The 7 Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly in 2022

“Dedicated to all Seniors who will forever remain young.”

Getting older does not mean that you have to slow down and take it easy. Retirement is an age of doing what you have been putting off for years. Staying active and healthy are goals that are easily attainable by walking in one of the seven best Velcro shoes for the elderly in 2022.

Age is often associated with increased health concerns and the natural progression of the body to slow down. Daily walks in Velcro shoes for the elderly to keep joints free of pain and working in perfect symmetry with the rest of your body.

This product review is intended to provide you with the best possible options for shoes designed to resolve present foot conditions regardless of severity. Of all shoes reviewed New Balance Men’s MW813V1 Walking Shoe, Wide Width, comes highly recommended.

Seniors are a valuable contribution to any community. Walk with pride in these shoes that can never be filled by anyone else.

Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly

1. New Balance Men’s MW813V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

New Balance Men's MW813V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

Seniors, having trouble with stability and balance? If so, these shoes are designed to provide and correct balance with a greater sense of security and comfort. Offered by one of the leading manufacturers in footwear, these shoes may well be the answer to your stability questions.

These shoes combine the latest in supportive cushioning with a soft leather upper that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day.

ROLLBAR technology in these men’s walking shoes features an extra extended hook-and-loop Velcro closure to keep you active, healthy, and alert.

Delivering seamless quality is what these Velcro shoes for the elderly are all about. These shoes are very comfortable, reduce swelling with an overwhelming level of superior comfort.

Walking Strike Path® Technology delivers not only stability but increases the balance that you will welcome and immediately appreciate.


  • Fabric lining to protect from rubbing and annoying irritations
  • Lightweight design makes it easier to lift your feet to natural walking stride
  • Durable outsole with promising traction on all surfaces
  • Recommended reduce heel height 13mm heel-toe drop
  • Very affordable with stylish looks and color selections that are sure to please


  • Sizes run smaller and narrower and may not be suitable for more full feet
  • Durability may be a factor if shoes are not properly cared for
  • Velcro straps metal eyelets are now replaced with plastic

Not the shoe for you? Scroll down and see other shoes that may be a better option for you!

2. Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker

Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker

Tired of wearing shoes that look like old man Velcro shoes? Put that spring back into your step with these good looking walking shoes will put you right back into style. Built-in heel stabilizer reduces pressure on your feet and keeps you going strong all day, every day.

The supple full-grain leather upper of these men’s walking shoes features tonal-stitching with athlete inspired looks and details.

100% cushioned collar and tongue with the adjustable Velcro hook-and-loop closure provides secure and comfortable daily wear.

Removable cushioned orthotic footbed with better arch support conforms to the shape of your feet with more room for insertion of other supports when needed. Extended heel counter keeps your feet in place with no interior slipping or sliding forward.

The lightweight, molded EVA midsole of these durable walking shoes absorbs sharp blows to your feet.

Specially designed rubber outsole guarantees better traction on all surfaces while providing additional support to arches, and you’re midfoot. Wait, there’s more!


  • Available in full range of sizes and widths for hard to fit feet
  • Perforated upper will keep your feet comfortable, dry and odor free
  • More room inside for your feet to move when needed
  • Padded lining and tongue keep your feet relaxed, comfortable
  • Lightweight weighing only 14oz per shoe


  • These shoes tend to stretch when worn daily
  • The tongue of these shoes is reported to be too narrow
  • Length of straps are too short making it hard to get a secure fit

This is just the beginning. Consider the other following options!

3. Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

Propet Women's Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

Women up to 95 years young continue to remark on the quality of these Velcro shoes for the elderly. You will remain in style with an appealing athletic casual sporty look that is sure to gain attention and recognition from admirers.

Twin-strap Velcro closure is ideal for those that require an adjustable fit for that perfect comfortable feeling. Herringbone tread rubber outsole gives better protection and support while providing superior traction control on all interior and exterior surfaces.

Padded tongue and collar assure you of a comfort level never experienced before. Rigid heel counter focuses on offering support to the back of your heels, allowing little to no flexing for a perfect and comfortable support mechanism.

