7 Best Wildland Firefighting Boots Reviews (With 2018 Buyer’s Guide)

“Dedicated to the men and women firefighters all around the world. Your courage, bravery, and commitment to saving the lives of our families near and far shall never be forgotten”. We shall remain eternally grateful”

Firefighters have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They face exposure to superheated gases and toxic fumes in their everyday call.

Raging forest fires to private homes, firefighters go to the extreme and beyond protecting the lives of those they serve. Falling debris and possible building collapse, firefighters risk their lives to save others. Loss of traction, climbing ladders, and slippery surfaces may cause serious injuries.

Fires have excessive heat to over 500 degrees. Loss of bodily fluids is a result of poor foot protection with a rapid increase in body heat.

Risking life and possible severe injury, firefighters use specialized equipment for protection. Helmets, masks, special heat-resistant clothing, and boots are a part of this specialized equipment.

In fact, boots are an important turnout gear that protects feet, ankles, and lower legs from injury. Specialized fire boots are lightweight for better mobility and traction. They protect feet from debris and cut keeping feet comfortable.

It is the intent of this product review to focus attention on the 7 best wildland firefighting boots for 2108. Through hours of research and comparisons, these firefighting boots outweigh any similar or competing styles. Designed for firefighters, these boots have proven to offer superior protection fighting fires.

Best Wildland Firefighting Boots - 2018 Reviews

Boot Name


Made of


White's Boots Men's 400VLTT

Vibram Sole

Oil tanned all leather construction

Danner Men's Wildland Tactical Firefighter Work Boot

Vibram Sole

Fire resistant, durable rough-out leather

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Vibram Sole

Leather for wildland firefighters

Adtec Men's 1964 10" Fireman Logger Black Work Boot

Rubber Sole

Oiled heat resistant 

La Sportiva Men's Glacier WLF Hiking Boot - Men's

Synthetic Sole

Roughout leather

White's Boots Men's 400V Smoke Jumper Boot

Vibram Sole

Oil tanned all leather 

Thorogood Men's 10" Wildland Fire Boots

Vibram(r) FIRE

Cut-resisting logger leather

1. White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot

White's Boots Men's 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace-To-Toe Boot

Designed for forest fire jumpers. Ten-inch height gives added ankle support without reducing mobility. Without a doubt, the best wildland firefighting boots on the market today. Vibram sole provides better traction on slippery forest surfaces. Lace-to-toe design gives these boots an aggressive appearance. White’s boot arch ease follows the contour of the foot to perfection.

Full grain, oil-tanned leather for long-lasting wear. Boots meet all clothing and equipment requirements for wildland firefighting. Worn by some of the bravest firefighting professionals in the world. Hand-sewn welt construction with three rows of lock stitching. Available sizes from 7-12,13. Custom orders accepted. Features of these wildland boots on the market include:


  • check
    Padded collar
  • check
    Goodyear welt/stitch down sole construction
  • check
    Brass hooks and eyelets
  • check
  • check
    Superior comfort and protection.

High rating on Amazon with 4.6 stars out of a possible 5-star total rating. Negative reviews are:


  • Poor shipping

White’s 4VLTT smoke jumper boot is the best wildland boots for front-line firefighting on the market. Proudly made in the USA by skilled craftsmen and women. Facing raging fires requires skill and mobility. Protection of the feet remains extremely important.

More firefighters are injured yearly due to faulty firefighting boots. Falls and slips remain the leading cause of injuries to firefighters. Proper firefighting boots from White’s removes these hazards.

Hot glowing embers often retain heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, burning through the sole of a poor firefighting boot quickly. Putting your life on the line fighting fires is serious enough. Don’t take chances of serious injury with poor, non-rated firefighting boots.

Jumping or walking into a fire, your feet will feel the intense heat of the fire first. Poor, non-rated firefighting boots will raise body heat level quickly. White’s 400VLTT firefighting boots resist overheating of the feet. Firefighting requires a high level of focus.

Lack of focus for even second results in serious injury, even death. Firefighting boots are very important for survival in a raging fire. White’s firefighting 400VLTT firefight boots are expensive. White’s firefighting boots have a proven track record of protecting lives of firefighters for years. Putting your life on the line to save other lives, you deserve the best possible means of protection.

