The 8 Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers in 2022

According to the latest statistics, twenty percent of the current population living in all states are overweight. Twenty-five states have an alarming obesity rate of over thirty percent.

Overweight conditions are one of the leading causes of heart attacks and directly linked to the silent killer-diabetes.

Carrying additional weight places more significant strain on legs, knees, back, and more importantly, your feet. For knee pain, you can see our guide running shoes for bad knees.

The downward pressure applied to your feet with every step taken is three to four times more forceful, causing other severe foot conditions, including plantar fasciitis.

Your feet need to be supported with shoes that are designed to carry this additional weight. The shoes outlined throughout this review offer the additional support and comfort that is lacking in many shoes for overweight individuals.

Although not a cure for overweight nor intended to be, the Adidas Women’s Galaxy 4 Shoes offers the best support with increased therapeutic properties.

Best Walking Shoes for Overweight Walkers

1. Adidas Women’s Galaxy 4 Shoes

Adidas Women’s Galaxy 4 Shoes

When you shelve a lot of weight, the parts of the shoe that conk first are the heel and outsole. By now, you probably are tired of every shoe failing you. Well, one more option that could hold up for a couple of months (to years if not often in use) is Adidas Galaxy 4.

This sneaker carries with it the most premium design ever from the color streaks to the core mechanics. The rubber outsole is very thick, and its bottom is lugged to offer some serious traction. Above the sole, you’ll sport a pillow-like midsole thanks to the Cloudfoam cushioning. This foam can regain its shape day in day out for quite some months.

The one thing that prevents the heel from crushing under your weight is the TPU midfoot cage. TPU is quite strong compared to general synthetics. Additionally, the cage helps to align your foot properly. Your foot will rest on a breathable ortholite sockliner.

Adidas Galaxy 4’s top is all mesh fabric. This extends to the tongue and collar; you can stay cool during your workouts. The toe cap and heel counter are reinforced to prevent the shoe from crushing under too much weight. This pair pops along in many alluring feminine color options.


  • Durable uppers
  • Pillow like cushioning
  • Designed with motion stability in mid
  • Superior traction
  • Reinforced midfoot, heel and toe cap
  • Will not break your bank


  • Its recommended by 91% of previous buyers, so that means it has very few issues that vary from one person to another

Consider this:

Adidas Galaxy 4 is one shoe pair that will cover your feet, stabilize your motion, and stand up to a lot of weight without giving in too fast. It’s designed for day to day workout sessions with optimum breathability. But here is the most exciting news; it’s quite cheap considering its top-quality construction.

2. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Shoe

These slip-on walking shoes remain one of the premier walking shoes available today. With the latest in comfort technology, Goga Mat, these slip-on shoes continue to be one of the best walking shoes for overweight men. Feel the resilient and welcomed bounce back support with each step taken.

These shoes are perfect for waterproof walking with an athletic appearance. Multi-directional traction sole prevents slipping or tripping on all surfaces, wet or dry. With a thicker outer sole additional weight is supported well and evenly distributed across the bottom of your feet. The midsole absorbs shocks with Go impulse and Go pillar sensors on all smooth or uneven surfaces.

Designed for those that need comfortable shoes for regular and daily walks. Simple usage and normal wear do not require assistance to put on or take off. Breathable mesh fabric keeps your feet comfortable in all weather conditions and temperatures. Excellent support and fit for those that require a higher level of stabilization.


  • Lightweight 7-1/2oz/shoe
  • Heel pull-on loop
  • 1.5-inch heel height
  • Memory foam cushioning and support
  • Durable textured uppers


  • Sole composition issues
  • Small, narrow fit
  • Narrow toe box pinches

Consider this:

Affordable and a practical solution for those that are concerned about present weight conditions who need better than average arch support.

Search for more information on these walking shoes at

3. RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe

RYKA Women's Sky Walking Shoe

Even “Darth Vader” will not be able to catch you when wearing these lightweight walking shoes. Low-profile design with appealing styling and the latest in color selections. Supportive leather overlays add support where and when needed. Breathable mesh uppers keep feet comfortable on longer walks.

Immediate comfort is felt when putting on these women’s shoes. Smooth and precision-placed memory foam sockliner is soft and durable. Supportive midsole provides for an overall lighter weight making these shoes one of the best shoes for plus size figures. Excellent and supportive rubber outsole is durable with dependable traction on all surfaces.

