The 7 Best Boots for Standing, Walking & Working on Concrete All Day

“Dedicated to those who lay the foundations for others to build upon.”

Foundations are the beginning of which all things are built on. Foundations come in many forms, from footings for high-rise apartment buildings to foundations for your worn-out driveway. Foundations are made of specialized concrete designed to carry a specific load and those who lay foundations work with concrete all day.

Pouring foundations, often called footings, for residential homes is a task that demands the most skilled concrete professionals. It is a difficult job that is not suited for everyone. You work eight to ten hours a day even in excessive temperatures, and it takes a toll on your body, especially your feet.

Concrete layers are often subjected to many hazards not found on other construction sites as they use specialized tools. Your feet are subjected to a lot of stress from repeatedly climbing and positioning the concrete boom from the concrete pumping truck. From large commercial projects to personalized patios for your home, pouring concrete will definitely separate the men from the boys.

For those who lay foundations every day, you deserve the great work boots that will help protect your feet from injury and keep you on your feet longer. Here are the 7 best work boots for standing, walking and working on concrete the whole day.

Best Boots for Standing, Walking & Working on Concrete

Boot Name

Made of



KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

Nubuck Leather

Rubber Sole

Wolverine Men's W02421 Raider Boot


Rubber Sole

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot


Rubber Sole

KEEN Utility Men's Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

Nubuck Leather

Rubber Sole

Timberland PRO Men's 52562 Endurance 6" PR Work Boot


Rubber Sole

Golden Fox Work Boots 6" Men's Moc Toe Wedge Comfortable Boot


Synthetic Sole

Red Wing Heritage Men's Moc 6" Boot


Rubber Sole

1. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

These utility work boots are as tough as the city from which the name is derived. With a long association with the production of superior quality work boots, KEEN offers their best to the concrete professionals. Built with a toughness and a willingness to handle a larger variety of on-the-job changing environments, these high-quality work boots are put to the test.

Built to relieve stress on your feet with a greater comfort factor, these work boots offer asymmetrical toe protection especially made to fit both your left and right foot perfectly. With more room to let your toes breathe and spread out, the pinching and binding of your toes experienced in other work boots are eliminated. The internal support mechanism is anatomically designed to provide excellent arch support following the natural contours of your feet.


  • Waterproof Nubuck leather lining
  • 2-Zone comfort technology
  • Metatomical dual-density EVA footbed
  • check
    Waterproof breathable membrane
  • check
    Reflective webbing for increased job safety


  • Soles wear well and do not last very long
  • The leather used in construction is very soft and thin
  • Boots need better quality control prior to shipping
This KEEN pair has a 30-day guarantee from date of purchase with free return shipping. These boots offer the latest in design, comfort, and technology not found on other similar competing styles.

As a leading brand in the footwear industry, this company has earned the recognition that they have worked hard to maintain since 2003. With a high rating on Amazon in combination with over 900 consumer reviews, these rugged work boots are considered one of the best boots for standing and working on concrete. It is available in four striking colors – Bison, Wheat, Slate Black, and Black.

2. Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot

Wolverine Men's W02421 Raider Boot

Since 1883, this USA-based shoe company has produced a long and impressive line of footwear known all over the world. Upon visual inspection of these work boots, the overall built-in quality is clearly seen. Precision contour-welt construction with a long line of features creates a longer-lasting work boot when compared to other similar models.

Wolverine is committed to using advanced technology and innovation in creating excellent work boots, and this pair lives up to its manufacturer’s reputation. It uses a series of compression pads to absorb impacts that will otherwise be felt by your feet, a feature that is very important for those who pour concrete for a living.

Bending and flexing with you, these boots offer superior cushioning with energetic support due to the patented dual ContourWelt and Multishox construction. Outer soles are slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. This is the perfect work boots for rough construction sites.


  • Breathable CK mesh lining
  • Full-grain upper leather
  • Lightweight PU midsole
  • check
    Contour-welt construction
  • check
    Nylon shank for lightweight stability


  • Very narrow and tight
  • Lacing eyelets broke after a few months of wear
  • Overall quality issues
Lightweight, weighing only 5 pounds a pair, these boots will be your feet’s best friends when pouring concrete every day. The wave mesh liner allows your feet to breathe with a refreshing airflow that is highly appreciated throughout a long work day.

