Brooks Vs Asics: The Ultimate Comparison of Running Shoes

If you love running, then you’ll appreciate the value of good running shoes. After all, your shoes are what interact with the ground to give you the traction you need. Chances are you’ve gone through a ton of shoes, some better than others. So, that begs the question, how do you pick the best running shoes to suit your needs?

Supremacy battles are part and parcel of any industry. Take the boots industry, for instance, where the Solovair Vs. Dr. Marten’s war stands out.

As such, if you wanted to get an idea of the best boot options available, you’d have to check out, say, a Solovair boot review — similarly, the Brooks Vs. Asics fight for supremacy in the shoe industry rages on, and therefore, this review aims to highlight which options between the two are worth considering.

The stand-out pair goes to the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19, which features a streamlined design, supportive cushioning, and dependable responsiveness, offering a comfortable running experience.

A Brief History of Brooks Vs. Asics

Both Brooks and Asics have decades of experience behind their success. Brooks began in 1914 as a tiny factory in the city of Philadelphia that used to make bathing shoes and ballet slippers. Asics, on the other hand, was established in Kobe, Japan, after the Second World War and had humble beginnings as a hammock making venture.

Both companies have made strides since then and are now two of the most renowned sports shoe manufacturers globally. Their success inevitably led them towards a collision course as they became a recognized industry standard. Nowadays, customers and critics alike like to compare the two brands when selecting running shoes.

Both Brooks and Asics commanded a combined 5.6 percent of the global shoe sales in 2018. Asics boasted roughly 4.7 percent of worldwide sales while Brooks came in at 0.9 percent. Given that the worldwide shoe market is worth an estimated 75 billion US dollars, both Brooks and Asics raked in some serious bank last year.

Numbers aside, both brands offer quality options when looking for running shoes. However, Brooks is more specialized as a running shoe company while Asics provides a wider variety of uses, including wrestling, volleyball, tennis as well as running shoes. With that said, here is a list of the top six picks for the best Brooks and Asics running shoes on the market.

Brooks Vs Asics

1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

Brooks Men's Adrenaline GTS 19

These shoes are an excellent option for versatility. They are suitable over a variety of terrains, including on flat surfaces such as roads or treadmills or over harder, uneven trails. If you’re a regular daily runner or do more intense runs such as half marathons, then the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19 are an ideal choice.

They feature what’s known as a GuideRails support system that offers a more holistic support system, particularly for the knees. This feature keeps excess movement in check, therefore, keeping you moving comfortably.

The midsole drop is 12 millimeters meaning that the shoe sits 12 millimeters off the ground. This feature lowers the chances of injuring yourself as you run by providing enough cushioning.

They also have BioMo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning that work simultaneously to offer the right level of underfoot softness. The cushioning maintains comfort without losing durability or responsiveness. The mesh over the shoe provides a streamlined structure and fit for optimal performance.

There’s an integrated segmented crash pad that accommodates foot landing and delivers seamless heel-to-toe transitions. The midsole cushioning also adapts to your stride, making the shoes versatile. An asymmetrical three-dimensional fit print saddle pulls your heel and wraps around the midfoot for a snug fit.


  • GuideRails offer extra support
  • Modernized 3D fit for streamlined look and performance
  • Soft and balanced cushioning offers responsiveness
  • Asymmetrical fit print provides a more secure fit
  • BioMoGo midsole adapts to your stride


  • The guide rail may end up causing discomfort
  • They may not be ideal for users with excessively wide feet

The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19 are suitable for long-distance running or short distance running. That level of versatility is what makes this pair so endearing. You can easily switch up your running routine without having to worry about getting a new pair.

2. Brooks Men’s PureFlow 7

Brooks Men's PureFlow 7

The fundamental design philosophy behind the Brooks Men’s PureFlow 7 is that they keep you connected to the ground. This design, therefore, means that the shoes come with lower stacks and less rubber on their outsole. These features make the shoes a neutral trainer in that they’re designed for individuals with a natural gait.

They feature well-positioned grooves for a very responsive running experience that allows you to feel the ground as your heel transitions to your toe. The shoes provide a sufficient amount of cushioning while remaining flexible and lightweight. They are adaptable to varying pressure points as you run and come with BioMoGo midsoles on the top layer to help the ride.

