The 10 Best Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis of 2022

So many people are battling chronic cases of plantar fasciitis. The saddest part is that most of them chose to do nothing until it gets to a point where surgery is the only viable option. Yes, you heard that right. If you fail to attend to heel pains early on, you (unknowingly or not) are preparing to make surgeons rich.

No one likes to go under the knife-including you. Believe it or not, you can tend to minor cases of plantar fasciitis and live throughout your life without ever visiting a doctor. Now that we got your ear to let’s show you how this can be done.

Plantar fasciitis is the stabbing pain you feel in the ball of the foot. How do I tell the difference between this condition and fatigue? Well, if your feet are tired, they should recuperate by morning.

However, if you feel a sharp sensation in the feet when you put them down in the morning, that is a clear sign of heel pain. The pain will fade before returning after long periods of standing or sitting.

Before we talk about the best slippers for plantar fasciitis, a primer on what brings this condition might help you avoid it in the first place.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

The common causes of plantar fasciitis include frequent running, standing, and walking. Plus-size individuals are also at risk of developing this condition. Additionally, wearing shoes with inadequate support and cushioning will result in inflammation of the heel.

When you carry too much weight, and your shoes lack proper cushioning, the plantar fascia muscles (found in the heel) will take over that role. Subsequently, the strain becomes overwhelming, and they experience small tears.

So, by wearing comfortable shoes throughout the day, you can mitigate heel pain. After work, you need to have several cozy slippers that will take over from shoes. Otherwise, wearing comfy footwear during the day and putting on something uncomfortable in the evening is pointless.

In this article, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to scour the internet and present to you with slippers for plantar fasciitis. Our research is pretty in-depth and lists only the top-rated slippers.

If you are short of time, check out our top recommendation-Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Women’s Slippers. This pair outshines the rest in terms of comfort, durability, and arch support. If you are interested in checking out other options, keep reading.

Best Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis

1. Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Women’s Slippers

Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Women’s Slippers

Extreme cases of plantar fasciitis must be met with proper in-depth care, which in most cases, is wearing comfy shoes like Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Women’s slippers. This shoe strikes the right balance between comfort and style.

From the cushioned heel pad to the memory foam inserts and of course the fluffy adornments, this slippers will give your feet the utmost tender loving care they deserve. With anatomical arch support, you can walk your dog, visit a friend and go about all your activities without sustaining a lot of pain.

The extra-depth design is a feature that counts for a lot. It creates the perfect platform that confines your feet into position, thus enhancing a strain-free natural gait. This slipper boasts of the non-binding and seam-free interior lining that prevents the possibility of any minor pain or itching.

Top features

  • Suede leather
  • Premium orthotic insole
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Cushioned heel pad
  • Easy Gait cushioning system
  • Extra-depth design
  • Wider toe box
  • Seam-free interior lining
  • Non-binding upper
  • Foam-padded
  • Velcro closure

Besides the excellent rating and motivating reviews, Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Slipper makes the cut as one of the best slippers for orthopedic and plantar fasciitis for women. It’s stylish, colorful, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear or remove.

It’s also designed to cater to other foot conditions such as diabetic feet, arch pain, arthritic feet, pronation (only the minor cases) and neuropathy. A picture of you wearing Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Slippers on Instagram will earn you so many likes and “wows.”

2. Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper

Vionic Women's Indulge Sadie Mule Slipper

Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule is another reliable solution to dealing with heel pain. Its stunning biomechanics involves a soft textile upper, EVA footbed and a shock-absorbing textile outsole with insane flexibility.

The floor bed is contoured. This allows it to follow the borders of your feet, providing the perfect fit. It comes with a Velcro fabric that will help you achieve the best tight fit as well.

Having secured APMA seal of acceptance, Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule stands at the top of the list of the most coveted slippers to help individuals attend to heel, knee, calf and muscle pains. Its features are actually podiatrist inspired and therefore entirely efficient in its duties.