White’s 400VLTT is the firefighting boot is the boot for you. Look no further than the superior quality of White’s firefighting boots. You deserve the best in firefighting boots available. What are you waiting for?

2. Danner Men’s Wildland Tactical Firefighter Work Boot

Danner Men's Wildland Tactical Firefighter Work Boot

Ranked as the second choice for firefighting boots. Danner has a long history in the production of excellent footwear. Danner firefighting boots also work well as daily work boots. Blends lightweight with additional supportive benefits of an alpine hiker boot.

NFPA certified firefighting boot. Fire-resistant outer leather exterior with comfortable inner mesh lining. Durable Vibram outsole designed for slip-resistant traction over rough land. Reinforced stitch construction provides superior comfort from upper to the outer sole.

Specialized heel shape locks the heel in place for a better overall fit. More room in the toe area with less pinching or binding. Additional features of Danner wildland tactical firefighting work boot are:


  • check
    Athletic design
  • check
    Open-cell polyurethane Ortholite footbed
  • check
    Mountaineering inspired
  • check
    Superior strength and durability
  • check

Ranked on Amazon at a disappointing 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 star total. One of the top selling firefighting boots offered by Danner. Negative reviews by firefighters have indicated:


  • Boots do not last
  • close
    Wore out in only four months
  • close
    Laces are cheap plastic

Negative rankings on Amazon do not tell the entire story. Firefighting boots are used in harsh conditions. Firefighting boots need daily care after use. Proper cleaning makes boots last longer. The outer leather exterior should be properly cleaned daily.

Leather exterior requires sealing on a frequent basis. Firefighting boots are only as good as the person that is wearing them. No firefighting boot will last when not properly cared for.

Made in the USA, Danner men’s wildland tactical work boots are made by craftsmen. Introduced in 2015 on Amazon, hundreds of these firefighting boots have been sold. Paying attention to details, Danner ranks high in quality Supportive fit with less break-in period reported by firefighters when worn.

Rugged boot with great flexibility with strong ankle support. Crossover lacing is durable and remains tight all day. Lightweight weighing less than 3 pounds combined. Hikers and extreme outdoor enthusiasts remain impressed with the quality of the Danner men’s wildland tactical firefighter work boot. Perfect boot for climbing over rough unforgiving land.

Firefighting boots vary greatly in quality. Professional firefighters demand the best boot for safety and comfort. Facing raging forest or three-alarm blazes, firefighters need equipment that protects on every call. Look past the price.

Choose a pair of firefighting boots that meets all your needs. Combined with an everyday use or fighting fires, This firefighter boot remains the perfect fit second to none.

3. Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Imported from Italy. Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering boots are made to perfection. Rated as the best firefighting boots for climbing and hiking. Multi-generational family owned business since 1938. Performance boots for mountaineering, trail-running and outdoor adventures. No frill boot with unnecessary features.

Striking bronze color with a leather exterior. Double tongue provides excellent fit and comfort. Rugged leather uppers take on the roughest trail hikes. Ideal tall cuff for firefighters and wildland firefighters.

Vibram sole provides superior gripping on all surfaces. Recommended use, mountaineering or work boot. Known for superior wear, Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering boots also offer:


  • check
    Over-the-ankle height
  • check
    Lace up closure
  • check
    Leather uppers
  • check
    Nylon lining for ventilation
  • check
    EVA midsole

Scarpa Fuego mountaineering boots are expensive. 4.3-star rating on Amazon out of possible 5-star total rating. Negative customer reviews remain at six percent out of forty-nine consumers responding. Negative consumer reviews are based on one flaw:


  • Shanks crack

Associated shoe manufacturing company has been made aware of the noted defect. Increased thickness to shank has been added. Boots are NFPA approved. Great boots for hiking, climbing or trail riding. Lower overall height with no rubber to burn off when firefighting.

Popular hiking boot for outdoor enthusiasts. Scarpa mountaineering boots are a perfect fit for all who enjoy skiing. Warm, comfortable fit provides flexibility down steep covered slopes. Rugged exterior provides support and protection from hidden hazards.

