The 7 Best Tandem Bike Attachment in 2022

Whether you are a single parent, a busy husband or wife, or simply a guardian to a kid, it comes a time when you have to be there for them-actively. But since your young chaps have been playing within the compound for long, it could be time for them to enjoy outdoor activities.

One of the best ways to spend time with kids is through bike riding. This is a proactive sport that allows them to see the beauty of the world while exercising their legs. However, kids between the ages of 1 to 8 don’t know how to rise in busy streets. This is where tandem bike attachments come in.

What are Tandem bike attachments?

Tandem bikes are those that can be ridden by more than one person. Not all bikes come as full tandems, though. The only way you could make one out of single bikes is through tandem attachments, also called trail-a-bike, trail gator, weeride, tagalong, or trailer-cycle.

The essence of Tandem Bikes for Kids

You are probably wondering you need a trailer-cycle when your kid can spin a bike on their own. To begin with, they don’t know the safety rules. They will wonder about and get hit. Secondly, some of them are just getting started and don’t have the stamina to pedal for long.

With tagalong arrangement, your kid’s bike gets attached to yours in the best and safest way possible. This way, you will be able to teach them how to ride in public places and the rules to be followed. In tandem mode, the parent will be doing most of the work while the child either coasts or pedals along whenever they feel like.

If you are looking for the best tandem bike attachment, then you came to the right place. We are going to review a few reliable selections and drop in some advice on how to go about the buying process.

If you have so much on your plate and can’t read through the entire review, then take a look at our top recommendation- Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer. This gear is both affordable and practical. It’s also backed thousands of positive reviews from satisfied users.

Best Tandem Bike Attachment

Here is a comprehensive list of all the trailer bike attachments you may get for your 1 to 10 years old kids:

1. Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

WeeRide Co-Pilot enhances bonding between parents and their kids. This tandem bike trailer safely locks onto the seat post of another bike through a quick-release attachment point. The attachment point has joints that turn up and sideways to allow smooth movement.

This trailer is almost similar to a regular bike with a complete rear section and a handlebar. This leaves the controls onto the parent so the kid can follow along at the same pace. Both the seat post and handlebar can be adjusted to fit your child’s height.

Even though Weeride Co-pilot bears heavy-duty steel, it’s only appropriate for kids aged between 4 and 9. The bike weighs roughly 24 pounds and can accommodate a max weight of 75 pounds. There is a safety flag attached at the rear for safety.

The biggest advantage of this bike attachment for kids is its affordable pricing. It rarely goes beyond $100 bucks.

Top features

  • A sturdy trailer
  • Quick-release attachment point
  • Max weight: 75 pounds
  • Appropriate for 4 to 9 years old kids
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Sync link hitch
  • Full wrap chain guard
  • Available in 3 colors (White, Green or Pink)
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Quick-release seat
  • A safety flag
  • Foldable

WeeRide Co-pilot trailer is one of the best, most affordable tandem bike attachments for kids aged 4 to 9. It’s got a wide comfortable seat, quick-release parts, and can fit on virtually any bike with a seat post. Besides its affordable price tag, it folds up into a tiny space-saving unit.

2. WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tandem Bicycle Trailer

WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tandem Bicycle Trailer

Kids don’t have a lot of strength in them, and that means they could use a lightweight bike. Furthermore, since you’ll be doing the most work, you could benefit from a lightweight tandem bike attachment. One such trailer is WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tandem Bicycle Trailer.

Like its sister above, it’s only ideal for kids aged between 4 and 9 with a max weight of 75 pounds. It comes with a patented swivel hinge that offers robust and flexible attachment. This allows your kid’s bike to move about easily without messing with the balance.

The beauty of the WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tandem Bicycle Trailer is that it allows your kid to either coast along or pedal independently. This sturdily built add-a-bike attachment connect to virtually all adult bikes though a quick-release point of connection. It also folds up pretty fast for easy storage and transportation.

Top features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 20″ rear wheel
  • Safety flag
  • Max weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Quick-folding hinge
  • Quick-release seat-post
  • Rear fender and chainguard
  • Fully adjustable handlebars
  • Patented swivel hinge
  • Independently pedal

In comparison to its sibling (Kazam WeeRide Co-Pilot trailer), WeeRide Pro-Pilot Tandem Bicycle Trailer is slightly advanced. To begin with, it is massively lightweight thanks to the aluminum frame.

