The 7 Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers of 2020

Summer is here, and as usual, every parent wants there kids to look stunning and comfortable. There is nothing that does this better than a good summer shoe. Choosing toddler items is not easy because you won't be able to test them yourselves.

So, where do you start? Choosing the best summer shoes for toddlers starts by understanding their needs and what will suit them best. Kids are not yet exposed to fashion. So, the best thing to consider is the fit, comfort, form, and function of the shoe you're buying.

You cannot go wrong with reputable companies if you want all these features. In this review, Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe take the lead as summer shoes for toddlers thanks to its incredible combination of features.

Let's go into each shoe review and see what each of them has to offer. Keep reading to learn more about these summer shoes.

Best Summer Shoes for Toddlers


Made Of



Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe



Converse unisex-child Chuck Taylor Sneaker



Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker



Crocs Kids' CitiLane Roka Slip-On Sneaker

Matlite Foam


Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Leather and Textile


LONSOEN Toddler Little Kid Boys Girls Flat Shoes

Synthetic Leather


Femizee Girls Leather Bows Design Flat Shoes



1. Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe

If you're looking for shoes for a toddler with a wider than average feet, then you're in the right place. Sperry Halyard presents you with an excellent fitting shoe for those children with wider feet. You will never go wrong with Sperry kids' shoes thanks to their creative mix of fashion and functionality.

The shoe comes with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. The outsole is flexible enough and perfectly cushioned for flexibility. It also features a hook and loops for fastening and makes it easy for a toddler to get them on and off.

The soft canvas upper provides a perfect grown-up look that gives the kids a sense of style. The high-walled rubber sole is more than what you can ask for in an ideal shoe for a perfect outfit. It also features heel bumpers, which ensure added durability.

You can find medium and wide width sizes to fit toddlers between 1 to 8 years old.


  • Easy on and off for adjustability
  • Flexible outsole for added comfort
  • Canvas upper ensures the stunning look
  • Dual hook and loop straps for a perfect fit
  • Heel pumpers ensure durability


  • The toes can wear out easily
  • The Velcro is longer than the straps

If you're going for some boating adventure with your kids this summer holiday, trust Sperry to serve you with the best boat shoes in the market. The shoes have excellent features and made with durable materials to serve your baby for a long time.

2. Converse unisex-child Chuck Taylor Sneaker

Converse unisex-child Chuck Taylor Sneaker

Canvas sneakers are not going anywhere soon. These are shoes that kids have been wearing for centuries now, and no amount of competition is going to threaten their existence. Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top Sneaker boosts of super quality and style.

If you want to give your girl or boy some cool look this summer, then these sneakers will not disappoint. Their lightweight and breathable pair make them the perfect choice for summer weather. The shoes are made from 100% textiles giving them a stunning look and durability.

They also feature the vulcanized rubber sole for proper traction. This means your kids can run about and play all day without slipping. Because of kid's fancy colors, you can go through a gorgeous range of colors that come with these shoes and match them well with their outfit.


  • Breathable and lightweight canvas for comfort
  • Vulcanized rubber for traction
  • The all-star design gives them a sense of fashion
  • Rubber sole and 100% textile for durability
  • Unisex shoes to be worn by both boys and girls


  • Takes time to break in because of their stiffness
  • They are not elastic; hence, needs tying to fit perfectly

It is no doubt that the Converse Unisex Chuck Tailors make to this list of toddlers summer shoes. These shoes are perfect for kids and can be worn by both boys and girls. The brand is perfect for kids' wear when they start school and also serve well as a casual everyday shoe.

Also, read more about the excellent school shoes.

3. Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker

Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker

Just looking at the pictures, you'll be convinced that these are the only shoes your kids will need during summer. The shoes are accepted by kids and parents globally and have a huge following. Let's see the secret behind all the love.

One thing parents will love about Native Unisex Jefferson Fashion Sneaker is the ease in which a toddler puts them on. They have no Velcro straps and no laces. Just a simple slip-on and your kid are easy to go.

