The 7 Best Shoes for Sweaty Feet of 2022

Sweaty feet will deny the comfort you deserve form your favorite pair of shoes. Worst of all, sweat is likely to lead to health issues, including itching, athletes’ feet, and smelly feet.

One of the ways to curb sweaty feet is airing them. This doesn’t necessarily mean rocking sandals for all occasions. That will limit you significantly. This is because some outfits don’t go well with sport sandals. Also, some circumstances call for a pair of sneakers or something close to that.

Therefore, you need the Best Shoes for Sweaty Feet. These shoes are made to control sweat, thus keeping your feet cool and fresh. They feature breathable construction that enhances air circulation for optimal ventilation.

These shoes come in different styles to take care of your needs. Whether you are looking for workout shoes, slip-on shoes for a day at the beach, or running shoes for your evening jogs, you will get the ideal choice.

Among the shoes for sweaty Feet that prove to be offering, the best service is Vans Slip on(tm) Core Classics. Take a look at the review below and pick your suitable pair of best shoes for sweaty smelly feet.

Best Shoes for Sweaty Feet

1. Vans Slip-on(tm) Core Classics

Vans Slip-on(tm) Core Classics

Vans have become a hype for many people who don’t want to compromise comfort over fashion. Vans Slip-on(tm) Core comes in a gorgeous design that gets all the stares as you walk down the street.

These shoes feature as an ideal canvas shoe with vulcanized construction for comfort and durability. You can use these shoes for many years without them getting torn. The signature waffle outsole is impeccable. It will offer you stability and excellent traction as you walk.

Besides, the collar and footbed are cushioned to add to the coziness. This padding also improves the fitting; thus, your feet will be entirely in place. The footbed padding contributes to shock absorption. Therefore, you can wake moves without experiencing any pressure on your feet.

You can never go out of style with the many colors offered. Get the colors that will blend well with most of your outfits. This way, you can wear the Vans Slip-on(tm) Core Classics for a classy look any day.


  • Different colors so you can choose your best
  • High-quality insole for firm grip to avoid slipping
  • Padded footbed for optimal shock absorption
  • Slip-on design for easy wearing and removing
  • Padded color for comfort


  • The fitting is not right to size, so you need to get a size bigger than your feet
  • The sole seems to come out sooner than expected, especially if you soak the shoes for long before washing. This compromises durability

There are plenty of things these shoes stand out. However, their breathability beats them all. You will love how fresh your feet will feel all day long.

2. Sanuk Men’s Vagabond Slip On

Sanuk Men's Vagabond Slip On

Forget about all your smelly feet worries with the Sanuk Men’s Vagabond Slip-On. They are constructed in an impeccable design where the upper is shoe-like, and the lower features a sandal design. This adds to the protection while giving extra comfort as you head out.

The shoes feature frayed edges that have gored insets for your feet to slide in easily. This ensures that you also get the shoes off stress-freely after a busy day in the hot outdoors. The rubber outsole never disappoints. It is exceptionally sturdy and ensures you don’t slide even on slippery grounds.

Additionally, they are lightweight enough for you to be on track the whole day. Those who spend long hours in the outdoor can, therefore, rely on these slip-on shoes because your feet will always feel free. The Happy U sponge rubber outsole enhances shock absorption. This elevates comfort; thus, you can wear these shoes all day.

The sizing is perfect. You don’t have to order a size bigger or smaller than your feet because it fits true to size.


  • Lightweight hence enhance performance
  • Soft lining for added comfort
  • Great design for every occasion
  • Slip-on design for easy on and off
  • Perfect fitting for optimal comfort


  • They don’t seem to last as long as most people would love them too
  • The upper is more casual hence not ideal footwear for professional outfits

Overall, these slip-on shoes are highly recommended. They are easy to clean with a washing machine, so you have no reason to keep them dirty.

3. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker

Merrell Women's Siren Edge Hiker

If you are looking for a versatile pair that will take you through your hiking trips, camping, and trail adventures, Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker is the ultimate choice. They are e4xtremely stable, and the performance is mystic. Every coin you spend is worth it, so don’t be afraid to use your dollars.

These shoes feature a special upper made of breathable mesh. This gives your feet a refreshing feeling as fresh air comes in with every step you take. You will wear them without getting sweaty feet, which are incredibly uncomfy.

The waterproofness is another feature you will notice about these shoes. While they seem a little water-friendly, they keep your feet dry enough to avoid compromising your comfort. Therefore, they are an excellent pair of wet weather.

Also, the shoes’ durability is excellent. They will look just as new after even a year of using them. The rubber sole is firm, thus resists any wear or tear while walking through rough terrains. If you are planning for a hike during autumn, a pair of these shoes will be incredible.


