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How to Remove Odor from Work Boots?

Work boots help you in work and offer excellent protection for your feet when you work in dangerous conditions. It’s natural for your work boots to develop foul odor. You rock them for over 7 hours every day for about five days in a week. Your shoes can’t smell fresh for such a period. But, you […]

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How to Clean Timberland Boots?

Gone are the days when Timberland boots are best for the work environment. Now you can rock your yellow boots and make a sound fashion statement.  They are timberland boots designed for everyday use. These boots are less bulky and more fashionable. The recent models can pass for utility boots and even high-end stylish boots. How do […]

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How to Darken Leather Boots With 3 Easy Method

If you are a well-dressed person, the chances are very high, and you value how your wardrobe looks. You must be very particular about how your shoes look too. Check the army generals; for instance, they love their shoe ultra-shiny. Any speck on it, and they’ll be bothered the whole day. If you have a decent […]

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How to Stretch Leather Boots?

In ancient times, leather boots were a representation of ruling power where emperors wore them to allow a significant distinction of their royalty from the majority of the population who went barefoot. However, with time things changed, and boots are now a unique symbol of fashion. No matter the design, boots always look classic. A study […]

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What Type of Footwear Protects Your Whole Foot?

When shopping for footwear, what exactly do you prioritize? Is it the looks, design, or material composition? Do you prefer sneakers, pumps, boots, or formal shoes? Or are you the kind that follows celebrity and fashion trends? No matter your preference, there is one thing we can all agree on; the sole reason for buying shoes is […]

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How to Blouse Boots – Step by Step Instructions

Blousing boots or pants (whichever way you want to see it) is a long tradition that dates back to the world war period. For the newbies, it possible to wonder why military personnel, police officers, and boot enthusiasts tuck their pants into their boots. Well, here is the answer: blousing boots helps to keep the trousers […]

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How to Clean Work Boots: Pro Tips for Boot Care

Whether you drive, ride a motorcycle, or a bicycle to and fro work, your footwear is going to be dirty. The only time you are not going to witness your boots get dirty is if you are flying mid-air. You know this is utter hallucination because, at the end of the day, you are going […]

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The 5 Best Boots for Asphalt Work of 2020

Do you work with asphalt and have been finding it challenging to get the right pair of boots that will give you the comfort and protection you need? Have your boots been getting damaged due to exposure to the intense asphalt heat daily? This is not peculiar to you alone! Many outdoor workers who spread steamy asphalt on […]

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Thorogood Boots Vs Red Wing: Battle of The Titans

Are you a boot aficionado? If you are, then you know boots fall into many categories from steel toe, composite toe, waterproof, and so on. Some varieties like Red Wing, Thorogood, Caterpillar, Timberland, KEEN, Wolverine, and Irish Setter are considered crème de la crème. But out of all these work boots, there is a growing interest […]

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