The 7 Best Tuxedo Shoes in 2022

Tuxedos are worn for many formal occasions. From weddings to formal dinners with influential business clients, tuxedos are considered formal attire for those who dress for success.

Complimenting any formal attire, patent leather shoes complete the desired look while placing emphasis on respect to all who are encountered.

The best shoes to wear with tuxedos should be comfortable and supportive. From dancing for hours at weddings to continual standing on your feet meeting and greeting guests at a formal reception, it will keep you on your feet for hours.

Elegant, projecting a personal style, patent leather tuxedo shoes may well be your key to success.

Of all the beautifully styled shoes depicted throughout this review, the Florsheim Men’s Kingston Tuxedo Oxford are highly recommended. Although not genuine patent leather shoes, these shoes offer greater affordability with color selections to meet all changing styles and needs.

Best Tuxedo Shoes

1. Florsheim Men’s Kingston Tuxedo Oxford

Florsheim Men's Kingston Tuxedo

Nothing adds a sense of distinctive sophistication to a tuxedo or suit than your footwear. With a high-gloss, mirror finish, patent leather redefine the description of a “sharp dressed man.” Considered to be the number one shoe to wear for high-profile business meetings, these shoes present an image that is a reflection of you.

Perfect for formal occasions including weddings and high school proms, these shoes continue to be worn for inaugural balls for a new president or visiting dignitaries from other countries. As one of the most versatile shoes that a man can wear, these shoes continue to offer the best in appearance with a polished conservative look.

The leather-covered footbed provides ample cushioning and arches support form the heel to the toe. Durable leather, non-slip outsole with a rubber heel cap for good traction on slippery surfaces. Four-eyelet lacing for personalized adjustment for the right fit. Leather, breathable interior lining with moisture wicking will keep your feet dry during high-stress situations.


  • Low heel with short back
  • Premium leather uppers
  • Snipped toe
  • Buffed leather outsole
  • Cushioned insole


  • Tight in the toe area
  • Not comfortable
  • Leather cracks and flakes

Other Considerations

A good ranking on Amazon with a respectful and affordable price point. For years, these shoes have been considered to wear with tuxedos; however, compliment other business attire.

Other information is available at the following link:

2. Stacy Adams Men’s Vale Plain-Toe Tuxedo

Stacy Adams Men's Vale Plain-Toe

These shoes remain one of the most comfortable, slip-on formal shoes on the market. With no laces to contend with, these shoes get you moving and keep you moving all night long. Replacing laces with stretchable elastic at the instep makes slipping these formal attire shoes easier to slip on and off.

With a smooth, clean appearance, these man-made patent leather shoes are lightweight and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day and well into the evening.

Originally designed as an accompaniment for formal attire, these versatile shoes can be worn in any capacity from large corporate meetings, weddings, or anywhere where looking your best is expected.


  • Fully cushioned memory foam insole
  • Breathable leather lining
  • Flexible outsole
  • Heel etching for better traction
  • Low, stacked heel


  • Narrow toe box
  • Leather exterior cracks
  • Missing arch support

Other Considerations

The price point is good and affordable. Available in other color selections for a different look wedding reception or other color-coordinated formal events. These shoes blend well with tuxedos or any other black-tie formal vent.

More information is available by clicking on the following link:

3. Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes

Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes

Worn by the high-ranking British military, these shoes are true elegance at it’s best. Straight lines and smooth leather uppers add to the overall formal looking appearance. Designed for black tie events, these shoes also work well with dark blue suits for a specialized business look. Polished design with grosgrain detailing adds a soft but subtle look to the sharpness of these well-made shoes.

Leather soles provide a better than average comfort level. Constructed with a traditional polish method, these formal shoes also feature an extra polyurethane layer, coating the unique grain characteristic of the soft, welted calfskin. Mirrored finish catches all available light project an image of respect to hosts and other influential guests.

Increased flexibility with resistance to abrasions, keeps your new shoes looking great longer with minimal care required. Originally designed for weddings or formal events, wearing these shoes to any black-tie event will definitely be noticeable.


  • Easy four-hole closure
  • Shock absorbing outsole
  • Durable for longer wear
  • Stacked heel
  • Tight, beautiful stitching


  • Sizing issues, run large
  • No other issues reported at this time

Other Considerations

Higher than average rating on Amazon with a very low, affordable price point. Shoes appear to have a lighter tone to the outsole, which takes away some of the overall appearances. Additional padding around the instep and heel is a nice touch which is continued across the middle of the toe area for additional protection from cracking.

Look for more information on these shoes for tuxedos or other formal wear at the following:

4. Zengara Men’s Z30028 Oxford Tuxedo Shoes

Zengara Men's Z30028 Oxford

Offered at a slightly lower price, without reduction of overall quality, these shoes continue to work with perfect symmetry with all formal wear. Made with faux (artificial) leather, the resemblance to genuine patent leather shoes is spot-on. Offering at a reduced price is a perfect way for those who occasionally wear formal shoes to always have a pair ready to go when the need arises.

