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Nubuck Vs. Suede: What’s the Difference?

Everyone has them. Everyone puts them on every day. Everyone has a least one pair; many individuals have too many pairs. Shoe styles continue to change daily. From formal to casual, shoes are a bigger part of your life than you many thinks. Shoes bring changes to lives. Shoes reflect who you are, where you are […]

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Alloy Toe Vs. Steel Toe Vs. Composite Toe is There a Difference?

One hundred thousand compression foot injuries occurred in 2016. Average days lost per incident, ten days. Eighty percent of these compression foot injuries were due to non-compliant worker footwear. Falling objects weighing less than thirty pounds resulted is other serious foot injuries. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sets on-the job-safety standards for protective footwear. All […]

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Ariat Vs. Justin Boots: Making The Right Choice!

Western-styled footwear continues to gain in popularity. Ariat and Justin remain the top manufacturers of western-styled footwear. These companies offer a complete line of traditional appearing pull-on western-styled boots. Lace-up traditional boots are also available. Optional styles and models meet all demands. Justin boots have a long history in the manufacturing of premium western boots. History dates […]

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Danner Vs. Red Wing-A Battle to Choose the Right Boots

Danner vs. Red Wing is an on-going battle for footwear supremacy. Both companies have similar long traditions in the footwear industry. Continuation of extraordinary superior, versatile footwear is what makes this footwear manufacturer’s the best in the World. Superior, versatile boots have a higher price tag. Boots made from premium materials are more comfortable for increased […]

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Keen Vs. Merrell: Which One Should You Buy?

Keen and Merrell are manufacturers of the best line of hiking footwear in the industry. Keen vs. Merrell hiking footwear stand apart from all other competitors. The companies offer an exclusive range of hiking boots and shoes. In 1981 Merrell saw the need for specialized footwear with a growing interest in hiking. Merrell sold over 25,000 […]

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The 7 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet of 2019

Millions of men, women, and even children suffer from a foot condition known as wide feet. Wide feet conditions are not medical issues moreover a genetic trait passed down from ancestors. Wide feet is not an abnormality of the foot but simply feet that are slightly wider in relation to other feet. What determines or defines […]

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The 10 Best Insoles for Work Boots of 2019

Without insoles, any kind of shoe, whether athletic or not, is bound to become detrimentally uncomfortable. Now, if you are a fan of boots, then you could be worse off than other folks who wear other casual or formal shoes. How is that possible?… Let’s answer that. Unlike ordinary shoes, work boots are meant to be used […]

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The 10 Best Snake Boots of 2019

Every year seven thousand to eight thousand individuals suffer from snake bites in the United States. Sadly, five of these shakes bites will result in fatalities. In the United States, there are currently twenty venomous snakes which include sixteen species of rattlesnakes, coral snakes, cottonmouths, and copperheads. At least one species of venomous snakes are found in […]

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The 7 Best Rubber Work Boots of 2019

The best rubber work boots today offer protection from a variety of positions that require additional foot protection. Standard worn work boots do not provide the protection from damaging chemicals or other hazardous materials that rubber work boots can offer. More and more commercial companies have come to realize the importance of protecting feet when working […]

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