to dry.

Fun fact; Crocs were initially designed for boating. Their comical design got many people buying them just for the lolz. Guess what, the wide internet sensation (mostly memes) made them even more famous-plus people realized they are practical and comfortable than most of their slippers at home.

The only downside to crocs is the squeaking sound they produce when wet. But as we said, they dry pretty fast.

Desirable features

These Unisex Crocs have the following recognizable features:

  • Multiple color options
  • Croslite material
  • Lightweight and fun
  • Large ventilation ports
  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Easy clean

Once you get Crocs that fit, there should be no complaints at all. Unlike other shoes or slippers, they don’t irritate, overheat, accumulate odor or break apart easily. By the way, they are backed by thousands of 5-star reviews and don’t even cost a lot.

7. Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Run High Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's Skech Air Run High Sneaker

Skechers may not be basking in its former sky-high glory, but it’s doing just fine. After a decade of making celebrity shoes, the company remodeled its products into more comfortable and practical varieties like Skechers Skech Air Run Sneaker.

This shoe has impressive colorways that make it sparkle. Super ideal for fashionistas with a knack for pairing with anything in your closet. So if you want a sneaker that can keep you comfy at work without stressing on what to wear, this kick is the one for you.

Material wise, Skech Air Run packs breathable fabrics and synthetics with ample meshes to keep you cool. As an all-day standing shoe, the footbed comes with a thick gel-infused insole to boot comfort.

The midsole stands a little high from the ground to provide adequate shock absorption. The thick and flexible rubber outsole serves the same purpose as well. If the surface you work on is slippery, you have nothing to worry about. This footwear’s bottom is seriously treaded to provide stable motion on wet and slippery floors.

Desirable features

Women’s Skechers Skech Air Run has the following top features:

  • Synthetic outsole
  • A mixture of fabric and synthetic
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Memory foam insole
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Lace-up
  • Multiple color options
  • Pull tab at the heel

Skechers Women Skech Air Run has a lot of cushioning and a robust platform to keep your feet in good condition. Those with demanding professions can face their day with a bit of confidence. With over ten colors available, you should be able to find your best choice.

8. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

Brooks Women's Ghost 11

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 is a professional running shoe with exceptional comfort. It incorporates a smarter technology that not only makes it high-end but practical to its duties.

Two of its amazing features that amplify comfort are DNA LOFT and BioMoGo DNA. These technologies provide the softest feeling without adding too much weight on the shoe. But that’s not all.

No matter how hard your foot lands on the ground, Ghost 11’s crash landing pad absorbs much of that impact by cushioning every little stride you make. This model bears a 12mm drop insole which is somewhat raised to absorb shocks for quite longer.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 is a lace-up shoe-which should be obvious because it’s a running shoe. If you get the sizing right, this shoe fits snugly. On top of that, the overlays feature a meshed fabric that promotes ventilation.

Desirable features

Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 displays the following practical features:

  • Mesh upper
  • Fits as expected
  • Lightweight construction
  • Numerous color options
  • Medium arch
  • Heel crash pad

Would an extra lift to your stride help you feel better? Well, guess what, Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 premium midsole and outsole provide a springy impact and high cushioning to make long hours of standing bearable.

This kick is hugely breathable, reliable and a favorite amongst many fitness experts, salespeople, nurses, and concrete workers. Thanks to the countless colors available, it’s hard not to get something that can complement your wardrobe style.

9. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

What’s the first thing that tells you a shoe you are looking at is the real deal? Is it the color, design, brand name or ratings? The last two, is that right? Definitely. We have a habit of buying from a brand that doesn’t disappoint, and while selecting the items, it’s become customary to check out the ratings and reviews.

What makes Saucony Integrity ST2 a must-have shoe is a fabulous design, radiant colors, and the massive number of positive feedback. Unless you are new to the world of sneakers, you should know Saucony is among the top dogs.

The Integrity ST2 binds together a full-grain leather, non-marking rubber sole and Progrid cushioning to bring you an extremely comfortable shoe for walking and standing. The color and tongue are also padded optimally for a comfy fit.

