21 Most Comfortable Bike Seats for Women To Buy In 2018

Are you looking for the Most Comfortable Bike Seats? I'm sure you are, and as a cyclist you deserve it!

I believe everyone knows that the woman's pelvis is wider than man! And despite this anatomical difference, many women are getting on just fine with men’s saddles, just as many women happily ride men’s bikes.

Man VS Female Pelvis

Image Source: SQlab

However, women have wider sit bones compared to man, so they need specially designed seat, not any generic one. It should be superior in quality & design offering superb comfort for all styles of bike and ride.

With this article, we have done 40 hours of extensive research, 10 hours writing and presenting you 21 comfortable bike seats that were specifically designed for lady cyclists. Selle Italia Lady Gel, Bikeroo, Brooks B67, Cloud-9, Serfas Dual Density Women's Bicycle Saddle are the name of the few best bike seat for women on the list. Let's help you to pick the right one!

What Defines An Awesome Bicycle Seat?

That said, looking at some saddle ranges, there’s still a significantly smaller choice for women than men, something which needs addressing. Every component on a complete bike has to contribute to meeting a price point, but bike manufacturers aren’t clueless; they may spec a generic product.

However, it is one designed to work for as many people as possible. Manufacturers are getting better at helping you to choose the right one.

Most have their own system of narrowing the choice, either by deciding what type of cyclist you are — usually in your range of flexibility and your position on the bike — or using a fit system that measures the distance between your sit bones to pair you with the women’s bike seat your anatomy.

The female bike seats should support the sit bones, not the whole bum. It’s where your hip bones contact the saddle that is the key. It needs to provide adequate support in these two areas. That’s why many of them are provided in different widths, reflecting the difference in people’s anatomy.

Most Comfortable Bike Seats: A Quick Comparison

The above table shows, a list of top 21 bicycle seats and our ratings. Now we will dig down into each seat with our in-depth review and analysis.

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1 Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle

Breathable full grain leather made the seat a wonderful look.

Wider range seat is suitable for the short ride, but for road racing cycle, Selle Italia diva gel flow women's bicycle saddle would be the best road bike seat.

The complete design and shape of the saddle is unique and specially manufactured for women needs. Overall, diva is a high-performance seat for women.

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women's Bicycle Seat

This seat is thinner than the other bike saddle. Silicone gel helps for optimal support. Diva comes with two different colors on the market.

For sports related cycling, I would highly recommend Selle Italia lady gel flow saddle.


  • Very comfortable for long distance race
  • Multi proposal works well on road and mountain bike
  • Not too heavy
  • Padding in all the right places
  • Zero chafing


  • Racer customers want something more lighter
  • Pricey than the other bike saddle

2 Bikeroo Bike Saddle for Women

This Bikeroo bike saddle specially designed for the women shape. It helps to reduce pressure on soft tissue areas for both men and women. Additionally, you can ride long distance without numbness and irritation. That’s why, Bikeroo got the 2nd position in the most comfortable bike seats review article.

Great thing is, Bikeroo can be use with all type bikes like the cruiser, road bikes, mountain bikes etc.

Bikeroo Bike Saddle for Women

So you can install it without any hassle. If you have bored with your old thin saddle and want a wide bicycle seats for ladies, then it will be your right choice. Moreover, if you are facing any problem with the product, then the company give return 100% refund.

So, I highly recommended this seat for women.


  • This is a wide saddle
  • Durable material is easy to install
  • Seat construction is sturdy
  • Affordable price than the other saddle
  • Recommended for both male and female riders


  • Some customers may be not happy with its extra wideness

3 Brooks Saddles B67 S Bicycle Saddle

The B67s is the women’s specific version of the Brooks B67s saddle. It’s a bit wider and shorter to fit the female body better.

It is one of Brooks wide saddles and is a great choice for riders who like to sit upright on their bikes, with handlebars a fair bit higher than the saddle and most of the rider’s weight on the saddle.

The B67 is plenty wide as well as large bike seat to make this position comfortable and has a full set of springs underneath to take the sting out of bumps in the road.

Brooks Saddles B67 S Bicycle Saddle

Since leather is a natural material, it does require a bit of care. It is wise to cover it if you expect to leave it in the rain or snow. brooks B67 comes with two different colors brooks B67 black and brooks B67 brown.


