The 10 Best Shoes for Teens in 2022 and Beyond

If there are things teenagers are not afraid to splash money on, its clothes, electronics, and shoes. We know that because we’ve been there too, haven’t we? And it feels awesome-totally. For any teen out there looking for trendy teen shoes, you’ve come to the right place.

We do understand how great style and a lean budget means to you so we are going to take you through some of the best shoes for teens with splashing bucks on. Some of our collections encompass boots and sneakers.

But that’s not all; the next section will teach you how to properly shop for your shoes to avoid losing money on some cheap knockoffs. Running short on time? Perhaps you could take a look at the shoe we consider the best out of all the listings here- adidas Originals Men’s NMD_R1 STLT PK Shoes. This is a stylish beast, durable, and affordable.

Best Shoes For Teens

We know you are super pumped to check out this list, so we are not going to dilly dally any more. So let’s roll.

1. Adidas Originals Men’s NMD_R1 STLT PK Running Shoe

adidas Originals Men's NMD_R1 STLT PK

There are shoes, and then there are performance shoes. One of the coolest shoes for teens who take part in running either for exercise or sport. Listen up young men; you can’t run in casual shoes like chucks. You need a running-oriented shoe like Adidas Originals Men’s NMD_R1 STLT PK.

This isn’t an ordinary running shoe. If you take a closer look at its construction, you will realize that almost everything is of premium-level quality. For instance, the top overlays feature a high-strength textile with a unique knitting and mesh network for optimum ventilation.

The lace-up design doesn’t consist of eyelets. Rather, there are small, unique openings that let the laces through. The rubber outsole is thick and features a midsole that provides a distinctive boost for easy spring back. The sole extends all the way to the toes forming a protective patch towards the toe end.

Top features

Adidas NMD_R1 STLT PK sports the following specs:

  • Rubber sole
  • EVA midsole
  • 100% textile
  • Heel pull tab
  • Lace-up design
  • Multiple colors


Adidas Originals NMD_R1 STLT PK has the following benefits to offer:

  • Freakishly comfortable
  • Top quality construction
  • Multiple colors available
  • Fits as expected without the need to break in
  • Tremendously breathable


Here are a few things that suck about Adidas Originals NMD_R1 STLT PK:

  • A little costly
  • Lacks collar and tongue padding

Adidas Originals Men’s NMD_R1 STLT PK is meant for the future even though crafted from an inspired past. Given its slightly elevated price, you might be thinking of sidestepping it, but that is not recommended. This is a top-quality shoe that can take you places in your athletics career.

2. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

How many times have you seen Chuck Taylors with teens both in real life and in the movies? Uncountable, right? This is a staple amongst many young people and that could be because of several reasons. First, it could be due to their high-top design that fully covers their arches.

Secondly, they are super-casual. Teens rarely do anything official. Converse Chuck Taylor gives them a chance to put on anything they want from jeans, tees, jumpers, and other casual apparel. The canvas topping lasts longer and feels comfortable.

This shoe fits perfectly and can be tightened up by laces to achieve a secure grip. That is essential for anyone who rolls on skates and rides or engages in an active lifestyle. The vulcanized rubber sole sports some serious treads to keep your feet firmly placed on the ground.

Top features

Converse Chuck Taylor features the following:

  • Material: Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Canvas top
  • High-top sneaker
  • Lace-up design
  • Ortholite insole
  • Medial eyelets


Here are a few reasons why Converse Chuck Taylor rocks:

  • Multiple colors available
  • Comes at all prices; cheap, medium budget, and expensive grabs
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable canvas
  • The sole treads provide reliable traction
  • Fashionable style
  • Full arch support


Cons for this shoe include:

  • Lacks premium-level of comfort

There is no denying that Converse Chuck Taylor is one of the popular shoes for teenage guys. Perhaps it is because of its long-lasting nature coupled with its ability to go along well with any casual clothing. This is definitely something you should try out before you hit them 20’s.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Canvas Low Top Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal is a timeless offering that has been in fashion since our grandpa eras, and it’s still rocking till today. How is that possible? Simplicity. Yes, you heard it right.

The simple nature and modern beauty of this low-top sneaker make it a versatile kick. You can ride with it, do some skating and move around all day in it. For teenagers, this shoe is a big hit because it allows them to wear their fancy clothes. And the best part-you always look stunning no matter how often you put them on.

Quality-wise, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal isn’t something we can equate to high-end models like Nike, but it does stick around a little longer. Even if it breaks down, its affordable price means you can always get it replaced any day. The rubber sole and canvas top give it a fair ability to provide ample comfort, protection, and cushioning.

