Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14: Ultimate Comparison to Sure a Better Choice

Finding your ideal running shoes is no walk in the park. There are so many brands to choose from such that it is hard to pick the tree from the forest. Additionally, individual needs differ from one person to the other, so there’s definitely no size fits all.

This piece takes a look at two running shoes, Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14. Brooks is an outstanding maker of running shoes who are intent on making running enjoyable. Their focus is on getting more people to run as it has benefits such as boosting confidence.

With that in mind, they went out of their way to incorporate the latest tech and innovation, coupled with customer feedback, to craft these amazing running shoes. This Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14 piece takes an in-depth look into these two running shoes in a bid to guide you on an informed purchase.

In this battle, the Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 Running Shoe emerged as the better running shoe due to its increased support and cushioning. Keep reading for more information.

​1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 10

Brooks Women's Ghost 10

The greatest setback to women running is overpronation and bunions, which can lead to painful jogs. It’s always great to find a pair of running shoes that can correct this and what better candidate than the Brooks Women’s Ghost 10.

It is a concoction of features that are placed together to ensure that you are comfortable running. These shoes have an engineered mesh upper that comes in handy in two ways. One, it allows for the free flow of air in the shoe, thus keeping the feet dry throughout.
Two, the engineered mesh upper stretches, and this allow for breaking in and ensures that the skin on the feet is not rubbed off.

The shoes boast of a soft fabric lining in the shoes. This ensures that you are comfortable as it makes for a comfy in-shoe feel. They also incorporate the Omega Flex Grooves which allow for the feet to move naturally and fluidly.

The shoes are also lightweight as they are made from synthetic overlays that are quite light. The insoles are removable, allowing you to insert your own orthotic insoles.


  • They are quite comfortable with the soft fabric lining and the mesh upper that stretches creating more space for the feet.
  • They are very light as they are made from lightweight materials.
  • The rubber soles allow for a spring or bounce when running or walking in these shoes.
  • They are quite durable as they are made from HPR plus rubber.
  • They are flexible from the mesh upper and the Omega flex grooves.


  • The toe guard may inhibit on the toe space.
  • The piece on the back may rub on the Achilles or irritate the skin.

If you’ve been experiencing pain from bunions or orthotics, then the Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 will quickly solve the problem for you.

2. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 14 Running Shoe

Brooks Men’s Glycerin 14 Running Shoe

If you are looking for running shoes that offer support to the feet without sacrificing weight, then these are the right shoes. As we shall see, these shoes incorporate several features to ensure your feet are comfortable as you run while remaining lightweight.

One, they use the 3D Fit Print overlays, which are the core of the shoes’ amazing structural support. Additionally, these overlays are lightweight, and they thus do not bog you down.

These shoes are big on comfort, and they’ve gone out of their way to ensure there is maximum cushioning. They have a smooth fabric lining, which ensures that the feet have a great feel. Additionally, the midsole features Super DNA, which helps add to the cushioning. It also acts to enhance energy return and contributes to support.

The shoes also have a Segmented Crash Pad, which is an innovative piece of running technology that helps absorb impact when one is running, and this ensures optimal plush. It also allows for a smoother transition and more efficiency.


  • Quite comfortable from the Super DNA midsole and soft fabric lining.
  • They are lightweight from lightweight materials such as the synthetic mesh upper and rubber sole.
  • The shoes absorb shock when running.
  • The shoes have an excellent grip from the rubber forefoot.
  • There is even pressure distribution from the heel to the forefoot.


  • The insole insert may not cover the whole shoe especially if the shoe runs a large size.
  • The shoes may feel narrow to people with wide feet.

If you are looking for a highly cushioned running shoe, then the Brooks Men’s Glycerin 14 Running Shoe is the shoe for you.

Comparison: Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14

There is this popular saying that a bad workman blames his tools. While the saying may be true, it is not always the case, especially when it comes to running. For athletes, the choice of your shoes you will either derail or enhance your efforts.

This is the reason why manufacturers are coming up with new products every day. While there is competition between firms, there is also competition from within, like in Brook’s case, to come up with a shoe that meets the needs of the consumers. Below is a comparison between Brook Ghost 10 and Glycerin 14.

1. Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks Ghost 10


The upper side of the shoes is made of an engineered mesh. The mesh plays a vital role in enhancing the structure of the shoe. The same mesh allows for breathability and aeration. The same upper side is also cushioned for comfort.


Weight is among the most ignored aspects of a shoe, yet it is very significant. Heavier shoes are known to contain more cushioning, meaning you are protected from injuries. The light ones, however, have the upper hand when it comes to range motion.

The Brooks Ghost 10 weighs around 9 ounces, which is an average weight. It is neither too heavy nor too light and will be crucial for your long runs. When you are choosing a suitable shoe for your long run, then you should not compromise about the perfect weight feature.


Comfort is among the key issues to look out for when buying a shoe. The situation is even different when you have to don those shoes for hours. Brooks Ghost 10 is a comfortable shoe and is soft from the inside, so it can be a great shoe for walking for overweight individuals.

The model is also characterized by less cushioning without compromising comfort. It is also fitted with a plush comfort collar, which in the long run, prevents instances of rashes and irritation.

Shock absorption

The issue of shock absorption comes into play when one has to be protected from injuries. The same outsole that plays a critical role in durability also plays a crucial part in shock absorption. The outsole has a pre-installed crash pad that functions in negating hard impacts that would otherwise affect your feet and knees.


