Brooks Ghost Vs Glycerin: Which Brooks Shoes Are Best for Running?

With the impacts Brooks is making in the running shoe market, it is almost getting labeled the market leader. Every show from Brooks shakes the market, recording some of the highest sales in the running shoes category.

Ghost vs. Glycerin is a topic that is hard to decide. Runners all over have different opinions on which one is the best between the two. They both share incredible qualities and performance features that make both stand out in their own light.

This review is going to pitch Brooks Ghost vs Glycerin to try and see which one is better than the other in terms of features, technology, and performance. Now that they both record the highest sales, we will still find out which one outshines the other.

In this review, the Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 tops the list thanks to its high performance, technology, and incredible features. Other shoes are also great in this brooks glycerin vs. ghost review bit this one if perfect with all the things a long runner may need.

Brooks Ghost Vs Glycerin

1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

Brooks Women's Ghost 12

If you’re an athlete and you’ve never had Brooks Women’s Ghost 12, then you’re missing out on one of the best running shoes from Brooks. It’s perfect as long distance running shoe and high mileage.

These are the type of shoes that will get you running the moment you get your feet inside. They are made with a plush midsole and a snug upper that gives you a comfortable feel right away. No break-in period, and you’ll appreciate the soft landing and bouncy response.

You don’t have to worry about a tight budget because the shoes are also very economical. Their sole is made of highly durable rubber and boosts of maximum grip. The Crash-Pad system ensures enough shock absorption so that you take every stride comfortably.


  • Resilient foam package ensures a soft interior feel;
  • The outsole is more segmented for flexibility;
  • The outsole rubber ensures good traction both on the wet and dry ground;
  • Brooks uses the BioMojo DNA foam to come up with a lightweight and responsive midsole;
  • The Crash-Pad system provides enough shock absorption for a smoother ride.


  • It doesn’t come with a carbon fiber plate hence does not have the aggressiveness of a running shoe;
  • The shoe is slightly heavy.

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 is hard to beat in terms of performance and durability. The premium sockliner, as well as a soft tongue, gives you a luxurious feel and a good fit as soon as you slip your foot in. This is perfect for individuals running on the grass looking for lightweight shoes with a smooth ride.

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Brooks Men's Ghost 10

True to its marketing pitch, Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 gives the smoothest ride suitable for all neutral runners. Everything in this shoe is true to Brooks’s DNA. Its upper is made of engineered mesh and high-density layers suitable for sweaty feet. It also comes with some design tweaks from its predecessors, including an updated lacing system and the heel.

While Brooks Ghosts never features an inner sleeve, the 10 version comes with a tongue-tied two loops instead of one to prevent tongue slide. It also comes with a weight reduction contrasting its predecessors. It is up to 3 ounces less thanks to the eliminated layers.

This is all foam-based model with a separate crash pad on both sides of the midsole. This shoe won’t let you down as far as durability is concerned. The outsole provides enough grips with a good rubber.


  • The smooth interiors of the shoe, as well as the mesh materials, ensures perfect breathability;
  • It features a secure heel hold for a perfect fit;
  • The roomie toebox ensures a comfortable fit for long-distance all day walking and running;
  • The outsole grip ensures you get smooth transitions and perfect flexibility;
  • The midsole is perfectly cushioned to provide enough support and foot protection.


  • The finished quality is not good enough hence can compromise the durability;
  • The BioMogo DNA isn’t responsive which is a necessity in a good running shoe.

Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 gives you enough cushioning and support. It ensures you get enough underfoot softness. The midsole is updated with a separate crash pad in the heel. All the updates in this version of the Brooks Ghost ensure you only get a softer rider than its predecessors.

3. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17

Brooks Women's Glycerin 17

Brooks has never disappointed, and the Glycerin 17 for women is no exception. This shoe also stays true to Brooks’ quality, making the comparison of Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin a tough one. It is not only a good performing shoe in Brooks’ category but the softest shoe in the stable.

Unlike previous versions of Brooks Glycerin, the 17th version is redesigned with a sleeker look and a soft feel. The shoe gives a flash from inside out. The upper is made of an engineered mesh with a good stretch for a perfect fit. The heel gives this show an excellent structure, and it fits without any rubbing or slipping, making it a good driving shoe.

This shoe stands out from other Brooks shoes thanks to its soft pillowy feel. It employs Brooks DNA Loft foam for the cushioning of the shoe. The softest foam technology is ideal for runs on rough grounds and unforgiving pavement. It is an ideal shoe for those who stand all day.


  • Made with super soft DNA LOFT midsole technology providing added comfort;
  • The shoe boasts of a versatile design giving it an aesthetic appeal;
  • The shoes are extremely comfortable thanks to the extra cushioning;
  • The mesh upper ensures enough breathability;
  • It has a narrower footprint giving it an agile feel.