Top features

  • Soft textile upper
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • EVA footbed
  • Textile outsole
  • APMA seal of acceptance
  • Several color options
  • Mild arch support
  • Contoured base

After a long day of work in pain-aggravating shoes, Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule can bring relief to tired feet. With plush materials, energy rebounding ability and breathable fabrics, every day in this slipper mark the end to exacerbating plantar fasciitis.

Fun fact; they are top-rated and cost a few dollars-yet they offer impressive comfort, support, and underfoot protection.

3. Haflinger Unisex Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper

Haflinger Unisex AT Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper

During polar vortex, when low-lying regions receive a substantial portion of swirling cold air, nothing gives a warm hug than comfiest slippers. One such product worth trying out is Haflinger Unisex Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper.

With a waterproof synthetic outsole, this slipper allows you to use it outdoors as well. Here’s the most fantastic feature; the woolen interior not only provides warmth but can absorb moisture to keep your feet dry.

If you like to match your footwear with other items in your closet, Haflinger Unisex Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper won’t disappoint you. It pops around in multiple enchanting colors so you can pick what displays your full splendor.

Top features

  • 100% textile
  • Synthetic sole
  • Split-toe seam
  • Temperature-regulating upper
  • Multiple color options
  • Slanting platform

As one of the slippers backed by thousands of positive reviews, Haflinger Unisex Boiled Wool Hard Sole Slipper is worth checking out. It’s comfortable and can keep your feet moisture-free.

Its design is a little slanted to promote a fluid distribution of body weight throughout your feet. If you didn’t know, flat shoes fixate all your load on the heels and in case of those with plantar fasciitis, the pain can become unbearable.

4. Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper

Vionic Women's Relax Slipper

A stroll around your house and neighborhood can be invigorating with a pair of shiny Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper on. This Terry cloth product features the softest polyester material that, at times, integrate cotton for premium level, massage-like feeling.

The biomechanics that helps with plantar fasciitis in this slipper includes EVA footbed, shock-absorbing outsole, and the proprietary VIO Motion Support. The footbed cupped so it can take the shape of your feet and minimize unnecessary strains.

Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper comes with an adjustable strap for adjusting how tight or lose you want it to be. After all, painful feet are unpredictable. One minute you feel nothing when it’s tight, the next minute you feel like having it wide open. With hook and loop strap, you have the freedom to keep adjusting.

Top features

  • VIO motion support
  • Adjustable hook and loop fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Polyester toppers
  • EVA footbed
  • APMA approved
  • Numerous color options
  • Fits as expected
  • Terry cloth strap

Vionic Women’s Relax Slipper provides sufficient support and comfort so you can move around with much ease. It pops up in several alluring colors such as Black Terry, Dark Grey Zebra, pink and many more.

5. Acorn Men’s Fave Gore Slipper

Acorn Men's Fave Gore Slipper

One of the most exciting footwears that doubles up as both a slipper and a shoe is Acorn Men’s Fave Gore Slipper. The handsome upper, which happens to blend wool, fleece, and Tweed, is enclosed towards the heel, providing a much gentle touch than ordinary shoes.

Here is what this means; this slipper can be used both indoors and outdoors. To give it a bit of support, the overlay ends in a durable suede sidewall while the bottom features a water-proof, skid-resistant outsole.

Despite going at considerably low prices than other slippers, Acorn Men’s Fave Gore Slipper bags a lot of premium features. For instance, the memory foam footbed and multi-layered cushioning make it immensely cozy. It’s flat, so make sure you do not need top arch support.

Top features

  • Fleece, wool, and Tweed
  • Enclosed design
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Dual goring
  • Handsome, breathable uppers
  • Memory foam comfort
  • True to size
  • Versatile and durable
  • Multilayer cushioning
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Several color options

Acorn Men’s Fave Gore is one of the best men’s slippers for plantar fasciitis you should have if changing into something else to step outside is inconveniencing. Every material used to craft it helps to provide relief against feet fatigue, plantar fasciitis, splayfoot, and Talipes Valgus.

6. RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove Women's Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

During our usual 9 to 5 or midnight shifts, our feet go through a lot in closed shoes. The torture comes from lack of proper support and inadequate breathing vents. After such turmoil, one can get relief by switching to plushy RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper.