Gusseted tongue provides strength, freedom of movement and comfort. Full padded, thick collar prevents pinching and rubbing.

“Blue-collar” boots for work or pleasure. Equally suited for heavy work. Cross lacing keeps laces tight. Half lacing allows for easy on/off. Competitively priced when comparing to similar models. Scarpa Fuego mountaineering boots are expensive. Combination outdoor, work and firefighting boots. Three uses for the price of one boot.

A good overall deal. Ranked as number three spot on the best wildland firefighting boots review. Launched on Amazon September 7th, 2012 with growing sales.

Scarpa Fuego mountaineering boots are the “working man’s” boot. Attractive in design and style. Firefighting or hiking these boots perform under all extremes. Great boot for anyone for long outdoor adventures. The exceptional gripping ability of outer soles grip trail riding bike pedals firmly. Ideal boots for anyone seeking quality from a company known for excellence.

From firefighting to hiking, Scarpa mountaineering boots have it covered perfectly. Experience the best all-purpose boots for yourself. Results will be rewarding and satisfying.

4. Adtec Men’s 1964 10” Fireman Logger Black Work Boot

Adtec Men's 1964 10" Fireman Logger Black Work Boot

Adtec produces a long line of high high-quality footwear. Design, distribution of firefighting boots brings forth a new era for Adtec. Produced in 1964, the creative styling of a new line of firefighting boots brought forth advanced comfort. Style #1964 is a 10” wildland firefighting boot also used by loggers.

Listed as one of the most dangerous jobs, loggers began to appreciate the superior quality of the #1964 firefighting boot. Durable leather construction is perfect for wet/muddy conditions. Cleans easily with a damp cloth. High two and a half inch heel height for better comfort.

Known for high-quality, all Adtec firefighting boots are inspected before shipping. Adtec strives for no-tolerance zero defect policy.

Constructed with quality since 1981, other features of the Adtec men’s #1964 10” fireman logger work boot include:


  • check
    Padded insole with good arch support
  • check
    Steel hooks with solid brass lace eyelets
  • check
    Fire resistant laces
  • check
    Goodyear welt/triple stitching
  • check
    No break-in period required

Presently rated on Amazon at a disappointing 4.0 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Consumers appreciate the overall quality of these firefighting boots. Ordering correct sizing appears to be an issue. Other consumers report:

  • Not a fire boot
  • close
    Boots made for children with small feet
  • close
    Order one size larger for a good fit

Sizing is the responsibility of the consumer. Check sizing charts accurately before ordering. Rated as one of the cheap wildland fire boot on Amazon price ranging from $102.11 - $139.95. Rated for 500-degree heat resistance. 10” shaft height keeps ankles in place with limited side movement. One-piece lug sole for increased wear in all environments.

Adtec men’s 1964 10” fireman logger work boots are cheap wildland firefighting boots with a higher degree of quality. Price is not a factor to be taken into consideration when purchasing firefighting boots that can save your life.

Look for quality and a firefighting boot that has been tested. Standing the test of time and actual use in wildland firefighting situations often tells the complete story.

Adtec men’s 1964 10” fireman logger book continues to receive positive reviews. Available on Amazon since 2011. Thousands of these high-quality firefighting boots have been sold. Firefighters and loggers depend on adequate footwear protection.

Consumers of Adtec’s #1964 10” fireman logger work boots have become repeat customers. Adtec remains a premier supplier of firefighting boots. Dedicated to superiority at a very affordable price. Adtec is poised to start a competitive fire that will be hard to extinguish.

5. La Sportiva Men's Glacier WLF Hiking Boot - Men's

La Sportiva Men's Glacier WLF Hiking Boot - Men's

La Sportiva boots are crafted in Italy. Combination boots for firefighters and avid backpackers. Lightweight compared to other similar firefighting boots. Synthetic sole provides adequate comfort levels. Vibram ice sole for good traction crossing muddy and rocky country. Popular firefighting boot for forestry, BLM and hotshot crews.