The shoes’ outsole comes with a flex grid with parts of blown rubber to allow for increased lateral flexibility. This flex grid gives you the freedom to move your feet in whichever manner, depending on the surface you’re running on. The rubber soles add traction while also providing durability.

They use a woven fabric that’s stretchable to allow for natural foot movement and allow proper ventilation. The inner material is soft and molds the shape of your foot. This material stretches to the collar of the shoe to create a comfortable enclosure for your Achilles and ankle.


  • The intelligent design makes these responsive as you run
  • The soles offer excellent cushioning for comfortable running
  • A flex grid allows for increased lateral flexibility
  • Rubber soles provide durability and traction
  • The stretchable woven fabric allows for excellent ventilation


  • The toe box is rather tight making for slight discomfort
  • They might require a break-in period to get an optimized running experience

These are generally a great pair of running shoes. They are lightweight, versatile, and comfortable to use. The midsole cushioning adds to the overall comfort and performance of the shoe.

3. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

Brooks Women's Ghost 11

These are a perfect fit for you if you want a conventional trainer that you can use every day. They provide a cushion for most distances and are a fan favorite among users looking for neutral shoes. Their lightweight design and responsiveness make them a reliable choice.

The upper design is attractive while the sole features a sleek look. The shoes work great as an all-day pair, which you can use to run your errands. Beneath the heel lies DNA Loft foam that makes the shoes softer and more responsive. The midsole section also uses original DNA material for added cushioning and responsiveness.

A segmented grooved midsole crash pad adds to the shoe’s flexibility while allowing you to adapt your gait. This feature allows you to pick up your pace with ease. The outsole section is made of blown rubber and offers a high level of durability and grip.

The upper of the shoes features new materials that add to the breathability of the shoes compared to previous models. The upper also offers a smooth dual mesh layer designed to keep dirt out while letting air in. The heel contour offers support while locking the heel into the back of the shoe, making the shoe fit firmly.


  • DNA Loft foam makes the shoes more responsive as you run
  • The dual mesh layer adds to the breathability
  • Blown rubber offers great traction
  • Ergonomic design provides plenty of interior room
  • Minimal weight allows for more natural running


  • The toe box may be slightly narrow
  • The upper lacks a good structure

The Brooks Ghost 11 are excellent everyday trainers and come with sufficient cushioning to meet your running needs. Their functionality makes these shoes a good option. If you have any knee issues, then consider these for a pain-free experience.

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4. ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

For your long runs, look no further than the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe. These shoes are an excellent choice for trail running owing to their sturdy build and firm fit.

The shoes run true to their size and offer a high degree of support. Aside from going running, you can also use these shoes for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking or riding bikes.

They feature extra reinforcement on their sides for additional support, allowing you to push that much harder. The supportive heel collar cups your heels, preventing the shoe from slipping out even with more vigorous workouts.

Functionality aside, the shoes feature a beautiful aesthetic finish. They also come in a variety of colors giving you the chance to choose a color that best suits you.

The shoes also feature a rearfoot cushioning GEL system that absorbs shock during the impact phase of your runs. This cushioning system also allows for smooth transitions back to a midstance posture. The removable sock liner may be removed to make way for medical splints or braces. The soles consist of high abrasion rubber for added durability.


  • Removable sock liner may accommodate orthotics for a personalized fit
  • Rearfoot GEL tech offers superior cushioning
  • Trail specific reverse lugs provide traction on all kinds of terrain
  • High abrasion rubber provides added durability
  • Variety of colors offer multiple choices


  • The outer build of the shoe may not provide a high level of durability
  • The size of the shoes may run smaller than your usual shoe size meaning you have to buy a size bigger

One of the best parts about this pair of shoes is that they’re also ideal for everyday wear. So, even if you’re not going out for a jog, you can put them on and go about your daily errands. You could wear them all day, any day.

5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

These lightweight running shoes offer high stability levels and comfort for all your running needs. They’re designed using what’s known as Flytefoam technology that makes use of organic fibers that are resistant to compression. These fibers also minimize impact, therefore, protecting your joints, even for longer runs.

They feature spring-like midsole cushions to reinforce your feet’s natural line of movement. There’s also gel technology in the sole that works in tandem with the fibers to lower impact and protect your leg’s joints.

The seamless materials and build technique keep your feet free from chafing, a problem lots of runners experience. Additionally, the construction technique keeps uncomfortable pressure points at bay.