This slipper is not only colorful but practical with multiple color choices so you can pick what complements your wardrobe. It provides pillow-soft comfort thanks to memory foam insole and cotton overlays. This makes it a reliable collection for those with heel pain.

The overlays have been knit in a way that leaves tiny spaces for air to pass through. Furthermore, RockDove’s structure rebuffs sweat and odor-this will keep your feet in healthy condition.

Top features

  • A mixture of cotton and spandex
  • Memory foam insole
  • Machine washable quality
  • Sturdy rubber sole
  • Waffle knit upper

If you don’t have a lot to spend, one of the cheapest plantar fasciitis slippers to buy would be RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper. Its customer rating is impressive, and the reviews are motivating as well. Find more details about ideal memory foam slippers to increase your comfort.

7. Isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers

Isotoner Women's Classic Terry Clog Slippers

From the sofa to the bedroom to picking mails outside, Isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers will get you covered. No need to switch footwear while stepping out. These beautiful slippers offer a premium level of softness without costing an arm and a leg.

Thanks to a broader price range, you can decide to buy them for less than $10 or more-it all depends on you. The overlays and footbed are lined with memory foam and cotton-blend terry for superb warmth and comfort.

The design of these slippers promotes proper arch support. To add to that, the rubber outsoles attached to them are flexible and impervious to water. Several color models exist.

Top features

  • Pillow soft Terry upper
  • Textile overlays
  • Rubber outsole
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Runs a little small

If you want premium level comfort, substantial arch support, and better feet protection without emptying your pouch, Isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers are the slippers to go for.

So far, a big number of reviewers highly recommend them. Just one more thing; they run small, so make sure to go a half inch up.

8. Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

As a victim of plantar fasciitis, your priority will be comfort over style. However, if you get one that offers both without being ludicrously expensive, that calls for a celebration. While not as cheap as the rest, Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper sports both a sleek design and a comfy interior.

Since the problem is mostly heel pain, this shoe comes with a “meaty” outsole that should make walking reasonably bearable. Besides absorbing impact, it flexes easily, so you don’t feel held back. The sole happens to be non-slip and non-marking.

The interior, exterior and the lining are soft courtesy of faux fur and gentle leather that went into their making. Now, toward the front, it’s domed to take some pressure off the forefoot. Most importantly, Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper offers not just sufficient, but orthotic grade arch support.

Top features

  • A synthetic sole
  • Leather and faux fur
  • Metatarsal dome
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Heel pull tab
  • True to size
  • Multiple color options

Judging by its almost-medical standard features, Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper outshines many other slippers in providing adequate relief from heel pain and spurs. Sure, the price tag is a few steps above the rest, but it’s worth every penny. Also, since it is true to size, you can worry less about returns and their associated discomfort and expenses.

9. Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma Plush Slipper

Vionic Women's Indulge Gemma Plush Slipper

If you want a plantar fasciitis slipper that is fluffier like the custom kinds from Louis Vuitton-of course without the bizarre price tag, try out Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma. The aesthetics of this slipper are unicorn-like.

Looks aside, this APMA-approved indoor footwear made from luxurious, cuddle-worthy textile that rewards your feet with next-generation comfort and warmth. It transports your feet from the freezing evenings and winters to warmer lovely days.

Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma is about both style and science. Its biomechanics that involves a flexible rubber outsole and podiatrist-designed footbed deliver comfort that alleviates extreme foot pains.

Every feature serves a specific purpose. For instance, the outsole is slanted to spread out your weight and avoid overtaxing the heel. Things like a hook and loop strap help one achieve a proper fit.

Top features

  • Textile upper
  • EVA footbed
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed
  • APMA-approved

The fuzzy nature of Vionic Women’s Indulge Gemma is indeed one of the most coveted trends in the world of slippers. Besides being an adorable spectacle, the design and engineering of this mule are geared towards providing sufficient plantar fasciitis relief.