  • The shoe is heavy due to the extra cushioning;
  • Not waterproof and can get too heavy when wet with rain or sweat.

This is a plush everyday training shoe made with soft DNA Loft to keep you running for longer without any discomfort. You will love its sock absorption and how soft you’ll feel on the pavement.

4. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 16 Road Running Shoes

Brooks Men's Glycerin 16 Road Running Shoes

Brooks is still going forward with their Glycerin models, and every design they make comes with incredible improvements. The Brooks Men’s Glycerin 16 Road Running Shoes are perfect shoes for the road. They are completely true to their function and provide a softer and faster ride than their predecessors.

The upper and midsole of this design have undergone huge updates. The shoe is aimed at delivering a smoother heel-to-toe transition and still maintains the desired responsiveness and durability. It ensures maximum breathability with its jacquard mesh and the 3D Fit technology.

Your comfort is guaranteed with a perfect fit, thanks to the stretchy mesh that takes the natural shape of the foot. It also boasts of an internal booty construction, giving it an enhanced fit and soft in-shoe feel. The midsole also comes with customized cushioning and a springy ride perfect for a running shoe.


  • Durable constructions thanks to quality material in the upper, innersole, and rubber;
  • Soft and responsive enough thanks to the extra cushioning;
  • Breathable enough to ensure longer hours of comfort;
  • Heel fit and snug forefoot ensures comfort;
  • Enough traction to keep you going on all terrain.


  • The shoes can run small;
  • Not as breathable as their previous versions.

Brooks Men’s Glycerin 16 road running shoes stay true to Brooks Glycerin’s potential of providing enough cushioning for comfort. Its main aim is to make your running experience enjoyable with enough responsiveness, flexibility, and accommodating the design. It is a shoe that you can wear every day.

Comparison Between Brooks Ghost Versus Brooks Glycerin:

Brooks sports, also known as Brooks Running, has held a top spot in running the shoe industry in the United States for a long time.

With several years of experience, Brooks sports not offers the latest designs in the market, but it also makes them for professional and rookie athletes. Some of their most recognized products are the Brooks Ghost and Brooks glycerin. Below is a comparison of each that will be useful in your selection.

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1. Brooks Ghost

Brooks Ghost

Brooks ghost running shoes are usually very satisfying to their users; many users consider buying Brook Ghost for a second or third time. They are reliable for runners since they have a nice cushion that enables excellent with adequate bounce. The shoes feel softer and more flexible compared to its previous versions.


The pump is deeply cushioned and has a 12mm heel to toe offset. Ghost performs best on paved surfaces but can handle smooth natural surface paths.


The shoe has a minimal weight that suitable for an easy and comfortable run. The pump surprises many with the responsiveness cushioning and weight (10.4 ouches for men; 9.3 ounces for men).


Due to its interior designs, the shoes are comfortable and provides an effortless run. Brook Ghost feels softer and prevents foot pain and muscle stiffness. It gives the best arch support, among other running shoes. The shoe is the most comfortable daily running shoe to use.

Shock absorption

The Ghost’s midsole has a better crash pad to boot. With a divided matrix of shock absorbers, the design impacts more efficiently when you land and send you rolling nicely in the next stride. Heel-striking testers prefer this shoe’s ride due to the cushioning and comfort it provides.


The 12 sole units are soft but secure. The outsole is durable, making this shoe a more economical choice. The forefoot outsole has a segmented crash-pad system that provides a smooth toe-off and durable for every stride. It’s a reliable and durable shoe for a daily trainer.


The Brooks Ghost has a welcoming feeling upon stepping on it. The plush midsole and snug inner makes your feet right at home.

2. Brooks Glycerin

Brooks Glycerin

The Brooks Glycerin is another group of running shoes that lie under neutral running shoes. The major pro that they possess over Brooks Ghost is the presence of a plush fit. The plush feel in the internal stretch bootie surrounds your foot and expands your strides.


Brooks Ghost has an engineered mesh, full inner sleeve, and a high-density printing. The midsole has full-length DNA loft foam. Brooks Glycerin has a ‘soft, pillowy ride’; it has all the comforts expected of a shoe.


The Glycerin is not as light and as fast as the Ghosts. You can even run in them on concrete. Despite being more massive than some of its contemporaries, many runners opt for the smooth, stable ride and plush feeling that it provides.


Runners refer Glycerin as the Cadillac of Brooks’ cushioned road shoes. The Glycerin is plain, comfortable, and straightforward. For delighted runners who want a shoe that feels indulgent on their feet, this is the right offer right now.