Outstanding women’s shoes for those that take advantage of the full benefits of walking for increased, overall better health. Striking design will set you apart from the rest of the crowd with a moderately bold selection of design and accented striping. Noticeably improved arch support will keep you focused on walking and not on your sore or aching feet.


  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Lace-up closure
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Padded collar/tongue
  • TPU midfoot shank


  • Thin soles
  • Heel separation issues
  • Inadequate cushioning

Consider this:

Very affordable pricing which immediately attracts the attention of most women that are looking for walking shoes on concrete that fit within budget guidelines.

Look for more information by following this provided link:

4. ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's GT 1000 4 Running Shoe

Designed for those that love to walk. An updated fourth version of one of the best-engineered Asics walking shoes with more supportive features. Ideal for those whose feet are subjected to common foot irregularities.

Engineered duomax support system provided just the right amount of support for mild to moderate cases of overpronation. Check out our walking shoes for overpronation.

Breathable mesh overlays and glossy side logos add a certain flair to an already well-made running shoe. Working together, the Gel cushioning at the heel in cooperation with the SpevaFoam™ create superior underfoot cushioning.

Fitted with high abrasion rubber, the outsoles of these running shoes will get you through the most difficult of terrains with a gripping ability that you will appreciate and continue to rely on. Slightly slanted heels give both runner and walkers improved stability. Impact Guidance system keeps your feet in the natural gait (recommended) position.


  • 50-percent more durable outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Increased underfoot moisture management
  • Soft, comfortable platform
  • Reflective triangles


  • Narrow/tight
  • Squeak
  • Break-in period required

Consider this:

For almost ten years, these running shoes have been a regular good-selling shoe on Amazon. Continual high ranking as an “Amazon Choice.” Affordable listing price is what makes these running shoes attractive and affordable. Above average color selection which adds to the overall custom-looked appeal.

Depending on present weight conditions, these running shoes would be ideal for those that are looking to lose those few extra pounds.

See other features of these hot-selling running shoes at

5. Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker

Propét Men's Stability Walker Sneaker

These sneakers have a higher than average heel height. Combined with a thicker outer sole that wraps to the outside of these shoes, gives a different look when compared to similar styles. Shorter overall lengths with higher than average supportive uppers.

Leather uppers with a rocker profile and easy-to-use and lace D-ring lacing. Designed with a wider forefoot and heel base for overpronation. Interior heel pad and cushioned ridges allow for support and comfort in just the right areas. Flexible, allowing your foot to move as needed when walking. Reliable, stable with better traction with every step taken.

Targeted padding placed in the right areas provides better arch support. Comfort features including the padded collar and tongue add to the comfortable and plush wearable feel. Full-grain perforated leather or nubuck adds to the classic appearance of these walking shoes that will definitely attract the attention of admirers.


  • Contoured heel stabilizer
  • Woe unit sole base
  • Two adjustable straps
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Removable footbed


  • Very small
  • Uncomfortable rubbing
  • Lacking durability

Consider this:

Much lower and disappointing rating on Amazon than expected. Affordable to fit into all budgets. Quality appears to be a primary concern reported by the majority of consumers. It becomes apparent that the overseas manufacturing facility needs to improve their craftsmanship considerably. If not, these sneakers are destined to be overcome by other rapidly rising competitors.

See what present and past consumers are saying about a really good walking shoes for elderly:

6. Vionic Women’s Walker Classic Walking Shoes

Vionic Women's Walker Classic Walking Shoes

The initial appearance of these women’s shoes represents styling at it’s best. These shoes have just the right touch of feminine quality. These walking shoes feature contoured arch support and a deep heel cup that realigns your natural gait. Water-resistant uppers make that early morning walk more comfortable. Breathable, moisture-wicking one-hundred percent polyester lining reduces friction and rubbing.

Podiatrist-developed biomechanical removable orthotic with top-cloth controls foot order better. Firm, thermoplastic heel counter increases stability with increased support. Durable rubber outsole provides superior traction on all surfaces. Clinically shown to reduce plantar fasciitis heel and knee pain. Approved by the American Podiatry Association with Seal of Acceptance.

Built-in trusted technology combined with style transforms an ordinary looking walking shoe into a must-have shoe. These premier walking shoes will have you back to your high school weight in no time. Upgrading to one of the most comfortable and affordable women’s walking shoes has never been easier for losing weight the natural way, by walking.