Being APMA certified, and designed in a way that podiatrist would approve, this product is highly recommended. Any downsides? Quite a few, of course. First, it runs large, so make your order in a half size down. Secondly, the fur comes off. If that seems like too much, then other options in this review might work for you.

10. Strive Footwear Copenhagen Orthotic Slipper for Women

Strive Footwear Copenhagen Orthotic Slipper

Want to add something a bit exciting to your loungewear collection, look no further than Strive Footwear Copenhagen Orthotic Slipper. Designed for women, this slipshoe will make your time indoors more peaceful.

It’s stylish, comfortable and pops up in glamorous colors. It might not deliver much warmth like other furry friends in this review but cuts a reliable plantar fasciitis slipper. Material-wise, it comes with a textile upper, textile lining, and a bit of fake fur on top.

Strive Copenhagen’s footbed is podiatrist inspired. This can be seen from its contouring that effortlessly maps the borders of your feet for a proper fit. As dry as that sounds, this feature reduces the stress from your feet, thus promoting a proper posture.

Top features

  • Nubuck leather
  • Rubber outsole (molded)
  • Premium BFT cushioning
  • Felt style uppers
  • Contour shaped insole
  • Cupped heel
  • Fit: about 83%
  • Built-in arch support
  • Multiple colors

Strive Footwear Copenhagen Orthotic Slipper is a colorful, but practical lounging slipper that can help one deal with aggravating heel pain. It doesn’t come so cheap because of its medical-grade properties.

Unfortunately, it runs a bit small so make your purchases in a half-inch up. Additionally, the fake fur loses its comfort-enhancing juice after some time. However, everything has to wear out, right? Nevertheless, it’s highly recommended.

Things to Consider Before Buying Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

In a hurry to make the purchase? Chill for a minute and let that credit card rest on the table. There are a few things you need to know before buying the best slippers for plantar fasciitis. Here are some of them:


Prioritize natural materials over synthetics. The former is ultra-soft, breathable and lasts longer. The latter gets compromised quite faster. For instance, artificial fur plucks off in large volumes during a single wash. Imagine what would be left after washing the slipper ten times in water? The only advantage of synthetics is that their price tag is tempting.

Terry cloth is another common material used to make slipshoes. It has the same texture as a towel. This means it can keep you warm without overheating or compromising breathability. It dries faster as well.

Suede and cotton are better alternatives, but only if you intend to stick indoors. Step with them outside, and they will never be the same again.

As you can see, understanding your feet before making any decision is vital. If you sweat a lot, plenty of furs is not something you want to choose. Also, if you would love to stretch your legs beyond the doorstep, then forget about suede and cotton.


So how far do you intend to use your slippers? Do you expect to drop outside to pick some groceries or say hi to your neighbor? In that case, an all-purpose rubber sole will get you covered. Rubber is sturdy, non-slip, and waterproof thus ideal for the outdoors.

However, if you would rather have something meant solely for the indoors, fabric and other soft soles will serve you better.

Still, on the sole, it pays to consider those with excellent shock absorption. This way, the heel enjoys a lighter, less agonizing landing.

Good Arch Support

If you have normal feet shape with ordinary arch, there is no need to worry as most slippers will come with standard arch support. However, if your feet are super flat or the arch is exceptionally high, you must find the right arch support.

Those with flat feet can easily pronate (ball joint falling inwards) or supinate (falling outwards). Both cases can lead to (or exacerbate) plantar fasciitis. With high arches, the Achilles tendon gets overstretched, causing too much pain. See more details about flat feet sandals.

Most arch issues are solved by finding proper arch support. Once again, this is another area where you need to be sure about what works for you. Click through to see our review about high arch shoes here!

Contoured Footbed

This is another aspect that counts for a lot. No matter the shape of your feet, a slipper with a contoured footbed provides a better fit. This is because it’s designed to follow the borders of your feet perfectly. A deep-heeled design offers a snug fit as well.

Like dress shoes for plantar fasciitis with a deep heel cup helps by correcting your feet under normal walking conditions and realign your feet and legs to the appropriate position.

