The 5 Best Welding Boots in 2022

Those who work in the welding industry are truly unique individuals. Often working in environments with extremely high temperatures, welders have mastered the skills of joining two pieces of metal with precision.

Working indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions and often at heights well above street level, welders continue to build the structures of tomorrow.

Welding often produces molten metal sparks that injure thousands of workers annually. If you are in this profession, there are specially-designed boots for welding that protect your feet from severe burns and falling heavy materials. Complete with added metatarsal guards, these work boots protect your feet throughout the day.

We have decided that the Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Boot is the best one for those who are in this industry.

This list of the best welding boots on the market today was chosen based on the overall design and attachment of the metatarsal guard.

These heavy-duty boots are highly recommended for construction workers, pipe-fitters, fabricators, sheet metal workers, and any other job that does require welding work. Check and see which one fits your needs.

Best Welding Boots

1. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge MG ST Boot

Stylish in appearance with lightly milled full-grain leather, these 6-inch Ironbridge steel toe boots look good enough to wear anywhere. The leather on these work boots is tough and non-processed with a flexibility that is perfect for welders. Waterproof and easy to clean, a real plus, these boots have the qualities that welders appreciate and require.

As you will be on your feet for the majority of your shift, you will love these specialized work boots as they remain extremely comfortable throughout the day.

Padded footbed creates a soft cushion that conforms to the shape of your feet, equalizing pressure. The comfort gives prevent back, knee, and leg pain, allowing you to focus on your job and reducing the risk of serious work-related injuries.

The strong metatarsal protection on these boots keeps your feet safe from falling heavy objects. It will also protect you from burning embers and other harmful debris that will fall on your feet.

The moisture-wicking capabilities of these boots remove moisture and keep your feet dry and cool throughout the day, even in high-temperature welding shops.

The padded collar with a pull-on loop to the rear works well when wearing leggings, making a tight, comfortable fit. The extra-thick, cross-grooved outsole provides for good traction on all surfaces from shop floors to dispatched outdoor locations.

The extra metatarsal protection on this Ironbridge MG ST welder’s boot is secured by rivets, holding them firmly in place with no side-to-side shifting or lifting.

The iconic Dr. Martens’s contrasting stitching is a nice touch, accenting the overall quality of these well-made welding work boots. Its removable Agion Antibacterial Smartmask-treated insole keeps your feet fresher even after a very long and tiring day, too.


  • Steel toe with an extended toe cap.
  • It has external metal guard protection.
  • Wooden shank for stability.
  • The air-cushioned footbed that significantly adds to the comfort level.
  • It is water-, slip-, and oil-resistant.


  • It has a very soft sole.
  • The outsoles cracked after only a few months of wear.
  • Overall, it is very heavy.

Meeting and exceeding all ASTM pre-set standards for safety, these boots for welders offer you protection from the shop to your garage. Available in black or teak, more information on these dependable and long-lasting boots can be found by clicking the following link:

2. Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8″ Metguard Steel-Toe Boot

Timberland PRO Men's Metguard Boot

This company has been making a long line of quality footwear for generations. Their PRO Men’s 53530 8-inch welding boots are designed for welders who seek the proper foot protection in all conditions. With attention to detail, these work boots have the latest in design and features that make them one of the best in the industry.

Flexible, lightweight, and breathable, these Timberland boots have a breathable membrane that keeps your feet cooler with rapid removal of moisture. It also incorporates the latest in technology to assure all that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to designing welding boots.

The met guards hinged protection worn on top of the foot, for example, protects your feet from burning debris or falling heavy objects. However, it appears to have some issues with hinging capabilities.

Timberland, as one of the most respected and recognized names in the footwear industry, has a customer service department that will quickly answer any and all questions pertaining to the proper use of these boots. Should problems or issues arise while wearing them, contacting their customer service department will quickly resolve all issues.


  • Waterproof leather to keep feet dry and comfortable.
  • It features anti-microbial Goodyear lining.
  • Construction Features Kevlar™ Sewing Thread on Welt.
  • It has a toe and contoured comfortable design.
  • Uses high-intensity rubber outsole for durability.


  • The metguard is not as durable as claimed.
  • The eyelet on the met guard popped off after the first day of wear.

Boots have an annoying squeak more information on these well-made, high-quality work boots for welders, and please click the following:

3. Iron Age Men’s Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boot

Iron Age Men's Ground Breaker Work Boot

Anyone who is familiar with the Iron Age knows that no matter how tough that time was, men were tougher. They faced a lot of challenges and innovated on what they had.