The shoes are super supportive and will be perfect for everyday wear. Even if you get a size that is a little larger than your kid's feet, they will still suction onto the feet and not slip off like sandals.

Another thing that makes Native Jefferson sneakers perfect summer wear for kids is their breathability. The sneakers are perfectly ventilated to ensure your kids do not sweat when exposed to the scorching summer heat.


  • Injection-molded EVA for comfort
  • Rubber rand and toe ensure durability
  • Hand washable hence easy to maintain
  • Shock absorbent hence maximum shoe protection
  • Up to 75 colors to choose


  • Less arch support
  • Only used during summer as they wear off fast

If you're planning to take your kids to the beach, these sneakers will be the best beachwear for kids. Forget the problem of sandbox sticking on the shoes and giving you a hell of a time to clean. With these shoes, you will just rinse them off, and everything is perfect.

4. Crocs Kids' CitiLane Roka Slip-On Sneaker

Crocs Kids' CitiLane Roka Slip-On Sneaker

These are all-round summer shoes for kids, whether for a playday in the neighborhood or a holiday along the beach. Crocs Kids' CitiLane Roka Slip-On Sneaker is among the best summer shoes for kids.

The shoes come with a perfect mix of functionality and fashion in one pair. The upper part of the shoe is perfectly ventilated to go well with the summer weather. The feet stay dry with enough airflow, so there is no room for sweat or smelly feet afterward.

The vintage-inspired style of these shoes gives your kids the perfect summer look. They slip-on are light and comfortable. They are perfect for kids with wide feet because of their roomy and forgiving fit. The feet are also kept soft with the perforated Matlite foam uppers.

The iconic crocks are waterproof hence good for a water day out. Your kids can wear them along the beach, and you won't have a difficult time cleaning them either. The twin stretch panels ensure perfect flexibility and easy on and off.


  • Ventilated uppers for breathability
  • Slip-on provides easy on and off
  • Roomy and forgiving fit for a wide foot
  • Lightweight for added flexibility
  • Made with soft Matlite foam that ensures


  • The holes are small hence not enough breathability
  • Causes blisters when worn without socks

These shoes are the perfect summer wear for kids from 8 to 10 years. However, you should watch out for blisters when worn for a long time without socks, and the material can be a bit stiff. They are not that bad for the price.

5. Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

To start us off is this sneaker that is ideal for toddlers of 1-4 years. This age bracket consists of kids who live to torture shoes. This calls for a durable pair that will withstand the abuse. This sneaker fits the bill. It’s made up of a suede and mesh upper coupled with an outsole made of rubber. This not only ensures that the pair is durable but also stable when your child is going about their adventures.

The sneakers are quite easy for your toddler to slip in/out, and they won’t fall out. They have a velcro tab, which ensures that they stay on. Furthermore, the velcro tab is big enough, giving room for error if your toddler insists on putting on the pair on their own. Plenty of velcros also ensures that there is a good hold.

Kids are always on wild undertakings, and the last thing you want is for sneakers to bog them down. Well, this will be the least of your worries because the pair is quite lightweight. It has a cushy EVA midsole that is not only lightweight but also comfy for your kid.

The soles have a good grip, so you don’t have to worry about your child slipping and falling. The sneaker is good looking, which is a plus.


  • They are a quality pair for a fair price
  • Nice looking
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to slip in/out
  • Durable


  • Toe area may need reinforcement
  • Might be too lightweight for some parents

If you are shopping for a lightweight sneaker that fits comfortably with a good grip, then this is the right pick for you.

6. LONSOEN Toddler Little Kid Boys Girls Flat Shoes

LONSOEN Toddler Little Kid Boys Girls Flat Shoes

Kids need to look at sharp in-formal events. With this loafer, you not only get a perfect pair for events such as weddings but one that can be worn with casual wear. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

As stated earlier, it can be worn with both formal and casual wear. They are mostly bought by parents who want their kids to stand out at weddings or formal events. These loafers come with 12 color options which you can choose from, which is a wide palette. This also means you’ll have no difficulty settling for the right pair, depending on your child’s wardrobe.

