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The 8 Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis of 2019

Over three-million individuals suffer from some form of foot pain or discomfort annually. Unfortunately, this number continues to rise. Plantar fasciitis and other severe foot conditions can be corrected, even eliminated by simply wearing the right pair of shoes. There remains no reasoning for living with foot pain when wearing the right shoes has a proven […]

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The 12 Best CrossFit Shoes For Women of 2019

CrossFit exercises are pretty intensive. Anyone taking part in this program knows that it does offer impressive results than any other exercise regimen. But first, let’s paint a picture for a minute: you jog from your house to a nearby gym. Having barely rested, you start lifting weights, climbing a rope, and pulling other Spartan performances. […]

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The 10 Best Shoes for Foot Pain of 2019

Seventy-five percent of Americans will have to deal with foot pain at some point in their lives. Feet take a tremendous amount of pressure throughout the day, particularly for people who work in professions that require standing or walking for most of the day. Poor-fitting shoes often accelerate your foot pain. Wearing of improper footwear is […]

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The 7 Best Badminton Shoes of 2019

Introduced in 1873, the once friendly backyard game of badminton has taken on a whole new perspective. Today, badminton continues to draw the attention of novice to professionals. Today, this once friendly, occasional game is now an international sport debuting in the1992 Summer Olympics with seven other such Olympiad appearances. Badminton is a game of agility, stamina […]

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The 7 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop in 2019

When dancing, free-styling is a skill hip hop dancers treasure a lot. To achieve that, putting on the right footwear so as to be able to dazzle the audience with those sleek moves is a must. Finding such dance shoes among the thousands of brands online, on the other hand, is a herculean task. Do not […]

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The 7 Best Sandals For High Arches of 2019

Arch support is very important, especially for someone who might have a higher arch. Higher arches can put more pressure on the heel, and ball of the foot is not supported properly. Sandals tend to be a hard buy for someone looking for a little extra support. With so many fashionable choices, it can be hard […]

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The 8 Best Parkour Shoes of 2019

Parkour or freerunning shoes that are good for most terrains are hard to come by. The shoes need to be both flexible and durable. It also needs to provide the right amount of support to relieve the stress parkour can put on your feet. A good parkour shoe would ideally be able to provide all […]

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The 7 Best Running Shoes for Heavy Female Runners of 2019

In the early days of running shoes, shoe builders only built them according to the size of the feet of their customers without a care for the physical condition of the wearer. These days though as innovation continues to enter the field of sports shoe design, sports shoes builders are starting to get more attuned to […]

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The 7 Best Pickleball Shoes of 2019

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and you’re ready to hit the pickleball courts! You’ve gathered your balls and paddle, but don’t forget one of the essential items you need to play effectively – shoes! We’ve done the research and sought out the very best options for you. Our winner for the #1 Best […]

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