It should be noted that Wolverine offers one of the best customer services supports in the footwear industry. This company, ever since its inception, has always put their customers first, quickly and efficiently handling all issues or concerns. Maintaining a higher ranking than average on Amazon, these good-looking work boots are considered one of the best work boots for concrete floors due to their superior gripping ability.

3. Irish Setter Men’s 6” 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot

These boots are made by one of the most recognized footwear manufacturers in the world, the Red Wing Shoe Company.

The Red Wing has some of the most stringent guidelines in the footwear industry. Its Irish Setter line has a long association with hunting, having been originally introduced as a hunting footwear.

The quality and durability of these Irish Setter Men’s 6” 83605 Work Boots soon transitioned into the workforce with millions of satisfied consumers. With a classic but simple design, made with durable modern materials, these 6” flat feet boots take on all challenges. Only the best full-grain waterproof leather, hand-crafted by S.B. Foot Tanning Company, is used in the construction of these high-performance work boots.


  • Padded collar for extra support and comfort
  • Antique brass eyelets
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • check
    EVA midsole for superior comforting support
  • check
    Safety toe meets all ASTM standards


  • Sizes run large
  • Soles split after a short wear period
  • Loose stitching
These boots were handcrafted by workers that take great pride in building a top-quality work boot for over 60 years. The removable PU footbed allows you to customize your work boots for that perfect fit.

Heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit (246 degrees Celsius), these work boots protect your feet from all that Mother Nature can throw at them. Specialized electrical hazard protection reduces hazards from contact with electrically energized parts. Keeping your feet comfortable and safe from onsite hazards is the Red Wing’s top priority in all their work boots.

4. KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility Men's Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

The KEEN Detroit work boots are symbolic of a long tradition of excellence. The versatile medium-profile design of these sharp-looking work boots protects every inch of your feet. Comfortable and easy to wear, these mid steel toe work boots were designed for all who demand quality at a very affordable price. Realizing that the right foot often differs from the left when selecting a proper work boot, this company designed these work boots with asymmetrical steel toes for a better fit.

With waterproof membrane and Dry-Lex lining with hydrophobic/hydrophilic two-zone comfort technology, these work boots keep your feet dry and comfortable after another hard and long day of laying concrete. Removable dual-density EVA footbed comforts your feet on those hot, humid days. Perfect for working on wet slippery concrete, these well-made work boots keep your feet firmly in place. Waterproof membrane lets vapor out without letting additional moisture in.


  • CleanSport NXT for additional odor protection
  • Molded reinforced toe box guards against abrasions and impacts
  • Snug fit heel technology keeps feet in place
  • check
    Lightweight with increased versatility
  • check
    Torsional stability shank for excellent midfoot support


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Boots tend to be narrow
  • No cushioning on the insoles
Customer consideration and safety remain a primary concern of this company. These boots offer reflective webbing for safety and visibility, features not found on similar styles from other companies.

Since 2011, these boots have remained highly ranked on Amazon. Ranking #4 in the clothing department is an achievement not too many work boot manufacturers achieve. It continually support the built-in quality of these highly-engineered work boots.

5. Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6” PR Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 52562 Endurance 6" PR Work Boot

With a long and successful history of producing a large portion of the best work boots on the market, Timberland continues to set new goals and new trends in footwear. They are an industry leader in the use of both sustainable and recycled materials in the construction of their work boots. They have been producing this waterproof leather work boot in 1973, and it continues to remain a favorite among concrete workers around the world.

Designed for those who remain on their feet for long periods every day, these work boots redefine comfort with the addition of an exclusive anti-fatigue technology. It absorbs shocks while returning the energy to key points of your feet, giving you a longer-lasting all-day comfort just when you need it most. Combined with endurance 6-inch steel toe protection, your feet will remain protected from all on-the-job hazards. This work boot is made with a higher-grade leather for not only comfort but also for extended wear. It has a thick rubber-grade outsole that keeps you stabilized when pouring concrete on bigger projects.


  • Puncture-resistant plate for flexible underfoot protection
  • Cement construction for the higher durability factor
  • Mesh antimicrobial lining for odor control
  • check
    Electrical hazard protection
  • check
    Steel-toe shaped correctly for round-the-clock protection and superior fit


  • Boots stretch out significantly after wearing for a few months
  • Ankle padding separating
  • Sole separated after only four months of wear
This company sets high standards in the production of superior work boots. With a higher degree of craftsmanship, these authentic work boots are the finished product of a company that remains focused on their customers.