  • Excellent saddle for older riders
  • Good price
  • Durable
  • Breaks in for ‘custom’ fit to your bottom


  • Leather can be a little firm
  • Fairly Expensive

4 Brooks Saddles B17 Standard S Bicycle Saddle

The B17 is ideal for long distance touring, trekking, MTB, or Road riding.

HANDMADE IN ENGLAND – Manufactured by skilled craftsmen for over 100 years using traditional techniques and the finest vegetable tanned leather on the planet.

LIFETIME Gurantee – The B17 shapes to your body over time, like a fine wine – this brooks saddle for women gets better with age.

Brooks Saddles B17 Standard S Bicycle Saddle

THE ORIGINAL LEATHER SADDLE – Often imitated, never duplicated, this simple yet elegant design is the original leather saddle. Don’t be fooled by imitations, and this is the best women’s bike saddle, you’ve been looking for.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – Brooks backs up the B17 with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Design for Long lasting
  • Top-notch construction
  • Made with Leather with gorgeous design


  • Not good for the rain, little bit heavy weight
  • Takes time to break the saddle in

5 Planet Bike Women’s Saddle

The Planet Bike ARS saddle is perfectly suited to use on a cruiser or daily bike.

Thick padding and a full anatomical cut out offer cozy experience to the rider who prefers an upright stance and would rather skip padded cycling shorts.

We found the Lycra cover to be susceptible to abrasion, but the rails and shell held up well during our testing. Consider the planet bike seat if you are in search of an economical saddle for commuting within the city.

Planet Bike Women’s Saddle


  • An anatomical groove runs the length of the saddle, transitioning to a full cut out near the nose
  • The Planet Bike ARS comes equipped with steel rails and a strong plastic shell
  • Good length and awesome cushion
  • Nice seat with a decent price


  • Padding is extremely thick, non-waterproof
  • This is not a performance-oriented saddle
  • The Planet Bike ARS is not highly versatile.

6 Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle

Designed to soak up road vibrations, stutter bumps, and rough terrain, Serfas’ innovative Dual Density Technology utilizes rubber inserts molded into the base of the seat to absorb shock.

Together with our patented I.C.S. padding and Deep Groove design, Serfas dual density bicycle saddle with cutout deliver extra support and cushioning to make cycling more pleasure than pain.

Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle


  • Surprisingly soft bicycle seats
  • This saddle has a wide cut out and supportive gel cushioning
  • Perfect choice for Recreational or fitness cyclist
  • While riding, the surface material fabric reduces friction
  • Serfas bicycle seat has a decent value


  • Cutout may not suit everyone, little discomfortable
  • The central part has far too much flex

7 Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Sunlite cloud-9 cruiser saddle is designed for ensuring extra comfort and exercise to the women riders on the market today. This is one of the most comfortable bike seat in the world.

It constructed with dual-density gel foam padding for maximum softness and smoothness.

It's chrome coil spring suspension, and seat wideness is helping to adjust any types of body size and weight.

Sunlite Cloud 9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

This suspension cruiser saddle is great for daily use without giving painful back, and the butt feels good.

This can be used both men and women. So, you can get a well-supported cruiser saddle on a reasonable budget for regular use.


  • Large but apparently light weight
  • Perfectly suitable for the fatty butt
  • Very wide to make flexible biking
  • Give perfect ride without soreness
  • Easy to install


  • The seat is little bit heavier than the other thin saddle
  • This seat is quite slippery

8 Serfas RX Women’s Bicycle Saddle

This specialized Serfas saddle is patented I.C.S. Infinite System. It has the RX & deep groove designs. Patented dual density base technology will help make a comfortable ride.

This saddle is available in Lycra or waterproof micro fiber cover. Serfas bicycle seat for ladies is designed to increase blood flow and alleviate numbness.

Serfas RX Women's Bicycle Saddle Review

If you are looking for protection against any perennial issues, then Serfas bike seats is your saddle.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Can be used for both men and women’s mounting bike
  • Pain-free ride for female riders
  • Suitable for recreational purposes
  • The Lycra cover is more comfortable than the leather


  • Some people may find the central groove to be too big
  • Some customers claim that the product didn’t match what they ordered
  • Priced a bit higher than other seats

9 Cloud-9 Ladies’ Saddle

Wider in the rear than typical race saddles, this saddle offers great support for a woman’s sit bones.