  • Stretchable uppers
  • Tie-less lacing
  • Adjustable heel straps
  • Anatomical orthotic insoles
  • Shock-absorbing midsoles


  • Durability issues
  • Narrow
  • Little arch support

Consider this:

With unlimited potential, it remains unclear to the limited number of color choices. Women prefer different looks, not the same identical look. These shoes remain very affordable despite the lack of attention to additional colors that would escalate sales.

See what other consumers are saying at

7. New Balance Women’s WW846 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's WW846 Walking Shoe

You will never be off balance when wearing these best shoes for overweight walkers in 2022. These shoes implement the latest in style with the features of tomorrow. As noted, the TPU rollbar reduces the back and forth movement of your foot for the best in motion control. Premiere, seamless, smooth liner is comfortable and relaxing.

Breathable synthetic mesh uppers are comfortable and supportive. Anti-microbial Ortholite foam keeps on delivering protection against mold and fungus keeping your feet fresh and relaxed after even the most extreme workouts. Lightning dry liners prevent moisture build-up on the interior of these shoes. Add Ndurance rubber compound to these shoes for unstoppable durability and dependability.

Constructed with Environmental Preferred Materials these shoes keep giving back. Athletic styling and overall quality have made these women’s shoes one of the most widely recognized walking shoes in the footwear industry today. Picking up where other manufacturers have stopped; these shoes will continue to walk a new path right to the top.


  • Padded collar
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Cemented sole construction
  • Removable footbed
  • 3M reflectivity


  • Stiff
  • Toes rub
  • Not waterproof

Consider this:

These shoes remain very affordable but once again lack additional color selections that could have made a good pair of walking shoes. There is no rhyme or reason that these premier women’s walking shoes should not be ranked farther up the Amazon scale, other than the reasoning previously mentioned.

Here, you may try more running shoes for heavy female runners review in-depth.

8. Drew Shoe Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe

Drew Shoe Men’s Force Athletic Walking Shoe

These shoes refine and master the complicated science of comfortable therapeutic footwear. Inventing functionality with styling not only difficult in the footwear industry but rarely accomplished successfully. These shoes combine the looks of a sporty, casual design with excellent comfort in one of the 7 best shoes for overweight walkers of 2022.

Shoes of all styles often offer similar features. These walking shoes are quite the opposite. Instead of one removable insole, these shoes provide two removable insoles, a feature that very athletic shoe manufacturer’s offer. The additionally removable insole allows for additional comfort that is often forgotten or overlooked by similar competing styles.

These insoles also have the latest in Drilex®, which wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during long or short walks. Prescribed orthotics customize your shoes for a perfectly comfortable fit. With less stress placed on your feet, these walking shoes are considered to be one of, if not the best, walking shoes for those with present overweight conditions.


  • Tri-support insole
  • Built-in heel cushion pad
  • Rocker bottom with wide shank
  • Extended medial heel stabilizer
  • Soft, foam-padded tongue/collar


  • Heavy
  • Squeaky
  • Narrow toe box

Consider this:

It would appear that a limited number of responding consumers are a result of this ranking, not the overall quality of these shoes. The affordability factor may be slightly higher than other similar competing styles but worth the few extra dollars spent.

Loo where you are going, not where you have been at

What to Look Before Buying Walking Shoes for Over Weight Walkers


Shoes for those that are carrying extra weight need to fit correctly. With more weight pressing down on the ankles and bottom of the feet, getting a good fitting pair of shoes is a task that requires research, patience, and understanding of many different personal situations. With the inability to secure laces, slip-on shoes are typically the best fit for those with weight issues.

Offered in wider sizes, for increased width of your feet, slip-on may also be more comfortable to put on and take off.


Individuals struggling with overweight conditions often have sore and aching feet. Therefore, maximum comfort is needed to combat the additional weight being carried. Comfort levels are often a matter of personal preference based on individual needs. What works for one person may be the exact opposite of another person’s needs.

Finding the most comfortable shoe may take additional time, patience and a better understanding of personal needs over what is suggested or recommended.


Features of shoes have remained relatively the same for years. Highlights for those with overweight issues may require some additional features or extras, not found in shoes worn by others. Stability and motion control features remain of equal importance. An increase in height and heel thickness of the outsole provides not only support but proper balance as well.

