The 15 Best Tactical Boots For Law Enforcement Of 2022

Law enforcement officers promise “To Protect and Serve,” and they do, every single day of their lives. To help them fulfill their duties, they need the best gear, including protective vests, backpacks, and of course, tactical boots.

Given their duties, which may include walking on patrol for hours or chasing suspects, a good pair of boots is necessary to help prevent foot injury. After all, there are a number of hazards that will affect their mobility, and in turn, affect their performance.

From excessive heat to brutal sub-zero conditions, a pair of comfortable footwear for tactical law enforcement units is mandatory. A good pair of tactical boots not only helps alleviate potential discomforts but also prevents serious foot injury.

These boots protect and serve the men and women of law enforcement. The following features make these special work boots great.

  • The thickness of the soles offers non-slip gripping and overall comfort.
  • The multi-directional lugs provide stability when twisting or pushing off the ground.
  • Being lightweight offers comfort and enables law enforcement officers to move faster.
  • Proper foot ventilation eases discomfort, especially during hot summer months.
  • Cushioning keeps feet warm and maintains body temperature to comfortable levels.

There are a number of boots for law enforcers out in the market today. Picking a pair of boots is not easy given all the models available today; further, it depends on an individual’s need and the intended use.

Based on hours of research and the number of positive reviews, we recommend the Danner Men’s Tachyon 8″ GTX Duty Boot for law enforcement officers.

This high-quality footwear from a well-known brand is one of the best tactical boots in the market today. It is not only durable and meant to withstand harsh conditions, but it is also a lightweight boot and very comfortable.

Best Tactical Boots For Law Enforcement

Here are all the boots we reviewed for 2022. We will dig down to the details, giving you the pros, cons, features, plus all you need to know about each boot. We have also dedicated a whole new page on combat boots, where we featured 15 high-quality boots for Army and Marine personnel.

1. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot

Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot

This superiorly-designed pair of Danner boots continues to be one of the best tactical boots in the market today. Designed for harsh and rugged conditions, this lightweight boot remains very comfortable.

The full genuine soft leather exterior gives ankles the additional support needed. The GORE-TEX lining keeps feet warm and dry in extreme outdoor weather. Many features of the Danner 8” boots only emphasize their overall quality.


  • It features speed lacing for rapid deployment.
  • It has open-air construction for more excellent air circulation.
  • 100 percent rubber non-slip outsole for increased traction.
  • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX liner is engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The Danner boots are priced below competitors’ similar-styled duty boots with a greater wear factor.

It has overwhelming support from consumers with excellent reviews. Some concerns regarding wear or possible defects of the Danner 8” police boots include:


  • There is no ankle support due to lightweight upper nylon.
  • Boots are flat with no arch support.
  • Sewn seams fell apart within a month of wear.

Law enforcement agencies, as well as individual patrol or tactical team members, are encouraged to look further into the quality of the Danner 8” duty boot. As a professional law enforcement officer, only you know the circumstances that you face while on patrol.

With greater mobility due to the boots’ excellent features, the Danner Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot is, without doubt, the best duty boot for law enforcers.

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2. Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sports Side-Zip Boot

Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sports Side-Zip Boot

Made with 1680 denier nylon for soothing comfort, the Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sports Side-Zip Boot has a cushioned EVA footbed and a removable insole that provides support on long, difficult patrols. The mesh lining keeps feet cool in extreme heat conditions.

Like a great sports boot, the Bates 8” Tactical Sports Boot is perfect for additional outdoor off-duty adventures. It provides a means for stress relief from a difficult and demanding job. It remains one of the best tactical boots for police officers today.


  • Full-grain leather and EVA midsole give shock absorbing.
  • Durable leather & nylon upper provides maximum comfort.
  • It features superior arch and heel support.
  • Dual-density inner sole with memory foam for ideal comfort.
  • It has a long-wearing, durable outsole with a multi-terrain design.

The side-zip feature allows for easy on, easy off. Non-metallic composites provide additional safety and protection. The boot has an excellent rating on Amazon.

The boot is available in sizes from 7 to 16, and each size offers additional features. Minor defects include:


  • It has improper size adjustments and rubs on ankles.
  • It has poor quality stitching.