Desirable features

Saucony Integrity ST2 is made up of the following:

  • Full-grain leather
  • PROGRID cushioning
  • Non-marking Walk-Trac comfortable outsole
  • High-wear portions
  • Low-top, lace-up design
  • Forefoot stretch zone for a forgiving fit

Saucony Integrity ST2 is one of the best shoes for standing all day thanks to the incredible Progrid cushioning. There is ample space in the forefoot, substantial arch support and a stability-enhancing non-marking outsole.

Unlike most of the offers in this article, this kick has been crafted with wear-resistant material to provide an extensive service. It’s sufficiently breathable by the way.

10. Propet Men’s LifeWalker Strap

Propét Men's LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe

If Propet Men’s LifeWalker Strap is Medicare coded and approved for people with diabetes, imagine what it can do for you. This shoe is athletically inspired with a design that is likely to please anyone.

The anatomic structure of this footwear entails full-grain supple leather that’s put together through tonal stitching. The numerous ventilation ports will curb overheating and promote healthy feet condition.

Some sections of Propet Men’s LifeWalker like collar, tongue, and midsole contain thick padding and memory foam to smoothen out pressure points and boost comfort. Albeit heavily cushioned, the insole is removable to allow users to try out custom varieties.

The sneaker is among the few walking shoes that deliver the best arch support. It does this through the unique contouring that allows it to take the shape of your feet. The heel counter is not extended but its firm to cradle the heel and prevent possible overpronation.

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Desirable features

The overarching features of Propet LifeWalker include:

  • Dual Velcro closure
  • Synthetic sole
  • Ortholite insole topped with memory foam
  • Brushed nylon lining
  • 100% leather
  • Contoured heel stabilizer
  • A few alternative colors available

Propet Men’s LifeWalker is Medicare approved, and that indicates this sneaker meets the best comfort standards. The glowing reviews further corroborate that.

So if you love shoes with Velcro straps, this one would do. It has no severe drawbacks worth mentioning, and it happens to be a bit cheaper than others.

11. AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Service Shoe

AVIA Men's Avi-Union Service Shoe

AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Service is rugged, bold, and ready to take the blows that come with daily use. In this review, it stands out as one of the most affordable, yet comfortable shoes for walking and standing.

What makes up its comfort roost? Nothing special apart from the dense cushioning and vinyl acetate insole. The latter is removable to provide room for other bulky custom orthotics. The collar and tongue are generously padded as well.

This lightweight sports shoe boast of durable leather with several etched ports that promote air circulation. Now, this leather is further treated on the uppers, thus forming a defense wall against stain, water, and oil.

The anatomy of AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Service further incorporates a crucial feature-extended heel counter. This design helps to not only keep the foot grounded on the footbed but improves stability and motion control-particularly for those with overpronation problem.

Desirable features

The top features of AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Service include:

  • Full-grain leather
  • Extended heel counter
  • Lightweight sports shoe with laces
  • Removable vinyl acetate insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Treated uppers to rebuff water, stain, and oil

Albeit going easy on customers’ pockets or bank accounts, AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Service shoe has APMA’s seal of acceptance. There is no way footwear can get approved by podiatric associations if it doesn’t meet the set standards.

So if you are like the baby boomers who can only buy what health and standardization bodies approve, then this shoe is for you. It’s highly praised for being comfortable. There are a few catches; one, the insole is too thin, and secondly, there’s no arch support.

12. Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat

Grasshoppers Women's Windham Slip-On Flat

Most of the kicks reviewed so far could easily make you think that the best shoes for standing all day must cost $100 or more. Well, here is another cheaper offer; Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat.

It is unsophisticated, magnificent, and yet imbued with adequate flexible and gentle materials that promote comfort. It could also be an excellent alternative for those who don’t do sneakers or office shoes.

Grasshoppers Windham boasts of a breathable fabric topper, cushioned arch, a rubber outsole, and padded collar. The latest models also come with a proprietary memory foam ortholite with moisture and odor controlling abilities for the ultimate comfort experience.

To the latest Instagram babies (or babes, as they like to call themselves) this shoe might look like a complete joke. But guess what, heels look cool, but you can’t stand or walk the entire day in them, can you?

You need a pair of Grasshoppers Windham when your feet can’t take the pressure anymore. FYI, they have thousands of positive reviews and radiant feedback. Their miniature size means they’ll just disappear in your pouch and never take up too much space.

