The 7 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice and Snow in 2020

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Here’s a question to start with: would you rather spend money to get a peculiar pair of boots for walking on ice, or twist an ankle by attempting to walk on ice with your regular shoes?

Walking is a daily activity, which is crucial as you most likely have to move from one place to another and due to the frequency of this particular activity, it is vital to protect the feet properly.

Such protection helps to avoid injuries and other bodily harms that may come as a result of otherwise leaving your feet exposed.

As you know already, walking on icy pavements can pose a challenge to the unprepared, seeing as you could slip and come to some harm.

This is why you need to get the perfect accessories that will aid you in your quest to successfully navigate the ice, reducing the risk of falling and getting injured in the process.

Against this backdrop, you can see the need to have special boots that are designed to make your walk on ice or snow much more comfortable. In this article, you shall expose to seven of the best shoes that you can comfortably wear while walking on ice and snow.

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The 7 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice and Snow in 2018

Best Shoes for Walking on Ice & Snow



Made of


Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Slip Winter Boot

Leather and Textile

Rubber sole

Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot


Rubber sole

Columbia Men's Bugaboot Snow Boot


Rubber sole

KEEN Women's Hoodoo iii lace up-w Snow Boot

Leather and Textile

Rubber sole

UGG Men's Butte Snow Boot

Leather, Suede, Synthetic

Synthetic sole

Icebug Women's Speed-l BUGrip


Synthetic sole

Columbia Men's Bugaboot II Snow Boot


Rubber sole

1. Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boot

Made from a solid combination of leather and textile, Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II particular boot is quite comfortable due to its rubber sole that makes the boot lighter.

This feature makes sure snow does not gather and add weight to it. This boot can also be worn for a long time.

If you follow current trends and are somewhat fashion-conscious, it would please you to know that this shoe is stylish and elegant, an excellent acquisition that built with that feminine touch, which sets it apart from other shoes you might see in this category.

Another great feature of this shoe is the waterproof leather system coupled with 200g insulation, which makes the ice boots very handy, keeping them dry and warm at all times.

The boots can be worn for different occasions, making it a must-have piece of footwear in your shoe collection.

In conclusion, this shoe can be recommended on two grounds.

The first is that it comes in different sizes, which means that the focus shifts from whether your size can be found, to what color best suits you, given that it comes in multiple colors and can purchase for different times and seasons.

The second reason is that the fit is excellent. Due to its lightweight and feel, the boots do not add weight to your feet. Thus the focus is purely on your comfort.

2. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot

Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot

The second option in this list is a pair of snow boots that blend style with comfort. Made from 100% synthetic materials, Kamik Women’s Momentum shoes feel good as you touch them and very comfortable on your feet as you wear them.

The shoes have a 1-inch heel, which is the way it should be for boots such as this, providing a more comfortable walking and/or running experience. The inbuilt 200g thin-late insulation system keeps the inner part of the boots warm and dry all times.

The inner lining of the boots made of moisture-wicking fabric, which is excellent for breathing. The importance of this is that the required air is allowed in, reducing the risk of having an unfavorable odor coming from the boots.

Again, having waterproof boots should be a significant factor at the time of purchase.

This pair has a waterproof nylon upper which is great for keeping water away from the insides, thereby eliminating the possibility of wear and tear due to water infiltration.

There are so many other great features which make this pair one of the best for walking on ice.

Before making up your mind to buy a pair of these boots, it should not that they are a bit expensive. However, the qualities they offer means the shoes are worth every penny.

The shoes are very comfortable and soft on the feet, coupled with their sleek design. The availability of the shoe in multiple colors means that you can choose the size that fits you most; selecting the color that catches your fancy.

Choosing the right size should not be complicated; this shoe size chart article explains everything you need to know.

3. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Snow Boot

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Snow Boot

One for men of style, the Columbia men’s Bugaboot for snow walking made from 100% synthetic materials, coupled with a rubber sole to give it the lightweight feature that is a huge factor in choosing a snow boot of choice.

It equipped with studs, which makes it easier to walk on snow without having to worry about doubling over as it offers solidity and comfort.
The 200g insulation is rated at 25F to keep the insides warm and dry, preventing harm to your feet.

The midsole is softened by tech-elite, while the outer sole has the Omni-grip outsole, which comes together to give flexibility to the shoe, raising the level of mobility it offers, with a very secure lace-up shaft that reduces the risk of the boot slipping out while in use.

It comes in different sizes and multiple colors, which makes it easy to choose a pair, knowing that the quality is the same all through.