It is completely cut away through the nose and midsection for flexibility against soft tissues.

Made with gel with multi-stage foam materials and completely water proof saddle. It is easy to install and adjust.

Cloud-9 Ladies’ Saddle

Both male or female riders can ride on it without soreness for long distance with an affordable price.


  • Large but light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Great mountain bike seats
  • Gives great support for a fluffier rear


  • The screws which are supporting the spring will loosen soon
  • Not long lasting

10 Diamondback Women’s Pillow Top Bicycle Saddle

The pillow top has multiple layers of especially soft foam with memory foam provides comfort all around.

The deep channel design; a specially shaped channel that runs the length of the saddle, provides superb relief for pressure sensitive areas.

Dual-zone relief; double density base with hidden hole advances, provides exceptional support.

Diamondback Women’s Pillow Top Bicycle Saddle

 Elastomer spring; lightweight spring with superior vibration damping provides a smooth and supple ride. Definitely, the soft bicycle seats for women.


  • Multiple layers of soft foam with memory foam
  • Specially shaped channel to provide relief for pressure sensitive areas
  • Double density base with hidden hole technology
  • Lightweight elastomer spring for a smooth & supple ride
  • Women’s specific shape


  • Not the lightest
  • It’s little hard (discomfortable) for some ladies

11 Terry Women’s Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle

Terry women’s butterfly cromoly gel bike seat is an ultimate choice for every woman rider. It’s suitable for both professional and recreational purposes.

Being one of the best bicycle seats it has a thin layer of cromoly gel for enhancing endurance for long distance riders which takes the level of comfort to another level.

Terry Women’s Butterfly Cromoly Gel Bike Saddle

Furthermore, it features a wider paddle width of 155mm than the normal width of 130mm which offers your female wide hip bones the best support and pressure relief on your soft tissues by its cutaway nose and midsection. It also has stiffer multi-density foam to enhance power while you are pedalling.

The normal bike seat usually has a seat cover that is not intact and may lead to sliding but this particular one uses the cromoly gel for firmness. The top surface is covered with a smooth microfibre with textured leather giving it a shiny look.

In addition, the company producing the saddle is so confident with their product that they allow you to take it back in case you don’t feel satisfied with an exchange or refund.


  • Its flexible.
  • Offers your body the ultimate support.
  • Its appropriate for whichever level of riding the woman is at.


  • Its heavier than others because of the gel but its features are so great that you mostly overlook the weight.
  • Its said to be too soft for long distance races.

12 Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

Selle SMP TRK  is designed in a way to distribute the body weight between the glutei and lower part of the body which is specifically essential since it provides ventilation and constant blood flow that minimizes the pressure and reduces the tendency to be numb or sore.

It has a soft polyurethane padding and its unique nose feature makes it stand out amongst the crowd since its flat and helps in making it easy for you to cycle in areas of climbing while relieving you when you are descending.

Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

This saddle’s outer mid-section shape is designed to maximize your blood circulation as well as pedalling power by following your thighs. Its features suit a lady’s wider hip bones while the front beak increases support during pedalling.

If you cycle on the trainer for longer hours, this is suitable for you because it allows constant flow of air and breathing if you expect to sweat a lot when cycling.


  • If you love city trekking and indoor training, these features will be appropriate for you.
  • It allows you to breathe exceptionally well through the hollow.
  • Its synthetic cover offers durability.
  • Its steel rails are appropriate for most of the bike seats.
  • It’s supportive.


  • Its wideness may not be appropriate for some ladies especially those with narrower hip and pelvic bones as well as beginners.

13 Serfas Women’s Elements Reactive Gel Bicycle Saddle

Serfas women elements reactive gel is terrific for your long rides because it not only emphasizes on the comfort of the rider but it also has a weather proof cover that ensures you stay dry and conditioned during the ride.

The gel padding is meant to fit into your anatomic structure while its groove maintains the appropriate pressure on the subtle areas.

Serfas Women’s Elements Reactive Gel Bicycle Saddle

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use the saddle for a race, tour or training day the saddle design will enable you to face any sort of challenge because of its anatomic relief channels and impact guards that are reinforced thus providing long endurance.

