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Dr. Martens Vs Solovair: Which One Better?

If you are a boots aficionado, then at some point, you must have picked sides in Dr. Martens vs Solovair debate. Both companies manufacture quality boots that fit the daily needs of users. A good boot should be comfortable and fit on most occasions. Dr. Marten vs. Solovair competition has been around for generations. The beauty […]

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How to Choose Hunting Boots for Women

Hunting is a sport that’s no longer exclusively for men. More and more women are exploring the outdoors and developing a passion for hunting. As any outdoor enthusiast knows, wearing the right pair of hunting boots is critical for a successful hunting adventure. This applies to both sexes. Women should wear the appropriate pair of hunting […]

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Nubuck Vs. Suede: What’s the Difference?

Everyone has them. Everyone puts them on every day. Everyone has a least one pair; many individuals have too many pairs. Shoe styles continue to change daily. From formal to casual, shoes are a bigger part of your life than you many thinks. Shoes bring changes to lives. Shoes reflect who you are, where you are […]

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Alloy Toe Vs. Steel Toe Vs. Composite Toe is There a Difference?

One hundred thousand compression foot injuries occurred in 2016. Average days lost per incident, ten days. Eighty percent of these compression foot injuries were due to non-compliant worker footwear. Falling objects weighing less than thirty pounds resulted is other serious foot injuries. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sets on-the job-safety standards for protective footwear. All […]

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Ariat Vs. Justin Boots: Making The Right Choice!

Western-styled footwear continues to gain in popularity. Ariat and Justin remain the top manufacturers of western-styled footwear. These companies offer a complete line of traditional appearing pull-on western-styled boots. Lace-up traditional boots are also available. Optional styles and models meet all demands. Justin boots have a long history in the manufacturing of premium western boots. History dates […]

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5 Handy Tricks On How To Dry Boots Fast Overnight

Boots enthusiasts all over the world love these shoes for a couple of reasons. First, their quality is always outstanding, and they do inspire awe especially when laced with unique nuances. Secondly, anyone with a boot can be sure that their feet and toes will receive less impact in case something falls on them. There is […]

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Bike Size Chart: Get the Right Size With 3 Easy Methods!

What size bike do I need? What size bike should I get? OR, How do I know what size bike I need? These are the most common types of question that arise in your mind if you are a newbie in bicycling community. I don’t know why but interestingly, women ask these questions more frequently than men when […]

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