Offering equal support with a durable rubber sole, comfort levels remain equal to the best shoes for tuxedos. These shoes fit well with the desired tightness level that is preferred without overcompensating.

Square toe finish with an overall high-quality black shine is very good and once again identical to more authentic patent leather footwear. Visibly appealing, only you will know the difference between these shoes and the real ones.


  • Cushioned insole
  • Textured topsole
  • Smooth outsole
  • Faux leather lining
  • Stitching and overlay detail


  • Uncomfortable
  • Unusual, lingering smell
  • Thin leather

Other Considerations

Good to slightly above good rating on Amazon. The price point is very low, with an affordability factor that is hard to beat. Overall the quality of these faux formal shoes is very good. These are ideal formal shoes for anyone who needs a pair of formal shoes for an occasional formal event. Leave them in the closet and be fully prepared.

Look for more information on these affordable formal shoes by clicking on the following link:

5. Calvin Klein Men’s Bernard Loafer

Calvin Klein Men's Bernard Loafer

These shoes need no introduction. A premier leader in the production of the finest in a wide range of footwear Exemplifying bold, progressive looks with sleek modern styling, these take formal wear to the next level. Designed as a slip-on, these shoes highlight the overall quality found in any formal footwear currently available.

The flexible construction of these shoes gives you the mobility required without pinching or binding. Remaining comfortable no matter when worn, lightly cushioned insole guarantees you the comfort level sought. Shiny black quality leather creates an impression on others that is symbolic of not only your style but the style of these exclusive shoes.

Worn on special occasions or to the office, these shoes continue the long and trusted heritage of a quality manufacturer. Loafer design is unique when compared to similar competing styles; however, signifies the beginning to produce quality formal shoes for less.


  • Expandable instep
  • Plain toe
  • Man-made lining
  • Leather and rubber sole
  • Sophisticated design


  • Long toe
  • Narrow
  • Requires break-in period

Other Considerations

The price point is far below what is expected coming from a well-respected, recognized manufacturer. These formal shoes also are available in larger sizes from 14M-16M and for those with wider feet.

More information can be found by clicking on the following link:

6. Charm Foot Women’s Elegance Bows

Arrive in style wearing these elegant women’s shoes. Accessorize your new shoes with opaque hosiery during Winter months to complete your wardrobe ensemble. These shiny pumps will add a new dimension to any outfit, projecting a feeling of confidence and respect from your partner or business colleagues.

Worn for formal occasions, the styling of these have multiple uses. Wear them for weddings, social gatherings, or business meetings with high-profile clients. Dressing for success in a competitive marketplace has never been more important. The 4-inch heel of these formal dress pumps will keep you on top and ahead of your competitors.

The uppers of these highly-crafted tuxedo shoes are made with the best leather materials available. Rubber made sole provides good control while walking, with good traction on any surface. Leather simulated bow across the toe area adds additional appeal to these already very impressive looking women’s tuxedo shoes.


  • Intricate stitching on foot opening
  • Rounded toe
  • Comfortable
  • Additional instep material protects the toe area
  • Embossed leather works well with all wardrobe


  • Lacking arch support
  • Imitation leather
  • Foul smell

Other Considerations

Currently ranked very low on Amazon. No price point is given. These shoes are currently unavailable on Amazon, however, available on other websites across the Internet. The following Amazon link contains very little information on these shoes. More information may be available on additional websites throughout the Internet.

7. OUOUVALLEY Men’s Patent Leather Tuxedo


These faux (simulated) patent leather shoes are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The three-hole lace-up design is a unique feature that makes these shoes stand apart from all similar competing styles. Constructed with durable man-made PVC material, these shoes stand apart from all other styles with a look of elegance that is hard to compare.

You will notice a different visual appearance of these shoes in comparison to other similar competing styles. The glass-like mirrored uppers retain the same appearance of genuine patent leather shoes but stop in the toe area using non-reflective material. Toe area is adorned with an interesting combination of simulated patent leather stripping, accented by a herringbone pattern, for a different and appealing look not seen elsewhere.

Small, highlighted gold medallion accents on both sides of the uppers adds some additional appeal, although it could have been omitted. Dare to be different while maintaining the integrity of standard formal attire.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Soft, soothing feel
  • Very lightweight
  • Professional styling
  • Good traction rubber outsole


  • Noticeable rubber smell
  • Small and tight
  • Laces need improvement

Other Considerations

Good to a moderate rating on Amazon. The price point is incredibly low, attracting consumers who only wear formal shoes occasionally. Color selection is good with availability to mix and match colors to create one kind of look that is unique and specialized just or you.