The shoe gives the needed balance to walk on snow-covered terrain without the fear of hurting your feet and is very durable, which reduces significantly the risk of wear and tear in the long-term.

It recommended that you make adequate arrangements before purchasing a pair of snow boots, as the cost must be considered. This factor is key in making an informed decision.

4. KEEN Women’s Hoodoo iii lace-up w Snow Boot

KEEN Women’s Hoodoo iii lace-up w Snow Boot

Next on the list of the best shoes for walking on ice is the Keen Women’s Hoodoo Lace-up Snow Boot.

Made from a combination of leather and textile, this pair of boots are great for both walking on snow and hiking. It offers reliable protection to your feet, keeping them safe from harm while giving you the desired comfort and stability.

The sole is made of rubber, another high quality to consider when deciding on which pair of ice boots to buy. This feature makes it ideal even for use as a women’s work boot during winter.

Coupled with studs, the sole does not sink into the snow to collect residue that might stick to it, thereby making it more substantial. Instead, it is very flexible, which aids in making the boots more mobile.

The boot collar is molded for comfort, making it easy for you to decide how you to wear the boots to suit your personality, depending on what your immediate needs are.

The outer model of the boot is beautiful, while the inner gives lots of room for your toes to be comfortable.

The lace ups are quite substantial, keeping the boots in place when properly secured to avoid them coming off no matter how thick the snow may be.

The inner layer is warm and cushioned, protecting your feet against cold.

The boots come in different sizes and colors. Nonetheless, it advised that you pick a pair that has tested, and is sure to fit correctly as it can be very narrow if not your actual size. Again, it’s important to note that the boots are not very cheap, hence the need to plan financially before purchasing them.

5. UGG Men’s Butte Snowboot

UGG Men’s Butte Snowboot

Perhaps one of the most solid boots on this list, the UGG men’s snow boot is built for comfort and durability.

Made from a strong combination of cow leather, cow suede, and synthetic materials, UGG Men’s both the inner and outer layer gives the required assurance that wearing the boots reduces the possibility of severe damage to the feet.

It is moving from the norm, the sole made from synthetic, which makes it easier to glide across ice surfaces, giving balance and solidity.

Whether you choose to work on roof repairs on a Saturday morning or desire to take long walks on the ice, this pair is perfect for you.

The outer layer made up faux fur, which consists of 84% leather and 16% synthetic, while the wool lining is UGG-pure.

You do not have to worry about water seeping into your boots, as they are waterproof, with a Vibram outsole and lug thread to maintain the durability of the boots, ensuring that you can wear them for as long as required without getting overly worried about the effects of extreme weather.

The foam molding technology ensures that the boots give the proper shape once laced up, thereby reducing the possibility of slipping off while in use.

The advantage of this is that the boots can be worn all day long and on different occasions without necessarily feeling out of place.

Though they offer fantastic quality and service, it should not be that this pair of boots is the most expensive on this list and might leave a gaping hole in your wallet if not properly planned for.

That said, the boots come in different sizes and colors to suit your needs.

This brand of boots for walking on ice is globally acknowledged as being a pacesetter in this industry and should be in possession of anyone that can afford it.

6. Icebug Women’s Speed- I BuGrip

Icebug Women’s Speed- I BuGrip

Made from 100% synthetic materials, Icebug Women’s boot equipped with 16 carbide studs and a forceful tread outlay, which makes sure you are comfortable while walking on ice.

The lacing pattern offers enough protection against freak accidents.

This boot also has a fleece lining with isolation, which keeps your feet in place while walking.

It has a detachable ortholite footbed that supports your underfoot for the duration of use, same as the EVA with ESS stabilizer midsole system, which provides the necessary stability needed for a smooth take-off while in these shoes.

The outsole is made of rubber, which, as mentioned earlier, performs a vital role in keeping particles away from the sole as you walk through the snow.

These boots highly recommended for walking on snow or icy surfaces. However, they aren’t the most comfortable to be worn for regular everyday activities, so it advised that they kept for the purpose for which they built in the first place.

In any case, they could pass for pull-on work boots, if you know how to handle the super grip.

They come in different sizes and colors, giving you the liberty to choose a pair that fits and suits you better.

7. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot II Snow Boot

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot II Snow Boot

The second boot from the same manufacturer on this list, the Bugaboot II snow boot is made from 100% waterproof leather while the sole is from rubber.

The shaft is about 6 inches from the arch, which gives a better fitting to the midsole region.