In addition, with pressure increase the progressive density foam gets firm to offer utmost support while its shape and shock absorbing system provides you with ultimate support making it the best road cycling seat.

The company producing it assures you a lifetime guarantee against damage by the weather and assures you that it’s your ultimate choice if your desire for better ride.


  • Frictionless top cover.
  • Offers your soft tissues the utmost protection.
  • Gel padding
  • Its durable and you can use it for long without it wearing out.
  • Installing it is very easy.
  • You are assured of the warranty.


  • Some find the seat so wider.
  • The top cover is fabric which means that in case of rain it will get soaked although it dries out quick.

14 FANZBIKE Bike Seat For Women

One of the best female bicycle seat is this Fanzbike soft cushion saddle as its features are more than appealing for any woman. Its particularly amongst the best long-distance bike saddle.

The saddle has plenty of cushion with its Inner high-density foam to protect your hips from the pain associated with awesome riding. It has a good design which includes thick padding and wide seat which is perfect for those exercising and cruising outdoors.

FANZBIKE Bike Seat For Women

It has dual suspension balls design found below the cushion to enhance its endurance and ability to smooth out bumps and easily manoeuvre bad terrain. Furthermore, it’s very flexible and commands high elasticity.

The installation on any kind of bike is very easy because you are given a French wrench mounting tool. In addition, you will be given a seat cover, a water proof seat cover and a little backpack bag for your stuff. The material used to make it is a high quality microfibre leather which is wear resistant and smooth.

The company designing the product are confident enough to allow you to contact them for a refund or exchange if the product is not satisfactory for you.


  • It’s an eco-friendly premium quality.
  • Its known to be very secure since its non-slip and shock resistant.
  • The saddle has rear reflective to be used at night for safety.
  • Its durable.


  • Some women still find it smaller and narrower

15 Bell Memory Foam Saddle

Bell memory foam saddle features a smooth and soft padding material for its top surface that will allow you to breath and have a relaxed feeling when riding.

The seat is suitable for people of different sizes because of its wide ergonomic design.

This saddle which is best ladies bike seat has a center with relief channel to help reduce the tendency to increase pressure as one rides.

Bell Memory Foam Saddle

In addition, the cover has a 2 inches foam to ensure total comfort and an elastomer suspension to remove the possibility of being shocked.

Its further soft to ensure you don’t get sores associated with riding, after all, no one loves the hard seats. However, be informed that although it has cushioning it will rarely be felt once you on the wheel and at a high speed.

Its rated amongst the best road saddle for long rides because of its durability.


  • The vented ergonomic channels enhance the cooling effect of your body.
  • The seat is good and reformed to the anatomy of the lady.
  • The fiber used to make the saddle is very rich and is sure to sustain you for a long period of time.
  • It’s easy to install.


  • Its not the best option for exercise bikes.
  • It’s not as wide for some people.
  • The seats padding is sometimes firmer than necessary

16 DAWAY Bike Seat

DAWAY features a leather surface with soft cushion and wear resistance. Its surface has a high ripple water proof PVC leather that can’t be scratched and thereby offering longer service for you.

It’s also padded with an elastic high-density foam to prevent shock. In addition, it has the best comfort bicycle saddle to effectively relieve you of pain and fatigue.

DAWAY Bike Seat

Its unique taillight designed seat has 5 pieces of super bright LEDs waterproof that is powered by 1 battery to meet the energy saving needs, 36 hours working mode and night visibility cycling.

Its entire ergonomic design features the saddle’s narrow design on the front that is used to allow the free movement of the thighs. The hollow and air groove design helps increase blood and air circulation, reduce the soft tissue’s pressure and keep you cool and dry while its shockproof suspension rail provides high support.

Its versatile, whether you want to use it as a mountain bike seat or a road bike seat you will be satisfied. It has a universal standard rail system and free rail clamp that can fit other bikes when installed and it’s appropriate for both male, female and children.

You are a guaranteed the professional customer care when buying the bike by the company.


  • Great companion for your long rides
  • Lighting available for your night cycling
  • Easy to install even for a beginner
  • The design is great


  • It needs a little more effort when pedalling because it makes you seat further from the handles.