Top features

Chuck Taylor’s All-Star Seasonal Canvas Sneaker bears the following specs:

  • Low top design
  • Airflow medial eyelets
  • Canvas upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up style
  • Ortholite insole


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal has the following pros:

  • Lightweight and fairly durable
  • Affordable
  • Adequately ventilated thanks to the medial eyelets
  • Comfortable design


Despite being another staple on young people’s shoe rack, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal has the following shortcomings:

  • Limited color options
  • Low top design with zero arch support

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal is a cheap but durably built sneaker for teenagers who fancy casual collections. We can’t deny that it lacks top-level comfort, but it does stand out as a worthy competitor given its awesome rating, unisex appeal, and reassuring reviews on platforms like Amazon. If you don’t like the high-top style at the top, this one could satisfy your appetite.

4. New Balance Unisex-child 519v1 Running Shoe

New Balance Unisex-child 519v1 Running Shoe

Even when you are cash strapped and on a budget, you can’t help it but try to look for the most popular teenage shoes. One such energizing option is New Balance Unisex 519v1 Running Shoe.

New Balance is all the rage lately and having one can make you stand out from the rest. Having been designed for running, 519v1 Running Shoe guarantees total comfort all the way from the toe to the heel-all thanks to the dense cushioning.

This shoe runs low and thus ideal for warm days. The rubber sole delivers both comfort (courtesy of the EVA midsole) and stability. The “N” symbol etched on the sides is attractive and makes the wearer look chic.

Top features

New Balance Unisex-child 519v1 Running Shoe has the following specs:

  • A mixture of textile and synthetic
  • Over ten colors available
  • Rubber sole
  • EVA midsole
  • Lace-up design


Pros of New Balance Unisex-child 519v1 include:

  • Multiple colors available for choosing
  • Easy to afford one
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight but still durable
  • Unisex and thus an ideal pair for those who feel like sharing with friends


Nothing serious apart from the one issue highlighted below:

  • Could be a little wider for some teens

New Balance Unisex-child 519v1 offers the right mix between quality and price. The shoe is attractive, comfortable, and lightweight. So if you have trouble finding an affordable teenage running shoe, this one will fix that problem for you. Oh and being unisex, you can share it with your friend or sibling.

5. Madden Girl Women’s Draaft Boot

Madden Girl Women's Draaft Boot

Girls, how do you like your booty? Do you like it with pointed toe design or rounded? Well here is another dainty offer for you: Madden Girl Women’s Draaft Boot. It is one of the shoes every teenage girl should have.

While some keep it for the fall season, this shoe is actually ideal for everyday use throughout the year. It offers full protection to your ankle while the rounded front end ensures your toes have enough breathing room.

The interior is mildly padded but the outsole is a bit stiff because of its synthetic nature. The exterior sports a mixture of faux and leather but can still be polished the normal way.

Madden Girl Women’s Draaft Boot is for an all-conquering girl that isn’t afraid to dare. The tough sole, full ankle protection, and the warmth it provides can help you crunch through any terrain. Here is the best part; they don’t cost a lot.

Top features

Madden Girl Women’s Draaft Boot displays the following specs:

  • Synthetic boot
  • Synthetic sole
  • Ankle-raised
  • Dual goring fasteners
  • Heel pull tab
  • Several colors available
  • Round toe design


Here are a few advantages of this boot:

  • Partially water resistant
  • Easy on and off
  • Full ankle protection
  • Durably built
  • Suitable for both casual and official settings
  • Affordably priced


Here are a few things you may not like about this bootie:

  • Mild padding
  • Inadequate ventilation

If you like boots, then the chances are high Madden Girl Women’s Draaft Boot might be appealing to you. This is an all-season product that can keep you warm without spending too much.

6. JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers

JOOMRA Men's Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic

There is so much pizzazz coming out of JOOMRA High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes. Its opulent aesthetics make it ideal for those who are passionate about the most colorful teenage shoes in style. Its hands down the most beautiful product on this list.

This shoe is irresistible, and we are absolutely sure most of you would still pick it even if it were crappy all for its fly looks. Well, you don’t need to worry about its quality as it sports premium designs that include the rubber blade outsole, a roll-cage style, and a premium PU slim cutout.

You can tell from miles away that JOOMRA sneaker is comfortable thanks to its super thick sides and heavily padded collar and tongue. The high top design guarantees ankle protection although teenagers love it because of its dopeness. The most unbelievable thing about this shoe is the price-so many features for a few bucks. Come, what are you still waiting for? Go check them out.

Top features

JOOMRA High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes sports the following:

  • Visually appealing rubber sole
  • High-top style
  • A mix of black and white colors
  • Leather overlay
  • Long tongue
  • Several colors available


This JOOMRA High Top Athletic-Inspired shoe boasts of the following:

  • Wear-resistant parts
  • Insanely comfortable
  • Cool aesthetics
  • Affordable price tag
  • Adequately ventilated


Here are a few things you may not like about this sneaker:

  • Nothing serious about this shoe apart from the limited color options.

