The 12 Best Toddler Shoes in 2022

When your child starts to toddle, there is a certain joy you experience as a parent that cannot be likened to anything. It feels almost miraculous to see them putting one foot in front of the other, even when their early walking styles make them resemble drunken sailors. But wobbly maneuvers and parental pride aside, do you know what that means? It’s time to look for the best toddler shoes.

The days of buying shoes for the sole sake of looking cute are over. Of course, a baby needs to look marvelous while darting across the floors. However, an element of safety and stability must be considered. The right toddler shoes for walking must offer proper balance and facilitate easy movement.

Since parenting is already a time-consuming duty, you may not have sufficient time to scour through the vast web looking for a reliable pair of shoes. That is why this article reviews, for your convenience, twelve different baby shoes. While all the selections are top-rated and of significant quality, Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker is, in our books, the best of them all.

Now, without digressing any further, let’s have a look at some of the best shoes for babies on the market.

Best Toddler Shoes

1. Saucony Kids’ Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Saucony Kids' Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Saucony Kids’ Baby Sneaker is a cool and colorful shoe for kids between the ages of 1 and 4. The top overlays feature both suede and nylon, materials that are not only softer and gentler than leather but more breathable as well. The mesh sock liner also helps to regulate the temperatures in the shoe, to avoid overheating and odor accumulation.

Although durability doesn’t count for much in shoes for babies, this pair’s combination of suede, nylon, and rubber (for the outsole) makes it more durable.

Despite all those bells and whistles, its weight is on the lower side. The two EVA midsoles it comes with are flexible and ramp up comfort for a soothing experience. Regarding traction, the outsole’s massive treads provide a firm grip for slippery surfaces, to prevent accidental slips and falls.

If your child wets the diapers often, maybe you should invest in Saucony Kids’ Baby Sneaker as its Velcro fasteners are easy to undo compared to the lace-up closure. What’s not to like about this sneaker?

Sum up: Saucony Kids’ Baby Sneaker is suitable for kids who do plenty of running, walking, and jumping. It empowers your kids to be more active by providing a protective layer over their feet. These shoes will suit most budgets, and they come in a wide array of fun colors.

2. LittleBeMocs T-Strap Baby Moccasins for Boys and Girls

LittleBeMocs T-Strap Baby Moccasins for Boys and Girls

LittleBeMocs T-Strap Baby Moccasins is one of the cutest pairs of shoes in this review, with stellar customer feedback. While most people tend to veer off leather when it comes to baby shoes, the Italian variety used to make this shoe is both soft and beautiful.

The sole and leather overlays flex easily to offer fluid leg movement. There are no laces or Velcro fabrics to struggle with. You simply take your child’s foot and slide it in, and the shoe will fit securely—that is if you picked the right size. This is a real time-saver for busy parents.

LittleBeMocs is a top-quality piece footwear that packs a flexible rubber outsole that is slip-resistant as well. Besides providing plush comfort, the genuine Italian leather is gentle on the skin, doesn’t fade easily and is hypoallergenic. The shoe comes with a one-year warranty. Are there complains? Nothing serious enough to demand a mention.

Sum Up: LittleBeMocs has received a lot of positive feedback from parents who are nursing toddlers. The shoe is beautiful, practical, and comes at a pocket-friendly price. A pair of these would serve as a great gift to parents with a bustling household and a crazy toddler or two!

3. Adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Run

Adidas Originals Kids' Swift Run

Adidas is a big name in the footwear industry, and most of you may already own a pair or two fashioned by this respected brand.

Even though fashion and style are not vital to a toddler, you will certainly gush at the sight of your child hobbling about in Adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Run. The shoe fits as expected and is ideal for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4.

This extremely shiny shoe sports a synthetic sole that bends easily and has tough grooves on the surface for better traction. The top section features both textile and synthetic fabrics to provide the softest touch on the skin. Thanks to the material used, Adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Run scores big on breathability and is thus suitable for kids with sweaty feet.

If your child is an active one, then the lace-up closure will help to firmly secure the shoe, so it doesn’t come off and leave them unprotected. This kid’s footwear comes in a range of colors: haze coral, to aero blue and olive, to name but a few.

Sum up: Adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Run doesn’t compromise on comfort, quality, and breathability. It’s also colorful, and your child will love them. Both cheaper and high-end versions exist.

4. Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker

Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker

Stride Rite Kids’ Taylor Sneaker is a perfectly engineered sneaker meant to inspire your kid to explore different territories with confidence. The top resembles sports sneakers with so many perforations for adequate ventilation. The mesh linings have been treated with an anti-microbial chemical to minimize odor.