17 OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat

OUTERDO bike saddle is another best mountain bike seat designed for men but women can also comfortably use it. The saddle is said to work best for your long rides and is greatly streamlined and stylish to offer you maximum firmness and shockproof.

It has a human shape design that assures relax long-distance riding with a great center recess to allow you proper ventilation and anatomic relief thus giving your body a cooling effect while protecting the delicate parts of your body and allowing proper circulation of and air blood.

OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat

The mountain bike seats that are basically the best long-distance bicycle saddle provide firmness for the rider as well as up to date shockproof.

The OUTERDO seat is easy to maintain since its easy to wash and the company allows you to contact them in case the product is not satisfactory thereby offering you a refund or replacement.


  • It has gel cushioning that adapts to your body shape.
  • Its very easy to install and also suited for a wide range of bicycles in the market.
  • It allows for pressure reduction and constant airflow through the center recess.
  • The seat is light in weight.


  • Although the seat comes in a variety of colours they seem to rub of quicker than expected.

18 Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

ZACRO gel saddle is one of the best woman’s touring saddle that comes with a soft and elastic dual density gel material to help maximize the comfort during those long journeys while reducing pain.

It is also thicker and soft to further increase the comfort. It’s very easy to install because of the available ZACRO wrench.

Zacro Gel Bike Saddle

If all you need is fun then ZACRO will be appropriate for you because they emphasize more on the gel while you are exercising or cruising your neighborhood. In addition, the company offers you a water and dust resistant seat cover to protect the seat for free.

Its gel padding functions to eliminate the probable seat pain even when on a bumpy road. Furthermore, the fact that it is very easy to install makes it suitable for even a beginner in cycling.

It’s made of the highest quality material that makes it very durable and strong to stand the test of time.


  • It prides itself of having the best gel material to enhance the fun of your leisure time.
  • You can use it for your longer rides.
  • Its quick and easy to use.
  • Its very easy to install and mount.
  • The saddle fits for your spin classes and indoor cycling.


  • Some users have issues with its adjustments especially if you didn’t measure your seat first.
  • Others complain that the seat is too narrow for their wide hip-bone.

19 Pioneeryao Professional Bicycle Bike Seat

If you wish to ride like a super star then probably pioneeryao is appropriate for you. The saddle is attractive and sleek which enhances its performance.

This saddle further offers your body the utmost support. In addition, safety is emphasized by making the seat have reflective strips which can be essentially useful at night.

Pioneeryao Professional Bicycle Bike Seat

The saddle seat has a hollow in the middle to allow the rider some cooling effect from air circulation in the body when they are riding thereby reducing pressure that could be hazardous to their private parts.

Furthermore, this feature makes the seat be known as the best long-distance bike seat as with such an attribute you can traverse the area for hours.

It has artificial fatty gel construction that may be used to help absorb the impact shocks when crossing bumps.

It further allows you a warranty of one year which assures you an exchange in case it doesn’t satisfy your needs.


  • It easy to install and mount.
  • Appropriate for those long-distance rides.


  • Looks a little bit narrower for the ladies’ hip bone.
  • Not easy to adjust.

20 Retrospec Bicycles Urban/Fixed Gear Saddle

Retrospec seat is perfect for road side cycling which can be fixed on many kinds of bikes and fit in perfectly.

It’s one of the best road cycling seat that features some awesome flare and personality being available in amazing 8 colours (black, white, green, red, yellow, blue, pink and orange).

Retrospec Bicycles UrbanFixed Gear Saddle

The shape of the seat is narrower on the back and have a long front end, slim, wind resistant and less padded compared to others with breathable pivots.

For those who love great designs and bold colours, the retrospect may suit your needs. In addition, it has a sufficient cushion that is convenient for your ride and the stiffness feature helps it maximise efficiency.

Note that the retrospec saddle is presented in a stylish urban design. Although, it is designed for retrospect bikes it fits most seat posts like fixed gear, single speed, road and track bicycles as well as exercise bicycles.

If you are an urban rider then this will be a perfect choice for you especially if you need to stand out as a unique rider in a group while fun will be inevitable.

The Pros:

  • Perfect for your urban ride.
  • Bold in colour and the padded design.
  • It’s a compact and firm option.

The Cons:

  • May not be suitable for your long out of the city rides.
  • The ventilation is suitable for the normal temperature but for long rides not so good.