You will get so many compliments every time you put JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneaker on. Be sure of that. It’s some of those deals that come once in a lifetime. So if you love pomp and glare, try this shoe out. You will love it.

7. Roxy Women’s Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe

Roxy Women's Rory Slip On Sneaker Shoe

Are you not into boots? Do stilettos make you teeter like the drunk folks from The Hangover? Well, we have a better and simpler alternative for you- Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe. This is a nice casual shoe meant to take you on all your trips while donning any of your favorite casual clothing. Check the Kissing Booth-the shoe Elle Evans (Joey King) wears is exactly like this.

This shoe doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles like other collections, but it’s still a decent purchase. It is one of the best shoes every teenage girl needs after a long day in heels.

The top textile fabric is soft and elastic. It forms a soothing cover over your feet and can stretch to create more room for your feet. The footbed consists of a padded memory foam insole and a slightly raised arch for more support and comfort. There are several colors available for choosing.

Tips: For cheerleaders, you can see our guide about cheer’s shoes.

Top features

Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe sports the following:

  • Textile upper
  • Knotted cotton laces
  • Low-top slip-on shoe
  • Synthetic sole
  • Printed details on the heel
  • Memory foam insole


Pros of Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe include:

  • It’s a slip-on and hence easy on/off
  • Several colors available
  • Padded memory foam insole provides ample comfort
  • Affordable price tag
  • Lace-up design for a secure fit


Here are a few things you may not like about this shoe:

  • The only issue with Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe is that it runs a bit smaller

Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe is ideal for simple girls who find boots and stilettos to be too much. Even if you do high heel shoes, you might need this one for outdoor events like sports and hikes. They have an awesome rating and customer feedback from previous users. Go rock it out.

8. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 UT Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Air Force 1 UT Low PRM WIP

There is nothing basketball players value more than a collection from Nike. This legendary brand has an offering for the teens as well- Nike Men’s Air Force 1. This is a low-arch shoe that sports canvas overlays with tiny openings in the toe region and sides for better breathability.

This offering keeps in mind all the needs of a basketball player i.e comfort, flexibility, and lightweight design. Rather than the common lace-up style, Nike Men’s Air Force 1 sports two securing straps. One of them is a bit longer and has a magnetic buckle for achieving a tight fit.

The sole has been engineered to offer the most relaxing touch while landing on the ground after making the shot. Given its thicker size and a slanting mode, you will never complain of foot problems even after hours of playing.

Top features

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 sports the following unique components:

  • Rubber sole
  • Canvas top
  • Air sole rubber
  • Exaggerated tongue
  • Midfoot strap


Nike Men’s Air Force 1 stands out because of the following reasons:

  • Top quality rubber sole
  • Premium level of comfort
  • Exists along all price ranges
  • Fits as expected


So where does it fail to tick the boxes?

  • Limited color options

If you really crave for the best basketball shoe that can help you imitate with precision some of the legendary moves like the fadeaway jump, Nike Men’s Air Force 1 is the shoe to go for. It’s a five-star rated product on Amazon by the way.

9. Vans Men’s Embossed Slip-on Skate Shoe

Vans Men’s Embossed Slip-on Skate Shoe

Your teenage years will probably not be fruitful until you wear Vans Men’s Embossed Slip-on Skate Shoe. This pair is irresistibly charming as your youthful years.

Thanks to the low-profile design, this low profile sneaker lets you ride, skate, run, and do almost everything young people are up to. Here is the awesome part; there are over 30 enchanting colors. This means you can have as many colors as your pocket and closet can handle.

Vans Men’s Embossed Slip-on Skate Shoe is insanely affordable, versatile, and well padded than the Chucks. So if you are tired of your feet getting hurt at the end of the day, this is your best choice.

Top features

Vans Men’s Embossed Slip-on Skate Shoe features the following:

  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Suede uppers
  • Elastic gores
  • Low-profile design
  • Waffle outsole


Here are some reasons why this is a cool purchase:

  • Fairly comfortable than chucks
  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy to get in and out
  • Multiple color choices
  • Affordable


Its cons include:

  • The sole might breakdown faster with intensive use

Vans Men’s Embossed Slip-on Skate Shoe is one of the best unisex shoes for teenagers. It does outrank many others in terms of fashion and longevity. Lastly, it is highly recommended by previous buyers.

10. Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot

Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot

Here is a cult favorite bootie that every teenage girl wants to have- Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot. The good news is, it is not entirely a pipe dream. With around $30-$50 bucks, you can get one for yourself.