  • They are lightweight hence comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof for protection while using them on wet grounds
  • Breathable mesh for incredible air circulation
  • Excellent arch support to help alleviate back pains
  • Air cushion in the heel for shock absorption


  • Their resistance to slip is questionable thus be careful when walking on slippery surfaces
  • The laces tend to tear faster than expected so be ready with an extra pair just in case they

Finding shoes that serve for various occasions can be an escapade. However, if you are searching for a pair to tag along as you head for an outdoor adventure, Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker will serve you right.

4. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker

Skechers Men's Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker

Don’t let your sweaty feet keep you from enjoying the beautiful sun out there. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker are among the best shoes for sweaty feet, beautify made to accommodate your feet for athletic walks.

The shoes feature a sturdy midsole and a solid outsole for great cushioning and support. This increases comfort, therefore, keeping your feet free from any pain. So if you have been battling with back pains, these shoes will be a perfect addition to your closet.

Besides, the shoe is super light. You will run all your errands without realizing you have a pair of Sketcher on your feet. With this, your busy days in the outdoors will never leave your feet sore or sweaty.

The 5Gen cushioning is also something you cants fail to see. This enhances comfort for long hours of walking or running. The insole features a high-rebound construction that optimizes comfort for reliable performance.

The breathable upper mesh is the epitome of freshness for your feet. You can feel the air caress your feet lovingly as you drown on the road for your morning jog.


  • Very comfortable so you can rely on them for long walks
  • Lightweight, hence one can have them on stress freely for as long as you want
  • Breathable upper to keep your feet fresh
  • Beautiful design for an appealing look
  • Great cushioning for enhanced comfort


  • The fitting is not realistic, so you will need to give up your socks for proper fitting
  • It is narrow thus not ideal for people with wide feet

These shoes are recommended, mostly because of their comfortable materials. Their cushioning is exceptional, so you can add a pair for yourself and get going.

Sketcher is a famous shoe brand as they provide excellent comfort to your feet. Walking shoes from Sketchers might also be an exceptional choice for your sweaty feet.

5. OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe – Men’s

OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe - Men's

One of these shoes is the OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe – Men’s. These durable shoes come with amazing features that heighten comfort without looking down on fashion. When summer knocks in, slip on these lightweight shoes and enjoy your day out.

The breathable upper is all you need for the hot weather. It keeps your feet cool. Thus, sweat will be a thing of the past. The hand-sewn seam stitching is gorgeous and adds up to the beauty of this footwear. It also enhances durability; thus, the shoes remain in shape for a long time.

Additionally, OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe has a soft microfiber lining that soothes your feet to lasting comfort. Therefore, you can rely on them for all-day wearing.

The footbed is incredible. It has a dual-density construction that allows shock absorption, thus offering unbeatable comfort. It is also removable hence easy to wash — no more smelly feet with a fantastic pair of OluKai Nohea Mesh Shoe – Men’s.


  • They fit true to size thus you can order your standard size
  • Lightweight for undoubted performance
  • Breathable to keep your feet cool
  • Leather upper for durability
  • Quality outsole for high traction


  • They beat up real quick so not ideal for regular wear
  • Quite pricey hence not affordable to people working on tight budgets

These shoes are excellent. Their breathability stands out among all sweaty feet shoes. Be sure you always air them out if you have no time to wash them so you can store them while clean.

6. CLARKS Men’s Tunsil Step Loafer

CLARKS Men's Tunsil Step Loafer

A casual outfit is all you need to pair up with the CLARKS Men’s Tunsil Step Loafer, and you will steal all the stares in the streets. These shoes are gorgeous and match exceptionally well when you need to pull out that casual look for an afternoon out with your friends.

These loafers are extremely lightweight, thus come in handy if you will spend many hours in them. With this reduced weight, you won’t notice how long you will be up and about. The EVA outsole also ensures the shoes remain light and stable as you tread through slippery grounds.

You will adore the Removable ortholite footbed wicks, which work endlessly to suck up moisture and shock for utmost comfort. Your feet will remain warm and as dry as you want them, thus curbing smelly feet after a long day outside.

The heel is low to prevent unnecessary weight as well as enhance comfort. This way, you can always slip on these loafers whether you are meeting a friend at the beach or want to take a hiking trip in the woods.


  • Lightweight thus enhance performance
  • Soft lining for all-round comfort
  • Low heel to add to the lightweight
  • Gorgeous construction for a casual outfit
  • Removable ortholite footbed for easy cleaning


  • Despite the great design, they are not waterproof thus not reliable if you will be encountering wet ground
  • The feet tend to slide off the shoes at the back so you might need a pair of socks to counter this

The shoes are ultra-light, and their design is out of this world. If you love a casual look more often than a professional one, these are the best deal for your closet. Try them on.

7. Nike Men’s Roshe Run

Nike Men's Roshe Run

Summer doesn’t need you to go all berserk with your footwear. A simple-looking yet comfy pair of shoes to curb sweaty feet can be a good investment for your outdoor errands: this and many more features in the Nike Men’s Roshe Run shoes.

Nike Men’s Roshe Run is made from synthetic, a quality material that enhances comfort. Therefore the shoes will work well for a long time without any noticeable wear and tear.