Desirable features

The core specs of Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat include:

  • 100% fabric
  • Flat, boat-inspired shoes
  • Multiple colors
  • Elastic gores
  • Removable footbed
  • Synthetic sole

Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat brings joy to your feet by keeping its weight so low and comfort way up. But that is expected of any shoe for standing. The better part is that its unique feminine style and sophisticated silhouette echoes the authentic lifestyle most ladies lead.

13. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

Most of us are fans of superhero movies and might know DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s coveted ride-the Wave Rider. This is a space vehicle that cuts through the tumultuous tides of time without losing its shape. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe behaves much like the said time travel ship.

This bad boy, like other sports sneakers, is laden with numerous proprietary technologies meant to enhance its comfort. The U4ic midsole with a soft heel center, the Proven Cloudwave Platform, and Articulated Heel Zone promote smooth motion.

Simply put, this Wave Rider can adjust with each move you make by offering the smoothest, responsive ride. The uppers are incredibly meshed-like hundreds of air vents to facilitate air exchange rapidly.

When you get the sizing correct, there is nothing else to worry about. This pair runs true to size so order your exact measurements.

Desirable features

The dominant features of Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe include:

  • Textile and synthetic overlays
  • Rubber outsole
  • Engineered for an adaptive fit
  • Articulated Heel Zone
  • Low-cut design sneaker with laces
  • Proven Cloudwave Platform
  • U4ic midsole
  • Several color options
  • Fits as expected

If it were not for its reputable name, Nike would really face a hard time competing with sneakers like Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe. Why? Because unlike Nikes fame that amasses sells, some shoes like Wave Rider have to put in a lot of effort (top tech) just to keep abreast. That’s why this shoe is widely loved for its superb comfort.

14. Asics Men’s Gel-Kayano 24

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoes

Asics Gel-Kayano delivers a comfortable sneaker in a wide price range and numerous color options. Its specs include an IGS (Impact Guidance System) tech for proper gait, fluid fit upper (that makes it adaptive to one’s feet) and a ComfortDry for sufficient moisture management.

Thanks to the Heel Clutching System, Gel-Kayano 24 fits like a glove. Its exoskeleton is designed to follow your contours to ensure every section of the foot is covered appropriately. It’s the perfect kick that can support any moderate arch shapes.

Despite the plush nature of the overlays, this footwear further incorporates top tech sockliner with rebound properties for excellent shock absorption. The outsole’s extensive structure serves the same purpose as well.

Desirable features

The core features of Men’s Gel Kayano 24 include:

  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic toppers
  • Heel Clutching system
  • ComfortDry technology
  • Gait-enhancing Impact Guidance System
  • Fluid fit upper

Asics Men’s Gel Kayano 24 is one of the few shoes in this review that can give you a glove-like fit. It also packs the most impressive technologies that make walking or standing for many hours bearable.

This shoe is almost top-rated with a few issues that can be overlooked. Most of the time, it fits as expected.

15. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 3.0 4e Walking Shoe

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 3.0 4e Walking Shoe

Marketed as both a work and sports shoe, Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 3.0 4e is a reliable gear to have if you are working for 10+ hours a day. Its comfort is undeniably satisfactory thanks to the heavy padding and memory foam infusion.

Its low-cut anatomy bears an EVA midsole, breathable mesh on the collar and relatively gentle synthetic overlays. Compared to most sneakers, this one could score a bit low on breathability. Therefore, those with extremely sweaty feet may check out other varieties.

Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 3.0 doesn’t provide the best arch support and hence ideal for those with normal feet. The heel counter extends a little to provide an extensive boundary that helps to confine overpronated feet in the proper position.

A few problems abound, though. For instance, some reviewers frowned upon the wishy-washy nature of the stitching found on some of them. Secondly, be ready to tolerate minimal pain for a week or two as the shoe breaks-in.

Desirable features

The dominant specs of Reebok Work N Cushion 3.0 4e Walking Shoe include:

  • Leather/synthetic overlays
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA midsole
  • Low-profile design
  • Extended heel counter
  • Several color models
  • Almost true to size

For office workers, nurses, sales agents and anyone who is restricted to official-looking shoes, Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 3.0 4e is a great offer. With as little as $30, you can easily own a pair and become one of the few people with extra-comfortable work shoes.