21 West Biking Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle

The saddle is designed to bring home serious comfort with a padded cushion. The cushion has dual density gel foam for your sit bone comfort.

It has a rear light and it’s battery already integrated in the saddle which provides safety at night and even during those misty days.

West Biking Bike Seat Bicycle Saddle

The hollow design assures you of proper ventilation and proper air circulation around your sensitive areas thus offering you safety as well as ability to go for long trips.

It’s wear resisting PVC that is highly elastic,  the narrow design in the front seat and full edges makes sure when you are riding, your thigh movement isn’t restricted. The saddle is appropriate for a wide range of bicycles especially with its rear light for safety on the road.

The Pros:

  • It’s soft, light in weight.
  • Its durable because its wear resistant.
  • It has a hollow for ventilation and air circulation which gives extra benefit
  • The seat is skid proof thus making it perfect for both uphill and downhill as you will not have to worry about sliding.
  • It’s a budget friendly saddle with its realistic price.

The Cons:

  • The anti skid top of the bike may limit the biker’s man oeuvres.
  • The plastic covering wears off very fast.

Why It is Important to Choose a Comfortable Bike Seat?

If you have cycled to adventurous trips and surpassed mediocre riding distances, you surely felt the pain in the ass. Butt hurt feelings are enough to put an end to your enthusiasm.

Pain and discomfort along your nerves is the least common problem you have.

There have been dozens of different scientific studies on a bicycle seat and the damage they cause. Sounds terrible, na? Each cigarette you smoke does an amount of damage in you - and this is not an exaggeration - so is the case with wrong bicycle saddles.

You don’t want to abandon your long cherished adventure ride in the middle of the trip. Just after a certain timespan, your ass gets sore and the sit bones start to pain. And, the more you paddle ahead, the pain gets more intolerable at a stage.

To your wonder, an ill-suited bicycle seat is enough to ascend critical gender specific disorders. For men, penile numbness to erectile dysfunction could occur. And, talking about women, urethral damage and infection could be the issue. Plus, you might also see blood in the urine or feel pain while urinating regardless of your gender.

Different things work for different people to prevent saddle sores. However, the most common fix is to change your bike seat. Because not all seats are “okay” for everyone. So, changing the saddle would be the first tip for cyclists.

Why Do Bicycle Seats Hurt or What Causes Saddle Discomfort?

Well, the reasons are identical. Maybe the saddle alignment is incorrect or you tend to seat in the wrong place or the seat or saddle itself is worn out. Whatever the cause is, your crotch feels the saddle sore.

What’s that?

When you sit on your bicycle saddle and reach for the handlebars, you do not have the flexibility in your hip. Furthermore, the pressure of your body weight gets placed along the pubic rami (where the nerves and vessels are set). This can lead to dysfunction due to excessive pressure on your arteries.

Too much shaking or inappropriate weight distribution of your body causes unnatural pressure in the sit-bones. This leads to poor blood flow and excessive friction in areas against your saddle. The reasons are many as per medical terms. But, truly and most commonly, all starts from the pressure management.

Anatomically, people fit saddles differently and everybody has a different angle that the pelvis rests at. A saddle that is tilted down to the front fails to give you a well-balanced pelvis. The pelvis can’t stay stable and eventually rolls forward. So you place more weight on your hand and slide into the middle of the saddle.

This is how you burry too much weight onto the middle of the saddle, making a storm for the discomfort.

What Is a Bicycle Seat Made out of?

The conventional or typical bicycle saddles are a combination of three or four components. Wait, the clamp isn’t actually a part of the saddle, so it would be fair to say three. Anyway, let’s take a quick glance at what they are made of, okay?

Shell: The key structure of the saddle is the shell. It is basically the shape of your seat or saddle - whatever you call it. Generally, manufacturers use a molded piece of plastic to make the shells, such as nylon. In some modern and expensive saddles, carbon fiber is used.

On the other hand, leather saddles integrate a piece thick molded leather to make a softer shell.

Cover: A range of material is used for the outer cover of your seat. The most familiar ones are; vinyl, artificial leather, spandex, mesh fabric, Kevlar, rubber, converse and genuine leather. To provide cushioning for your butt, different types of foams are used as well.