Remove the footbed of these shoes and replace them with customized, prescribed inserts for additional support to vulnerable areas of your feet. Polyurethane outsole is not only very durable but makes your feet feel good, relaxed, and ready to head out the door.


  • Supple leather uppers are easy to clean and maintain
  • Perforated uppers let the warm air out and cooler air in
  • Interior added lining is smooth, soft and very durable
  • Exclusive shock-absorbent support protects your feet inside or outside
  • Available in limited-print feminine colors that you must see to appreciate


  • Reports of hard and stiff soles that are not flexible enough
  • Too roomy with more space than needed
  • The toe box is tighter than on previous models of the same shoe

These may not be the best walking shoes for you are looking for, but hold on, there are others!

4. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Strike Velcro Sneaker

Skechers Men's Afterburn Strike Velcro Sneaker

Featuring a sporty athletic appearance is only the beginning of these men’s memory foam sneakers, no need to worry about tying laces over and over again with these shoes. Double hook-and-loop Velcro straps are perfect with easy on and easy off.

Light up your afterburner and enjoy better mobility with these Strike Off shoes. Memory foam keeps your feet very comfortable with deep cushioning that comforts sore and aching feet. Leather and synthetic mesh fabric uppers feature precise stitching and overlay detailing.

Article-Lyte midsole absorbs shocks and protects your ankles. Flexible treaded rubber outsoles are perfect for smooth surfaces indoors or uneven sidewalks outdoors for excellent traction with the reduction of tripping.

These shoes are very affordable, meeting all income restrictions. Little to no maintenance required. Wipe off with a damp cloth and go.


  • Front perforation vents for cooling keeps your feet comfortable.
  • Contrasting colored textured side with clean, smooth lines
  • Padded tongue and collar give extra support with increased frontal stability
  • No break-in period required. Ready to go when you are
  • A good shoe for more full feet with more room and less pinching


  • Reported poor construction with decreased quality and sole separation
  • Thin memory foam that does not support as suggested
  • Reduced to little arch support for anyone with plantar fasciitis

These ‘men’s sneakers appear to have some quality issues and not recommended for seniors that need quality shoes. All is not lost!! Take a look at the following shoes that will turn your frown upside down.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Brisk Dual Strap Sneaker

Dr. Scholl's Men's Brisk Dual Strap Sneaker

No need for a doctor visits this time. The doctor comes to you with one of the best shoes for seniors that specially designed for men with diabetes, arthritis, bunions, and hammertoes. Reducing painful, uncomfortable foot conditions, the doctor is in and here to help.

Rely on the doctor to bring you a casual shoe with a wider width for those that need a little extra room. The excellent doctor combines stylish, lightweight sneakers with features that designed for your feet that are perhaps not as supportive as they once used to be

Exterior detailed stitching with soft, smooth leather interior cushioning is a prescription that filled to perfection. Secure Velcro closures are not only stylish but comfortable and stay closed without readjusting every other minute.

The doctor takes into consideration all foot conditions of seniors while providing comfort, excellent arch support, and removable footbed for insertion of your own specialized, customized orthotics.


  • Softly rounded toe has ample room for a variety of foot conditions
  • Stretch mesh side panels move when your feet move with no restrictions
  • Supportive gel, shock-absorbing heel for stability and balance
  • The flexible midsole is supportive with just the right amount of thickness
  • Lightweight with freedom of movement on prescribed daily walks


  • Reported incidents of outer sole with decreased traction
  • Velcro straps are too long and overhang when fastened
  • Not the most stylish looking shoes on the market

Don’t stop now! Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about the following Velcro shoes for seniors that might surprise you.

6. Leader Show Women’s Elderly Comfort Walking Shoe

Leader Show Women's Elderly Comfort Walking Shoe

Ladies, take note. Here is a pair of premium ‘women’s sneakers that are not only good-looking but offer you everything that you have been looking for but have never found! Browse the full range of color selections that are stylish but not overbearing.

Continuing, Leader Show comfortable walking shoes are a pure pleasure to put on in the morning. The lightly cushioned footbed is soft with a breathable lining that will fill your need for a fit that fits right the first time with no adjustments needed.