Look for more information on these appealing but for different formal shoes by clicking on the following link:

Things to Consider Before Buying Tuxedo Shoes


Tuxedo shoes are all about style. From weddings to formal events, you want to look your best. Tuxedo shoes present an image to others that represent an image of respect towards your host and the attending event. Complimenting a total formal attire, the shoes to wear with a tuxedo are those that are stylish, projecting an image of confidence and sophistication.

The most common tuxedo shoes are black, although there are many other colors commonly used to blend with specialized tuxedo attire and formal gowns.


Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when buying and wearing the best tuxedo shoes. Purchasing well in advance of wearing is always recommended. What appeared to fit when purchased, may have a totally different feel when worn for a few hours. Rental tuxedo shoes for formal occasions should fit snug but not overly tight.

Wearing the same style of socks when fitting for tuxedo shoes can have a major impact on the overall comfort level that is anticipated.


Tuxedo shoes are typically made of durable patent leather. With the latest in tuxedo shoe materials being introduced, leather exteriors are being replaced by replicated leather materials comprised of vegan composite material. Similar in appearance, this new trend in tuxedo shoes brings about changes to styles and the composition of these shoes that have remained firm for generations.

The material of tuxedo shoes should allow your feet to breathe and, above all else, be lightweight.


Tuxedo shoes are often worn during occasions that require to be on your feet for hours. From wedding ceremonies to proms and other major social events, wearing tuxedo shoes that do not fit properly results in hours of pain and discomfort. Proper fitting tuxedo shoes should have cushioned inner soles with additional arch support and room for toes to move as needed.

Tight-fitting, non-supportive tuxedo shoes may cause blisters, bunions, or even bone spurs.


Tuxedo shoes are normally not worn in areas where possible injuries to feet may occur. Unless a requirement for employment positions, tuxedo shoes are worn for a few hours and then either placed back in the closet or returned to retail rental stores. To date, all current tuxedo shoes available offer your feet protection needed without additional safety insertions.

Having your dance partner step on your toes does not require additional tuxedo shoe protection.

More interested in dance shoes? Check out our review of Salsa dance shoes.


Your feet undergo additional stress during formal occasions. Wearing tuxedo shoes that are flexible, stretching without restraints, keeps your feet comfortable for hours. From walking down, the aisle with your now-grown “little girl”, to hours of standing on your feet meeting and greeting friends and relatives, your tuxedo shoes need to be as flexible as you are.

Restrictive tuxedo shoe toe boxes that do not bend when your feet bend should be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are patent leather dress shoes really necessary for a formal event?

A. That would depend on the event that you are attending. For black-tie events, including weddings, proms, or other similar social gatherings, have always remained the norm. Granted, not too many people look at your feet during these events, although those that do should see footwear that coincides with the event. Shoes for special events are normally rented from a bridal or formal shop.

The cost of proper footwear is often factored into the overall cost of our entire formal attire. Although it may look cool, wearing tennis shoes to a formal event is probably not a good idea.

Q. Is it better to buy or rent a pair of tuxedo shoes?

A. That is a pretty easy question with an answer that should be obvious. Depending on the number of times that you actually wear tuxedo shoes, you should give you a good idea of buying versus renting tuxedo shoes. Another thing to take into consideration is the cost to buy versus renting the same shoes.

If you are in a position that requires you to attend more than several formal events within any given year, you might consider purchasing versus renting.

Q. When were patent leather tuxedo shoes invented?

A. The patent leather process goes all the way back to 1818. Invented in Newark, New Jersey, the actual production of the “new look” in footwear did actually begin until 1819. The mirrored look is obtained with the application of lacquer repeatedly applied to fine grain leather. This high-gloss appearance took on a new meaning when first worn to the coronation of queens and kings in the late 1800s.

Patent leather shoes became popular in the United States in the early 1950s, the same era when rock and roll changed history forever.

Q. Can you wear other shoes besides patent leather tuxedo shoes to a formal event?

A. Time changes everything. Such is the case of patent leather tuxedo shoes. Although still worn, the legacy of patent leather tuxedo shoes is slowing slipping into the archives of history. Modern trends today include wearing formal tuxedos with no socks and a large variety of shoes, which really defeats the purpose of wearing formal attire.

Patent leather tuxedo shoes are still worn in Presidential formal banquets, which both parties can still agree on.


Black tie events often require the wearing of the traditional black tuxedo. No tuxedo would be complete without the proper footwear that adds to the finishing touch.

Throughout time, the introduction of patent leather shoes was a symbol of respect when attending ceremonies for visiting distinguished guests from other countries.

Today, this adapted method wearing tuxedos for influential events from presidents to military balls continues. They have often been a sign of prestige and wealth.

In modern days society, black patent leather shoes are a finishing touch to months of planning the perfect wedding. A celebration of graduation from High School, no one tends to wear regular school shoes, rather wearing shoes is a trend that has continued for over fifty years.

Trends come and go, but the seven best tuxedo shoes for 2022 may well be the beginning of a destined trend to last a lifetime.

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