Carefully spread out eyelets found over the lacing allow for even greater pressure distribution and give a custom feel. The shoes’ design also features an interior elastic sleeve that fits comfortably around your feet. The shoes ergonomic design lower energy wastage allowing you to run further for longer.

An intelligent support system enhances support and stability by lowering the shoes’ weight and increasing platform support. A vertical flex groove improves your gait’s efficiency while the sock liner comes with higher rebound properties. The sock liner additionally provides excellent moisture management and a higher level of breathability.


  • Impact Guidance System enhances your foot’s gait for smoother running
  • Dynamic support system enhances stability
  • Reduced weight and increased platform support offer more comfortable running
  • Premium sock liner provides high breathability and moisture management
  • Vertical flex groove allows for improved gait


  • The shoe strings holes may break loose after continued use
  • They are not the best choice for runners with flat feet

These shoes are a robust option yet still feel comfortable. They’re easy to slip on or off even for everyday use, say dashing to the store and back. Their unique build enhances their performance while lowering knee and ankle pain.

6. ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

ASICS Women's GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

The heel strike on these shoes is exceptional since it offers stability. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a neutral running shoe, then this pair should suit you well. The model weighs 9.3 ounces and comes with a 13-millimeter drop to protect the Achilles tendons.

The cushioning system provides a firm feel, allowing you to run a couple of miles stress-free. The organic fibers of the midsole increase the resilience of the material. There’s also foam underneath the rear part of the shoe and forefoot cushioning gel pods. A guidance system lowers the torsion in the midfoot while a guidance line runs from the heel to the toe for optimizing your heel-to-toe strikes.

The design incorporates a gradient mesh which allows for extra forefoot comfort. This gradient mesh is breathable and dries quickly. The mesh also significantly reduces the need for overlays. The single overlay present is the Asics logo laminated on the shoe.
Functionality aside, the aesthetics are a win for these shoes. The design is visually captivating, and the color variations are numerous. They’re ideal for different surfaces since they offer a snug fit.


  • The functional design offers support on different surfaces
  • The cushioning provides comfort
  • A wide color variation provides a variety
  • Comes with a well-constructed upper
  • Pleasing aesthetics due to great-looking design


  • The toe box is narrow for flat-footed users
  • They might lack sufficient heel support

In a nutshell, the ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe is vibrant and wears well. They’re well designed and supportive while still being lightweight. The main downside is the narrow toe box that could create discomfort for some users.

Comparison Between Brooks Vs. Asics

Runners are always hunting for the best shoes in the market. This is because shoes play an essential part in the way you run. The best pair of running shoes is one that fits your foot anatomy and works for your running style.

Also, comfort is an important aspect when running. Therefore, finding a comfortable pair of shoes is a plus. However, there are two brands that many runners usually gravitate towards; Brooks and Asics. This guide gives you a comparison between Brooks and Asics.


Asics shoes are made using the Solyte and SpEVA materials, which are known for their incredible strength. On the other hand, Brooks is made using ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a man-made material known for its lightness.

However, Brooks is more durable than Asics due to the chemistry of its materials, but this should not discourage you as Asics offer maximum support when you are running.


Since Brooks is made using materials that have a low density, it is lightweight as compared to Asics. The materials used to make Asics are rigid, making the shoes a little bit weighty.


As mentioned earlier, comfort is an important aspect when you are choosing the best running shoes. Brooks offers comfort and a smooth ride. Asics are also comfortable, and you can use them as shoes for the long run.

Therefore, both types of shoes offer comfort, but Brooks is mainly used for short-distance runs, whereas Asics will give you a comfortable long run. Thus, the distance that you usually run is an important determinant when you are choosing running shoes in regards to comfort.


The outsole of your running shoe is vital as running involves many terrains which alter from smooth to rough transitions. Therefore, you need an outsole that offers a good anchor. Asics have the traditional outsole, which separates rearfoot and the front foot.

Asics manufacturers use the AHAR+ outer sole material, which grips perfects on a wide range of surfaces from wet to dry.

Brooks has a rubber outsole which ensures softness every time you run. This outer sole offers a full anchor and grip on the floor, and in turn, you can run on any surface. However, this outsole differs from that of Asics as it offers a smooth transition.

Both of these outsoles are amazing. Choose one that suits your running area and the kind of comfort that you are looking for in a running shoe.