Wildland firefighters rely on La Sportiva boots for high ankle stability without restricting movement. Firefighters walk miles to reach a stronghold position fighting fires. Crossing tough terrain, La Sportiva boots provide the comfort and traction to safely reach a designated starting point. Heat resistance of temperatures to 300 degrees. Other advancements include:


  • check
    Half steel shank for protection from sharp objects
  • check
    Meets all Federal Standards for wildland firefighters
  • check
    Durable soles with heat resistance up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit
  • check
    Meets ISO 20344 standards for protective wildland firefighting footwear
  • check
    Lightweight, less than three pounds combined

Mixed reviews on Amazon. Currently rated at 4.0 stars out of a possible 5-star total rating. Twenty-one reviews on the La Sportiva men’s glacier WLF hiking boot are insufficient information to arrive at either a negative or positive decision.


  • Boots did not last more than six months
  • close
    Do not hold-up in firefighting conditions
  • close
    Glued outersole separates from steel shank in high heat conditions.

The La Sportiva is a multi-purpose use boot. Firefighting, hiking or work boot. Based on the information gathered, the La Sportiva is not a front-line firefighting boot Superior comfort for hiking and trail discovery.

It would appear that these boots lack the durability required to be considered as the best wildland firefighting boots. Priced below other competing styles, the La Sportiva glacier hiking boot is an excellent fit for outdoor adventures Great stability and a non-slip outsole provide really good traction on glaciers and rugged mountain trails.

Introduced on Amazon in July 2011, the La Sportiva glacier hiking boots remain a popular choice for hiking enthusiasts. The premier leader in the production of higher quality hiking boots. Rated for wildland firefighting but not recommended.

Issues with outersole separation appear to be an on-going concern. Cross fed laces remain tight all day. Great work boots for construction, steelworkers or any employment position outdoors.

Wildland firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Correct equipment to withstand extreme heat conditions is crucial. The intended use of the La Sportiva men’s glacier WLF hiking boot remains the choice of the individual consumer based on need.

6. White’s Boots Men’s 400V Smoke Jumper Boot

White’s Boots Men’s 400V Smoke Jumper Boot

Smokejumpers are a unique breed unto their own. Smokejumpers are frontline firefighters, first to establish boundaries. Dedicated to the preservation of natural resources, smokejumpers encounter hardships beyond explanation.

Hovering thousands of feet above a burning inferno, smoke jumpers need reliable firefighting boots to absorb the initial impact of landing in a burning forest. White’s men’s 400V smoke jumper boots fit this need perfectly.

Ten-inch height provides superior ankle support with increased shock absorption. Meets and exceeds NFPA requirements for wildland firefighting equipment. Black Vibram lugs provide sure footing in very poor conditions.

Flexible and comfortable, these rugged wildland firefighting boots endure. Rated as the best leather firefighting boots available, these no-nonsense boots include:


  • check
    Padded collar
  • check
    Aggressive tread pattern
  • check
    Goodyear welt/stitch down
  • check
    Heat and water resistant
  • check
    Puncture resistant

The current rating on Amazon of 4.3 stars out of five stars total rating appears low. Very limited negative reviews advise:


  • Boot sizes tend to run large

Proudly made in the USA by skilled craftsmen and women. White’s patented arch design for complete arch support. Hand-sewn stitching with true craftsmanship quality. Lightweight, weighing less than two pounds delivers comfort all day.

Full grain leather exterior allows for movement and flexibility. These leather firefighting boots are repairable for extended use. Lace in tongue keeps debris out. Strong leather laces keep laces tight and foot support. Premium full grain oil tanned leather exterior offers comfort and freedom for immediate movement when needed.

Introduced on Amazon in May of 2104. One of the first choice firefighting boots by smokejumpers. White’s boots remains a trusted source for high-quality, durable boots. Trusted by wildland firefighters for years, White’s 400V smoke jumper firefighting boots excel above all others. First-in, last-out, smoke jumpers remain on site for days.

Already an uncomfortable situation, wearing the correct firefighting boots is equally important. Emphasis placed on comfort and protection, White’s men’s 400V smoke jumper firefighting boots affords these brave souls a brief moment of peace.

A long and growing line of the best-constructed boots on the market. Priced equal to or slightly above other similar styles. White’s men’s 400V jumper boots are worth every dollar spent and more.