The double hook-and-loop Velcro closures of these casual walking shoes are designed to close together in one motion, which makes putting on and taking off these shoes ever easier than other styles with Velcro closures. No other similar shoes on the market have this unique feature.

Designed with a fluorescent strip, take walks after sunset when it is more relaxed and remain visible to all others.


  • Breathable double layer fabric knit upper that is supportive and attractive
  • Perfect outsole construction for a soul full of life and vitality
  • Original design with built-in stability and balance
  • Better traction on all surfaces even when climbing steps
  • Dual- density EVA outsole is supportive yet gentle on smaller feet


  • Tongue appears to be too narrow and hard to center on the foot
  • Need to add more support in the arch area
  • Minor design flaws but does not affect the overall shoe quality

These shoes answer all the questions that you asked for years. Wouldn’t you agree?

7. Drew Shoe Men’s Force Velcro Athletic Walking Shoe

Drew Shoe Men's Force Velcro Athletic Walking Shoe

Drew knew that designing a shoe for men with an athletic appearance, yet focusing on the needs of elderly citizens with problematic foot conditions, would not be easy. Staying firm to previously set convictions, these men’s walking shoes were introduced to bring about a welcome change.

These shoes are designed with therapeutic benefits with increased depth for the insertion of thicker functional custom orthotics. Drilex-covered insoles with AGEIS anti-microbial features will keep your feet dry, fresh, and comfortable.

Built-in heel rocker bottom with wider shank offers good vertical, frontal and rear support. Dual, adjustable leather Velcro straps are perfect without the hassle of tying and untying cumbersome laces more comfort included with the cushioned, padded tongue, and upper collar.

Designed with a tempered steel shank, Drew shoes are a perfect fit for those suffering from Pes Planus (flat foot), Ankle Venus (roll-out), Ankle Valgus (roll in) and Metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain) and any other foot conditions that limit the mobility of seniors.


  • Full rounded toe provides more room with less restriction of toes
  • Tri-support insoles for hard-to-fit feet
  • Padded tongue for less pressure on instep of your foot
  • Extended heel stabilizer for better balance and walking control
  • Perforated holes in the area keep toes cool and dry.


  • Expensive when compared to other similar styles of walking shoes
  • Only one color, white, which shows all scuffs, scrapes, and scratches
  • Shoes are hard to walk in and hurt feet, reported by one consumer.

There you have it. The final shoe analysis of The 7 Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly in 2022.

You owe it to yourself to wear shoes that are designed for comfort and balance while maintaining the peace and serenity and quality of life that you have earned and entitled to.

What to Look Before Buying Velcro Shoes for the Elderly


Shoes for seniors must be comfortable. Feet of the elderly are one of the most sensitive parts of the body that is associated with age. Sore and aching feet of seniors is often one of the causes of inadequate exercises required to maintain a healthy, active aging lifestyle.

Seniors often have foot conditions directly related to other medical conditions. Poor healing of the feet, including arthritis, weakened muscles, and flat feet, require adequate comfortable padding allowing freedom of movement without additional pain and discomfort.


Good walking shoes or the elderly need to be lightweight. Finding a good pair of walking shoes is often difficult for seniors. Shoes for the elderly may require the insertion of customized orthotic insoles, which may add to the overall weight of their shoes.

Velcro shoes for the elderly should be flexible with lightweight materials that reduce pressure on the feet. Lightweight shoes should provide a responsive return of energy expelled with control of the natural stride reducing under.


Unfortunately, falls are a common area of concern for the elderly. Falls often occur due to slipping and tripping on wet or uneven surfaces. Traction is one of the essential features to consider when buying shoes for seniors that require additional attention when walking.

Outsoles of shoes for the elderly must be kept to a minimum thickness yet capable of providing a secure grip to all surfaces. Thin outsoles add to discomfort levels of sore and aching feet and are not recommended.

Related: You can find more details about the non-slip shoes for better traction.


Appropriate fit continues to be one of the most problematic areas of anyone looking for shoes, especially for seniors.

Swollen feet require a wide mouth for insertion of feet that swollen from arthritis or other foot conditions. Velcro strap shoes are adjustable and perfect for seniors.

Shoes for the elderly must accommodate a wider foot with more emphasis placed on ample room in the toe area. Hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions put pressure on the balls of your feet, which transferred to your toes.