These Ground Breaker IA5016 work boots represent a legacy of hard work that has been carried forward to this day. The boots are as tough as the men who lived in those times.

Made from durable full-grain leather in the traditional 6-inch height styling, these work boots from Iron Age offer superior protection from falling objects that are often a leading cause of foot injuries in welding shops.

Combined with a roomier and well-structured steel toe box, these work boots are not only oil- and slip-resistant but offer good comfort throughout the day, too.

The high temperatures in welding shops often make feet sweaty and uncomfortable. The boots’ moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining removes moisture from your feet, keeping them at a comfortably dry level that makes wearing these boots a pleasure.

The metatarsal guard on these boots is fastened at the front of the boot, making it unique. Fastened to the boot on all sides with rivets, it virtually eliminates the possibility of the metatarsal guard tearing away from the boot. It is a really nice feature that works.

The affordability factor of these boots is better than average. Priced below or, in some cases, equal to other competing styles, these may well be the best welding boots available.

It should be noted that the popularity of these work boots has drawn the attention of other construction trades as well, including concrete and mason workers, as well as electricians.


  • Removable EVA cushion insert for adjustable comfort levels.
  • Kevlar stitching for rugged wear.
  • The rubber outsole is thick and tough.
  • It features a steel shank for greater support and stability.
  • Meets and exceeds all pre-set ASTM safety standards.


  • Its arch support is too high.
  • The sizes run big.
  • Boots feel heavy.

A wide range of special features is found on these boots that may appear similar to other competing styles. However, the overall unique styling of these work boots makes it stand out from the rest.

Click the following link for more information on these tough and dependable Iron Age work boots:

4. Harley-Davidson Men’s Jake Boot

Harley-Davidson Men's Jake Boot

Going above and beyond the norm is what has made this company one of the most successful in the world. With a reputation for superior craftsmanship in all phases of their long association with motorcycles, everything that this company produces is destined for immediate approval by their millions of faithful followers.

Harley-Davidson offers a beautifully designed work/riding boot with all the latest safety features which may or may not be focused solely on welders. The metatarsal guard is well-placed and attached to the front of these boots and firmly secured to prevent separation from the boot after periods of increased wear.

The side zipper is a nice feature, too, that’s not offered in competing models. However, it may represent a safety hazard and a place for burning molten metal fragments to enter if not secured properly.

Speaking of zipper boot, check out our top 7 boots review here!

These work boots are good-looking, perhaps even too good-looking for the rigors of a busy welding shop. These are very affordable when compared to other boots in this company’s long line of active footwear.


  • Polishable full-grain leather for a professional look.
  • It features a full-length cushion sock lining.
  • Individually-fitting right and left toe caps.
  • YKK heavy duty side zipper with closure for fast on and off.
  • It meets ASTM standards for safety.


  • Boots need a break-in period.
  • The toe protectors are not comfortable.
  • The heel height is uncomfortable, too.

These work boots may come from a company that’s better known for its motorcycles. However, if you can look past the brand and focus on the features, you will see that it deserves its spot in this list of best boots for welders. Click the following link for more information on these well-designed work boots:

5. Caterpillar Men’s Ergo Flexguard Boot

Caterpillar Men's Ergo Flexguard Boot

This company indeed needs no introduction. Caterpillar is known worldwide for being an industry leader in the manufacture of a wide range of heavy industrial equipment.CAT footwear makes work boots based on strength and integrity. Evolving into a wide range of both industrial and casual footwear, their boots are as tough as the equipment that they build.

The triple-stitched full-grain leather uppers of this Caterpillar Men’s Ergo Flexguard Boot protect your feet regardless of your job, from construction to welding and more. The nicely designed and comfortably padded collar and tongue allow for a tighter fit, keeping all debris out of the boots.

The metatarsal guard on most welding boots is made from a rigid material with no flexibility. On these CAT work boots, however, it is flexible, allowing movement when bending or twisting. It is also wider than the guards on other similar styles.

The metatarsal guard sewed into the seam at the toe. This may present a problem if the guard gets caught on something and tear off. The triple stitching at the toe indeed reduces the possibility of damage to the metatarsal guard; however, it should be inspected occasionally after it has been worn for some time.