Closed cell foam is the most popular by choice, however, gel-foam or other forms of the latex foam are available in seats.

Rails: The part of the saddle where the bike seat post meets. As rails have to be rock solid, manufacturers tend to use solid steel(sometimes, hollow), aluminum, titanium, manganese, and even carbon fiber(exclusively on expensive seats). 

Taking the strength, weight, cost, and durability into consideration, brands decide what to offer in rails.

Here’s How to Consider the Right Bike Seat for You

Assuming every butt is unique, the average saddle might not suit you. But, this doesn’t mean you have to stand off the bike for good. No way! You will surely find the right perch for you. Just remember what to look for to get your matching seat.

Cushion or Comfort?

Hell NO! It’s not about the padding and cushion. Never! Too much of cushioning and less, both can be the reason for distress. Find something on the mid-level. Seat on it and ask yourself, how it feels?

Quality = Durability

It depends on the materials used in the outer cover, shell, and rail. For example; the reliability of the saddle cover’s material relates naturally to its durability. Saddles today use vinyl and synthetic materials to real leather in their coverings.

Just go with a heavy-duty cover, as bicycles seats are prone to crashes. Then, what has to make certain is, no seam, tacky tad or underlining panels stay exposed. These will annoy the hell out of your butt.

Width and Length

This is gender specific. For women, wider and shorter length seats are most preferable. However, it isn’t a concrete rule of thumb. Many women might have more comfort in a seat similar to men’s.

Weight Factor

Honestly, weight isn’t gonna make any mess. It is never that mighty on your bikes weight altogether. But if you are too concerned about keeping a certain weight, lightweight yet robust seats are available in plenty.

Seats with titanium or carbon shell and rail can be your lightest search as in weight. These are expensive pieces by the way.

Aha, Extra Features

Well, some saddle comes in a package. Like; you have definitely seen many with tail lights, didn’t you? Having something extra is delightful, but not always.

Specifically, when it affects your basic comfort and convenience. So, watch out and keep an eye on the price hike for the extras alluring you.

Bike Seat buying Tips | No Tale Spoken

Okay, let’s be honest. Being a bicycle enthusiast, you all know that buying a saddle or seat requires a lot of attention. But, where does all this concentration go?

Testing you butt on different saddles – this is where it drives. So, obviously, the number one choice would be to buy from a good bicycle shop nearby. Only if you can’t practically check on the seats, you go online!

Don’t worry. You can return products, right?

As for your budget, be mindful that you might need to change your seat often. So, staying moderate is the best choice. However, you won’t have to spend even 40 bucks for a good quality saddle. You have enough time before it wears out.

Listen carefully, while buying your seat, forget about the lectures on quality. Wondering why? It won’t add value to your ass. A premium quality seat can also cause pain and sore butts. What really matters is how you feel sitting on it. But, yeah. There are some basic parameters.

Look for moderate cushioning, average width, - and most importantly – a flat seating saddle surface! A seat tilting its nose down is never gonna give you a right balance. You’ll slide and scoop yourself on it, and get your back sored instead.

Final Recommendation:

While searching for the most comfortable bike seat, we realized that not every saddles have a distinct cut-away. Some have an area on the nose with soft padding, or drilling in the hull, so that it flexes more. However, almost all the ladies saddles are wider than men’s to support the wider sit bones of women.

If you ask me name one seats, its difficult to answer but my top choice is  Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women's Bicycle Saddle  for long distance and sports rides. I am in absolutely love with this saddle for it's comfort, durability, and long lasting material.

However, If you don't like Selle Italian for some reason, then I would recommend Brooks B67 S Women's Bicycle Saddle  as the closest runner up for your happy riding.

Sophie Elise

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My wife’s ischial tuberosities have a 4.5-inch inner width, and we’ll be doing 65 miles a day for 9 days around Taiwan, going at about 12 to 14 miles per hours on an electrical-assisted bike, age 60, ht 62 inches, and weight 118 pounds. Price is not an issue. What is the best seat for her? Selle Italia Diva is a racing seat but but wife will not be racing as she is an average, housewife, leisure biker. She will be leaning forward a little but not going windsurfing. Thank you very much.

Sophie Elise

If you don’t like racing type saddle, then the Bikeroo could be a better option for the height and weight you mention. 🙂


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