Support and traction are the two critical areas of shoes for seniors. Balance conditions often result in dangerous falls, broken hips, concussions, and already fragile bones. Ankles of seniors are usually weak and lack muscle strength to support body weight.

Shoes with both lateral, frontal, and rear support are essential in the prevention of dangerous falls. Heel height should be kept to a minimum of less than one inch in thickness, with enough support to maintain mobility on all surfaces. Soft-sided shoes not recommended.

Tips: For sciatica, a good pair of sciatica shoes could be suitable for seniors.


The majority of seniors live on restricted budgets. Specialized shoes designed primarily for seniors are often expensive. Cheap shoes are not always good shoes. Paying a little more for a high-quality shoe with a long-lasting durability factor may worth the additional investment.

Leather shoes offer a higher degree of durability when compared to other similar styles. Leather shoes are often more expensive; however, they are easier to clean and maintain over an extended period. Leather shoes also offer additional lateral support of the ankles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a benefit to those straps that replace shoestrings on senior shoes?

A. There are many benefits to buying shoes with Velcro straps. Velcro straps allow shoes to be put on and taken off quickly. For older adults who have arthritis, tying shoes with laces can be a harrowing experience.

Laces tend to come loose as well as present other possibly dangerous conditions such as tripping. Lace-up shoes are not adjustable and always seem too tight or too loose. Velcro shoes for elderly eliminate laces all together while providing support and a better fit.

Walking shoes with Velcro closures stay closed with an increased level of comfort.

Q. What is the biggest obstacle in recommending footwear for older adults?

A. Fitting the sixty-five-plus crowd into an appearing athletic shoe that has all the features required for elderly citizens. Older adults have a greater sense of pride and do not want to wear shoes that look like something that just came out of a hospital.

Seniors like variety just as the younger generation. Colorful walking shoes display a sense of pride and accomplishment in older adults. Far too often, the more youthful generation frequently label specific clothing worn by older citizens as “old people” clothes or styles.

Walking shoes are essential to older citizens. Wear what you want and when you want.

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Q. How does the foot change when getting older?

A. Older adult feet differ in many ways from the middle-aged or adolescent. Thinning skin surrounding the foot is typical. Arthritis in the feet is common and reduces the mobility of older adults. This condition makes it harder to lift the feet producing a styled shuffle walk.

Stiffer soles on walking shoes for seniors will reduce painful joint compression. The addition of a rocker bar in the heel may also prove to be helpful. Over time muscles in the ankle and foot weaken, causing plantar fasciitis and other severe foot conditions.

Always consider wearing the appropriate rocker bottom shoes to avoid painful feet condition.

Q. How does aging impact osteoporosis?

A. Female feet of older citizens tend to develop osteoporosis more than men. Bone density of osteoporosis becomes brittle with age and are subject to fractures. Your feet have the highest number of bones when combining all the remaining bones added together.

Loss of calcium and other minerals in the bones of your feet puts you at a higher risk for fractures. Therefore, it remains imperative to wear appropriate shoes for the elderly that support the ankles, heel, and soles of your feet.

Q. Where can I find shoes for older men that do not look like old people shoes?

A. First of all, there are no shoes that look like what you refer to as “old people” shoes. Granted, you may not have the physical conditioning to run marathons, but does that matter? Take a moment and look back at all the shoes outlined throughout this review.

Did you see any shoes that look like “old man” Velcro shoes? That should answer your question.


Age is a natural process that everyone eventually experiences. It noted that with age comes wisdom. Senior citizens have a lifetime of experiences and stories of the past. With no television, iPads, or cell phones, seniors of today are walking libraries of the past.

Working hard throughout a lifetime, the body begins to undergo changes that often coincide with age. Muscles start to weaken, and staying up past nine in the evening begins to be a challenge.

Consider the number of miles that walked throughout a lifetime. Your feet are your means of mobility, supporting your body from sunup to sunset. During the “golden years” of retirement, your feet become more critical than ever; however, you need additional support and comfort.

The 7 Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly in 2022 are designed to put some of the lost spring back into your step to keep you walking and young at heart.

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