Brooks Glycerin running shoe is the ultimate in terms of softness and comfort and feels lighter than ever.

It has neutral support, lighter weight, improved flexibility, softer feel with updated midsole design, and a new, improved fit from the next-generation 3D stretch print saddle. The super DNA midsole offers a 25% more cushioning than other standard DNA midsole.

In summary, the Brooks ghosts and Brooks glycerin are two great choices for runners. Both shoes help you to cover the distance while providing comfort.

The main difference comes in cushioning. Brooks Ghost has a unique comfort it provides; in particular, it uses BioMoGo DNA foam in their midsole. This technology is favorable to the runner’s weight, gait, and stride.

Brooks Glycerin also maintains a comforting characteristic. Glycerin uses a cushioning technology that is known as super DNA; it is an adaptable DNA foam-based system and is in a more sophisticated pattern. Brooks can make good driving shoes.

Another difference between Brooks glycerin and Brooks ghost is pricing. The Glycerin is costly than Ghost. Glycerin is expensive since it has to compete with other advanced shoes. For this reason, it is reasonable considering the amount of attention that Brooks invests in differentiating it from Ghost.

Lastly, if you run on a variety of surfaces besides dry paths, Ghost is the best shoes to wear. Ghost uses a dual carbon rubber compound on the outsole’s heel and a brown rubber compound used on the forefoot.

Like the Ghost, Glycerin uses a dual rubber compound for traction. However, Glycerin features material in the midsole area along with more surface contact the Ghost. The Glycerin is a world-class comfort cruiser of a running shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brooks Ghost Vs Glycerin

Brooks Ghost and Glycerin are shoe types manufactured by Brooks Sports Company, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Brooks Ghost and Glycerin are both excellent running shoes, and for that reason, runners usually ask questions in search of the best shoes. Here are the frequently asked questions about Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin.

Q. Which shoes offer more cushioning?

A. Brooks Ghost is infused with BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT, which work together to offer you more cushioning. Moreover, this shoe type is made using DNA AMP, a polyurethane-based foam encased in a TPU “skin.” This makes the shoes comfortable as it can hold the underfoot perfectly.

On the other hand, glycerin is also comfortable as the shoes are infused with the latest DNA LOFT cushioning called super DNA. This cushioning material provides a luxurious feeling underfoot. Super DNA is the updated DNA foam technology used by the company.

Therefore, both of these shoes offer more cushioning. The decision will be based on the foam material that works perfectly for you.

Q. Which shoe type is breathable?

A. The upper part of Brooks Ghost has a mesh that is airy and breathable. The upper of the shoes comfortable wraps around the feet without being uncomfortable.

Glycerin running shoes do not have an engineered mesh upper, but it uses a single mesh across the whole shoe. The mesh is breathable, and it uses the traditional 3D stretch print materials allowing flexibility.

Thus, both of these shoes are breathable. Choose one that has a stretch style that you love.

Q. Which shoes offer more traction?

A. Traction is an essential quality for a runner because it ensures that a runner is well held to the ground without slipping.

Brooks Ghost uses two rubber compounds to wrap the outsole. A carbon rubber compound is used on the outsole, and a typical blown rubber is used on the forefoot. These rubber compounds are perfect at holding the runner on the ground.

Glycerin also uses rubber compounds, but it differs because the rubbers are placed on the outsole and midsole. The blown rubber is used on the outsole, and a DNA loft is put in the midsole.

Both of these shoes are good for running as they offer excellent traction.

Q. Which shoe type is light?

A. The materials used to make Glycerin are light making the shoe type lightweight. Brooks Ghost is light enough to run in them comfortably but not as lightweight as Glycerin.

Brooks Ghost and Glycerin are among the best running shoes manufactured by Brooks Sports. Use this paper to choose the type that works for you.


From the look of things, it looks like a case between Brooks Ghost vs.Glycerin is not an easy one. It’s even tougher because they both come from the same manufacturer whose aim to ensure their runners get nothing but the best.

Of course, we can’t fail to notice a slight difference between the two. The Glycerin versions ensure comfort with extra cushioning. These are shoes you can run on for hours without feeling any discomfort because of the thick layer of cushioning.

You will, however, have to deal with extra weight in exchange for the weight. Brooks Ghost, on the other hand, is more concerned about your flexibility. They also ensure enough cushioning but not as good as Glycerin.

It also narrows down to a matter of taste and preference. If extra cushioning is what you want, the glycerin gets you covered. If you prefer less weight and more flexibility, then you go for the ghost. It’s also not bad to have both pairs if you can’t decide on Brooks Ghost vs. Glycerin.

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