Thousands of Bates Men’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inch Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boots have been sold. Law enforcement officers around the world rely on these boots for superior quality daily.

3. Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson has a solid reputation for the production of some of the best firearms in the world. It is now known as well to produce a long line of high-quality hunting and tactical boots for the outdoor enthusiast.

The Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Waterproof Side Zip Boot is one of the rock-solid legacies of Smith & Wesson. These boots are tough, dependable, and affordable.


  • The gusseted tongue keeps dirt and debris out.
  • The steel shank adds support.
  • Engineered traction pattern provides additional gripping on slippery surfaces.
  • HydroGuard provides all-weather protection from inclement weather conditions.
  • This boot comes with two colors (black, coyote).

The side-zip feature of this Smith & Wesson boots aid in rapid response to emergencies, day or night. These boots by Smith & Wesson continue to achieve the recognition they deserve.


  • Leather begins to crack after only two months (the result of improper care).
  • It does not hold up to daily work.

Proper care of your combat boots is required. Cleaning and application of specialized protective sealant for the exterior of the boot should be applied.

4. Malestrom Men’s TAC Force 8 Inch Tactical Work Boot with Zipper

Malestrom Men’s TAC Force 8 Inch Tactical Work Boot with Zipper

Designed for law enforcement officers, the Maelstrom Tactical Work Boot thrives in extreme work conditions. Wick interior lining keeps feet dry, comfortable, and free from bacteria. With enhanced speed capabilities, the lightweight compound adds shock-absorbing synthetic to the midsole.

Durable, thick rubber lines the outsole, providing you optimum traction on slippery surfaces. This is the preferred choice of law enforcement boots over competing styles. This 8-inch boot includes other features for your comfort.


  • The YKK heavy-duty side zipper has a folding zipper strap.
  • The collar is padded to reduce chaffing.
  • The inner tongue is padded as well, keeping all laces in place.
  • It has removable shock-absorbing inserts.
  • Polishable full-grain leather and nylon upper for a professional look.

The Maelstrom boot has a moderate rating on Amazon. Huge consumer reviews support the general longevity of this tactical work boot. It is very affordable, too, compared to other competing styles.

These boots offer all law enforcement officers comfort and security day or night. The Maelstrom 8-inch Tactical Work Boot has had a few minor flaws.


  • Grommets tear away from boot fabric after a few uses (due to improper tension to laces).
  • The bottom of the boot fell off within three months of purchase (due to abnormal usage).

The Maelstrom TAC Force 8-inch Tactical Work Boot has a one-year warranty. Affordable and durable, these well-made boots remain a good choice for law enforcers. Whether used for hunting, construction, or law enforcement, the Maelstrom will continue to remain highly rated.

5. Rocky Men’s Fq0001073 Military Tactical Boot

Rocky Men’s Fq0001073 Military Tactical Boot

Designed as a training boot for the police, these Rocky Men’s Tactical Boots offer superior comfort with durability. Training exercises require a boot that is capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. Breathable nylon sides allow for continual ventilation in the sweltering heat. It is classified as a non-insulated boot.

These tactical boots work in colder climates as well with appropriate insulated socks. From excessive heat to abuse above the norm, your Rocky men’s police boots remain intact.

Together with the latest in design, these combat boots are lightweight, weighing only two pounds combined. The 550 Paracord laced shaft makes a good fit. Other features of these well-made combat boots include:


  • It is 100 percent water resistant.
  • It has increased support and strength.
  • Speedy lace eyelets for easy on and off.
  • It features rubber, non-slip outsoles, and rubber outer soles.

Very good to above-average rating on Amazon, these Rocky boots have a few negative feedbacks from consumers.


  • Quality is poor compared to the cost of these boots.
  • There is pain on top of the foot after wearing boots for an extended period of time.
  • Available sizes are not standard boot sizes.

These boots remain a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts, including people who love extreme exploration.

The boots have excellent shock-absorbing properties and resist abrasions during rides through the unforgiving country. From heel to toe, these Rocky boots continue to serve multiple uses.