Since these loafers are for toddlers, there is the issue of whether they can easily be worn. Well, no need to worry for these loafers are easy to slip on and off.

The shoe is made of synthetic leather and has a rubber sole. This ensures that it is lightweight. The material also makes it durable, so you won’t be shopping for another pair any time soon. The shoe is, of course, comfortable on your child’s feet and flexible too.

The rubber sole is thick and nonslip. It is decorated with skulls, which give it great traction and protects your child from slipping. The leather is water-resistant, keeping your child dry in case they run into a shallow puddle.


  • Lightweight
  • Great traction
  • Can be worn with both formal and casual wear
  • Easy to slip on/off
  • Water-resistant


  • Sizing might be off
  • Synthetic leather might not stretch or breathe like genuine leather

This is a wonderful shoe for your child to wear to a wedding or formal event. There are many colors to choose from, which means that there is definitely a pair that meets your needs.

7. Femizee Girls Leather Bows Design Flat Shoes

Femizee Girls Leather Bows Design Flat Shoes

If you are looking for the ideal girl's shoe for your princess to don when going for parties or even when indoors or outdoors, then this is the ideal shoe. The shoe is made of genuine leather and a synthetic sole. The shoe has a princess design with flowers and a bow on top.

Since it’s made of soft genuine leather, it means that it is comfortable for your child. It also ensures that the shoe fits like a glove. Genuine leather also means that it is breathable. Additionally, the small heart holes found on the front provide extra breathing for your child’s feet.

The synthetic sole provides excellent grip. Your child will be quite safe in their wild escapades on slides or wet grass. They are also easy to walk in.

The shoe has a hook and loop closure that is adjustable, which ensures that the shoe remains on your child’s feet. It also means that it is easy for your child to slip in or out of the shoe, which is a plus.


  • Fits perfectly
  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Genuine leather makes it breathable
  • Sole gives awesome grip
  • Multi-purpose


  • Sizing might be off
  • Might be loose on narrow feet

If you want cute shoes for your little princess, well, this shoe is definitely for them. They are made of genuine leather, which means that your toddler will be wearing them for long.

Consideration Before Buying Summer Shoes for Toddlers

Summer Shoes for Toddlers

Summer is an exciting season for toddlers as they get to participate in a wide range of activities. Therefore, it is vital to buy toddler's quality shoes to allow them to take part in any activity without feeling restricted.

Keep reading to learn more about the considerations that you need to have in mind before buying the best summer shoes for toddlers.


Style is one aspect that enormously screams during summer; therefore, you need also to make sure that your child has stylish shoes. Go with the kid to the shop, and let him or her choose among four or five options.

During summer, kids take part in outdoor activities more than indoor, which means that your toddler will have the shoes most of the time. Let them have a pair that they are not embarrassed to wear, one that they would love everyone to see.


The most crucial aspect to consider when buying toddler shoes for summer is the size. Due to the heat during summer, feet usually swell, increasing in size. Therefore, you should buy shoes that are about a half bigger in size than the kid's normal feet size.

Another reason for buying bigger shoes is the fact that feet sweat and become soggy during summer. If your kid is wearing shoes of their standard size, his or her feet will be stuck in the shoes, making it unfit.

Buying bigger shoes will ensure that the feet have enough space to relax in the midst of sweating. Thus, go with the kid to the shoe store and choose a slightly bigger one.


You should find flexible shoes that are lightweight to protect the toddler from finding it hard to walk. Since they will be doing a lot of walking outside during summer, it is crucial to give them shoes that they can easily lift and run in them. Stiff shoes also affect the toddler's foot development.