There is a reason that these work boots are called “endurance.” Regardless of working conditions, this company designs and sells work boots for all job requirements, including those who pour concrete all day.

6. Golden Fox Work Boots 6” Men’s Moc Toe Wedge Comfortable Boot for Construction

Golden Fox Work Boots 6” Men’s Moc Toe Wedge Comfortable Boot for Construction

Construction workers will rejoice; here is a boot designed especially for you! Ideal for anyone in the construction trade including framers, carpenters, and iron workers, these work boots are the ones you have been looking for.

Built for comfort, getting softer each time these boots are worn, these boots are a product of years of research and engineering, producing a pair of high-quality work boots with remarkable wear. Even when worn in all weather conditions, from extreme heat to bitter cold, your feet remain surrounded in comfort.

The solid construction of these work boots contains Goodyear welt stitching, securely fastening the upper fabric, lining, and mid-sole together as one complete unit. Other work boot manufacturers glue these areas resulting in separation of the mid-sole after only a few months of wear. Built with premium oil-tanned leather, these construction trade work boots are not only tough but good-looking as well. With its Polyurethane outsole, shocks to the feet are limited, keeping your feet protected.


  • Wedge sole with air cushioning for support and comfort
  • Constructed of lightweight and flexible material
  • Tough, durable leather uppers
  • check
    Scuff- and scratch-resistant
  • check
    Steel shank with a break at the ball of foot aids in arch support


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Too large and one size too big
  • Not very comfortable in the steel toe area
Specially designed outsole is light and durable, resisting chemical erosion with superior traction and support when working on hard surfaces such as concrete or plywood sub-floors of new homes.

Available on Amazon, these all-in-one work boots continue to rise in popularity and demand. There are limited reviews on Amazon due to the short introductory period; however, these work boots continue to receive an overall high rating. Priced well below the market and competing styles, these work boots are a good investment without initially spending a large sum.

7. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Classic Moc 6’ Boot

Red Wing Heritage Men's Moc 6" Boot

Just the name Red Wing pretty much says it all. Producing a long line of superior footwear for over 100 years, this company continues to develop footwear for the future. This pair is one of the many work boots in the Heritage line offered by this well-recognized company, with its trademark thick white outer sole found on many styles in the same line. Originally designed for outdoor sportsmen, farmers found these work boots to be useful, practical, and a good fit in all farming operations. Smooth outer sole sheds mud and debris while providing a smooth comfort level.

The timeless style of these work boots speaks of overall durability. It is ideal for a variety of job descriptions, and the company designed it to be practical without adding all the “bells and whistles” that would only detract from its performance. 

Smooth leather exterior keeps moisture out, keeping your feet dry and free of bacterial infections. Full-grain water-repellent leather uppers with a pronounced seven-eyelet lacing system are indicative of the Heritage line.


  • Leather insoles mold to the curvature of your feet
  • Flexible crepe outsole minimizes sharp blows and shocks
  • Cork midsoles provide exceptional comfort and support
  • check
    Goodyear welt construction
  • check
    Made in the USA


  • Expensive
Boot features Norwegian-like welt triple stitched quality with ample length laces. Red Wing offers superior consumer support with immediate response to questions or concerns regarding your purchase.

These work boots are currently listed on Amazon with a very high rating. These work boots are somewhat expensive when compared to other similar styles, but the built-in quality of these work boots cannot be compared.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Boots for Concrete

Pouring, leveling, and finishing concrete is hard work. It takes a toll on your body, especially your feet that are put under extreme stress all day. When looking for a pair of work boots that will protect your feet from the multiple hazards around a concrete job site, look for work boots that offer support and protection in the following areas.

Arch Support

You stand on your feet most of the day when working in the concrete industry. Bending, twisting, and reaching puts additional stress on the arches of your feet. As a concrete layer, you often use heavier finishing tools, and additional weight is placed on your arches. Proper arch support of the appropriate work boot distributes additional weight evenly, reducing stress on the arch of your feet which usually carries the brunt of your body weight.

Sole Support

The soles of your feet go through some rough conditions throughout the day. When you pour concrete day in and day out, the soles of your feet are subjected to heat and sweat with additional twisting and turning. Wearing proper work boots made to relieve the pressure put on your feet is mandatory. Always look for work boots that go above and beyond average sole support.