6. Belleville Tactical Research 8” Fat Maxx Maximalist Boot

Belleville Tactical Research 8” Fat Maxx Maximalist Boot

The greater density inner foam sets these Fat Maxx Maximalist Boots apart from all other similar styles in the market today. It is one of the best law enforcement boots in the market today, with a cattle hide leather that repels moisture quite well. Vibram ballistic rubber outsoles provide superior gripping ability.

Side-zipping adds increased functionality to these boots without compromising overall comfort. The hydrophilic mesh lining keeps feet dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. Offering more for less, the other features of these lightweight boots include:


  • 25 to 55 percent shock-absorbing qualities compared to other similar styles.
  • Rocker midsole encourages proper placement of the foot.
  • It features low-profile outsoles.
  • The double and triple stitched seams increase durability.
  • Maxx series of boots allow the foot to sink deeply into the midsole for greater support.
  • It provides Achilles heel support.

These Fat Maxx tactical has an excellent rating on Amazon. These remain durable, lightweight, and affordable. Reported issues with these duty boots include:


  • The sole tears away from the arch.
  • It is not waterproof. (Boot is advertised as water resistant, not waterproof).

Rugged and durable, these boots are suitable for wear even on rocky terrain. The majority of consumers that have purchased the Fat Maxx 8” recommend these boots.

There is no breaking-in period. While these boots can be polished for special occasions, over-the-counter shoe/boot polish should not be used.

The Belleville Tactical Research 8” Fat Maxx Maximalist Boot is stylish in appearance and constructed with the latest in design technology.

It is highly affordable based on an overall higher than average wear factor. Comfortable and durable, these high-quality boots remain a popular choice.

7. Original S.W.A.T Men’s Tactical 9” Waterproof CST Work Boot

Original S.W.A.T Men’s Tactical 9” Waterproof CST Work Boot

The original S.W.A.T. Men’s Tactical 9″ Waterproof CST Work Boot has a long association with one of the world’s most elite tactical units. Capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions, these lightweight tactical boots have endured it all. From rugged mountain terrain to searching through dark and desolate buildings, these boots live up to expectations.

With its 100 percent composite safety toe, feet remain protected from unseen hazards. Thick, rubberized, non-slip outsoles provide stability on wet surfaces.

It is side-zippered for immediate deployment, day or night. Tested by professionals and worn by specialists, these durable boots offer a never-ending array of additional features.


  • True to size with no guesswork involved.
  • It is 100 percent waterproof.
  • Thick foam tongue for added comfort.
  • It features non-marking rubber soles.
  • It has resistant outsoles to all hazardous chemicals and bio-hazards.

The boot’s 18 lace eyelets, nine per side, keep laces tight and tangle-free. With a one-inch higher back, these rugged and dependable boots are all that they claim to be. This is considered by many to be the most elite police boot available.

This model has a current superb rating on Amazon. As a symbol of pride, freedom, and respect, there remain some issues with these S.W.A.T 9-inch boots based on consumer reviews. However, overall negative comments remain relatively low.


  • The leather appears to be fake.
  • The boot’s exterior layer peels off within two weeks of wear.

This pair’s aggressive styling remains a hallmark of integrity with instant visual recognition. It is also priced on a competitive level with similar available styles.

These police boots command respect for those who continue to risk their lives. “To protect and serve” is a motto that this pair of boots will help uphold.

8. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof Boot

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof Boot

Under Armour has been producing a wide variety of active sportswear since 1996. Used by athletes from high school to the professional league, Under Armour is the symbol of quality and precision.

The Under Armour Stellar Tac Boot complements their category of All-Season Gear. These high-quality boots offer great foot protection in all weather conditions. Water-resistant leather keeps feet dry and comfortable throughout long and tiring shifts.


  • It has low-profile rubber lug outsoles.
  • Quick-dry minimalist design with polishable toe.
  • Breathable, Clarino microfiber upper & membrane keep you cool & dry.
  • It is extremely comfortable regardless of season, weather, or terrain.
  • It provides excellent support with a high mobility factor.

This model has a high rating on Amazon. These law enforcement boots, however, have experienced some issues concerning wear.


  • The seams along the back of the boot tore open after a few months of wear.
  • It is painful to wear and needs time to break in.

Under Armour stands behind their complete line of these best lightweight tactical boots for law enforcement officers. All reported incidents were satisfied immediately.