Over the years, Asics manufacturers often made their shoes strong and stable giving more support. However, manufacturers of Brooks have also improved, and now they are producing the most supportive running shoes.

Asics is made of strong materials that hold your foot in place. Also, it has a strong heel counter which grips your heel on the ground, ensuring that your whole body is supported. On the other hand, Brooks also has an amazing outsole, which gives good support on the heel.


Brooks is made using lightweight materials similar to breathable shoes that ensure that moisture and sweat can easily pass through it, keeping your feet dry and fresh. Asics are made of large eyelets, which are not only used to pass shoelaces, but they also allow air in and moisture and sweat out.

Both of these shoes are good for running. However, choose one depending on your preference and running style.

Tips for Picking Perfect Running Shoes

Picking the perfect running shoes is a crucial aspect of a runner. It is vital to have the right shoe, as this will make you perform best when running. Here are tips that will help you pick the perfect running shoes.

Understand Your Running Style

Your running style is a crucial determinant when you are picking the perfect running shoes. If you have a low arch, chances are you roll too much to the inside of the foot during your foot strike cycle. This is called overpronation. Finding shoes that support your forefoot is a great tip.

If you have a high arch, chances are your foot usually rolls to the outside. This is called underpronation.

Therefore, choose a pair of shoes that work for your pronation type. Pronation is linked to your foot and gait type.


Stability is an important consideration when choosing the right running shoes. Choose a pair of shoes that have sturdy treads to grip you on any surface.


Shoes that have a good cushion absorb the impact of the foot. Therefore you will not feel tired after running. So shock absorption is an important factor that no runner should overlook.

Enough Room in the Toes

Leaving a little room between your toes and the end of your shoes is a tip that will save you. When fitting the shoes, there should be a thumbs width between the toe and the shoe end if your feet are wide, select shoes that have enough toe room.

Take it For Testing

Run a few laps or use these shoes on a treadmill to ensure that it does not have any slipping issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brooks vs. Asics

Brooks and Asics are among the best shoes that runners use. However, debates usually arise about which type of shoes is the best. Consequently, questions arise to know the difference between Brooks and Asics. Here are the frequently asked questions about Brooks vs Asics.

Q. Who are the manufacturers?

A. Many people would like to know who the manufacturers of these top trending running shoes are. Brooks shoe types are made by the Brooks Company, which is an American company that manufactures high-quality and durable athletic shoes.

Asics, which produces the Asics shoe types, is a Japanese company that also manufactures high-end athletic footwear.

Q. Which type is more durable?

A. Both of these types of shoes are reliable, but when it comes to durability, Brooks has it. Brooks is made using man-made materials whose chemical properties have been formulated to last longer.

Q. Which type offers comfort?

A. Asics is made of strong materials that help absorb all the weight of the body, which would have otherwise ended on your foot. Therefore, Asics are more comfortable, and you will not feel tired after running with them for longer miles.

Q. Which shoes allow more control?

A. Asics have an outer sole which separates the rear-foot and front foot. This prevents the shoe from twisting during movement, and turn, allowing you to control it.

On the other hand, Brooks has a dual arch pod that offers stability, making it easier to control your running style and speed. You can also use them as a shoe for running in the concrete on all day without hurting your feet.

Q. Which shoes offer flexibility?

A. Flexibility is an important aspect when choosing the perfect running shoes. Brooks has a midsole that has been made with advanced technology. Combining this with the outer rubber sole makes Brooks flexible for any sporting activity.

Asics has been manufactured by utilizing the TRUSSTIC system making the shoe sturdy. Combining this with its gel midsole, Asics can also be used in any sporting activity.

Brooks and Asics are both good shoes. Use this guide to answer the questions that you have in mind.


When it comes to deciding which brand of shoes is the best for you, things get tough while comparing Brooks over Asics. The two brands may seem identical in everything they offer runners. However, it’s the minor features that make a difference.

There is no doubt that you will get a pair of shoes that match your unique needs for both brands. However, you don’t want to settle for the average. The goal is to choose the best.

Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing between Brooks and Asics are model, weight, comfort, durability, size, support, and fit. Each of these features plays a key role in making your running experience better.

You want to be a better runner. It’s not all about practice; it starts with what you wear. Each brand has something special to offer. Reading this detailed review will help you make a well-informed decision.

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