When worn for welding, these work boots meet and exceed all ASTM safety standards. It is also rated for protection against electrical hazards (EH).


  • Nylon mesh lining to keep feet cool and dry.
  • It has an Ortholite sock liner.
  • Durable rubber heel stabilizer with recessed stitching.
  • The stability bridge spans the arch of the foot.
  • It has an aggressive, cleated T839 outsole with moisture-wicking capability.


  • There is not enough cushion on the boots.
  • The metatarsal guard ripped off after only two weeks.
  • The lacing eyelets on the boot were loose.

Affordable on even the most stringent budgets, these work boots from Caterpillar are ideal for those who seek quality from a leading manufacturer with a stellar reputation. Besides its good looks, these work boots will also give you peace of mind knowing that your feet are well-protected.

The Importance of Wearing Proper Welding Boots

Welders know that they have one of the most demanding jobs in the world. It requires a lot of skills and experience to do well, and risks are high on the job. Welding has often been classified as one of the most dangerous jobs today due to extreme heat, burning sparks, and working with large and complicated pieces of heavy metal.

Exposed to high electrical current, welders often wear protective clothing preventing serious burns, including the proper gloves, jackets, and knee pads. However, most welders do not consider protecting their feet as part of their required protective equipment. Common injuries among this group of workers stem from crushing injuries to the feet from falling objects.

Wearing the proper and correct boots for welders is taking responsibility for the position that you are responsible for. These metatarsal welding boots are specially designed for protection with additional hardened steel plates covering the bridge of the feet.

Even when you are on your feet for hours on end, you will find that these boots remain comfortable as they are designed especially for both comfort and safety.

What to Look for Before Buying Welding Boots

Welders are required to wear proper safety gear when working with a variety of welding equipment. Mandated by OSHA and the place of employment, failure to wear required protection is grounds for dismissal. Seasoned welders are well aware of the risks in the welding profession and know-how to protect themselves.

The following information is provided to help you choose the right welding work boots that offer the maximum protection required.


Made from soft durable leather or other fire-resistant material, leggings protect the legs of the welder from flying embers. Worn on the outside of other suitable clothing above the knee to the top of your boots, leggings offer the welder additional protection that is an absolute must. It is affordable and durable with a longer wear factor.

Metatarsal guards

Metatarsal guards are personal protective equipment that is worn on top of the work boots for welders. Using the laces of your boots, the metatarsal guards are interlaced with this personal protection guard to protect the instep of your feet from falling material or crushing injuries.

It is also used as an additional guard to keep hot molten metal out of your work boots. Welding without these guards leaves your feet exposed to possibly serious feet injuries.

Toe Guards

Toe guards are a means of supplying additional protection to the toe area of the best welding work boots. Covering your toes and the instep of your feet, these toe guards are often confused with metatarsal guards; they’re different.

Toe guards offer less impact protection and are worn on top of your work boots. They are secured with an adjustable strap that runs under the arch of your boots.

Shin Guards

Typically made of lightweight materials, shin guards are worn below the knee to the top of the ankle. Shin guards are designed to protect the front lower section of both legs from metal punctures and sharp corners on larger sections of lengthy metal. These are available in a variety of configurations, lengths, and designs, as well as price ranges.

Shock Resistant

Abrupt shocks are always a concern in all work environments. In welding, abrupt shocks often occur when moving from one completed section of a project to the next. Although jumping from one level to the next is never recommended, it does occur and often results from ankling sprains and breaks.

In a welding shop, making your feet as comfortable as possible with the boots’ shock-absorbing qualities is always recommended.

Heat Resistant

Feeling the heat trapped inside your boots can make an already long day seem like an eternity. It is vital to keep feet cool when you are working in high-temperature environments. Look for work boots that are heat-resistant and made from high-quality premium leather.


Welding is one of the most dangerous jobs today. Working high above or below the ground, the extreme heat from torches produces hot pieces of molten metal that may come in direct contact with you. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to avoid serious burns while using a variety of specialized welding torches.

Your feet are the most vulnerable when welding and thus must be protected. The best welding boots protect your feet from hot ashes, burning sparks, and falling heavy pieces of metal when cutting. Metatarsal welding work boots are designed with a specialized cover attached to the top of the boots to offer the protection you need.

We have reviewed in this article do their job very well in ensuring your safety while on the job. While we have recommended one specific brand and model, any of the books listed here can actually help you continue what you do best.

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