The inner layer is very warm and protected with internal liners and insulators, thus making it possible for the feet to stay in excellent condition.

The outer build of the boots is solid, which allows for the occasional extra kick into the snow while walking or running without the fear of getting stuck or injured.

It is a great motivator, as it gives the desired confidence to purchase a pair of these boots and walk in them all day long.

However, you should note that the toe compartment isn’t extensive when compared with hammer toe box shoes, so it advised that you test the pair before purchase.

A pair of these boots is sure to come in handy at one point or another. Considering the global influx orders for a pair due to their reliability and confidence, it has so reposed on customers worldwide.

What to Consider When Buying Shoes for Walking on Ice



Before choosing what type of traction to have in your boots, it is vital to decide the kind of outdoor activities you wish to be involved in.

On the one hand, if you aim to do some heavy-duty activities, such as mountain- or ice-climbing, it is advised that you go for semi-rigid or rigid crampons, which made of stainless steel.

If, on the other hand, your purpose is to find an ice boot which can be used to walk around in the snow, then you should go for lighter traction materials like the Yaktrax or Microspikes.

Both ways, having the proper traction device in your boots is vital for the role it performs, and you should go for a traction device that is of similar weight with your shoes, to avoid adding extra weight.


This is another essential factor to consider while choosing a suitable pair of ice boots.

If the aim is to find a pair to walk in, then the plan should be looking for boots that are lighter in weight, while more massive shoes needed for heavy-duty activities.

Considering the activities you want to use them for, it is critical to note that you should not add unnecessary weight to your ankles and feet, hence the need to buy shoes whose influence would suit your needs.

You can easily deduce that the lighter the shoe, the more mobile and flexible it can be, thereby giving room to flex your feet and maneuver different scales of obstacles on your way, as the case may be.



Another essential feature to consider when buying boots for ice are the waterproof feature.

You wouldn’t want to walk in shoes that are susceptible to water, thereby increasing the weight of the boots while in them.

That said, it is certain that you do not want the inconvenience of wearing a pair of shoes that would soak up in the water, thus making your feet highly uncomfortable and the shoe very heavy. 

Walking in such a pair of boots would be a herculean task on a good day, needless to imagine the same scenario on a snowy day.

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Fit and Sizing

As mentioned earlier, having fitted boots can make the difference between being comfortable and uncomfortable.

Your feet are better protected against injuries if they are in boots that have the right fit.

Fortunately, all the boots on this list come in different sizes, making it possible to choose the best pair for your feet.

This gives a better look while wearing the shoe, all the while providing comfort to you, seeing as you would be less inclined to check on your boots at intervals while wearing them.


Reducing the risk of freak accidents while walking is essential. Some shoes can offer solidity without necessarily offering protection, which can be detrimental to the health of your feet.

The above-listed boots have been carefully selected to offer both solidity and protection, making them the best shoes for walking on ice in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Which kind of shoes to wear in snow?

A: Having the right type of boots is very important, as it could be the difference between walking confidently on ice surfaces and having a freak accident.

The above-listed boots are specially designed to keep your feet warm and secure, keeping water out while providing the necessary support.

That said, getting a shoe of the right size would immediately ensure that you have the best ice- or snow-walking experience.

Q: Are snow boots good for walking on ice?

A: Due to the studs on shoes on this list, it highly recommended that you wear snow boots on ice. The sole is neither flat nor has heels, which is very important to keep in mind when making an informed choice.

Both the outer body and inner outlay are designed to provide balance and protect your heels, thus making shoes in this category a much better fit all around, when in need of snow or ice boots.

Q: Do slip-resistant shoes work on ice?

A: Walking on ice or snow can prove quite challenging, uniquely if you not properly equipped. As you have seen in this article, having the right pair of boots can help navigate ice and snowy surfaces.

The answer to the above question is a resounding, yes! Slip-resistant shoes work perfectly on ice for many reasons:

  • They offer better traction in all slippery environments;
  • They are very durable and offer greater protection to the feet;
  • They are designed to stand upright, offering balance and durability.

Here we recommend some superb non-slip shoes you may look for a try.


From the list above, you are now, hopefully, well-informed on the importance of wearing the proper boots for walking on ice.

Purchasing the right pair means you are better equipped to handle the challenges of walking on ice and snowy surfaces, giving your feet the needed protection and balance.

The above mentioned should give you the necessary confidence to shop for a recommended pair of boots. Be sure to test them properly before going ahead to walk or run in them. 

The unique features of the above-listed shoes give them an edge over other types of shoes in the market today.

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