Any shoe brand that does not pass the durability test means it is susceptible to wear and tear. Fortunately, the Brooks Ghost 10 has met all conditions to be described as durable. The main area of concern is when it comes to wearing out us the sole.

Ghost 10’s sole is top-notch in that it is made of carbon and rubber. These two materials withstand the test of time and road. The midsole also does extremely well by ensuring that the shoe doesn’t buckle under pressure associated with running. A combination of the spring, sole, and midsole is the force behind the durability.

2. Brooks Glycerin 14

Brooks Glycerin 14


The upper side of the shoes makes use of the 3D Stretch Print technology. However, technology comes in after the mesh has been incorporated. While the mesh plays a critical role in aeration, the 3D Stretch Print aids in support and flexibility.

The technology acts as a blanket but does not interfere with airflow. With increased airflow, flexibility, and enhanced support, make the upper side unique. This shoe is, therefore, suitable for sweaty feet.


Glycerin 14’s comfort is usually on another level, and it touches on several aspects, including the comfort collar. The comfort collar acts as a guard against rashes that result from regular rubbing of the collar area. This feature makes Glycerin 14 a suitable shoe for teachers.

Additionally, there is the aspect of the midsole, which acts as a cushion. This separates you from the hardness of the ground. The hard landings will also have less shock as the cushioning will provide comfort by acting as shock absorbers.


The footbed of the shoes is among the key factors that lead to its comfort. One thing about it is that the inner sole of this shoe provides a unique platform for comfort. In addition to the inner sole, the midsole also dictates the comfort of the shoe, especially when walking on concrete.

At the same time, the footbed of the shoe benefits from the cushioning. The cushioning of the midsole and the innersole provides what it takes for your feet to rest comfortably. The footbed also allows for flexibility, making it a go-to option.


The sole of this shoe is the force behind its support. The outsole is largely made of rubber, which adds a touch of grip. With the grip in place, there is no question of support. Apart from the outsole, the midsole also plays a critical role in support.

The midsole provides a solid and suitable platform for your feet. A combination of the rubber, outsole, and midsole without forgetting the issue of cushioning all provides effective support to your feet.

Shoes are among the main investments for a runner. If you belong to this category, take your time and go through the analysis above to make an informed decision. However, the Ghost 10 will be a better choice due to its suitability for adverse conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14

Ghost 10 and Glycerin 14 are both excellent running shoes manufactured by Brooks Sports. Brooks Sports is a renowned company based in Seattle, Washington, that has produced many exceptional shoe types, with the major ones being Ghost 10 and Glycerin 14.

Runners always want to find out which shoe type is the best between Ghost 10 and Glycerin 14. They usually ask many questions when comparing these shoe types. Here are the frequently asked questions about Brooks Ghost 10 vs Glycerin 14.

Q. Which one comes in a wide range of sizes?

A. Nothing is as stressing as loving a shoe type, but not finding your size. Ghost 10 comes in different sizes and also in narrow and wide sizes. Therefore, if you want a pair of running shoes that is not too tight or too loose, one that fits you perfectly, go for Ghost 10.

Glycerin 14 comes in different sizes, but the range is not as wide as that of Ghost 10. Therefore, the chances are that some people are being locked out of Glycerin 14, in regards to shoe length size.

Q. Which shoe type offers more cushioning?

A. It is undeniable that Ghost 10 and Glycerin 14 are Brook’s best models. They offer excellent cushioning, which makes them comfortable when running. However, Glycerin 14 offers plenty of cushioning as compared to Ghost 10.

There is plenty of spring back after hitting the ground, which allows the runner to sprint easily. The materials used on the midsole and outsole of Glycerin 14 are comfortable. Thus, a runner can go for a long distance with Glycerin 14 without experiencing pains.

Ghost 10 also offers adequate cushioning, but more on the heel end, and not as much towards the forward. Therefore, it is comfortable, but it does not offer the same amount of shock absorption as Glycerin 14.

Q. Which one is more flexible?

A. Glycerin 14 has many groves on the outsole, which makes it flexible that you can use it when running slow, fast, or when taking part in sports. This shoe type can be used for a wide range of activities, including aerobics.

On the other hand, Ghost 10 has a loser fit overall as compared to Glycerin 14. This means that your feet will not feel tight. Thus, you can easily take part in any sporting activity within this lose fitting shoes.

Q. Which shoes is lightweight?

A. Ghost 10 is very lightweight, and that is why it is used in many marathon runs or long distance walking. Glycerin 14 is also light that you can run in it comfortably, but it is not as lightweight as Ghost 10.

Ghost 10 and Glycerin 14 are both excellent running shoes, as seen in this paper. Use the questions and answers to choose a model that works best for you.


As you may have noticed from this Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14 piece, the difference between these two running shoes is quite narrow. Both shoes have been designed to ensure they tick all the boxes of the ideal running shoe. Additionally, they go ahead to ensure they remedy some of the physical difficulties that face runners such as high arches, wide feet, or overpronation. Not to mention even distribution of pressure across the shoe.

Brooks has also really invested a lot of research in comfort. From making soft inner linings to midsoles that enhance cushioning, there is really not much more that runners could ask for from these shoes.

Hope this Brooks Ghost 10 Vs Glycerin 14 piece sets you on the right path to the ideal running shoe for you. No doubt, you will find that Brooks achieves its goal of getting more people running with their comfortable shoes.

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