Consumers with complaints received a refund or replacement. With greater insight into a very competitive market, Under Armour continues to walk straight to the top.

9. 5.11 Men’s Taclite 8” Boot

5.11 Men’s Taclite 8” Boot

These 5.11 Men’s Taclite 8″ Boots have been a favorite of law enforcement officers for years. With the main focus on safety and accuracy, these boots are a foundation of toughness.

Oil-resistant, non-slip rubber outsoles are squeak-free, which is good for nighttime raids. Fast control rope treads offer ideal stability regardless of the terrain.

The Zonal Lacing System keeps laces tight and in place throughout long and tedious shifts. Its Innovative SMS (Shock Mitigation System) maximizes compression rebound with greater performance.

The 5.11 Taclite 8″ boot delivers top performance from tropical conditions to four-alarm blazes. It also offers the following pros:


  • The boots are made with a synthetic bottom, indicating less weight.
  • Upper leather and Cordura nylon provide comfort.
  • It features a unique lace and design function.
  • CMEVA midsole provide stability, while rope tread, multi-directional traction lugs.
  • Its perforated EVA foam padding wicks moisture away from feet.

Comfort and performance are the goals of all 5.11 Taclite 8″ boots since its original inception.


  • It is falsely advertised as non-slip.
  • The incorrect size was shipped.

With thousands of pairs sold and shipped since its initial offering in 2011, these rugged boots remain a top seller throughout multiple online marketplaces. Weighing only four pounds combined, they are a pleasure to wear.

10. Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot

Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot

In the 1970s, Adidas ranked as the number one athletic shoe in the world, and they are still one of the most popular shoe brands today. The Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.7 boot, which was meant for outdoor enthusiasts, began a new phase for Adidas.

Designed with athletic features, these boots were built to deal with the harshest extremes. From excessive, sand-blown desert heat to rugged mountain terrains, these remarkable boot stands the test of time. This is the preferred footwear by the United States Border Patrol. With quite a few specialized features, these boots offer the following.


  • It has an engineered rubber sole for greater traction.
  • The full-grain leather upper with Cordura panels is durable.
  • It has abrasion-resistant toes.
  • The step-in cushioning is breathable.
  • It can be used in various conditions.

A solid beginning into the tactical and police boots sector, the Adidas GSG 9.7 remains a strong competitor in the market. It is highly ranked on Amazon.

These Adidas GSG-9.7 boots have experienced a few issues, dealing primarily with incorrect sizing.


  • The right shoe was tighter than the left.
  • It is not a very good fit. It is either too small or too big.
  • The size chart is misleading.

Venturing into something new always brings about additional challenges. With years of experience and a strong commitment to satisfy consumers, these Adidas rugged boots will eventually kick the competition right where it hurts the most in sales.

11. Magnum Men’s Stealth Force 8.0 I-Shield Military and Tactical Boot

Magnum Men’s Stealth Force 8.0 I-Shield Military and Tactical Boot

These boots are made to stand up to the harshest conditions on earth.

Ten combined technologies produce a tactical boot equipped with everything that you will need and depend on. Nubuck leather and ballistic nylon make these military/tactical boots very durable yet remain flexible to move quickly and accurately when needed.

Nylon mesh inlays provide a higher level of breathability designed to keep your feet dry from blistering desert heat to standing guard on remote military bases.

The compression-molded midsole absorbs shocks with x-traction zone outsole for sure footing while climbing steep grades to mountain terrain.

M-Pact contoured Sockliner consists of three layers of memory foam for maximum cushioning and comfort levels. Internal microbial treatments help to prevent odor-causing bacteria.


  • Nubuck leather and ballistic nylon make these durable.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • Outstanding ventilation for odor control.
  • It has a composite shank for underfoot support.
  • It has a soft toe for comfortable.

Nonmetallic hardware will not set off any alarms at the airport when catching a flight heading for another base for deployment. The durable anti-glare hardware lacing system is adjustable, functional and scratch-resistant.


  • The side zipper is faulty.
  • The toe area is too large.

Serving those that demand higher quality, dependable military/tactical 8″ footwear is the primary focus of these boots.