These shoes are lightweight. They do not add any extra weight to your shoes; hence, you will keep going without wishing you had carried some sandals with you.

Also, these Nike Men’s Roshe Run have cushioned pylon soles, which improve comfort. This makes them an excellent option for busy buddies who are always on the move.


  • Comfortable so you can wear them throughout the day or night
  • Lightweight for top-notch performance
  • High-quality sole for traction
  • Cushioned insoles to enhance the coziness
  • The beautiful design thus appealing to the eyes


  • Not ideal for running despite their name, so ensure you have an alternative if you will be running
  • The durability is questionable as the upper wears out very fast

These sharp-looking shoes are great if you will not be using them regularly. Otherwise, you will be disappointed. They lose shape quite quickly, so not the best if you plan to wear them daily.

Nike is a world-famous shoe brand. They are well-known for various design shoes with excellent comfort to your feet.

What to Look When Buying Shoes for Sweaty Feet

As you head out to shop for the shoes for sweaty feet, you should keep in mind a couple of things. The factors will help you make a better choice. Check them out below.


It is not all about style, especially when you are dealing with sweaty and smelly feet. However, you want to look good as you move around. Go for shoes whose design and style fit your preference. Check the lacing, the heel, toe area construction as well as the upper area design.

Breathable Upper

Sweaty feet are in dire need of breathability. After all, that is why you need shoes for sweating feet. Buy shoes with a breathable upper because they will allow your feet to breathe, thus keeping them dry. This way, you will not have to deal with smelly feet when you get back to the house.


The insole is a feature you can’t ignore. It significantly contributes to comfort, so if you want to get the best out of these shoes, check the insole. Ensure that it is made of soft and high-quality materials for optimal performance. Removable insoles are also great since you can easily wash them to keep your shoes fresh.


Ensure that the shoes you purchase are serving the purpose you want them to. In this case, they should enhance comfort as well as curb sweating of your feet. Considering effectiveness will help you land in the right choice of these shoes.

Odor Control

The sole purpose of shoes for smelly feet is to control the odor. Do your feet still smell when you wear the shoes? If yes, you must have made the wrong choice. These shoes should reduce if not completely get rid of feet odor.


This is one of the essential factors to look into while shopping for shoes. Get a pair that will last you for a couple of years, even with regular wearing. This means you should check the materials used to construct the shoes. The upper, insoles, and outsoles should be made from quality materials for assurance of durability. You don’t want shoes whose soles come out while you are in the streets. Check the stitching and ensure everything is well- fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are these shoes waterproof?

A. Some of the shoes are waterproof, while others are quite water-friendly. Check the material used for construction as it influences waterproofness. You can also confirm this with the supplier before you buy it.

Q. How are the insoles? Removable or fixed?

A. Some come with removable insoles, while others have fixed ones. Removable insoles are the best because you can clean them frequently instead of washing the shoes. However, some people will prefer fixed insoles because they are not likely to slip out of the shoes, especially when you wear them for long.

Q. Do these shoes provide stability for people with flat feet?

A. Yes. Many of these shoes feel very comfortable even to people with flat feet. Check the design, especially the soles, so you can select shoes for flat feet that will offer you optimal comfort with flat feet.

Q. Do they fit true to size?

A. It depends on the brands. Some of the will keep the size perfect, while others will feel bigger or smaller than the stated size. Those that feel bigger can be worn with socks when need be.

Q. Can I wear them with socks?

A. Definitely yes. If your choice of these shoes looks good in a pair of socks, then you can gladly rock them. Some designs look ridiculous if you wear socks, but every person has their own fashion taste, so the choice is all yours.

Q. How often do I clean the shoes?

A. It is decent if you wash the shoes at least once per week. This way will have fresh feet when you wear the shoes — wearing them for long without washing multiplies bacteria, which results in smelly shoes and feet.

So, you can follow this cleaning procedure to keep shoe new and odor-free.

Q. What do laces do to the shoes?

A. Laces are very important because they enhance proper fitting for the shoes. You will realize that shoes without lace-up designs tend to fail in the perfect fitting. However, lace-up shoes are great because even when the shoes are bigger, you can tighten the laces a little for fitting.


Sweaty feet are an embarrassment because they are likely to smell. If you have been caught up in a situation where you need to remove your shoes, and your feet have an odor, you know how your confidence shoots to zero.

While the feet odor might be due to other health issues, the wrong shoes can cause sweaty smelly feet. To prevent this, you need shoes specifically meant to reduce sweating on your feet.

These best shoes for sweaty feet work exceptionally well to control the odor by enhancing breathability. They are also comfortable. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with back or heel pains as you work on fighting smelly feet.

The shoes listed above have been at the forefront of helping people deal with smelly and sweaty feet. Once you have your budget up, you can purchase a pair from those reviewed above. With either, you can be sure of odorless and sweat-free feet all day.

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