Secondly, it gives your kids a chance to either pedal along or simply coast. The major difference is the weight. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with any of them.

3. Burley Piccolo Trailer Cycle

Burley Piccolo Trailercycle

Are you looking for the trail gator that guarantees top-level safety and stability? If so, then look no further than Burley Piccolo Trailercycle. This is a pretty advanced tandem bike kit with a rear-rack hitch connection system. Basically, it connects to your rack-not the seat post.

By connecting to the rear rack, this style provides far better stability. Like other tandem attachments, the seat post and handlebar can be adjusted to the best fit. This ride comes with a 7-speed shifter for teaching your child how to shift gears on different terrains.

Comfort-wise, the 7-speed Piccolo trailer cycle doesn’t disappoint. The saddle is wide and optimally cushioned. Furthermore, the rear section features a 20-inch wider, smooth-rolling wheel that glides over obstacles. On rainy days, mud splashes are unavoidable. This trailer cycle takes care of that through the front splash guard.

Burley Piccolo Trailercycle features a sturdy lightweight aluminum frame that can host a max weight of 85 pounds (38kgs). That means it’s ideal for 4 to 10 years old kids. There is a limited warranty on the frame, hitch, and rack.

Top features

  • 7-speed thumb shifter
  • Adjustable seat post and handlebar
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 20-inch smooth-rolling wheel
  • Front splash guard
  • Rear bike rack included
  • Hitch connection system
  • Safety flag
  • Ideal for 4 to 10 years old kids
  • Limited warranty on some parts

Burley Piccolo has consistently been a top pick among many parents. This is because the trailer-cycle attachment is highly stable and lightweight.

It pops along with the rack to save you from spending further. While it attaches to most adult bikes, it pays to find out if it would work with your model before making the purchase.

4. Adams Trail a Bike

Adams Trail a Bike

When you want to get your kid out for fun, it’s sometimes better to do it in a simpler manner. The simplest way to get you’re the young chap riding is through Adams Trail A Bike Tandem Attachment. Everything from the seat, pedals to the frame has been designed to fit kids between the ages of 6 to 10.

As a single-speed tandem attachment, this gear helps your child to tag alongside you and learn how to pedal. Along the way, they will be able to learn all the safety rules as they transition to independent bikes. This cycle folds together to make storage and transportation easier.

With a universal hitch, Adams Trail A Bike Tandem Attachment can connect to many bikes, including 26-inch/700cc bikes. It bears a safety flag, so other motorists can be aware of your presence. This trailer can hold a maximum of 85 pounds.

Top features

  • Fits 26-inch and 700c wheeled bikes
  • Single speed
  • Safety flag
  • Fits to a seat post
  • Chainguard
  • Bash chainring guard
  • Quick-release attachment
  • Ideal for 6-10 years old kids

In the midst of far superior tandem attachment for kids, it can be hard to see why Adams Trail A Bike Tandem Attachment might be an ideal choice.

First, note that this is the original model of tandem attachments and thus highly functional. Secondly, it is a good grab for kids that want a true experience of riding a bike. This can shorten the transitioning period.

5. Weehoo iGo Blast Bike Trailer

Weehoo iGo Blast Bike Trailer

A four-year-old kid can ride, but they can’t be safe on the streets. With Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer, however, they can enjoy a ride all while seated behind you. This tandem bike attachment for the child is more like a carriage that attaches to your bike.

This trailer bike has a single wheel design and therefore only suitable for 1 to 4 years old kids that don’t mind tagging along. Once the young one is seated, get him, or she strapped in and their hands resting on handlebars. Instead of pedals, the base features two footrests with securing straps to keep the kid’s feet locked in one place.

Even though the look may suggest otherwise, Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer is actually a hassle-free kit. It attaches to your bike through a quick-release hitch. Additionally, it is easy to install and takes seconds to remove for storage.

Top features

  • Load capacity: up to 80 pounds/36kgs
  • Pivoting attachment point
  • Single 20’’ wheel
  • Footrest with heel and foot straps
  • Equipped with a mud splash protector
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Rain protection

Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer is quite a unique tandem bike trailer. This recumbent unit is ideal for parents who want to spend time with kids between the ages of 1 to 4-sometimes up to 6.

The only problem is that it sits a bit low, and this can get your kid dirty or dusty. But if your terrain is super clean and it’s not rainy, then your child will have a blast.