Leather tends to get hard and inflexible, especially when a shoe is poorly stored or left outside for long. Stride Rite’s textile and synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, will continue to provide better comfort and not get compromised until the kid outgrows the shoes. And here is the best part about this footwear: it comes with both laces and a single Velcro fabric for a secure fit.

For better flexibility and ease of movement, Stride Rite comes with a durable rubber outsole. The EVA enhanced sole provides sufficient traction as well. Even better, most of the material making up this kid’s pair are washable and thus easy to clean. There is a shortcoming, though; the shoe falls apart after a few months of use.

Sum Up: Stride Rite Kids’ Made 2 Play Taylor Sneaker is one of the few budget collections out there with many potentials to protect your kid and help them achieve stability faster. The quality may be substandard, but with proper care, they can stick around for long, or at least until your child outgrows them.

5. Carter’s Every Step Stage 2 Girl’s Standing Shoe Becca (Infant/Toddler)

Carter's Every Step Stage 2 Girl's Standing Shoe Becca (Infant/Toddler)

Looking for the best toddler girl shoes that won’t leave a gaping hole in your bank account? Try Carter’s Every Step Stage 2 Girl’s shoes. Extremely gorgeous with pink colors to brighten your tot’s face. Material wise, there is nothing to worry about as the leather used is soft and doesn’t leave markings on the skin.

As the name suggests, Carter’s Every Step Stage 2 Girl’s Standing Shoe is purposely designed to help your child stand better. This is made possible by the sensory pods positioned at the forefoot and the heel region. Additionally, the shoe sports thinner lightweight soles and a roomy interior that promotes both comfort and healthy feet growth.

The front section adopts a T-strap style with a hoop and loop strap for securing the shoe. Carter’s Every Step Stage 2 Girl’s is so easy to clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth, and it sparkles. The only issue is that the shoe doesn’t fit as expected.

Sum Up: Most toddler shoes help kids to walk, stand and crawl confidently. However, very few can be as reliable as Carter’s Every Step Stage 2 Girl’s when it comes to providing stability and comfort needed for standing. There aren’t many colors to choose from though.

6. NIKE Toddlers Tanjun (TDV) Running Shoe

 NIKE Toddlers Tanjun (TDV) Running Shoe

It’s customary for humans to be attracted to well-known, reliable brands, which is why most people have a pair of Nike shoes. This brand surely does know what their customers anticipate.

One of the best baby shoes from Nike is the NIKE Toddlers Tanjun (TDV) Running Shoe. The entire exterior is heavily netted for maximal breathability.

The top overlays are synthetic and thus easy to wash. The interior is roomy to allow not just extra toe space but also a slight movement of the entire foot.

Top quality sneakers like Nike Tanjun don’t disappoint when it comes to comfort. In this pair, some of the elements that make it more comfortable include the padded tongue and collar, rubber sole, and a plush footbed.

NIKE Toddlers Tanjun (TDV) Running Shoe comes with two closure mechanisms that work together: the laces, and the single-strap Velcro hoop and loop for achieving an extra tight fit.

This is perfect for those kids who keep removing their shoes. And the best part of all: the shoe comes in over ten different colors, leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a style that suits your child best. There are no serious cons that warrant mentioning.

Sum Up: if your child is learning to run, you can make the conditions better by equipping them with NIKE Toddlers Tanjun (TDV) Running Shoe. The lower-end versions are cheap, while the high-end ones may be unaffordable to some.

7. OshKoshB’Gosh Kids’ Nova Sneaker

OshKoshB'Gosh Kids' Nova Sneaker

We all pass through moments where we buy something, and later on, feel so satisfied with the choice, and so glad that we didn’t go for something else.

Well, folks, OshKoshB’Gosh Kids’ Nova Sneaker is that kind of a product. Once your daughter puts them on, if she has developed that sense of ownership, then she will not take the shoes off.

This is one of the brightest (hot pink) shoes in this review with unique additions such as a bump toe protection, bungee lacing, and a single strap Velcro fabric to provide a secure fit.

Kids lead an aggressive lifestyle of trampling through dirt and anything they come across. Thankfully, this shoe comes with tough synthetic fabric, a durable sole, and padded sections for better comfort.

The shoe is machine washable and easy to put on, thanks to the pull tab attached to the heel. The pair is great for kids aged 1 to 4. Pink, purple, and fuchsia are the only colors available for selection. Are there any setbacks? There are no serious issues, and that can be confirmed by the massive positive feedback the shoe has received.