Disappearing natural resources remain a concern, Smoke jumpers fight to protect the natural beauty of all wildlands. Through dedication and a strong-willed determination, smoke jumpers deserve the recognition earned fighting raging forest fires for us all.

7. Thorogood Men’s 10” Wildland Fire Boots

Thorogood Men’s 10” Wildland Fire Boots

American-made. Long outstanding reputation for high-quality boots. Single-piece composition. Goodyear welt construction for tight seams. Flame and cut resistant with removable kiltie. Removable felt soles for comfort in all weather conditions.

Dri-tex tongue with moisture wicking keeps feet dryer. Composite Vibram heat resistant sole shank for superior stability and ankle support. Flexible outer leather exterior for mobility and comfort. Meets all NFPA protective equipment standards for wildland firefighters.

Thorogood men’s 10” wildland fire boots are designed for the extreme that all wildland firefighters face. Cuts and punctures to the feet are a common injury.

Thorogood men’s 10” wildland fire boots are puncture resistant. Deep cross tread pattern, allows for greater traction climbing large debris filled hills. Specialized construction of the Thorogood men’s 10” wildland fire boots include:


  • check
    90-degree heel
  • check
    Abrasion resistant
  • check
    Slip resistant
  • check
    Goodyear welt/stitch down
  • check
    Inexpensive when compared to other similar styles

Respectable rating on Amazon of 4.3 stars out of 5 star total. Some reported issues with the Thorogood wildland fire boots include:


  • Boots require an extended break-in period
  • close
    Boots are uncomfortable around the laces
  • close
    Boots appear to be heavy

Twelve pairs of fasteners keep laces tight throughout the day. The extra depth of Vibram rubber heel keeps feet well-aligned and in place. More room in the toe area reduces pinching. Thorogood men’s 10” wildland boots are non-insulated. Boots are sometimes used in twenty below zero temperatures although not recommended.

Wildland firefighters require specialized equipment. Battling all raging fires is dangerous enough without having to worry about failing equipment. Fighting forest fires in elements that are unforgiving presents further problems. Falling debris and windblown heat, wildland firefighters must be able to move quickly and efficiently. Greater ankle support with a higher degree of flexibility.

Thorogood men’s 10” wildland fire boots remain a favorite of all wildland firefighters.10” height wraps feet in extreme comfort. Walking long distances, Thorogood 10” wildland firefighting boots keeps feet comfortable with no burning of soles or aching arches.

Somewhat heavy, these boots still allow rapid movement with changing winds. Clearing front line fire breaks, these durable boots keeps feet sweat free and active.

Large firefighting machinery operation is not a problem wearing these boots. Climbing ladders or trees, these boots support the independent movement at all times. One of the most affordable firefighting boots on the market. Backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee, Thorogood is a name to remember.

Best Wildland Firefighting Boots - 2018 Buyer's Guide

NFPA Wildland Firefighting Boots Requirements: Do your Boots Meet the Standards?

Firefighting boots are different from regular work boots. Standards set by the NFPA, (National Fire Protection Agency) for firefighting boots are clear. Boots failing to meet certain standards are not permitted for firefighting. These standards set the protection for all firefighters. Minimum requirements for firefighting boots include:

  • Minimum of 8” high measured from the bottom of the heel to the top of the boot
  • Lace-type exterior leather work boots with non-slip, melt-resistant Vibram soles

These minimum features meet the standards for firefighting boots. The NFPA standards for all firefighting boots are mandatory. A boot must be tall enough to support, cover and protect the ankle and lower leg. Firefighting boots don’t have to be waterproof or made of leather.

NFPA requires firefighting boots to meet standards for punctures, cuts, and heat. Flame resistant is a good idea. Makers of firefighting boots must be approved by the NFPA. Suppliers must submit sample firefighting boots for testing.

An annual fee for this service is commonplace. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) have strict guidelines for firefighter boots. Understand all government restrictions prior to purchasing a pair of firefighting boots. You will save time and money.

NFPA 1977-certified firefighting boots must include FR (Fire-resistant) materials. It is wise to check for the NFPA label on the interior of the firefighting boot prior to purchasing. Cheap firefighting boots look like real firefighting boots.