This finely styled bootie knows no bounds. It can go anywhere you want and will lie slightly longer until you don’t need them. The pair is designed to provide you with comfort, style, and the confidence you need to brace the teenage years. Go check it out now if you love it. We have a feeling you will.

Top features

Here are the outstanding features of Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot:

  • Suede and leather top
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Zipper opening
  • Tonal grosgrain piping
  • Low stacked heel


The pros of this shoe include:

  • An affordable luxury
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Easy for easy on and off
  • Sophisticated and versatile
  • Low stacked heel for better stability during playtimes


The cons of this bootie include:

  • The top can crack if not well cared for
  • Not sufficiently padded like sneakers

If you are after fashionable looks, Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot could give that to you. This is a bootie that has brought joy to hundreds of thousands of youngsters. You probably will enjoy its company too. Furthermore, you don’t spend a fortune on them.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Shoes for Teens

For the sake of making the right decision and saving yourself from flushing your money down the drain, this section will teach you how to choose the best shoes for teenagers. Here are a couple of factors to keep at the back of your mind:

Shoe Size

One of the hurdles you are going to encounter while buying shoes online is getting the right size. Some shoes run small and others large. You need to comb through reviews and see what others have said regarding their sizing and adjust your order appropriately.

For some teenagers, the process of growth and development is still very active. This means you could buy a shoe that fits snugly today and five months down the line your feet have grown. That’s pumping money down the drain. For those still growing, try to order your pair in a half to full size up to create room for when your feet expand.

Another sound advice; buy shoes that are a little wider in the toe region to create breathing room. Curled toes, calluses, and other foot conditions suck and usually are brought by wearing the wrong size shoe.


As a teen, it could be true that style means so much more than anything else. Of course, you want to look dipper that’s alright. The style you wear depicts your personality and fashion statement. Here are a few common styles you could go for:

  • Trainers- these are shoes you can use for training and exercising. Examples include Nike and Adidas.
  • Casual shoes- these include slip-on, sandals, booties, and loafers. They are popular among many teens and young men and women.
  • Official shoes- these are the kind you wear to school, during formal interviews, and other official settings.


Now let’s talk about support. The most important support a shoe can provide is arch support. Some people have high arches while others have low ones. Having a shoe that lines up that curve and prevents foot pains is so releasing.

The sole is also a vital support element especially for those who engage in sports. Check the shoe to see if it’s got ample treads that will guarantee maximum traction.


Without adequate cushioning, even a premium quality shoe can be thrown into the donation bin. Comfortable shoes sport heavy padding in the tongue and collar. They also come with top quality rubber soles, memory foam insoles, and at times, EVA midsoles. These are some of the few characters of a well-cushioned, comfy shoe.


Unless you come from a wealthy background or have a lot in savings or luckily, you have a well-paying job, you may not be able to afford high-end teenager shoes. Even if you have a few bucks in savings, we presume you would prioritize school items, meals, and maybe outings over other things. Shoes may come last.

As a result, you may be forced to look into some of the teenage shoes in style that do not cost a lot. Here is what this could mean for you. Since you can’t shell out a lot, you have no option but to compromise on some aspects of a shoe like comfort or longevity. Sounds scary?

Nevertheless, as you may have realized, there still are some shoes that don’t cost a lot, yet they are of astounding quality. It’s all about digging deeper and making some price comparisons before hitting the “add to cart” button.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teenage Shoes

Have you ever bought shoes for teens before? No problem if you haven’t. There is a first time for everything. Here are a few FAQs about teenage shoes you may want to know:

Q. What quality defines the ideal shoes for teenagers?

A. Affordability. It’s that simple. As a teenager, you probably don’t have a lot of money to splash on high-end shoes. Therefore, the best ones are those that are fairly priced.

Q. How do I know the hottest teen product on the market?

A. The best way is to look around amongst your peers for what they are buying and then go a different color for uniqueness. Additionally, some of the online shoe sellers list out the hottest products on their “trending” section.

Q. Does size matter a lot?

A. Yes, it does. In fact, you should make sure to wear a shoe that fits well but still leaves room for foot movement. This way, you can keep foot conditions at bay.

Q. Can I wear teen shoes even if I’m older?

A. Why not? Teen shoes are fancy and give one youthful looks even if you are way older. You just need to make sure that they fit well.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

To put your best foot forward, you need the best shoes for teenagers. This is the time when you are experimenting with different clothing, and you will find some of the offers in this review to go well with everything in your closet.

Besides fashion and versatility, we also ensured the options in our list can make the cut as both durable and comfortable-otherwise it would be pointless to spend on something that is flimsy and uncomfortable. So when you head out next time, make sure your feet slide in one of the popular shoes for teens.

Hold on for a sec. Did we leave out your favorite pair? If we did then feel free to let us know via the comment section below. Hasta la vista and happy shoe hunting.

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