These shoes offer an increase in overall width allowing more room for the insertion of specialized braces or supports to be used as needed.


Shoes need to be flexible and move in the same direction as your feet. Still, leather and shoes that are rigid without a certain degree of flexibility often do more damage to feet that are already in poor condition. Depending on the degree and severity of the overweight state, feet often have a tendency to roll to the outside or the inside.

Shoes for overweight conditions must provide ankles additional support to aid in the rotation of the ankles which may cause other severe additional foot conditions.


Cushioning provides additional stability and helps to absorb impacts. The correct amount of cushioning also reduces energy transferred back to the legs, knees, and ankles of a person with overweight conditions. Overweight individuals need to function daily. Wearing shoes without adequate cushioning only decreases daily mobility thus worsening an already severe health concern.

The more cushioning provided to the feet with the correct arch support with higher mobility bring weight back under control.


Selecting the right sized shoes for individuals with weight issues is crucial. Incorrect size adds additional discomfort to already sore, aching and swollen feet. Seeking professional help is often the best-case scenario to see that adequately sized shoes are selected. Feet of overweight individuals often change in sizes due to the shifting of body weight with the retention of extra fluids.

Never guess or assume that a particular size of a shoe will fit. What fit today may not fit next week or next month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How important is arch support for these shoes?

A. Arch support is of vital importance when buying shoes for overweight individuals. With additional pressure placed on the arches of the feet, shoes with a firmer arch support help to carry the extra weight. Plantar fasciitis (flat feet) is a result of wearing shoes with poor to little arch support.

Arch support for overweight conditions must be able to carry additional weight; however, should have the ability to be flexible to some degree. A rigid arch support may do more damage than good.

Q. What should I be looking for when buying shoes for a heavier woman?

A. Features of a good walking shoe for a heavier woman should include the right amount of cushioning while providing the best possible fit. These shoes should also be lightweight with breathable construction. Excellent stability, balance and motion control are also a feature of a good shoe for a heavier woman.

Shoes with a lower heel and thicker outsoles may be just what you need.

Q. What is pronation and how does it affect those that are overweight?

A. Pronation is the natural movements that the foot makes to absorb the impact when walking or running. Occurring once the heel strikes the ground, the foot disperses the impact, stretching and flattening the arch as the foot rolls inward. In cases of overweight individuals, rotating of the feet to a continual inward roll often results in many other dangerous foot conditions.

On the other hand, under pronation of the foot is a condition that occurs when the foot suffers sudden and intense pressure due to the uneven distribution of excessive body weight with ankles and feet rolling more towards the outer position.

Q. How long will a pair of shoes last for someone that is overweight?

A. That would depend on the amount of use. The exact same pair of shoes may last six months for one person and a year for another. Shoes with a higher degree of durability will obviously last longer and are available either online or at local footwear distribution outlets. Any manufacturer that would state that their shoes will last for a specific amount of time is making promises that will never be kept.

Q. Are slip-on better for overweight people?

A. Slip-on is the preferred style for those with overweight conditions for obvious reasons. Shoes with laces are hard to tie, never stay s tight as needed, or so it has been said, and require some form of manual dexterity which may be problematic for overweight individuals. Slip-on shoes are more accessible to put on and take off and usually provide more width for swollen and aching feet.

Q. Can a podiatrist recommend the right shoe for overweight conditions?

A. Yes and a good source for obtaining other valuable information concerning other possible foot conditions from overweight conditions. They may also help in selecting the right shoe inserts for the perfect comfort level that you are looking for.


Unfortunately, overweight is a global problem affecting one-third of the world population. Affecting 68.8% of all adults, overweight is an epidemic that is out of control. To date, one in every 20 adults currently struggles from some form of an overweight condition affecting all parts of the body including your feet.

Your feet are placed under an extreme amount of pressure daily. Carrying all of your body weight, the best walking shoes for a heavy person allows you to function although with some difficulty often noted. These shoes are designed with features that help to diminish some of the pain and discomfort associated with overweight issues.

These shoes are not a cure to moreover a temporary solution. Supportive and comfortable, shoes for overweight individuals provide a means to continue normal daily activities. Decreasing the pain and discomfort when walking, these shoes may well be beginning of a new you. For hip pain, you can see our guide shoes for sciatica & reduced nerve, hip pain of 2022.

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