Cheap boots may fall apart when exposed to high heat levels. Fake leather firefighting boots are never a great idea. Fake leather firefighting boots may break down in extreme heat conditions. Severe burns to feet are possible.

You only have two feet. Protect them. Experience firefighters do not take chances. Cheap firefighting boots is an invitation to a disaster with life-altering changes. Firefighting is not child’s play. Treat fire with respect at all times.

Things You Can’t Ignore While Buying Firefighting Boots:

Safety Features: Firefighters are on their feet for hours. Safety is a major concern. Firefighters need proper safety equipment in order to fight intense fires. Heat is a primary concern. All fires reach rampant heat levels in minutes. Firefighting boots remain one of the most important pieces of firefighting equipment.

Firefighting boots must be able to adequately protect the feet walking on burning embers. Wearing firefighting boots not rated by the NFPA increases the dangers that are present. Your firefighting boots must withstand extreme temperatures and life-threatening conditions. Firefighting boots are one the most important safety features that must not be taken for granted.

Durability and Heat Resistance: Firefighters fight fires on rocky mountain terrains and hillsides to collapsing buildings. Life-threatening dangers are ever present. Your firefighting boots must be able to withstand some of the harshest conditions. Boots that don't provide high heat resistance increase the overall danger level ten-fold.

Rugged and dependable boots offer stability and mobility. Many firefighters suffer injuries wearing inadequate boots, resulting in severe burns to the feet. Don't compromise on toughness and heat resistant properties when selecting a pair of firefighting boots. Firefighting boots in this review are tough, durable, heat resistance boots that could save your life.

Support: Climbing steep hills, fighting forest fires requires firefighting boots that support the ankle. Forest terrain is dangerous requiring increased mobility. Battling three-alarm fires in buildings, firefighters require the proper support for support and stability. Sprained ankles are the most reported injury in fighting fires.

Support to the ankles to twist and turn at sharp angles remains important. Hidden dangers are a major concern for firefighters. Firefighting boots must allow the flexibility to walk on/over these hidden obstacles. High water pressure puts additional strain on the ankles. Proper ankle support ensures safety in answering calls with a greater reward.

Traction: Slipping on wet surfaces causes many severe injuries to firefighters. Traction and the ability to gain proper footing is mandatory. Firefighters work at extreme heights; Slipping on wet surfaces can result in serious falls.

Forest firefighters face another challenge. Leaves on the forest floor are slippery, similar to walking on ice. Climbing over dead trees, hidden by leaves, gaining proper traction reduces injuries.

Firefighting boots equipped with Vibram outsoles for increased traction, greatly reduce slips. Deep and inter-twining thread of Vibram outer soles provides the traction needed. Lugs, on outer soles, are another way to increase traction. Not all firefighting boots offer this feature.

Why Don’t We Recommend Steel Toe Boots for Firefighters?

Firefighting is a dangerous job. Falling trees and sharp objects injure hundreds of firefighters per year. Firefighters look for boots offering the most heat protection to feet. Steel toe footwear is not a choice for firefighters. Firefighters face extreme heat conditions with temperatures rising to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steel toe firefighting boots have a tendency to trap heat inside boots. Steel is a common conductor of all excessive temperatures. The trapped heat inside firefighter’s boots with steel toes raise heat to painful levels. This trapped heat may lead to foot bacteria, blisters, and other serious infections.

Firefighters reported 5-foot injuries from 1996-2000. Firefighters look for boots that are comfortable and lightweight with a superior fit. Toe protection is not a major concern of firefighters. Comfort, safety, and mobility remain important to all firefighters. Protection from excessive heat remains a top priority. Look for firefighting boots that offer protection, instead of speculation.


This review of the seven best wildland firefighting boots is for those that sacrifice their lives so others may live. The firefighting boots described throughout this review are the best firefighting boots available. It is the intent of this review to highlight features of these superior firefighting boots. There are no guarantees of protection facing roaring fires.

These firefighting boots reduce the chances of possible serious injury. Designed and crafted by some of the best boot manufacturers in the world. These seven best firefighting boots offer you protection with comfort.

From the forest to the city, you deserve the best in protection with increased comfort. The firefighting boots presented in this review offer you all that you search for and entitled to.

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