As mentioned earlier, it is vital to give kids bigger shoes during summer due to the expansion of feet. This also allows the feet to breathe. Also, try to avoid shoes that are fully enclosed.

If the kid is going to be out in the sun, give them open shoes that allow them to breathe. The toe box of the shoes should be wide to give all the toes enough space to breathe.



All the factors mentioned above are not important if the pair of shoes are not comfortable. You don't want to have your kid walking in pain because of wearing uncomfortable shoes. Opt for shoes that have flat soles, as it can be impossible to play freely with shoes that have heels.

Click to learn more about the excellent foldable flats.

Adjustable Shoes

It is vital to give toddlers shoes that can be adjusted depending on the activity that they want to partake. Adjust the handle of the shoes when they are playing.

During summer, kids need a new pair of shoes that work for the season. Therefore, it’s essential to have enough knowledge of summer shoes to avoid buying the wrong pair. This guide helps you as a parent, buy the most convenient summer shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As the summer approaches, it’s wise to respect the weather and dress your child accordingly. On that note, shoes are not an exception. Imagine your kid on a beach vacation or in a backyard cookout with squishy socks and waterlogged shoes? Well, it must be a horrible experience!

The kind of shoes you choose for your toddler can ruin or make a beautiful summer day. To avoid this, finding information about summer shoes will undoubtedly be an excellent idea. You can start by checking out the following frequently asked questions about the best summer shoes for toddlers.

Q. What are the qualities to look for in summer shoes for toddlers?

A. When buying a toddler’s shoes, ensure that you go for the best. Your kid’s footwear has to be more than just stylish. Look for something that is water-friendly, comfortable, and durable. Moreover, ensure that the shoes can stay on his feet without having to put them on several times.

With that in mind, your toddler’s feet will be safe, and you will not have to keep on buying multiple pairs of shoes now and then.

Q. How do I get the correct size of summer shoes for a toddler with different feet sizes?

A. Firstly, it is normal for a growing child to have different feet sizes. So, you have nothing to worry about. To get the right size for your toddler’s summer shoes, you have to fit the footwear on the bigger foot.

However, if you get a significant difference of more than a full size between both feet, then consult a footwear specialist.

Q. How often does a toddler need new summer shoes?

A. Replacing your toddler’s summer shoes with new ones will depend on factors such as wear and tear, activities participated in, and the care given to the shoes. Nevertheless, your child’s growth can also play a significant role in this.

Q. Do summer shoes for toddlers require insoles?

A. Insoles are generally used to correct various conditions, such as posture or feet development problems. Therefore, your child can only utilize them following a recommendation by a foot health professional or a podiatrist.

Get a podiatrist to check your kid if they are falling or tripping more often or complaining about painful or tired legs.

Q. How fast do toddler’s feet grow?

A. Toddlers’ feet develop at a rapid rate. For instance, they can grow as much as two full shoe sizes each year on their first three to four years. However, this can slow down to one full size every year once they reach the school-going age.

Therefore, it is wise to check your child’s feet more frequently to ensure that they are putting on the correct shoe size. As a result, they will have a pleasant experience during the rapid growth period.

As you can see, the above are some of the most frequently asked questions about summer shoes for kids. Through the given answers, you can learn a lot. For instance, you discover how to support your child as they play in and out of the water using the right shoes.


A toddler’s day is full of running around and other wild activities. It’s important to find a pair of shoes that have great traction or grip to prevent slipping. Getting the right pair of sneakers for them will not only amp the fun but also ensure that they are secure. Getting a pair that is also multi-purpose means that your child can wear the same pair for different events and match them with pretty much their whole wardrobe.

With the above pairs of shoes, your child will be covered fully from outdoor activities to formal events. Plus, you won’t have to struggle trying to convince them to wear the shoes. They’ll be so in love with them that your greatest struggle will be getting them to take them off. The pairs are also fairly priced, which is great considering the perks your child gets.

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