Toe Support

Your toes are confined inside your boots all day long. The inadequate room in the toe area pinches your feet. When you are unable to move your toes freely, your feet automatically become uncomfortable, making you and your whole body uncomfortable as well. Steel-toe work boots with adequate wiggle room for your toes is always recommended.


Anyone working in concrete knows the beating that their work boots take on an average day. Work boots that last only a few months are like throwing your money down the drain. Durable work boots make your life easier. Having one of the most demanding occupations, concrete workers demand quality footwear that will last, regardless of the job site conditions. Spending a few dollars more for a pair of rugged, durable work boots is money well spent.


Comfort is one of the most important aspects of work boots for people working in concrete. When you are on your feet all day, in job sites that are full of hazards and hidden obstacles, wearing comfortable work boots make the day go much easier. Burning and aching feet have no place in the concrete business. When you are working in some of the most rugged and at times remote job locations, comfortable work boots take a high priority.


Work boots worn in the concrete industry need to be built of material that is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. The common materials used in the construction of quality work boots made for the concrete industry are either leather or nylon. Often, the materials may be introduced together in a work boot, such as leather and nylon uppers. Bottom line, your work boots need to last. Look for a good work boot with a stellar reputation. The work boots for concrete work in this product review is a good place to start looking.


Wet conditions are always present when working with concrete. Water, after all, is essential in keeping concrete at the desired consistency for that perfectly smooth finish. No matter how careful you might be, concrete will get on your work boots.

Concrete workers often use water to wash off their work boots before the concrete hardens. Therefore, having waterproof work boots keeps your feet dry and ready for the next pour. If you are not comforted with boots, you can check waterproof walking shoes for working on all day.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

With any product, especially those that are purchased online, there are always questions about the product in general. Most product reviews maintain a section in which consumers with questions about their recently purchased work boots get valuable answers from other customers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to the work boots reviewed.

Q. Are KEEN work boots worth the extra money when compared to other work boots that are cheaper?

A. KEEN boots are worth every penny. Frankly, their work boots are priced below other similar styles. For the quality that is apparent in all KEEN boots, the work boots manufactured by this company continue to be one of the top-selling work boots both online and through local retail outlet stores.

Q. Is KEEN a good boot to wear when working with concrete? I have worn boots from other manufacturers and after a long day, my feet are tired and aching.

A. KEEN goes to great lengths to see that their complete line of work boots fit a large variety of job requirements. The KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot is a superior work boot that works well for those working in the concrete field. These boots are designed to produce the maximum comfort. 

Q. Are the Wolverine W02421 work boots comfortable as everyone is saying?

A. Without a doubt. Anyone who knows anything about Wolverine work boots will totally agree.

Q. Is there one work boot better than the others for concrete work?

A. Everyone has their personal preferences. Keep in mind that work boots worn in the concrete field need to be as tough, or tougher than the person that is wearing them. Spend extra and get a good pair of work boots that will last.

Q. I have noticed that so many boot companies offer pretty much the same features. Are there any real differences other than price?

A. It may appear that all work boots offer the same features on many of their styles; however, that is where the similarity ends. Work boot manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that their consumers receive the highest quality work boot designed for a specific job requirement. Work boots worn in a factory setting would not be worn when pouring concrete. Do some comparative shopping before spending your hard-earned money as the differences are quite apparent.

Q. Why is there such a difference in prices from one work boot to the next?

A. Good question. Prices are set by the manufacturer with a small markup by the seller. Making the best work boots for concrete in existence is not cheap. Manufacturers work very hard to keep prices in check and for the most part, do a very good job of doing just that.

In Conclusion

It takes a special type of person to work in the concrete industry. Often working in the excessive heat or mud-filled job sites, these individuals are the backbone of America. Without the sacrifices that these individuals make daily, there would be no new homes, no new apartment buildings or high-rise commercial buildings.

From setting footings for the new home that you have worked so hard to build, to smoothing tons of concrete to perfection for that new shopping mall, concrete workers lay the foundations for a brighter future.

Over 25 percent of all onsite job injuries reported are foot injuries. Concrete work is not only dangerous but hazardous as well. Concrete workers always need to protect their feet, from crushing injuries to the feet from heavy concrete trucks to penetrating re-bar.

Wearing proper work boots built for use in the concrete industry, as outlined in this product review, is taking a step in the right direction towards protecting yourself and making sure that you will live another day to work hard for your future.

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