Sum up: OshKoshB’Gosh Kids’ Nova Sneaker is a true beauty for any parent that wants her daughter to look marvelous. Almost everything is perfect from maximum comfort, top-level breathability to the extreme protection offered by the bump toe feature. To put a cherry on top, this exquisite sneaker comes at a low price.

8. COODO Toddler Kid’s Sneakers Boys and Girls Cute Casual Running Shoes

COODO Toddler Kid's Sneakers Boys and Girls Cute Casual Running Shoes

Most people treat new brands like their exes—with a lot of doubt. You may have never heard about COODO before, but some of their new releases, like COODO Toddler Kid’s Sneakers, are putting them on the map.

Very few collections can rival the comfort this shoe provides in this review. For busy parents, the single Velcro strap and short lace-up closure system should give you an easy time when getting the shoes on and off.

Let’s start with the material makeup. Unlike other shoes that are made from leather and other poorly ventilated synthetic material, COODO is woven from a simple but durable, non-toxic fabric with pores all over. The fabric has the ability to provide comfort, protect the feet, and wick moisture away as well.

Style may not mean much to kids, but COODO designers went above and beyond aesthetics. Speaking of colors, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding your toddler’s taste as there over ten options to consider. The rubber outsole is flexible, to the extent that it can bend until the toe end touches the heel. This baby shoe doesn’t provide superior traction, though.

Sum Up: COODO Toddler Kid’s Sneakers can help your kid get the hang of running and walking with little to no discomfort at all. So if you don’t have a big budget, but still want nice shoes for your child, this is one of the choices to grab.

9. Toddler Little Girls Footwear Flower Cutout Buckle Shoes 5-2

Toddler Little Girls Footwear Flower Cutout Buckle Shoes 5-2

Toddler Little Girls Footwear is one of the simplest shoes for little girls. With kids, simple is better. The lace-up system is secure, but if you get untied for some reason, your kid could trip and fall. Velcro straps get worn out as well. However, this pair’s adjustable buckle strap can survive longer while providing a secure fit like other closure methods.

The cutout flower near the toe region serves two purposes: to make the shoes look cute and to provide proper ventilation. The rubber outsole is durable and offers better traction to keep your unstable champ on her feet. Some of the colors available are dark pink, white, brown, and ivory.

Toddler Little Girls Footwear may be trendy, but it doesn’t offer as much comfort as some of the other mentions in this article.

Sum Up: If you are looking for simple and inexpensive shoes that can go with any of your daughter’s outfits, try Toddler Little Girls Footwear. But since they are not true to size, make sure to provide the exact measurements of your child’s feet.

10. PUMA Suede Classic Kids Sneaker

PUMA Suede Classic Kids Sneaker

PUMA has been in the shoe business for long, and their game keeps getting better and better. Anyone donning the brand can attest to that. So, if you want a reliable shoe for your growing kid, start with PUMA Suede Classic Kids Sneaker.

This shoe has attracted a lot of positive feedback online from its buyers. With suede overlays rather than leather, you can count on this shoe to hug your tot comfortably. Suede lasts longer than most synthetic fabrics, ensuring a long life for this shoe. The lace-up closure system may be commonplace and time-consuming, but it guarantees a secure grasp.

PUMA Suede Classic Kids Sneaker packs a flexible and durable rubber sole that motivates the young ones to explore their surroundings. There are almost ten colors for you to choose from. There are no serious complaints that are worth mentioning.

Sum up: PUMA Suede Classic Kids Sneaker is exactly what it presents itself as: a classic piece of footwear with a smashing design and colors that invigorate kids. The quality of the shoe lives up to the reputation of the brand’s name. Both lower, mid- and high-end selections exist.Check Latest Price

11. Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid)

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop is a great pick for children who have wide feet. Just like most shoes in this review, these too can fit kids between the ages of 1 and 4. The top part is made from 100% canvas, which is gentle on the tender parts of the feet. The heavy dosage of cushioning that has gone into this shoe makes it super comfy for your delicate toddler.

The convenient dual hook and loop closure design allow for easy on/off and adjustability. The rubber sole at the bottom is flexible with some grooves to keep the fit affixed on the ground. The shoe comes in several colors and sizes.

This shoe is true to size, lightweight, and bound to look cute on your child’s foot. The biggest shortcoming is the short straps that end up leaving (and exposing) a lot of unused Velcro. But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker!

Sum up: Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop is a high-quality toddler shoe that guarantees both comfort and longevity. The several color options available can help you find the best-looking option for your child. Above all, this shoe is good for your child and even better for your wallet!