12. Nike SFB Field 8″ Leather Special Tactics Men’s Boots

Nike SFB Field 8″ Leather Special Tactics Men’s Boots

First responders are emergency athletes with boundless training and compassion that are vital in saving lives. Dedicated men and women need reliable boots to answer calls 24/7.

These 8″ unisex SFB (Special Forces Boots)offer a dynamic lacing system and 8″ shaft for enhanced lockdown and support for feet that are continually on the move.

These boots have a modern athletic design with a durable synthetic upper that makes these boots ultra-lightweight and extremely comfortable. Breathable canvas lets the warm air out and cooler air in.

Phylon midsole provides excellent stability required when climbing ladders and entering and exiting all emergency vehicles in all weather conditions.

Aggressive traction pattern outsole with puncture and laceration proof resistance. Smooth heel-to-toe transition with super-cushioned extra midsole.

Reverse edge rubber outsole with a raised heel for better grip while walking or running down steep embankments, carrying extra gear during snowy winter months.


  • It has a flexible, cushioned insole.
  • Rock shield reduces pressure.
  • Puncture resistant forefoot.
  • Lightweight high-performance.
  • Sticky rubber lugs.

Perforations at sides and collar prevent excessive build-up of interior foot heat. Reinforced toe is durable with abrasion resistance. Trail frame with TPU shank for stability when carrying heavy equipment.

These first responder 8″ boots have many complaints about the overall durability with equally poor interior cushioning.


  • Poor sole construction.
  • Fake Leather.

Boots remain a disappointment from a company that is known for premier, quality footwear.

Speaking of Tactical Boots, you might need to blouse your pants into them. There are several ways to blouse your boots properly.

13. Garmont T8 NFS Tactical Boot

Garmont T8 NFS Tactical Boot

These T8 Tactical boots are designed for the military. Walking for miles in rugged, wet conditions requires premium footwear for the best in foot protection.

Zero optical refraction and ball bearing hardware at the instep for superior performance in the most desolate and challenging environments. Suede leather uppers with nylon mesh for breathability.

Comfort is assured in the most demanding field conditions far from the base. Vibram sole offers superior traction on mud-soaked trails to hot blistering desert sand and climbing sheer rock faces.

Quick-drying materials allow for amphibious operations during torrential downpours to tropical dense forest conditions. Adequate comfort levels support self-confidence when standing for long hours during inspections or parades.


  • Excellent ventilation and quick-dry materials.
  • It has a TPU insert in the heel.
  • 2mm EVA insole is well-cushioned.
  • It has Texon and canvas reinforcements.
  • It has featherlight construction.

High rated rating on Amazon. These boots are worn by military members that require superior foot protection to combat the hazards of military service.

These 8” tactical boots may not carry one of the most recognized names in the tactical footwear industry. However, they provide the necessary foot support needed for ambitious military maneuvers from sunup to sundown.


  • Shrink when drying out.
  • Not for heavy-duty use.
  • Too tight.

These tactical boots are not AR 670-1 compliant for military use due to the use of polyester materials used in construction.

14. Salomon Urban Jungle Ultra Tactical Boots

Salomon Urban Jungle Ultra Tactical Boots

The urban jungle remains hectic and chaotic. Law enforcement, military, and tactical operators rely on footwear that can withstand the hazards and dangers that lurk in the darkness.

Oil and slip resistance outsoles of these 8” boots offer higher performance with speed and agility under the most demanding situations. Injection-molded insoles with nonmetallic shank provide much-needed support when the urban jungle reaches maximum levels.

Advanced chassis creates underfoot stability during volatile situations that require sure footing when chasing eluding individuals. Side zip features allow for immediate response during emergency calls.

High traction outsole gives better gripping and running ability on wet slippery streets and patrolling unwelcoming neighborhoods. High protection mudguard with rubber heel cap protects feet in all rugged terrain.


  • Heel strap upper construction.
  • Heel cushioning foam for more comfortable.
  • High Protection Mud guard Protective rubber heel.
  • Gusseted tongue.
  • Closed cells Sockliner.

Polishable leather is soft, smooth, and very flexible, allowing for quick maneuvers as required.

These 8” tactical boots remain a favorite of many law enforcement personnel and tactical operation officers, including SWAT teams and first responders.


  • Sizes tend to run small.