Stylish Design

Just because you have heel pain doesn’t mean style is not essential. Theoretically, looking good makes you happy. And guess what happens when you are happy? You forget about your problems.

Many slippers for plantar fasciitis don’t exude exotic designs. However, if you are willing to spend a little more time and money, you will get a very stylish pair that doesn’t sacrifice other essential elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible you don’t know a lot about the slipper for plantar fasciitis. Don’t fret. It’s all right to don’t know anything at first. This section takes a look at questions other folks who have the same issues or interests as you are asking and their possible answers.

Sit tight and keep reading to learn more about plantar fasciitis slippers. Let’s slide:

Q. What’s the way to care for slippers?

A. With the recent development taking place in the footwear industry, we’ve all bought some strange-looking, but dope slippers that no one has a clue how they should be cleaned. So what’s the way to go about cleaning slippers?

First, check on the label to see if the company recommends machine washing. If they do, then toss them in the machine, add a less abrasive detergent and set a slow spin that is gentle on the fur. Fabric-made slippers can be hand-washed in detergent water, rinsed thoroughly and then left to dry in the sun.

Suede, sheepskin and other premium fur slippers are something else. Most of them are not machine washable-and neither can you hand wash. In this case, prevention and special treatment will come in handy.

Q. Can I wear slippers outside?

A. The answer to this is both yes and no. Does your slipper come with a waterproof rubber outsole? If so, then you can use it for picking mails and other outside strolls. However, if the outsole takes the same material as the uppers, then No-you cannot take it outside.

The same case applies to those full of fur and shearlings that sweep the floor. Such material needs to be kept clean because washing them can compromise their super soft feeling. For those whose houses have wooden floors or tiles, consider slippers with non-slip outsoles. Check this article if you need non-slip shoes.

Q. What are the best plantar fasciitis slippers with optimum arch support?

A. If you have arch problems and are looking for the best slippers for ladies with plantar fasciitis, the following options are recommended: Orthofeet Charlotte Plantar Fasciitis Women’s slippers, Vionic Women’s Indulge Sadie Mule, Isotoner Women’s Classic Terry Clog Slippers and RockDove Women’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper.

Caring for Your Plantar Fasciitis Feet

You have a long list of the best house shoes for plantar fasciitis to select from. However, finding and wearing proper house shoes is simply one of the tricks for dealing with this discomforting situation. Here are is everything you can do to make your feet happier:

Lose Some Weight

The more you accumulate weight, and the more your heel gets strained. So hit the gym, do presses, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, ride a bike, swim, eat, nuts, little starch, more vegetables, and do all the possible workout combinations. Be consistent.

Replace Running With Other Exercises

Remember running puts substantial weight on the plantar fascia muscles, so you better look into other active exercises.

You might be like our review about running shoes for heavy female who wishes to lose weight or to keep fit through running.

Exercise the Achilles Tendon

One way to accelerate plantar fasciitis healing is by exercising the Achilles tendon muscles. How do you do that? Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Throw a towel around your feet (keep it at the metatarsal region) and hold both ends.

Now, pull the towel towards you until you feel the Achilles tendon stretching. Keep the towel in that position for approximately 15-30 minutes. The exercise is good for your back as well. Here is a great collection shoes for people suffering with Achilles tendon.

Ice It Up

Inflammatory cases might need you to pop some pain killers and ice the arching region as well. A recommended way to do this is by putting ice on it for 15-20minutes. Do this three times a day.


Heel pain is becoming a common issue for many people-including pregnant women. Even those with perfectly healthy feet end up in need of extra-comfy slippers to wear after work. Here is a secret no one is telling you; nothing provides sufficient comfort like the best slippers for plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis shoes and slippers are designed with impressive biomechanics like ample arch support, premium orthotics, memory foam footbed, and fuzzy linings. When these features are combined with a flexible, energy-returning outsole, the shoe becomes incompatibly comfy.

Strive to equip your wardrobe with the best shoes and slippers for plantar fasciitis, and you will never complain about aggravating pains. This article already samples out a few favorable choices and thus the best place to start from.

Happy hunting!

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