12. Weestep Toddler/Little Kid Boy and Girl Classic Adjustable Strap Sneaker

Weestep Toddler/Little Kid Boy and Girl Classic Adjustable Strap Sneaker

As you may have realized, most of the shoes reviewed in this piece, including Weestep Toddler/Little Kid Boy and Girl Sneaker, are impressive designs that most adults go for. When you put them on your kids, you cannot help but gush at how cute they look. Weestep is not different.

This pair bags some of the cool features you have spotted in the previous baby shoes like a rubber sole, breathable material, and an adjustable double strap that provides a secure grasp.

While Weestep Toddler/Little Kid Boy and Girl Sneakers may look bulky, they actually don’t weigh much. To add to that, the interior offers plenty of room to allow your tot’s feet to move and grow.

There are eight colors available for your choosing. There are a couple of setbacks though. First, the shoe doesn’t fit as expected, and secondly, there is no padding on the tongue and collar.

Sum up: Weestep Toddler/Little Kid Boy and Girl sneaker may suffer some setbacks, but it’s still one of the few top-rated shoes for babies on the market. After all, the pair does come cheaply and lasts just as long as other offers in this piece.

How to Choose Toddler Shoes?

It may be easy to top up your wardrobe with some shoes, but with kids, things can get a little rocky.

For instance, unlike you, some of them may not be able to complain when the shoes feel too tight. That means you need to be extremely precise with the measurements, and at the same time, consider various conventional orthopedic practices for a better first walking experience.

If you don’t know how to go about buying the best walking shoes for babies, this buyer guide section will serve as a refresher course to provide useful tips and point you in the right direction.


Strive to get your child a pair of walking shoes that fit them properly. A very small space should be left at the heel-end region to allow for breathing and leg movement.

Measuring up

Proper measurements of your child’s foot must be taken before you start scouting for toddlers’ best shoes. There are three ways to take foot measurements: by visiting a kid’s shoe store, seeking professional help, or buying your own at-home shoe sizer.

If you’ve found a brand that normally fits your child’s foot size and shapes perfectly, you could keep buying from them to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.


The primary reason for putting on shoes is to protect your feet. A child too needs to enjoy both the indoor and outdoor sprees without having to hurt the bottom of their legs.

At such a tender age, tiny things such as sand, gravel, and other particles can dig into the skin and cause soreness. Therefore, finding shoes that offer proper support is vital. And for extra comfort, it’s better if the shoe covers the entire foot rather than the bottom only.


Toddlers already have a hard time supporting their weight and moving around. So to avoid making movements harder and awkward, the shoe must flex. A flexible pair can be identified by things like light material, soft sidings, and a gentle outsole.

Flexibility is not a tradeoff of quality. Baby shoes need to be fairly durable even if they are meant to be used only for a month or two.


Whether you go for leather or fabric, ensure it’s extra soft to avoid bruising your child’s tender skin. The material should be able to stretch as well to allow for proper foot movement and growth.

As was indicated earlier on, your kid won’t tell you that the shoe is tough on their feet. It’s your job to check the texture of the material before hitting the ‘buy’ button.

And just like with adult shoes, it’s more comfortable when a shoe’s material is breathable, odor-free and able to wick moisture away to keep the feet super dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it advisable to buy slightly bigger walking shoes for babies so they could stick around for longer?

A: It sounds like a wise investment idea, but that’s not advisable. Kids that are toddling have a hard time supporting their weight. Put them in bigger shoes, and they will trip and fall over and over. Just buy the right fit.

Q: Does one need a professional to take the exact measurements?

A: Experts insist on seeking help from professionals when taking the measurements for your toddlers’ feet. But in a world where certified individuals charge steeply, the right decision would be to visit a kid footwear store and let them do the sizing for you. If you buy something, they won’t charge measurement fees.

Q: Between Velcro and lace-up closure, which is better?

A: Both Velcro and lace-up are better than pure slip-on shoes. Velcro takes less time to fasten up. However, when it comes to a more secure fit, laces are better. The only problem with laces is that they can take longer to tie up and untie, making diaper changes more stressful.

Bottom Line

Getting the best toddler shoes for your child should never be underestimated as it determines how well and fast they can walk steadily. While fashion and style tend to be most people’s priority, baby shoes need not be overly sophisticated. But make sure to check for flexible soles, good fasteners, better traction, padding, breathable material, and a soft upper covering.

Weight and size are major factors that can bottleneck your child’s initial walking experience. Choose lightweight shoes and if you are not sure about the sizing, go to the store and have your child’s measurements taken. This should help you get a pair that fits properly to allow for healthy feet growth.

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