What to Look When Choosing Shoes for Standing All Day

When you spend long hours standing, and in poorly padded shoes, you start to feel a sharp sensation in your feet. That’s your nerves telling you that you’ve had enough discomfort. Of course, taking a few minutes to sit down will calm the pain down.

But the question is, do you have the pleasure to rest for as long as you want and at any time you feel like? The answer is probably a resounding “no.” Why? Because no employer likes to see workers resting on their laurels. They hate it.

Even hikers and other outdoor individuals get it into a situation where they have no pleasure of resting. However, with a pair of comfortable shoes, you can handle the turmoil of the day and get back home with less swollen feet.

In this section, you are going to learn some of the vital aspects to consider while scouting around for most comfortable sneakers worth spending your hard-earned bucks on. Let’s get the ball rolling:


You must give a damn about the material because it plays a huge role in how comfortable a shoe will be. FYI, this is one area where you need to make your own decision. Don’t let someone who doesn’t know your feet well to provide a recommendation.

Your feet are unique, and you have to choose what works for you. Leather is inarguably a preferable choice for both comfort and durability. Depending on the design, leather kicks can be fabulously breathable and easy to clean.

If you are torn between leather and suede, then here is some info that will help you settle for one. Suede is a softer version of leather and is usually obtained from the inner side of the animal skin and the latter from the top.

This means suede is much softer and thus of premium value. By the way, this explains why shoes made from this material cost much. But there are drawbacks; suede is more permeable to weather and susceptible to stain than leather.

If you decide to wear suede shoes, make sure to do so in less adverse weather or environmental conditions.

The synthetic material has also become common in shoes as the demand for extreme comfort rises. They happen to promote ample breathability and can be molded to achieve a better fit.

Furthermore, synthetic material tends to make lightweight shoes that provide relief from standing all day. And with a few treatments, they can withstand stain and water just like leather sneakers.


Standing all day exerts insane amounts of pressure on the tendons and ligaments of the plantar fascia. With time, the arch becomes weak, and you could end up with a series of unwanted issues like collapsed foot bones, incessant pain, and pronation problems.

Shoes with ideal arch support can help to take the pressure off your feet, and that means less fatigue. An extended heel counter, contoured design, and cupped insoles do promote proper posture as well.

Remember, the type of support you need depends on the nature of your feet. However, if you have the neutral ones, you have nothing to worry about.

Toe box

You’ll be surprised by the big number of people out there who have bought shoes with improper toe box designs. Do you have wide feet? If you do, then prioritize a more full toe box. Those with narrow feet will need a slightly narrow toe end.

This also boils down to the condition of your feet. Smaller toe boxes can press the toes together and deny them the freedom to move around and breathe. This is one of the reasons why it’s advisable to consider roomier toe boxes.

Shock absorbing outsoles

Chances are high that most people work on concrete and other hard, non-yielding floors. When you exert weight on your shoes, against the hard floor, an impact is created. Only shoes with shock-absorbing outsoles can buffer the impact.

This will reduce your delicate feet, muscles, knees and the back from having to feel the toll. Basically, rubber soles are well-suited to returning energy back to the foot than any other outsole type.

It’s also essential that you consider a non-slip outsole just in case the floor gets wet. However, this may be less important for those who stand in one place the entire day.

Ample Cushioning

This is the most cardinal factor people look for. You cannot successfully negotiate a sell, fully attend to a patient or efficiently operate a machine when a shoe is pinching you. If anything, you are likely to lose focus and consequently mess things up.

Most shoes for walking and standing bear generous padding throughout the overlays and on the collar and tongue. The resting surface (footbed) too usually sports enhanced insoles with comfort-boosting foam and EVA fabrics.

The type of material used for cushioning can determine the cost of a shoe. For instance, sneakers with a proprietary stuffing will be costlier than those made from conventional materials. What you buy will depend on either your financial ability or the condition of the feet.


You already came across a few bites of info regarding breathability so this section will be brief. It pays to wear properly ventilated shoes-whether your feet sweat profusely or not.

You see, even the most hygienic feet will wind up smelling when enclosed in an overheating shoe with zero perforations for air circulation. Gone unchecked, this could ultimately create a conducive environment for microbes. And that, ladies and gents, is how feet diseases begin.