6. Bike-A-Long Trailer

Bike-A-Long Trailer

If affordability is your main concern while shopping for the best trailer-cycle, then you should consider Bike-A-Long Trailer. This is a steel frame trailer for riding with your 6 to 10 years old kid.

As a single-speed machine, this trailer will help your child learn to pedal along just fine. Some of its protective features include a safety flag, fender, mad splash protector and the chainguard.

Bike-A-Long Trailer has a pivotal attachment point that makes riding less strenuous. This leaves all the controlling to the parent. The point of attachment locks and unlocks in a matter of seconds.

The trailer cycle comes in a modern, stylish look for urban rides. The only downside is the weight. At times it can feel too heavy as is usual with most steel frame bikes.

Top features

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 20-inch aluminum rim
  • Rubber tire
  • Front mud splash protector
  • Rear fender
  • Quick-adjust seat post
  • Single-speed trailer-cycle
  • Safety flag
  • Pivoting attachment
  • Smooth-rolling wheels

Bike-A-Long Trailer is a good and affordable tandem bike for a kid. It can help them learn how to pedal independently. The trailer is built to provide much value without being unnecessarily costly.

7. FollowMe Tandem – Parent-Child Bicycle Coupling

FollowMe Tandem

In any tandem bike attachment review, you will not fail to get FollowMe Tandem as an option. This is because it provides a reliable way to couple your bike and that of your kid. It also can allow uncoupling so the kid can ride alone when you are on roads with minimal traffic.

This Tandem is the most trusted when it comes to safety and stability. During installation, the kid’s front wheel will be lifted up as the rear remains on the ground to allow independent pedaling. This arrangement allows for coasting.

FollowMe Tandem is made of lightweight chromed steel and weighs roughly 5kgs. That doesn’t add too much weight to the bike even when loading a kid’s bike. It works okay without having to remove the rear rack.

Top features

  • A Swiss design hitch style tandem
  • Chromed steel
  • Appropriate for 3 to 9 years old kids
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of bikes
  • Attach and detach only 30 sec
  • Very robust and wearproof
  • 2 years warranty
  • Max weight: 45 kgs

If you want to make a tandem bike out of two independent bikes with two wheels, FollowMe Tandem is the way to go. This gear is insanely sturdy and offers the best trailer cycle performance. It can be scaled to accommodate slightly older kids and works with multiple bike models.

Now that you have a couple of trailer bike attachments to select from, how about a little advice on making a good choice?

Things to Consider When Buying Tandem Bike Attachments

As you have seen, there are many different types of trailer bike attachments. They also do have vast variations apart from price. This means you need to spend a few minutes researching to know what will fit both your needs and budget.

Before you go about looking for the best tandem bike attachment, consider the following:


It’s vital that the tandem attachment bike comes with adjustable parts. This ensures that the equipment will not only fits the kid but works with other bikes as well. The main adjustable parts include securing straps, seat post, and handlebar.

Also, the attachment section should be able to work with a wide variety of bikes. A highly adjustable gear is the best way to avoid blowing racks on something that will go straight to storage or need to be shipped back.


There are a couple of things that define a comfortable tandem bike for a kid. Comfort is normally determined by your kids’ age, weight, height, and other things. For those between the age of 1 to 4, support may still be an issue. This means they will be safe and secure in recumbent style trailers.

If your child is able to support themselves, then you have to make sure the handlebar and seat post can be adjusted to their height. The seat must sport ample cushioning as well. Keep an eye on wheel design. Smooth-rolling ones will keep your kids smiling even on bumpy roads.

Weight capacity

Riding out with your kid should be fun. By no means should it feel like a burden? Nevertheless, if you ignore the weight tag and go ahead with the purchase, it is possible to end up with heavy gear. Such a massive load can make your outdoor time feel like a chore.

On average, trailer bikes should not weigh more than 25 pounds. For attachments, anything in the range of 5-8 kgs (13 pounds) should be okay.


Safety is paramount, and that is why you need to invest in a secure tandem attachment. Some of the things to consider include adjustable straps, buckles, and other locking parts. The attachment point must be effective without coming off until when being detached.

Most tandem trailers come with a safety flag that helps other motorists and riders spot you with ease.

Ease of storage and transportation

Are you planning to go on a road trip with both your car and a road bike? Is your garage filled to the periphery? Do you live on the higher floors of an apartment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then procure a lightweight trailer-cycle.