Limited available reviews on Amazon offer no further insight as to the overall performance or quality of these 8” tactical boots.

Maintaining peace and tranquility in the urban jungle requires the dedication of men and women who will forever make a difference.

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15. RYNO GEAR Trek Coolmax Tactical Side Zip Boots

You will not find any horns on these 6″ tactical side zip boots. What you will find are boots constructed with a combination of leather and ballistic nylon that is capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions.

These tactical boots are as tough as the name that they carry. Side zipping with Velcro top straps allows for easy on and off. If preferred, leave the side zippers up and use the adjustable laces for a more preferred and secure fit. Either way, you are prepared to take on all challenges.

Slip-resistant rubber outsoles will give you an improved gripping ability on all surfaces wet or dry. Remove the shock-absorbent insoles for a customized comfort lever that is perfect for you. These 6″ tactical boots are for all-day use with unparalleled performance levels.

These 6″ tactical boots also feature ballistic nylon that provides a perfect blend of durability and dependability made from genuine leather — padded collar with no rubbing or chafing.


  • It has a water-resistant inner lining.
  • Rigid toe construction makes it lightweight.
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole for added grip.
  • It has adaptable uses.
  • CoolMax lining draws perspiration away from the skin to keep you cool and dry.

Excellent rating on Amazon. These 6″ tactical boots are versatile with many uses. These boots continue to be preferred by those who choose to live on the edge from the desert sands of Kuwait to mountain climbing enthusiasts.


  • Narrow and uncomfortable.
  • Poor overall quality.

What are Tactical Boots Used for?

Military: Tactical boots are commonly used by the military. Capable of providing increased ankle support for hiking and extreme maneuvers, they are also worn by troops serving in adverse war environments.

With rugged durability, this lightweight footwear offers greater maneuverability with increased comfort, grip, and stability. High backing allows pant legs to be neatly tucked into boots. From the war zone to parade zones, these duty boots serve many purposes.

Law Enforcement or Police Force: A great pair of comfortable boots offers protection to all tactical units engaged in the arrest of wanted fugitives, or even during rucking or ranger school. Thick rubber sole protects officers with fewer injuries to ankles and punctures to the bottom of the feet.

Chasing running fugitives is made easier with this kind of boots. Lightweight and comfortable, these police boots remain a choice of all law enforcement personnel.

Fire Fighters: Tactical boot gives increased stability to firefighters climbing to excessive heights on ladders.

Whether rescuing animals from trees or climbing to the upper stories of burning houses, these superior fire boots offer increased ankle support even in adverse weather conditions. Built-in side webbing and side zippers are great for emergency calls. The additional gripping power of rubber soles prevents slipping on wet surfaces.

If you are interested in station firefighter boots, check out this station boots review article.

Consuming Public: For the consuming public, these outstanding police boots are great even for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. Commonly used for mountain climbing, hiking, and trail riding, and great for different weather conditions from the desert heat to arctic cold, these rugged and durable boots offer protection from the elements.

Serious poisonous snake bites can be avoided due to the boot’s construction. Waterproof and shockproof, these boots are preferred by hunters as well. But it can be more preferable if you may use the right pair of snake boots to avoid poisonous snakes in forests.

What to Look for in a Tactical Boot?


Law enforcement deployment requires crossing rugged terrain. With streams and water hazards prevalent, 100 percent waterproof boots are a necessity. Waterproof boots allow more comfort than water-resistant boots.


Traction and the ability to climb over slippery hazards are of equal importance. Police officers are injured on duty from serious falls, so boots with the proper gripping ability are essential when they are at work.

Tactical boots have durable rubber outsoles that provide additional traction when climbing ladders and traversing difficult terrain.


Slipping on wet surfaces or ice in extremely cold conditions during winter results in serious injuries. Slip-resistant boots offer greater stability and traction, preventing falls. The boot with a slip-resistant outsole should be thick with an intertwining deep thread design.

Zippers or Laces

​Zippers or laces are a personal preference. Law enforcement boots have a combination of laces on the front with zippers on the side. For rapid deployment, zippers are used by tactical police units.