Lightweight construction

Just mull over this for a minute; you run around carrying stuff, attending to people or even operating a machine. That’s already overwhelming on many levels. So the thought of your shoe throwing in a few more grams is just insane. You need relief, not more load.

So when purchasing a shoe for walking or standing all day, check out what it weight first. Unless you need more bells and whistles such as a steel toe cap and bulkier outsoles, many shoes will be tolerably lightweight.

For those that prefer a little variety in their shoes, these highly constructed steel toe shoes also are available with the unique features that these shoes are known for.

Ease of Use

There people whose hands shape, their backs ache, or they have other conditions that don’t allow them to bend or engage in too much hassle. If this sounds like you, then you need to buy simple shoes.

What exactly does simple mean? It means shoes that you can easily slide your foot into. These could be mocs (with dual goring), Velcro-strapped kicks and slip-on like the crocs.

Tips on How to Minimize the Pain That Comes With Standing All Day

Wearing the most comfortable shoes and sneakers are the silver bullet to ending foot pain. Unfortunately, this solution might not be enough. Here is what you do further to ensure you sustain much less pain.

Stand tall

You could have the ultra-comfortable Rockports, Skechers, Nikes or New Balance but still, feel feet pain. This is possible if you adopt an improper posture. Most people assume a poor posture called “scholars neck.”

Scholar’s neck, aka reading neck, refers to when you stand with your head extending forward instead of resting atop your spine. When this occurs, the center of your body misaligns. This exposes your feet ligaments and leg muscles to pressure.

So while at work, try to keep your head well centered, won’t you?

Move around a little

Even if you work with an immobile machine, you are expected to around it to inspect if everything is in order. You could stretch your legs a little and say hi to the next person. Just find an excuse to get your legs’ muscles flexing a bit.

This (seemingly pointless) exercise will minimize fatigue by refreshing your legs and taking the feet of the ground momentarily. It’s merely a “reboot” experience that realigns your tendons and muscles. Pretty vital for healthy feet.

Employ moist heat

Excess activity overtaxes your muscles and connective tissues. The resulting soreness can fail to heal overnight. Which means you’ll carry your pain with you to yet another possible demanding day.

If such a routine keeps going on, you’ll soon be a candidate of foot surgery and other super extreme costly treatments. Did you know you can accelerate the healing of your feet by massaging them with warm water?

To do this, pour warm water in a basin, add some Epsom salt and put your legs in. Rub all the parts gently for about ten minutes and you are done. This method can be replaced with touch therapy, where you apply lotion to your feet and rubbing to straighten the muscles.

Also, trim your corns and calluses often. Hard and dry skin can lead to painful cracks, bleeding and eventually infections. If none of the methods above looks unexciting, you could consider acupuncture-it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

As easy as shoes are to put on, sometimes you will bump into a few questions that still baffle. In this section, you will learn some of the most FAQs about shoes for walking and standing and their relevant answers.

Let’s roll:

Q. Are there comfortable standing shoes for formal environments?

A. There are many stylish, comfortable shoes that can be used in a formal environment. Such kicks will have the usual looks, but with improved padding, support and safety feature meant to give you a better daytime experience.

Examples of the best formal environment shoes include the black version of AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Service, Merrel Men’s Jungle Moc, New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe, Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic, and Dasko Women’s Paisley Sneaker.

Q. What shoes offer the best support?

A. Depending on the condition of your feet, shoes with great support come with one or all of the following specs-heel cup, arch support, heel counter, and metatarsal pads. If you have tried several comfort-enhancing shoes and nothing has worked, it could be best to see a podiatrist.

Q. Can I use inserts with work shoes?

A. Yes, you can use alternative inserts to boost comfort in shoes that have lost much of their cushioning. This can only be done with kicks that come with removable insoles. Otherwise, you would be better off buying a new pair.

Need a new pair of insoles? You might see our guide shoe Inserts for standing all day to increase the feet comfort.


The power of comfortable footwear can never be emphasized enough. To live a healthier life, you must have healthy feet too-and that can only be obtained by wearing proper shoes.

If the entire day or night passes by while you are on your feet, you must start scouting for the best shoes for standing all day. The amount of padding, space, and support they provide is sufficient to prevent pain and unnecessary injuries.

We have already presented you with a long list of exciting offers. It’s now your turn to narrow down to what fits your wallet and meets your needs. Happy shoe hunting.

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