Besides weight, there is an issue of portability. Some tandem bikes have folding sections that allow them to assume smaller packages for easier storage.


If your child is below 6, you may forget about gears altogether. However, if they are 6 and above, you might start considering a trailer bike with a few gears.

Multiple gears are good for two reasons; first, they make pedaling easy for kids. Secondly, it allows them to practice with gears, so they don’t mess up when riding on their own.

Not that gears are not necessary. However, they will increase the price of the bike and demand frequent maintenance.


So how much do you have set aside for purchasing a tandem bike attachment? On average, you are going to spend a minimum of around $100 and a max of roughly $400. Higher quality trailer bikes for kids tend to cost a lot because they provide exceptional performance in return.

However, with thorough research, you can find cheaper models that offer so much for so little. Just don’t insist on spending less on the reasoning that this is a bike kid and thus doesn’t need to be costly.

Installation process

Trailer bikes and tandem attachments are attached to bikes in different ways. There are those that get hooked to the rear rack and those that attach to the seat post. The latter usually spot quick-release parts that are easy to lock and unlock.

Those that attach to the rack are preferred for their stability. The downside is that you need a few tools to lock them on the adult’s bike.

Tips For Attaching A Tandem Bike

Tandem bike attachments for kids are incredibly easy to put together. Most of them come with a hitch that attaches itself to the seat post. The attaching point works though quick-release parts that lock and unlocks within seconds.

Rear rack hitch systems are a bit advanced to install. This is because you need some tools to open the trough axle nuts before fitting the trailer on. Since installation instructions are bound to change with each bike model, it’s advisable to stick to the manual that comes with the equipment.

Sources: Hubert Trzewik

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still, learning the ABC of tandem bike for kids? This FAQ section addresses some of the pain points other tandem bike users have experienced before and their respective solutions. Let’s get rolling.

Q. What type of trailer bike best fits my kid?

A. There are three major types of trail bikes that you can get for your kid. Each style has a different purpose and provides a unique experience. The first one is a standard trailer bike. This is a half-bike (with a rear-wheel only) that attaches to an adult bike’s seat post. It’s ideal for kids who are ready for real biking experience.

Recumbent trailer bikes are more like small carriage for younger kids who cannot pedal. They have a harness system to keep the young one strapped in.

The last type is the tow ropes or tow bar tandems. Basically, this arrangement uses a tow bar or ropes to tow your kid as they ride their own full bike. This is ideal for older kids with minimal riding experience.

Q. Are trailer-cycles safe?

A. Of course, tandem bikes are safe. The biggest element of safety is you (the parent. Kids are not supposed to ride on their own in a traffic-packed urban. The best way to enjoy the streets is by tagging behind an adult.

For maximum safety, you have to follow the installation instructions to the letter. You cannot blame anyone for an accident that happens because of an improper attachment. Additionally, stick within the weight and age recommendations listed in the manual.

Also, before you depart for the road, check the kids’ stability and how high their legs are from the ground.

Q. How much weight can trailer bike attachments hold?

A. On average, most trailer bikes can handle the weight of between 85 to 125 pounds. This is the maximum weight of either one child or two toddlers. The range points to children between the age of 1 and 9.

Exceeding the stipulated weight can compromise the safety of a trailer cycle. So make sure to adhere to the rules in the instruction manual.

Q. Can a six-month-old ride in a trailer bike?

A. Yes and no. Yes, if you have a helmet with the softest insides and are riding in a recumbent trailer bike. This should be done on smoothly paved roads and for extremely short distance-preferably within the neighborhoods.

The answer could also be a no if you don’t have a carriage trailer, and the roads within your neighborhoods are poorly made. Six months old have very soft skin, and things like too much sun or cold could be an issue. Basically, the available conditions and gear type will determine if you can or can’t ride with a six-month-old kid.


It’s a blessing to have young ones-the people that you care most about in the world. Unfortunately, with busy schedules, it has become hard to roam around with them. However, with tandem bike attachments, you could use a few hours of your workdays or weekends to hang out with them.

As you’ve seen, there are many types of trailer-cycles on the market. Let your child’s age help you to pick the best. Those who are still too young to pedal could enjoy the company of recumbent trailer bikes like Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer.

Kids above six years have some pedaling stamina and could enjoy standard trailer cycles like WeeRide Co-Pilot. We hope you find something that works for your needs amongst the option reviewed in this article. Tootles!

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