Hot and sweaty feet hurt. The comfortable tactical boots with nylon side webbing dissipate heat. Tactical and patrol officers search for tactical boots with a high comfort level. These boots need to breathe, maintaining a high level of comfort, especially during summertime.


Law enforcement boots undergo extreme conditions and thus require a strong rugged wear factor. With a slight increase in price, the more durable pair of tactical boots is money well spent.


The most common mistake made in boot selection is choosing the appropriate fit. Choosing the best one with a tight fit is a big mistake. Select a size that is slightly larger than your standard shoe size for greater comfort.

Perfect Fit

Perfectly-fitting combat boots depend on many factors. Climbing and running play a large role in searching for that elusive perfect fit. With many variations, the perfect fit for law enforcement boots lies with the intended user.

What are the Differences Between a Tactical Boot and a Police Boot?

Beyond appearance, some distinct differences between a tactical boot and the police boot exist.

Tactical B​​​​​oots

Extreme weather conditions and chasing criminals require specialized footwear. Tactical boots offer police officers an advantage in capturing fleeing suspects. A perfect pair of boots have better gripping and stability with puncture-resistant outer soles.

Tactical police officers work in extreme weather conditions from excessive heat to brutally cold conditions. These boots allow officers to maintain focus on their objectives. These boots are often black leather, depending on style and intended use. They have side zippers for rapid deployment.

These boots for law enforcement officers need to be waterproof as police officers may have to cross rivers and streams (or walk in the rain) in the performance of their duty. Waterproof boots keep feet dry. Make sure to dry your boots well before using again to prevent foot fungus bacteria.

Tactical boots offer additional ankle support with shock-supporting midsoles. An excellent pair is an integral part of all successful police procedures.

Police Boots

Police officers on patrol are subjected to extreme hazards. The best police boots are lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Foot chases involving suspects require a boot that is very comfortable.

Police boots worn daily may have a higher replacement factor. Police officers often remain on their feet for many hours. Comfort is a big plus. Police boots with thick, comforting inner soles soothe aching feet.

From police boots to tactical boots, selecting a pair is based on use. Buying a work boot when a tactical boot is needed is money wasted. Choosing footwear for police duty remains a matter of personal preference. We recommend extensive research before buying.

How to Polish Tactical Boots?

Taking care of any boot will make them last longer. These combat boots are complex in design and construction versus the average work boot, and they need greater care when polishing. Applying excessive polish to the nylon webbing may reduce ventilation. Always use an approved polish for your boot.

Never apply more polish than needed. Use correct application and removal brushes for the best results. Remove all laces before applying polish. Polish on laces cause them to wear out quickly. For professional results, take your boots to the local repair shop. The results will be amazing and worth the few dollars spent.

Not all tactical boots can be polished. Check with the manufacturer before applying any polish to any specialized boot.

With tactical boots, only the toe can be polished. Police officers may be required to have their boots shined to mirrored perfection when there are parades and other special occasions.

Polishing a pair of police boots may not be required. Even the best boots are scuffed during active pursuits. For best results, keep one pair of boots for inspections. A highly polished boot is a reflection of you.

In Conclusion

These special boots are for extreme outdoor conditions. Police officers spend hours on their feet on concrete, protecting their communities from criminals.

During active police duties, the feet are one of the first body parts to get hurt or injured. And if your feet hurt, the entire body hurts, which could impact the fulfillment of your duties.

Boots should be purchased based on quality, not price. Many styles are very affordable to fit all intended purposes. Never purchase boots with a tight fit. Feet need room for expansion and movement. Purchase a half-size or one full size bigger than your foot size.

We are not trying to convince you to buy a specific brand or a model; we have taken a little responsibility to provide you sufficient information with the pros and cons of each renowned brand’s boots available on the market today.

Purchasing a pair of great tactical boots goes a long way towards the fulfillment of your duties as a law enforcement officer. Before buying, assess all possible styles to determine which boot will fit your intended purpose.

Let us know if you find this article useful in the comment section below.

“We commend the men and women of police forces across the country. Your dedication and courage are appreciated although not often respected. Thank you for protecting our families and loved ones. We support all who sacrifice their lives for us. Through your dedication, we live free, safe, and protected. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you daily. May God protect you to keep you safe from harm and forever in His infinite mercy.”

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